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🏥 | "The World's Most Wanted Class" Toshiaki Karasawa and Yoko Maki also praised it!An exquisite avocado recipe that makes you beautiful and healthy!

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"The World's Most Wanted Class" Toshiaki Karasawa and Yoko Maki also praised it!An exquisite avocado recipe that makes you beautiful and healthy!

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Guest Toshiaki Karasawa starred in the New Saturday Drama Voice II 110 Emergency Command Room (starting at 10 o'clock on the 10th), tasting avocado dishes served one after another.

From 7:10 to 7:56 on Saturday, July 20th, Shun Sato ... → Continue reading


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Toshiaki Karasawa

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: For face photoImage providedplease.(2017/10)

Toshiaki Karasawa(Toshiaki Karasawa,1963 <Showa 38>May 6[1] -) isJapan OfAn actor..Another name is Kiyoshi Karasawa (former stage name)[2][3].TokyoTaito[1]I'm fromKenneAffiliation[4].Tokyo Metropolitan Kuramae Technical High SchoolDropout[5].


1963 (38)May 6,TokyoTaitoBorn.The family structure of my parents' house is a family of five (parents, brother, and younger brother) (the second son of three male brothers), and currently a family of two with his wife Tomoko Yamaguchi (actor).Blood type is A type.

1980 (55), he started acting as an actor, and dropped out of high school the following year in order to drive himself into his own path.After the quarrel between his parents and his wife, he was disowned from his parents' house.But,2006 I gave my mother a detached house in (18)2008 He died of illness), and when he got married, he went to greet him with his father.

Toei Action Club (the youngest at that time, 16 years old, XNUMXth gen member), Amateur Theater Company,Horipro(Custody), around the record company and personal performing arts who left Horipro, Sanseisha (President is an actor)Hashizume IsaoAfter (the first wife of)Yuko AsanoCalled from and current affiliationThe office OfKenneBelong to.

1995 (7)May 12Toactress OfTomoko Yamaguchiとmarriage.


Personality, way of thinking, etc.

Attitude toward acting

No matter how long the lines are, they are perfectly remembered, and TV programs often mention that they never bring a script to the shooting site.He also remembered the lines in the voice actor's dubbing and did not bring in the script.

Drama"Barren zoneI remembered the difficult lines in Russian perfectly, even the pronunciation.I was surprised that the Russian teacher didn't need to teach at all, and when asked, "Did you attend the Russian language class?" Karasawa said, "I didn't have that much time. He wrote on his blog that he has excellent ears and the ability to reproduce it.

He has been learning English since he was 27 and is fluent in English.movies"Chiune Sugihara"Mr. Karasawa is fluent in English, so he responded to the line change on the day," said the director in a stage greeting.Japan-China-Korea co-produced drama "Strangers 6"Mr. Karasawa is fluent in English and translated for me and my co-star, who can't speak English," said Masaya Kikawada, who co-starred in the movie.movies"EveryoneAt the overseas premiere of 』, we gave a stage greeting in English.However, I haven't mentioned much about English so far.

I am very serious about the play, and I never come to drink during the stageGoro KishitaniとYasufumi TerawakiTalks in the DVD commentary of the gorgeous Earth "HUMANITY THE MUSICAL".Only when the next day is a holiday, he will appear lightly as a greeting and will return immediately.He himself said, "When I'm in the work, I don't answer the phone call to invite me to drink."And my sister』Co-starringAtsushi Ito TheFashionable ism"Mr. Karasawa says that the coldness of LINE is not odd. It ends with'impossible'and'shooting that day'", so the episode of the drinker is when it is not in the work or at the time of launch. is there.

2014 movie "In the heroIn 』, I did weight loss and body building for half a year to play a suit actor.During that period, he continued to eat only broccoli and lean beef for a whole day. "I don't get tired of eating the same food all the time," he said. "I have to produce results, and I can continue because I have that purpose."However, although he showed off this trained body to the fullest in the shooting, most of it was cut in the completed main story.

