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🏥 | 751 deaths after vaccination Is there really a causal relationship? [Answering the question of the new corona vaccine]

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751 deaths after vaccination Is there really a causal relationship? [Answering the question of the new corona vaccine]

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I think there are cases where a mild heart attack happens to occur after the administration of the vaccine and it becomes severe, and there are also cases where it died due to indirect effects, but originally it has a chronic disease or blood vessels. If is weakened, it cannot be determined that the vaccine was the main cause of death.

[Answering the question of the new corona vaccine] # 26 As a side reaction of the new corona vaccination, the causal relationship with death cases ... → Continue reading

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heart attack

heart attack(Shinzo Hossa,British: heart attack) IsCardiovascular systemIt means a general term for sudden attacks of chronic diseases related to.Because it is ambiguousMedicalIt is not often used in the field and is often expressed by a more specific disease name.LargelyIschemic heart diseaseWith seizuresarrhythmiaSeizures, especiallyAdams-Stokes attacksCorresponds to this.

As a cause of seizurecocaineEtc. drug usecoronary arteryIt may be caused by dissection, embolism, etc., but usually over a long period of time (generally 20 minutes or more), the blood flow in the coronary arteries deteriorates, and the oxygen supplied to the cardiomyocytes in that part decreases, causing cell necrosis. It happens when you start to do it.

When a seizure occurs, you will feel discomfort and pain around the epigastrium, around the shoulders and the base of the neck.

If you have a seizure, rest and wait 5 to 10 minutes and the pain doesn't go away.hospitalYou had better go to and have a medical examination.And when it is recognized as a heart attack,NitroglycerinCarry a pill.When a seizure occurs, it has the effect of relieving the seizure.


Jaw pain associated with chest pain, shortness of breath, sweat, or nausea can be a symptom of a heart attack or angina, so seek urgent help and immediately go to the emergency room for diagnosis. There is.If these symptoms appear or disappear, you should contact your doctor immediately[1].


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