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🏥 | What you can do for home cancer patients in your area because you are a town doctor

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What you can do for home cancer patients in your area because you are a town doctor

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"I attended elementary, junior high and high schools and public schools in Toyonaka City and grew up locally.

"Patient Survey" (2017) announced by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare that wants to provide a place where you can easily receive evidence-based cancer adjuvant treatment. → Continue reading

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Public school

Public school(Koritsugakko) is generallyPrimary Education,Secondary educationGive free education at the stageDedicated to pre-school and extra curricularRefers to. ManytaxOperated by.

in Japan,Local governmentFounded byDedicated to pre-school and extra curricularThat thing. In a broad senseNational schoolAlso include.

Japanese public school

Public schoolInstallerIs roughly divided intoPrefectures,市町村(CityToTokyo OfAreaIncludes), andcombination(Special local governmentThere is a union).Local independent administrative corporationIsPublic university corporationInstalled byUniversity(Less than"Public university. "Junior collegeIncluding) and itsAffiliated schoolIs also included in this.

National school(Country,Ministry of education) Andprivate school(private,School corporation-Ltd.-Individual) Is a term used to distinguish it from. Of local public bodiesBoard of education,Education AgencyManages. For thisKindergarten,primary schoolからUniversityIs included. However,Public universityAbout management and execution ofLocal governmentChief (prefectural governor, mayor of municipality,Some office associationsThe board of education is not involved.

Specific in public schoolsReligious, Religious education based on denominations should not be conducted,ChristmasIf it is an event, it is often acceptable.


publicKindergartenIs basically managed and operated by the Municipal Board of Education. There are few kindergartens managed and operated by prefectural boards of education.

  • Public kindergarten teachers are hired (appointed) by the municipal board of education and the prefectural board of education that establish the public kindergarten.SalaryTo bear.

Elementary school, junior high school, compulsory education school, high school, secondary school

primary school-Junior high school-Compulsory education school-high school-Secondary schoolIs managed and operated by the board of education of each local public body.

  • Basically, elementary and junior high schools or compulsory education schools are managed and operated by the municipal board of education, and high schools are managed and operated by the prefectural board of education, but some junior and senior high schools are prefectural. Municipalities are obliged to establish elementary and junior high schools or compulsory education schools.
  • High schools are basically managed and operated by the prefectural board of education, but can also be set up and operated by the municipal board of education.
  • Work in the first half of a public elementary and junior high school / secondary schoolStaff(head teacher-Professor-Teacher・ Assistant teacher ・nursing teacher・ Assistant teacher ・School nutrition staff-office worker)ofAppointeeIs the prefectural board of education (the administrative staff may be general administrative staff) and bears the salary (→Prefectural expense staffHowever, for simple labor staff such as janitor and school lunch cook, the municipal board of education is the appointed person, and the municipality is the salary bearer. In addition, some municipalities have municipal staff in addition to prefectural government staff at elementary and junior high schools.
  • For some school staff, the principal is the appointed person.
  • The Municipal Board of Education is basically the person who has the right to appoint and bears the salary for the second half of the municipal secondary school and the high school faculty and staff, but it is a part-time course.TeacherThe prefectural board of education is the appointed person and the salary bearer.
  • For teachers of prefectural secondary schools and high schools, the prefectural board of education is the appointed person and the salary bearer.

Public elementary and junior high schoolsEntrance examinationWithoutSchool ageFor those who have reachedResident cardA school attendance notice will be sent to the local public elementary and junior high school.AdmissionTo do. publicHigh school consistent schoolThen, tests such as writing, practical skills, and aptitude tests are required.

Public high school is an entrance examUnofficial reportIs emphasized, and in some areasComprehensive selection-School group system(Group system)School district systemDue to such factors, it was not possible to go to the desired school, and the school area was restricted. By the examinee who disliked it1970 eraAround this time, many public high schools in urban areas dropped the number of successful applicants at difficult universities.
In recent years, abolition of school districts and emphasis on written examinations,Original entrance examinationReforms such as the introduction ofMetropolitan High SchoolThe reforms are highly evaluated, as the number of successful applicants at difficult universities has increased significantly, and other prefectures are also pursuing the reforms.

On the other hand, the consolidation of public schools is occurring one after another due to the declining birthrate and depopulation, and the number of consolidations from 23 to 30 is at the same pace as the consolidation at the time of the Great Heisei Consolidation.[1].. For example, in Ibaraki prefecture, 1976 schools were closed from 2005 to 111.[2].. Utilization of the site of the consolidated school can be classified into "abandoned school building utilization type", "school resource utilization type", "new facility construction type", and "site utilization type". Can be classified into "operation" and "private ownership / private operation"[2].