Karasawa is serious about acting, such as making perfect preparations, but he often puts in ad lib when shooting.in particular"THE LAST COPComedy works such as "Guilty the woman who contracted with the devilActing a tricky role that accentuates the drama in ""And my sister''AleIt is said that various ad libs of Karasawa popped out at the shooting site of the morning drama.Not only does it make the scene interesting, but it also has side effects such as creating fresh reactions of the co-stars that are not uniform reactions and strengthening the ability to respond to sudden ad libs of the other party. "Ad lib".

Karasawa now plays with junior actors with a free-spirited ad lib, but once co-starred in "Shining Rintaro".Noble forestIt is said that he was at the mercy of his ad-lib and trained his responsiveness there.

In addition, he said before, "I will not change even a single word because it is difficult to say. If you do that, you will be yourself instead of the character of the role", and the dialogue will be changed for your own ease of doing. It doesn't seem to be.


stage name"Shoumei" was silent to Karasawa when he belonged to Sanseisha.fortune tellerIt was named after consulting with[5].

Initially,Toeiof"Kamen Rider series''Super squadron seriesSuch asSpecial effects programSupporting charactersSuit actorMost of the appearances were as.Also, in Toei, the role of being cutdubbing,Suit actorIn addition to that, he also worked behind the scenes as an assistant for lighting and costumes.Playing the role of Shocker can be a story[6].

convenience store,Show pub, A dry ice clerk at a wedding hall, a leaflet model, a ramen shop, etc., has abundant part-time work experience at the time of fledgling.

Sweets,Dessert,BoiledI hate sweets such as, and my favorite food isNatto,hamburger, Companion noodles,Gyozaand so on.

It seems that his current hobbies are only "Bruce Lee, car (classic car), eating", but in his thirties he was too addicted to the game "Street Fighter II" and was too focused to answer the call or dislocated his thumb. There is an episode that the entire game was eventually abandoned by his wife because he was absorbed in the game because he neglected to respond to the guests he had promised.I haven't played a game since it was abandoned.

There was a time when I was a hobby of slot racing cars in my late 30s, and I made a lot of elaborate radio-controlled models to use at that time.At that time, he used too much spray ink and the wall was colored, and he was angry with his wife and stayed under the ventilation fan when he made it.

In the second year of junior high schoolIkue SakakibaraBecame a big fan of, and the FC number is "A-2191". "I like a round face and a little countryside face. I just like round ones," he says of his favorite type.He also likes car types with round lines.

When I was in elementary school, I was in the Little League (baseball) team, but I gave up immediately because the pitcher's ball speed was fast, and after that I was longing for Bruce Lee, so I was learning Shorinji Kempo.

For some reason, my wife told me that if I played golf, I would get divorced, so I have never played golf.

His hobby is cars, but he is not good at amusement park rides and says, "I don't have to ride because I'm a man."

Scary things are ghosts.However, he has never seen it.Dogs are also not good at it.

At home, household chores are shared, and "I can't cook at all, so if you cook, I'll do all the washing. You should be aware of cleaning and washing," he often said in the program.His wife Tomoko Yamaguchi also said in the program that "Mr. Karasawa will do all the washing."

Relationship with special effects

When he belonged to the Toei Action Club, he mainly appeared in special effects programs.The movie "Suit Actor"In the hero』Because he has experience as a suit actor, he challenged action shooting by remodeling his body for 5 months when he appeared.[7].. Deep friendshipMitsuhiro OikawaIn the movieKamen Rider No. 3When he was reported to play, he said, "What! I came out when the schedule was convenient! As a rider man!"[8].

From the feelings for special effects, "Man who made hero Shotaro Ishinomori storyIn the form of agreeing with the purpose of the project and responding to the aspirations of the production side,Shocker combatantsSpecial appearance as a role[9][10].

Refreshing route

auditionI didn't receive it at all, so with the advice of the producerChino pantsとPolo shirtWhen I changed the route, I passed the audition immediately after that.Since then, I have been able to work.I'm lying down because the person says "I don't have to say too much", but in fact, it was the one who suggested a refreshing route.Yuko AsanoIs[5].

The refreshing route is completely different from the person's sense, and he thought that he was "dumb" in his heart.[5].

