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🏥 | ~ Good news for those who want to extend healthy life expectancy ~ At "Magellan Shonan Sajima" in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, "Healthy people are healthier ...


-Good news for those who want to extend healthy life expectancy-At "Magellan Shonan Sajima" in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, "Healthy people are healthier ...

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In addition, the common area is equipped with a spacious observation deck, sea garden, lounge, multipurpose room, etc., and there are restaurants, book cafes, spas, fitness rooms, etc. that are particular about local production for local consumption that can be used by the general public.

In Japan, where the birthrate is declining rapidly and the population is aging, extending "healthy life expectancy" is an issue, and according to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, "average life expectancy" ... → Continue reading


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Local production

Local production(Chisanchisho) isRegional production/regional consumptionAbbreviation for (Chiiki Sei-san), various products and resources produced in the region (mainlyAgricultural products,Seafood) Is consumed in the area.


Dietary improvement movement and diversification of agricultural product types

Local productionThe word earth consumption isMinistry of AgricultureLife improvement section (at that time)1981(ShowaIt originated from "regional eating habits improvement measures project" which was implemented in a four-year plan from (56). In addition,Takashi ShinoharaIs "1987Was coined by myself in a newspaper, magazine, etc.[1].. But already1984(Showa 59) in the magazine "Food Science"AkitaStaff are using local production for local consumption. At about the same time, the phrase "local production for local consumption" was also published in the magazine of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, which introduced the project and life improvement activities. These facts have revealed that by this time the term had already become widespread among farmers across the country.

At that time, rural food was traditionalRiceとMiso soupとpicklesBecause it was a pattern ofsaltDue to too much ofHigh blood pressureMany such symptoms were seen. After the war, the number one cause of Japanese deathInfection(tuberculosis, Etc. were overcome and became the leading cause of death at that timestrokeTo reduce blood pressure, it was necessary to improve hypertension, which is one of the causes. Also, the shortcomings of traditional food (in addition to taking too much salt,fat-calcium-proteinIt is also considered necessary to improve the health of the people. Prone to shortageNutrientsProjects for the planned production of agricultural products and the expansion of self-sufficiency were carried out, and at the same time, the well-known projects were also carried out by life improvement extension workers.

Among such activities, especiallyRuralIn the case of buying agricultural products containing many deficient nutrients from other regions,Engel coefficientTherefore, the word "local production for local consumption" was created by trying to produce such agricultural products locally (at that time, 1Dollar240YenHowever, the price is high even if we try to import agricultural products, and we could not fulfill the purpose of supplementing nutrient deficiency, so we chose cheap domestic production. Magazine "Food Science"19842Issue in Akita PrefectureKawabe Town(CurrentlyAkita CityPart of) is working on this businessGreen and yellow vegetables,WesternVegetablesIt is clearly stated that the campaign was carried out to increase the production amount of "," and was advocating "improving eating habits through local production for local consumption."

In this way, local production for local consumption at that time is to lead a healthy life by correcting the imbalance of the nutrient and mineral balance due to the traditional diet (Medical billsReduction pressure), eliminate surplus riceReductionTo promote the production of other agricultural products as part of the policy (Food control systemMaintenance), vulnerable to climate changeRice cultivationMonocultureFrom the diversification of the types of cultivated agricultural productsrisk hedgeVarious economics, such asIncentivePromoted by

Increased competitiveness of overseas agricultural products due to yen appreciation and liberalization of agricultural product imports

US-Japan trade frictionとThe United States of America OfTwin deficitAgainst the background,1985(60)May 9ToPlaza agreementIt has been made. As a result, it was about 1 yen per dollarExchange rateHowever, the value of the dollar dropped to about half in one year, dropping to 1 yen per dollar (Appreciation of the yen). Therefore, for Japan, there is a possibility that imported goods will be about half the price (in fact, there are various expenses, so it will not go down at once), and further,GATT OfUruguay RoundBy startTariffLowering pressure was also applied. By US-Japan negotiations,1990(Heisei2 years)4Up to 10 processed agricultural products,1991By (3)beef-Orange12 items in total were liberalized andMinimum accessThe import liberalization of agricultural products including As a result, imported agricultural products, which are cheaper than domestic agricultural products, are flooding the market.

The increase in price-competitive imported agricultural products promotes the "birth and death" of Japanese food,wheat,Buckwheat,OctopusMost of the ingredients needed for Japanese food have come to rely on imports. Also used to be expensive ingredientsbanana,AvocadoItems that cannot be produced in Japan are now available at low prices.

Local production for local consumption and re-evaluation of domestic agricultural products

Bubble economyWhile the "genuine orientation" that begins in the period has taken hold after the Heisei recession period,1990 eraCheap toMade in China with serious safety issuesAgricultural products such as flooded the market,Food safetyThe issue of is highlighted. Against this background, by appealing "safe, secure and high quality" even for high domestic agricultural products, the competitiveness in the market was secured, and the flow of local production for local consumption gradually took root.

Modern meaning

Developed and developing countries

SlaveryIn the age ofDeveloped country) At the request ofDeveloping countries)ButCommodity cropIn the right placeMonocultureEconomic principles were prioritized over the production and survival of people (slaves). I find it more economical to feed slaves18st centuryFrom the middle,slaveRelease (fire)wageSwitched to labor and attracted to that wage due to economic disparityImmigrationEmploying (domestic and international immigrants) and continuing production.

Domestic agricultural products

Although the definition is not clear, usually, agricultural products produced in the same prefecture are treated as “local production for local consumption”.