In the case of rural areas suffering from depopulation, the closure of public elementary and junior high schools means that it will be difficult for new child-rearing generations to settle in the area, which will be a factor in accelerating the further declining birthrate and aging population in the village.[2].. Therefore, from outside the prefecture of locationNationwide recruitmentThe number of high schools that carry out this is increasing.

Special school

Basically, publicSpecial schoolIs set up, managed and operated by the prefectural board of education, but can also be set up, managed and operated by the municipal board of education. Prefectural governments are obliged to establish public special needs schools.

  • In both prefectural and municipal governments, the prefectural board of education appoints the faculty and staff of special needs schools and bears the salary. However, for simple labor staff working at municipal special needs schools, the municipality is the appointed person / salary bearer.

Higher education

Debate over public schools

Academic gap

Compared to private schools, public schools cannot improve their academic ability sufficiently, and there is a disparity between public and private schools.[3].. According to the 2007 National Achievement Survey

Comparing the average correct answer rate (6th grade), Arithmetic A, which tests basic skills, is 82.1% public, while private is 10%, which is 92.1 points higher. Arithmetic B, which tests applied skills, was 63.6% public and 77.1% private, with a wide difference of 13.5 points. The national language has the same tendency. Many of the higher schools do not participate in private schools.[3]More quotation

It is pointed out that the percentage of correct answers was higher for private school students.[3].. Aside from urban areas where private schools are located, there are also rural areas where private schools cannot be considered as an option in the first place, so there are opinions calling for "rebuilding" the educational capabilities of public schools.[3].

On the other hand, of the pedagogueHidenori FujitaQuestioned these opinions and pointed out the influence of the tone of the media, which repeatedly criticized for criticism, and compulsory education in Japan was "very internationally in all aspects of institutions, functions, and practices. It is at a high standard. " Fujita also points out that the high level of public education in Japan is recognized in other countries, and that there are many points to be learned from public education in Japan. According to Fujita, what is highly evaluated by foreign countries especially in Japanese public education is the continuous self-improvement of educational technology through lesson study, the collaboration of teacher groups, the community and care function of public schools. Be done[4].

Also known as the "Kageyama Method",Education reproduction meeting,Central Education CouncilServed as a member ofHideo KageyamaIs sometimes said to be the best in education in the world at the 17 Special Committee on Compulsory Education for Junior High School Tribunals.フィンランドHowever, while there are many educational opportunities at home, it is difficult for Japan to have such a situation, and teachers make up for it. And in response to the opinion of the Ministry of Finance that "the national treasury burden for compulsory education is increasing," "I would like to say to this financial counsel that faculty and staff are doing work that is commensurate with their salary. "[5].

To improve students' academic abilityCram schoolThere is an opinion that we have to rely on[6],RecruitmentFromCivilian principalKazuhiro FujiharaRegarding this problem, if students' academic ability is divided into five stages from 1 to 5, it is impossible to teach 1 and 5 (lowest and highest) students at school alone, and 1 student is traditionally For example, the local community has taken care of it, but it has become difficult due to changes in social conditions in recent years, and it is said that the teacher's true intention is that 5 students should go to a cram school. In addition, Fujiwara visited Finland's educational situation with Kageyama mentioned above, and said, "Finland has a large number of teachers."Wada Naka) But if there are 7 or 8 more teachers (education like Finland), we can do it. "[7].

Regarding the curriculum, such as application of knowledge and ability to think for oneself,Yutori educationWas also one of the highlights ofComprehensive learning timeWas fueling anxiety about Yutori educationNihon LabSuch asCram schoolHowever, the situation is becoming chaotic, such as the start of providing services that allow students to learn "total study time."[3].. It has also been pointed out that the background to this is that entrance exams for private schools have become more demanding for the application of knowledge.[3].

British public school

British educationIn public schools (“State School” or “Comprehensive”, or “Grammar School” with selection exams (Grammar school) ”) Refers to a government-funded school that provides free education. This is private and paidIndependent School, Treated as a non-profit organizationPublic schoolIs contrasted with.

Public school problems

Unpaid tuition and school lunch fees are also a problem in public schools.


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Toyonaka City

Toyonaka City(Toyonaka) isOsakaNorthernToyono areaに 位置 す るCity.Core cityIs specified in.