When the route was changed to a refreshing route, the popular drama "1992"In the name of loveIn the 1990s, he made a breakthrough in the role of the elite good youth who played in He was one of the so-called popular young actors at the time.[11].

Hobbies & Skills

Bruce LeeI have a strong feeling forNakano HideoKarasawa came to his home and said "Road to the dragon","Burn DragonKarasawa screamed in the action scene and remembered the lines in English when he watched, and Nakano also intended to be familiar with Bruce Lee, but introduced the episode on his official blog that the level was different.[12].. I also own a lot of related goods.

Enthusiastic in privateCar loversAlso known as, especiallyHistoric carIn the field ofToyota 2000GTLate model,Ferrari F355,Aston Martin DB4,Porsche 356,Volkswagen beetleOwn[13],Historic carI am also interviewed by specialized magazines. With the cooperation of Toyota for 2000GTConvertibleI also owned a car that was modified to (Roadster) specifications, but this one2021 ToToyota MuseumDonated to[14]..While having such a high-quality collection, he actively participates in various rally events by his own driving.JAF Domestic Class A LicenseThrough activities such as acquiring and participating in circuit races, he has made a great contribution to the dissemination of automobile culture to the general public.

Known for his high singing ability, he performed a duet song "Futari no All" (CD single) with OP Kirin Kiki in "Shining Neighbor Taro".Toy story 2』Insert song"You are friendsWoody version of "20th Century Boys" under the name "Kenji"Bob lennonIs also singing.


Hiroyuki SanadaWhen he made a guest appearance at the talk event, he showed an episode when he was behind the scenes starring Sanada when he was unknown, and he has been friends since then. Karasawa, who entered the scene three hours before the meeting time and was impressed by the appearance of Sanada devoting himself to work stoicly, was also worried about his physical condition so that he could always take the place of him even though no one asked him. I entered the scene four hours earlier than Sanada and remembered the lines perfectly. Sanada was also aware of the hard existence of Karasawa.[15].

Co-starred in "White Tower"Toshiyuki NishidaHe says that he is going out to eat, and he truly respects the fact that he is still active in the front lines of entertainment even after he is 60 years old.[16].

In an interview with a magazine, the question "What is a good man?"Ken WatanabeImmediately answering[17].

In the era of underlayingIchikawa Danjuro XNUMXthBecause he was learning Japanese dance from his real sister (Ichikawa Danjuro), the son of Danjuro XNUMXthEchizo IchikawaI've known that since he was in elementary school[18].

Toyoko YamazakiKarasawa said that he was planning a dinner with the staff who was involved in the production of the white tower for the first time in a few years the day after he died. In response to the sudden news, I really have no words. "[19].

Mitsuhiro OikawaIs from the Taiga dramaShosuke TaniharaIs a serial dramaKobayakawa Shinki's LoveFromHiromi HasegawaWhat is Ninagawa StageWinter storyFromHikaru UtadaIs a movieCASSHERNFromKubota MasatakaIs a serial dramaLast cupFromAlice HiroseIs a serial dramaHarassment gamesI have a friendship with him and am a drinking friend.The setting of the drinking party is mostly done by Karasawa, and the payment is also Karasawa.In addition, this party is a drinking party held by Karasawa, who has no shyness at all, and invites people who meet randomly at the shooting site, etc.There are a wide range of participating members such as actors, entertainers, idols, singers, and ordinary people, regardless of whether they are famous or unknown, seniors or juniors, but the regular members of the association are Mitsuhiro Oikawa and Shosuke Tanihara.Due to the wide range of friendships, there are many friendship appearances.



1988 BroadcastNHK serial TV novel"Jun-chan's support song』Co-starring was the trigger for dating.Karasawa thought that Yamaguchi's first impression was a "big woman".[5].. In addition, Yamaguchi said in a magazine interview after marriage that Karasawa's first impression was "I thought he was the man with the smallest face in Japan. He had only a fist." Yamaguchi, who starred in this work for the first time in his debut work, said to Karasawa, who has already had a long history of dubbing on stage and Toei's special effects suit actors, stunts and voice dubbing, "I don't have the confidence to go on as an actress." He often confided his worries. During the shooting in Osaka five days a week, the two began to talk on the hotel extension. He also wrote in his book that he was given a present by Yamaguchi at Christmas at the end of the shooting and that he was alone for the first time in the car heading to the launch site. Also,1992 New Year's Day broadcast "Heisei Appare TV』, Served as a live broadcast reporter from Guam with Yamaguchi.