The post-war agricultural administration has created a framework in which a large number of agricultural products of a small number of items are mass-produced in a production area designated by the government, and then collectively shipped to large cities (specifically decided by). It changes the flow. It can be said that it is particularly advantageous for local production for local consumption because there are many sales channels in farms near large cities with a large population, but local production for local consumption is being promoted as part of regional development.


The penetration of “local production for local consumption” is expected to make it difficult to spoof the production center because the distribution process will be shortened and the monitoring of the area will be severe.

As a place to easily get local agricultural products,Agricultural products direct sale placeThere is. In recent years along the main roadRoad StationHas been set up and has come into the limelight as a comprehensive sales outlet for local products, and the role of the agricultural products direct sales outlet as its main facility is being reviewed.

In addition, since a large amount of fuel and energy is required for long-distance transportation, the costs such as energy and CO2 emissions required for transportation are calculated.Food mileageFrom the perspective ofLocal productionIf so, they can be considered as CO2 that can reduce unnecessary energy consumption and emission.

In connection with long distance transportation,Virtual water(Virtual waterFrom the point of view of (XNUMX), agricultural products and timber that are transported from other countries to their own countries require a lot of water (natural resources) before they grow. A country that exports many agricultural products and timber can be considered to export a large amount of water when the amount of water required to grow them is calculated and measured in units. Therefore, when a large amount of such agricultural products and timber is being imported from a country that produces and exports them to its own country, the situation is accelerating the depletion of water resources in that exporting country. You can also assume that it may be causing. The large consumption of water and depletion of water resources in such exporting countriesLocal productionIf so, it is considered possible to prevent.

In order to increase the cost of long-distance transportation and build a system in which "local production for local consumption" suits corporate interests, the expressway connecting the regions that carry long-distance transportation will be charged and connect cities within the region. There is an opinion that highways and bypasses should be free[2].

Regarding marine products, even in regions where the fishing industry is the backbone, there is a problem that imported products of specific fish species are mainly consumed and local fish are not consumed. However, since it is impossible to cover the entire region with only local fish, it is said that local production for local consumption is most suitable.

  • Slow Food Activist

Slow food activists in Japan put the traditional agricultural products in the category of slow food even if they are imported agricultural products. In this case, "traditional" does not mean "origin".TomatoIs fromSouth AmericaHowever, Italian "local production for local consumption tomatoes" are treated as slow food because they are traditional, and in some cases they do not hesitate to import and eat. "Local production for local consumption" by Japanese slow food activists can be said to be synonymous with "pursuit for quality agricultural products." Those who have the same quality of thought not only in food but in general lifeLOHAS"(Lohas). Slow food and Roxas have been criticized as businesses for the wealthy. However, in response to the expansion of those who are more tolerant of higher prices of food and those who are interested in traditional foods overseas, they will have agricultural regions.MunicipalitiesIn particular, they are trying to increase the crops of Western vegetables and make them special products, which will help stabilize the income of farmers.

Pros and cons

Strong Points

  • SeasonYou can always eat the food while fresh
  • The nutritional value of vegetables is high because the freshness is good due to the close distance between consumers and producers.
  • It leads to activation of the local economy and attachment to the region
  • Maintaining and passing down the traditional food culture of the region
  • Energy consumption for transportation of agricultural and marine products can be reduced (Food mileage)


  • Hokkaido,Akita,YamagataHigh food self-sufficiency ratePrefectureIn the case of, local production for local consumption alone will result in a shortage of demand, which will inevitably lead to excessive supply.
  • Local products生産InvestEnergyBut,Imported goodsIf you exceed the food mileage ofcarbon dioxideEmissions increase (the energy input for the production of Japanese meat is 3 to 5 times that of imported products)[3]. However, the input energy for production of Japanese livestock meat is large because imported grains are used as feed, and food mileage is large in the first place).


2007Degree (19)Toyama OfHimi City Agricultural CooperativeBut within the regionLocal productionFor the first time in Japan, the "Kitoki and Himi Local Consumption Local Production Promotion Council" established to promoteProposal-type local production for local consumption model town business of the countrySpecified in.[4]

ChibaThen, as the prefecture's own initiative, we call it “Sensan Tosen”PRIs doing[5].

In December 2010,Sixth industryAnd promote consumption of domestic agricultural, forestry and marine productsLocal productionComprehensively promote measures related to promotion ofAct on creation of new businesses by agriculture, forestry and fisheries companies utilizing local resources and promotion of utilization of local agricultural, forestry and marine productsWas promulgated.


Many derivatives have been born from the concept of local production for local consumption[6].

Seasonally produced
Consume local seasonal produce in the season. Not only to bring back a sense of season to food culture,House cultivationCan reduce the consumption of fuel used in[6]. It is a concept that appeared from around 2000,Ministry of AgriculturePointed out in the "Food, Agriculture and Rural White Papers" of 2008[6].
Local production
To consume locally produced products in other areas such as urban areas. Also called local consumption[6].
Consume by yourself the agricultural products you produce. It is also used in businesses such as rental farms and kitchen gardens.[6][7]. Used not only in agriculture, forestry and fisheries, but also in the energy field[8]
Local production
Getting visitors to consume locally produced products[9]. Examples have been seen since 2005[10], Sometimes used to move to help revitalize the region[11].
Store shop
Eating vegetables grown in the store.sandwichChain storeSubwayIt is carried out in.
School production
Use vegetables planted at school for school lunches and school meals.


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