The population is about 40Osaka,Sakai City,Higashi Osaka CityIt has the fourth largest population in the prefecture after.


Before the Meiji eraNose KaidoProspered as an intermediate point.After the Meiji eraMinoh Arima Electric Orbit(Current:Hankyu Corporation) Has increased along with the development along the railway line.Furthermore, taking advantage of being within 15km from central Osaka, mainly in the northeastern Shinsenri districtOsaka metropolitan areaSatellite city,Bed townAs, from the Showa 30'sSenri New TownDevelopment has progressed rapidly.for that reasonSewerSuch ascityInfrastructure equipment (infrastructure) Maintenance rate is high.In terms of transportation, Hankyu Railway,Kita Osaka Express Electric RailwayHankyu busBy public transport network,Chinese motorway,Meishin Expressway,Hanshin ExpresswayIkeda Line,Shin-MidosujiAnd other highway networks, and in the northwestern part of the cityOsaka International AirportIt is a convenient place for the existence of.About transportationLater.

Generally,Hankyu Takarazuka LineFormer Toyonaka area,Subway Midosuji LineIs an extension ofKita Osaka Express Electric RailwayIt is divided into the Senri district.Northern part (Machikaneyama, Higashitoyonaka, Midorigaoka, Uenosaka, etc.), Central part (Sone-Sakurazuka-Chokoji TempleEtc.)Luxury residential areaIt is one of the above, and is divided into the southern commercial and industrial areas.Japan's first corner in the northeastNew town, Senri New Town occupies.

2001 (13)May 4,Local decentralization lawBy "Special city”,2012 (24) December 4Core cityIt moved to.


terrainThe northern part is high (Senri hillsFacing the lowlands (facing the south)Osaka PlainFacing).Old ageDiluvialIn the formation, mainly the marine, called the Osaka GroupGravel粘土It is made up of alternating layers of.A new period gently sloping to an altitude of 50-20 m distributed on its western edgeDiluvialThe terraces of the layersToyonaka PlateauIt is called and is the center of the city.It faces Suita City in the east, Amagasaki City and Itami City in the west, and Ikeda City and Minoo City in the north.[1].

Buffer around Osaka International AirportGreen spaceExcept for the obi, it is almost urbanized (Land use planningThen the whole areaUrbanization promotion area), Osaka PrefecturalHattori RyokuchiHowever, it offers valuable greenery.In the southern part of the cityTakakawa,Tenjiku Riverな どCeiling riverThere are many.

In addition,SewerAs of 2018, the penetration rate is 99.9%, which is the highest level in Japan.[2][3].

Toyonaka City(Osaka International Airport) Climate
Highest temperature record ° C (° F16.9
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F9.6
Average daily temperature ° C (° F5.1
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F0.7
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F−5.8
Precipitation amount mm (inch)44.4
Average days of precipitation (≥1.0mm)
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1991-2020, extreme value: 1977-present)[4][5]


Origin of the name of the municipality

The name of Teshima came to be seen in the literatureWado5 years(712 Taianman"Record of Ancient Matters』\ From the middle volume, thenJingu Jingun3 years(769 Emperor ShodeSurnames 15 people in TeshimaKabane) Is given by "Japanese sequel』Seen in.

1889 (Meiji22 years)Municipal systemBy enforcementToshimaToyonaka Village is established. "ToyonakaIt was at this time that the place name was born.[6], It is said that it was named because it is located in the center of Toshima-gun.these"YutakaThe character "" is "" in the old font, And was written as "Toyonaka" (not the old character "Toyonaka" which means a vessel)[Source required].

Chronological Table[7]