1992 , An incident occurred in which a duo of men with gum tape, handcuffs and a camera invaded Yamaguchi's home condominium under the guise of a courier.At that time, Karasawa was in the room, so Karasawa was able to repel the thugs, but in this case the relationship between the two was discovered.The shock of the incident itself and the media coverage offensive made me nervous, but I recall in my book that I couldn't help thinking of the shock that Yamaguchi received.

Serial drama "Shining Neighbor Taro』Co-starring at the time of appearanceNoble forestI was consulting about marriage.I had already postponed it for a long time, saying, "It's the same as being married," but Kirin Kiki said, "If you say it's always okay, there's no end to it, so get married quickly." He said in his book "Futari" that he introduced me to a real estate agent that there was a good property.The current home is the property at that time.

1995 May 12Although the news about the enrollment appeared on the front page of the sports newspaper, he was not surprised because he was scheduled to enroll and hold a press conference on the 15th, the day after that. 1995May 12After seven years of dating, he joined Tomoko Yamaguchi and held a press conference on Fuji TV the day after.

At the press conference, when asked by entertainment reporters what they liked about each other, Karasawa replied, "Because she is a normal woman and does her home well," "good at cooking," and "smiles are wonderful." He answered, "I think I am the happiest in the world" and "I respect my attitude toward work." When asked what they thought about each other's fans who were shocked by the marriage, Karasawa laughed at the entertainment reporters from beginning to end, saying, "I will lend you once in a while." Also, Karasawa was broadcast on the same dayAkashi familyThe program "Raw pacific saury Everyone feels good!, And was interviewed by pacific saury, telling the secret story of dating and the way to marriage. When Sanma told me that the female staff at pacific saury's office was shocked by a big fan of Karasawa, she answered, "Thank you, but I'm already a good adult."

Yamaguchi has saved actress activities since he got married2005 Guest appearance in "Hello from Studio Park", The announcer of the moderator asked," How are you, are you saying "Go home?", "No. If you like, please put out a drama plan." I was answering. On the other hand, in recent years, Yamaguchi has been enthusiastically engaged in activities related to art, art and craftsmen involved in them.2010 In a program that introduces the craftsmanship that he acted as a navigator, he told a sports newspaper that "When you hear art and art, you will be overwhelmed." "His interest is the work of the actor and the car. Two points. "I like the life of collectivism," "I came to think that he was also a" craftsman, "" and in an interview with the May 2 issue of the magazine "Beauty ST," he said, "I'm really happy to meet a good master. "I am truly grateful for the enrichment of my life." "I enjoy walking with him," he said of Karasawa.

Episode about "White Tower"

2003 dramaWhite towerThe author of the original author at the dining table (with the producer), which was the first meeting between Karasawa and Yamazaki when starring.Toyoko Yamazaki"I'm so excited to play the role of Zaizen. Are you okay?" At first, Yamazaki was reluctant to play the role of Zaizen because it didn't fit the image of the role, but as the meal progressed, he liked "You're an interesting man" and was convinced that Karasawa was appointed. There is a later talk of the producer. Yamazaki, who saw the drama, evaluated Karasawa, saying, "I'm glad you were in Zaizen. It was wonderful. I was impressed."[20].. Also, the same original work by Toyoko Yamasaki, "Barren zoneWhen the producer went to get permission from Yamazaki to make it into a drama, Yamazaki said, "Thank you for Karasawa-kun," and six years later it was made into a drama and starred.[21].

