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🏥 | To protect yourself from UV rays, it is effective to drink a lot of coffee every day [Thorough capture of UV rays that you want to be careful of in midsummer]

It is effective to drink a lot of photos

To protect yourself from UV rays, it is effective to drink a lot of coffee every day [Thorough capture of UV rays that you want to be careful of in midsummer]

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Moreover, caffeic acid was more prominent, and even oral administration suppressed inflammation.

[Thorough capture of UV rays that you want to be careful of in midsummer] # 2 Last time, UV rays that strengthened year by year adversely affect not only the skin and eyes but also the brain ... → Continue reading

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Administration method

Administration methodWhat is (Toyohoho)?DrugIt refers to a method that specifically defines how to administer a required amount of a drug to a patient at what administration interval in order to exert the pharmacological action of the drug as planned.Pharmacology contained in individual drugsmaterialBecause the nature of the drug affects the rate and rate of arrival at the circulating blood, the drug discovery stage (Drug designThe administration method will be carefully examined from the stage).

Route of administration

mainlyOral administrationとParenteral administrationIt is divided into

Oral administration

  • Oral administration
  • Sublingual administration

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In the case of oral administration, by the time the pharmacological substance reaches the circulating blood from the oral mucosa, stomach wall, intestinal wall, etc., the administered tablet is dissolved (due to changes in fat solubility), absorbed into the blood through membrane absorption, and then taken into the affected area. Sent.However, blood containing substances absorbed from the intestinal wall is first sent to the liver and is therefore affected by metabolism.The liver has a high metabolic capacity, and the pharmacological substances are metabolized in the liver by the time they reach the affected area.First pass effectCalled.The ratio of the amount of the administered pharmacological substance taken into the circulating blood in the bodyBioavailabilityHowever, oral administration generally has low bioavailability due to the first-pass effect, etc., and even if the same amount is administered, the absorption site and absorption amount in the body are likely to vary from the initial assumption. turn into.

Parenteral administration

  • Intravenous administration
  • Intramuscular administration
  • Subcutaneous administration
  • Transdermal administration
  • Nasal administration
  • Transpulmonary administration

な ど

Unlike oral administrationinjection,DripThe bioavailability of intravenous administration by is close to 10%, and the drugBlood concentrationIt becomes easier to control.

Administration interval

The dosing interval is specific to the drugLethal dose, Blood concentrationHalf-lifeIf there is a need to continue to administer the drug to keep the patient's blood concentration of the drug in the effective range, the drug will be administered according to the treatment plan.

In the case of oral administration, the activation of gastrointestinal activity by meals is usually a cycle of 1 times a day, so the prescription is made by deciding the dosing interval such as after meals and between meals based on this.In addition, there are administration standards that do not set intervals, such as sleeping pills, which are taken at bedtime as a guide, and asthma pills, which are taken when a certain seizure occurs.

In the case of parenteral administration, there is no particular timing that serves as a guideline for the administration interval, such as after meals, and administration is performed according to the treatment plan except at bedtime.

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