Until modern times

After the Meiji era

After the war

Transition of administrative divisions

  • 1889 (Meiji22 years)May 4 - Municipal systemBy enforcement ofToshimaTeshima-gun by merging Shin-Kan Village, Minami Tosu Village, Sakurazuka Village, Yamanoue Village, and Okamachi VillageToyonaka VillageWas launched.Large printEstablished a village office in the new exemption.
  • 1896 (Meiji 29) April 4- countyDue to the consolidation ofToyono-gunBecame Toyonaka Village.
  • 1927 (Showa2 years) June 4- Town systemEnforced, Toyono-gunToyonaka TownBecomes
  • 1936 (11)May 10 --Toyonaka-cho, Toyono-gunAsada Village-Sakuraidani Village-Kumanoda VillageMerged and became the fourth in Osaka prefectureMunicipal systemEnforced (Osaka Prefectural Building System No. 4).Toyonaka CityWill be.Established a city hall at Oaza Sakurazuka (current location).The population is 38,770 and the number of households is 7,977.Administrative area area 18.18km2.
  • 1939 (Showa 14) September-Shonai-mura, Toyono-gun enforces the town system and becomes Shonai-cho, Toyono-gun.
  • 1947 (22)May 3 --Toyono-gunNakateshima Village-Minamiteshima Village-Ozone VillageIncorporated.The population is 76,314 and the number of households is 18,020.Administrative area area 28.14km2.
  • 1953 (28)May 7 - MishimaNittamuraLarge printIncorporated Kamishinden.The population is 100,631 and the number of households is 22,484.Administrative area area 32.36km2.
  • 1955 (30)May 1 --Toyono-gunShonai TownIncorporated.The population is 127,678 and the number of households is 29,251.Administrative area area 36.60km2..Area 36.39km excluding the area where the boundary with Yodogawa Ward, Osaka City is undecided2.

War damage

In the current Toyonaka city area1945 6月7日以降、6月15日、6月26日、7月9日、7月22日、7月30日まで、米軍による6回の空襲を受けた。被害が最も大きかったのは6月7日の空襲(The 3rd Osaka Air Raid), The residential area in the northern part of the city was severely damaged, and at that time it was diverted to munitions.ShonaiThe industrial area of ​​the town (now the southern part of the city) was bombed andStudent mobilizationPrefectural Toyonaka Junior High School (currently:Toyonaka High School) And Toyonaka High School (currently:Sakurazuka High School) Many of the students were also killed or injured.A total of 6 air raids damaged the area of ​​96ha, the affected population of 12,951, 575 dead, 898 seriously and slightly injured, and 3,540 houses affected.[8].


Successive mayors

NamePhoneticInauguration dateRetirement date
1 2Taisuke OkumuraOkumura YassukeOctober 1937th, 3October 1940th, 9
3 4Tanejiro NakagawaTwist in the middleOctober 1940th, 10October 1945th, 12
5Yoshiharu TanakaYoshiharu TanakaOctober 1946th, 6October 1946th, 11
6Souta FujiiFujii KotaroOctober 1947th, 4October 1951th, 4
7Shigezo TsukamotoTsukamoto JuzoOctober 1951th, 4October 1955th, 4
8 10Tsubasa FujitoFuji and TasukuOctober 1955th, 5October 1966th, 3
11 12Yoshiharu TakeuchiYoshiharu TakeuchiOctober 1966th, 5October 1974th, 5
13 16Teruo ShimomuraShimomura TeruoOctober 1974th, 5October 1990th, 5
17 18Minoru HayashiHayashi MinoruOctober 1990th, 5October 1998th, 5
19 20Isshiki SadakiLet's get togetherOctober 1998th, 5October 2006th, 5
21 23Keiichiro AsariClams KeiichirouOctober 2006th, 5October 2018th, 5
24Shigeki OsanaiShigekiOctober 2018th, 5Incumbent

City emblem

Selected from 1707 public offerings, 14 (Showa XNUMX)1939 May 3Was enacted in.The stylized acronym "To" of Toyonaka was combined with four to be called "Toyo", and the overall shape was regarded as "Medium" to be "Toyonaka". .. The four protrusions symbolize the development of Toyonaka City in all directions.

Administrative organization (as of April 31, 4)

  • Mechanism diagram of Toyonaka City
  • Mayor
    • vice-mayor
      • (Crisis Management Supervisor)
      • (Human Rights and Cultural Policy Supervisor)
      • General Affairs Department
      • City Management Department
      • Urban vitality department
      • Environment Department
      • Finance Department
      • Citizen collaboration department
      • Welfare Department
      • Welfare and medical department
      • Children's Future Department
      • City Planning Promotion Department
      • Urban infrastructure
      • (Accounting manager) Accounting section
      • Municipal Toyonaka Hospital
      • Water and Sewerage Bureau
      • Fire department
  • Board of education
  • Election Management Committee
  • Fairness committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Agricultural committee
  • Fixed Asset Evaluation Review Committee
  • City council