In "Shiroi Kyoto", there was no release of the NG scene of Goro Zaizen, who starred in the movie, and despite the fact that it was a super-large serial drama with a high advertising effect, there was no commercial for the movie, so it was whispered that it was Karasawa's intention. During the latter half of the year, he was promoting the movie "Warau Iemon", and when he appeared in the SMAP x SMAP New Year special program, Karasawa, who spoke lightly as usual, suddenly said, "I'm a little warned by the producer now." Karasawa agreed with the various restrictions during the Shiroi Kyoto broadcast, as he said, "I'm told not to speak. I don't speak much! I'm sorry! It's usually very interesting." It seems that it was mainly the intention of the white tower production team.

Toy Story Series

In the series, except for some games etc.First workConsistently from the main characterWoody pride(Original voice actorTom Hanks) Is in charge of dubbing. It is often called "Real Woody" because it has a similar face to Woody, and Karasawa said, "I'm very happy, but as an actor, it would be a problem if I had a similar face to Woody (laughs)." "But my standing as an actor I feel that the position and Woody's standing position are similar. "[22]..He also said, "I have decided that the only voice actor (work as) is Woody. I am happy that children often call me Woody."[23], I have other experience as a voice actor in the past.

Regarding the work, he said, "Honestly, I didn't think it would be a popular series that was loved so far." However, I think it's a point where you can grow. "[23].

Other episodes

When I was working part-time at a show pub when I was anonymousTokyo BroadcastingWas a music producer on (TBS)Minoru SunadaTBS's "TV detective teamWill appear as a program gallery[24].

March 2008, 3, 10Art AwardReceived the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Newcomer Award in the drama category, and attended the presentation ceremony held in Tokyo.

A movie released in March 2011Pacific miracleAppeared in the role of a former yakuza soldier.In order to create a role, Karasawa himself suggested that he use a skinhead or change to a diet centered on chicken breasts and perform full-scale strength training before shooting.[25].

From March 2012WOWOWThe world's first Japanese-Korean-Chinese suspense action drama broadcast onStrangers 6』[26].. Co-starred in this dramaMasaya KokawadaAccording to the report, Karasawa is fluent in English and spoke in English with Korean and Chinese co-stars, and Karasawa translated when Kikawada and the co-stars spoke.[27].


* The title of the work isTaiziStarring

TV drama



  • Several performances of "ATTACK Super Action Project" (1980s)
  • 3 performances of "Theatrical Company ATTACK" (1980s) -First performance "Youth Katsugeki Tomorrow -TAKE A BIG CHANCE-" (March 1985th and 3th, 8), 10rd performance "My soul" (1986)
  • Musical "Boys Review Stay Gold" (1987,Hakuhinkan Theater)
  • Musical "Maria" (1987, Hakuhinkan Theater)
  • "Rose and casket" (1988, Parco Theater)
  • Dance Review '89 "COUNT DOWN" (1989, Hakuhinkan TheaterKintetsu Theater)
  • (I.e.Edition "か ら 騒 ぎ(1990,Nissay Theater) --Broadcast
  • Noda version "Midsummer night's dream(1992, Nissay Theater) --Broadcast
  • Directed by Koki Mitani "No Exit!(1994) --Broadcast
  • "Tropical Festival Drama Maui" directed by Amon Miyamoto (1995) --Broadcast
  • NODA MAP "TABOO(April 1996, 4-May 4, Theater Cocoon)-Broadcast
  • Broadway musical "big ~ Dreams come true ~(1998-1999)-(VHS)
  • Directed by Koki Mitani ""(Year 1999)
  • NODA MAP "Canon"(Year 2000)
  • Nagikawa x Shakespeare "Macbeth(2001, 2002) --Broadcast (DVD) * NY performance
  • musical"Me & My Girl"(Year 2003)
  • Directed by Kazuya Yamada "Ronin area(2004)-(DVD)
  • Yukio Ninagawa x Hisashi Inoue "Tenpo XNUMXth year Shakespeare(2005) --Broadcast (DVD)
  • Earth gorgeous"HUMANITY THE MUSICAL ~ Momotarou and his funny friends ~(2006)-(DVD)
  • Nagikawa x Shakespeare "Corio Reinas(2007) --April 2007, May 4, August 21, 5, TV broadcast on NHK (DVD) * London performance
  • Nagikawa x Shakespeare "Winter story(2009) -Broadcast on NHK Digital Satellite Hi-Vision on February 2011, 2 (DVD)
  • SIS Company "(2012) -Performance canceled due to co-star Shinobu Terajima's pregnancy dropout