Branch office


Toyonaka City Council

  • Number of people: 34 people
  • Term: March 2019, 5-March 1, 2023[10]
  • Chair: Kazuo Miyaji (Toyonaka City Council Citizens Forum Members)
  • Vice Chairman: Fukumi Sakaguchi (KomeitoToyonaka City Council members)
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsMember name (◎ is secretary general)
KomeitoToyonaka City Assembly9◎ Tadashi Imamura, Shinichi Nakajima, Fukumi Sakaguchi, Junji Ishihara, Taeko Ohno, Tetsuya Sakai, Gengo Hirose, Kazuto Mihara, Masahiro Yoshida
Osaka Restoration SocietyToyonaka City Assembly7◎ Koji Ota, Masahisa Kinoshita, Mika Sawamura, Hiroki Nakano, Keita Hanai, Hiroshi Fujita, Shizuka Yokoo
Independent / Parliamentary Reform5◎ Takahiro Nakagawa, Koichiro Kanbara, Shinji Kitanobo, Makoto Kimura, Nobumichi Matsuoka
LDPShinfukai Toyonaka City Council members5◎ Kimika Takagi, Hiroaki Nakaoka, Hirokazu Imoto, Akihiro Kitagawa, Keiichiro Korai
Japan Communist PartyToyonaka City Assembly4◎ Fumiko Deguchi, Kazuhiro Itokawa, Sumie Saimiya, Sango Matsushita
Toyonaka City Council Citizens Forum Members4◎ Shozo Shiraiwa, Kazuo Miyaji, Toshihiko Oishi, Yuji Omachi

Osaka Prefectural Assembly[11]

  • Constituency: Toyonaka City constituency
  • 定数:4人(欠員1)
  • Term: March 2019, 4-March 30, 2023
  • Voting Date: July 2019, 4
  • Number of voters on the day: 329,286
  • Turnout: 49.38%
Candidate nameCommentageParty nameOld and newNumber of votes obtainedRemarks
Joji UrushimaThis44Osaka Restoration SocietyNow42,643 vote2021年10月5日付けで辞職。
Masahiro UedaThis56Osaka Restoration SocietyNow32,551 vote
Genki NakaiThis45LDPNow28,770 vote
Yoshiyuki YaegashiThis55KomeitoNow23,443 vote
Kazunori Yamamotodrop34Japan Communist Party16,490 vote
Hiromi Inouedrop53Constitutional Democratic Party16,432 vote

House of Representatives[12]

  • Election district:8 wards of Osaka(Toyonaka City)
  • Term: March 2017, 10-March 22, 2021
  • Number of voters on the day: 333,595
  • Turnout: 52.07%
CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedrepeat
ThisTakashi Otsuka53LDP67,054 vote
Tomohiko Kinoshita48Japan Restoration Party57,187 vote
Hirofumi Matsui49Constitutional Democratic Party31,197 vote
Makoto Arai57Japan Communist Party15,197 vote


In the late 1950sCity areaThe area was 2%, and agricultural land and forests were about 7%.[13].Senri New TownThe population has increased rapidly with the development of the city, and now the urban area is more than 7%, and the farmland and forests are less than 5%.With the rapid increase in population, the industryCommercial,Service industryHas developed around.CurrentlyBubble periodAlthough the construction of condominiums has increased with the subsequent decline in land prices, the population and the number of employees have shown a slight decrease from stability (especially).1995 OfGreat Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeDue to the damage caused mainly in the southern area, the population began to decrease).

Chain storeAs the first store oflifeToyonaka store1961 At Honmachi XNUMX-chome[14][15],LawsonSakurazuka store1975 Opened in Minamisakurazuka XNUMX-chome[16][17]. Also,1955 Established in the city in 1961Shonai StationShiro, who opened a supermarket in front of him, is lined up with Okadaya and Futagi.ionIs one of the predecessors of[Annotation 1].

Between HanshinAdjacent to the industrial area of ​​the city, the location conditions such as transportation are good, and in the southManufacturing industryAlso accumulated.In recent yearsOsaka UniversityAnd Saito (International Cultural Park City),情报,life scienceThere are also some related industries.


Economically, it has been deeply involved with Hankyu Railway since ancient times.for that reason,Hankyu Hanshin Toho GroupMany of the core companies are headquartered in Toyonaka.

A company headquartered in Toyonaka

Companies with branch offices and factories in Toyonaka City



Of the commercial area in Toyonaka cityLand price(Best 5)-City Planning ActOnly designated locations in commercial areas based on.

All except Shonai Higashimachi in 2019Official land priceFrom the price per square meter.Only Shonai Higashimachi is the official land price for 1.