Television Animation

Anime movie



  • Stop AIDS-20 Red Rose-(November 1997, 11, TV Asahi)-Stop AIDS CM production documentary
  • The 2001th Tony Awards Ceremony guided by Toshiaki Karasawa (June 6th and July 8th, 7, NHK BS 7)
  • Toshiaki Karasawa Nanako Matsushima Talking about the Taiga (April 2002, 4, NHK)
  • Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition Special Program Portrait of a Genius ~ The Mystery of Da Vinci Challenged by "TAKE FIVE" ~ (May 2013, 5, TBS) --Navigator
  • Writer Toyoko Yamazaki-Looking at War and Humans- (September 2015th and 9th, 27, NHK)
  • Please wait until Kirin comes. Sengoku Taiga Drama Famous Scene Special "Toshiie to Matsu" (June 2020, 6, NHK)


  • SEiBAN "Angel's school bag" * Woody dubbed


  • Goro KishitaniSponsoredAct Against AIDSHe has participated in (AAA) eight times from 1995 to 2000 and 2004 to 2005.
    • * The Yokohama Arena "New Year's Eve for AAA" on December 1995, 12 will be broadcast live on TBS.Goro Kishitani said in the broadcast that all the performers are participating free of charge for the charity concert.He said he invited Karasawa lightly by phone.KishiyaYasufumi TerawakiとBoy corpsof"MasqueradeShow off with a backflip,Southern All Stars OfKeisuke Kuwata-Tunnels OfTakaaki Ishibashi・ Formed "Gorrow & Sens Ritters" with Kishitani, and Nagashima performed a melody line "Nagashima is different from a guru" wearing a wig, which is reminiscent of the rain today.
  • The protagonist of the taiga of the year,Yomiuri ShimbunSince it was the image character of 2002, the opening ceremony of the Giants-Hanshin Tigers (Tokyo Dome Giants game on the first NHK broadcast of this season) was held on April 2002, 4.The guest commentary on this day's broadcastNagashima ShigeoIn Ken-On's newsletter Vol.68, Nagashima said, "I'm always watching the taiga drama."
  • Sindbad Seven Voyage(Tokyo Disney Sea(Attractions) --Sindbad role * Voice appearance
  • Masaki KyomotoAppeared as a friendship in the video privilege of the album "Distress Peine".



* The title of the work isTaiziThe one is my own work

  • Asuka Shinsha"Circuit Okuri-inu: My Supercar Selection" (ISBN 4079395620) Published in December 1996 Author: Satoshi Ikezawa * As a conversation partner
  • Mainichi Shimbun"Ryu Murakami Dialogue Collection Ryu's Club As a Friend, Not a" Friend "" (ISBN 4620311839) Published in August 1997 Author: Ryu Murakami * As a conversation partner
  • Gentosha"Futari"(ISBN 4877286217) * Adopted as a supplementary reader for high school[41], Bestseller with over 120 million copies[41].. Published August 1998, 8
  • Sogensha"112 books recommended by school counselors: To all children involved" (ISBN 4422112430) Published in August 1999: Toshiko Takiguchi, Keie Tanaka * Karasawa's book "Futari" is introduced.
  • "Laughing, Eiji Ushikubo's Caricature World" (ISBN 4797430141) Published in August 2003 Author: Eiji Ushikubo * There is a portrait of Karasawa
  • Kodansha"Everyone's work that inspires dreams 101: The definitive edition" (ISBN 4062131269) Published in October 2005 * Karasawa explains the Yes Yu column
  • Kinema Junposha"Japan Fascination" (ISBN 4873762782) Published in October 2006 Author: Teruyuki Kagawa * As an actor from the perspective of Teruyuki Kagawa
  • Kinema Junposha"Challengers Top Actors Reportage" (ISBN 978-4-87376-348-4) Published in January 2011 Author: Fuyu Kimata * As a reportage target for the serialization of the magazine "Acture"



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