Financial institution

Honmachi district (around Hankyu Toyonaka Station)

Senri Chuo District (Kita-Osaka Kyuko Senri Chuo Station area)

  • Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank Senri Chuo Branch
  • Senshu Ikeda Bank Senri Central Branch
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Senri Central Branch
  • Mizuho Bank Senri Central Branch
  • Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Senri Chuo Branch, Senri Chuo Ekimae Branch, Minoh Branch (all three stores are open in the same store)
  • Kansai Mirai Bank Senri Chuo Branch / Hokusetsu Mortgage Center
  • Kita Osaka Shinkin Bank Senri Central Branch / Shinsenri Minami Branch
  • Shinsei Bank Senri Chuo Financial Center
  • Resona Bank Senri Chuo Branch
  • Bank of Kyoto Senri Chuo Branch

Japan Post Group

  • Japan Post
    As of 2018, in Toyonaka cityToyonaka Post Office,Toyonaka South Post OfficeThere are 45 post offices in total, and post offices are also set up in each facility of Osaka University and Osaka International Airport.
  • Japan Post Bank
    • Toyonaka store (Osaka branch Toyonaka branch office: Okakaminocho,Toyonaka Post Office(Attachment is a holiday service)
    As of 2018, there are 50 ATMs in Toyonaka City, including the above and each post office, and 15 of them (including the above) are providing holiday services.

* The postal code in Toyonaka City is "" in the northern area.560-00xx(Under the jurisdiction of Toyonaka Post Office), Central and Southern regions are "561-08xx(Under the jurisdiction of Toyonaka South Post Office).

Sister cities/partner cities


Outside Japan

Sister cities connected at the airport

International organization


There used to be the Consulate-General of Osaka in China, but it was relocated to Osaka City in 1985 (Showa 60).[21].



平成27年国勢調査より前回調査からの人口増減をみると、1.58%増の395,479人であり、増減率は府下43市町村中6位、72行政区域中17位。 また人口密度は1平方キロメートル当たり約10,867人で世帯数は約170,325世帯[22].

Population distribution of Toyonaka, Osaka, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Toyonaka City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Toyonaka City (2005)
Purple-Toyonaka City
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Toyonaka City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


primary school



Junior high school



high school



Special school

University, junior college, etc.


Junior college

Special training school, various schools

Public facilities / physical education facilities

public facility

Physical education facility

  • Toyonaka Rose Stadium
    • In the cityToyonaka GroundSince is the birthplace of high school baseball, part of the high school baseball district qualifying round is also held at this Toyonaka Rose Stadium.

Place name

Adjacent local governments




Railway line

Connecting the western part of the city from north to southHankyu Takarazuka Main Line, Eastern (Suita CityConnect the north and south (near the boundary with)Kita Osaka Express Electric RailwayThere is, between basesHankyu busA network is formed.Northern part of the cityOsaka MonorailIs connected in the east-west direction, such as Osaka International AirportSenri ChuoHas also reached.Wide areaTokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen OfShin-Osaka Station(OsakaYodogawa Ward), It is a convenient location for transportation.

In addition, in Toyonaka city areaJRThere are no railway lines or stations in JapanCore cityInToyota City,Nahaと と も にJRThere are no railway lines or stations.


There are no municipal buses or other private bus operators in Toyonaka City, but in the pastOsaka Municipal Bus Abeno BridgeWas operating a long-distance route to.


Along the Osaka MonorailOsaka Prefectural Route 2 Osaka Central Loop LineandChinese motorway, Along the Hankyu Takarazuka LineNational Route 176, Running in parallel to the westOsaka Prefecture Route 10 Osaka Ikeda LineandHanshin Expressway No. 11 Ikeda Line, Along the Kita-Osaka Kyuko RailwayNational Route 423(Shin-Midosuji), Penetrate the south from east to westNational Route 479andMeishin ExpresswayForm a highway network.On the other handOsaka Prefecture Route 145There are still two lanes or less on the branch road that connects the southern part of the city from east to west.SidewalkThere are many things that do not exist, always(I.e.Is overflowing with.


General national road

Main local road

General prefectural road


  • Osaka International Airport
    • KIXAfter the opening of the port, the number of departures and arrivals and the number of users decreased temporarily, but the advantage of the area within 10 km from central Osaka was reviewed, and some flights were relocated from Kansai International Airport, mainly on major domestic routes.Once again, it has become a major domestic airport.PostwarGHQBecause it was called "damaged air base" at the time of requisitionItami AirportAlthough it is also called, most of the passenger terminals and cargo handling areas are located in Toyonaka City (Toyonaka City Hotarugaike Nishimachi) and others.IkedaIt also straddles.Toyonaka City is a coalition of local governments at Osaka International AirportOsaka International Airport Area City CouncilIt is a member of (10 city cooperatives).

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Famous people


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注 釈

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