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🏥 | Brain nerve cells are about 50% of people in their 20s and 7s ... "Positive Thinking" reduces bad stress

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Brain nerve cells are about 50% of people in their 20s and 7s ... "Positive Thinking" reduces bad stress

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Also, focusing on one thing, such as sports, reading, games, plastic model making, do-it-yourself, etc., will reduce bad stress.

The functioning of the brain peaks at around 40 years old, and then declines downhill.Arteriosclerosis of the brain progresses and blood flow deteriorates ... → Continue reading

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Do-it-yourself(Hello, weekend carpenter[1]) IscarpenterA person with a different professionDays Off,Leisure timeDo usingCarpentryRefers to work.However, the simple woodworking work that was traditionally called "do-it-yourself" in Japanese refers to all self-made work after that.DIYAs the term "DIY" has gradually become popular in Japan, it has become more common in recent years to be called "DIY" instead of "do-it-yourself".Since DIY in the English-speaking world has a wide range, strictly speaking, the area corresponding to home improvement (HI), which refers to the manufacture and installation of home equipment, corresponds to do-it-yourself.[2].

The word do-it-yourself began to take root in Japan1950 eraFrom the latter half onward, it is believed that the term "Sunday Painter" was used to refer to an amateur painter.[2]..Before the word came about, carpentry in the home was not a task of identifying men and women, but due to the association of the word carpenter with male craftsmen and the influence of the American home drama that was airing at the time. The image of work and hobbies mainly performed by men has taken root[2]. 2018'sLeisure white paperAccording to the report, the participation rate of do-it-yourselfers as a hobby is 120,000, and the participation rate of men is 15.9%, while the participation rate of women is 4.6%.[2].

Motivation is when it is necessary and when it is a hobby or idea[3]There is.The target is the former for repairing houses and building kennels, and the latter forFurniture・ From the design and manufacture of furniturehome,VillaArchitecture[4]May extend to. 1960 eraIn the background of the do-it-yourself boom that occurred inHigh economic growthDue to the chronic shortage of carpenters, it was necessary to maintain the houses on their own, and there was a desire to arrange the houses provided in large quantities with a uniform design.[2].1960 In the magazine of the Japan DIY Club, which was formed in Japan, about the significance of do-it-yourself, from the fun of handmadeHuman naturePositioned as a voluntary activity to recover[2].

Do-it-yourself is imagination and material (wood) And some tools are needed to get started, so the hurdle is low.The tools initially needed are:

Wood and toolsHome centerYou can buy it at.At home improvement stores, the wood sold at their own stores is often cut in a straight line (for a fee).AlsoHome centerThere is also a place where a workshop for customers is set up in the store so that customers who purchase wood can use very basic tools for free.

In order to improve the quality of deliverables and create complex products, some tools, techniques, and knowledge (experience) are required.

PaintingTo do, basic knowledge of painting,paintKinds and tools (Brush, Rollers, etc.), or paint spray cans,HealthYou will need tapes and sheets for this.

またHouseWhen it comes to making things likebuilding-PlastererKnowledge, skills, and tools are also required.

In do-it-yourself, each item is like a custom-made item, and the unit price of the material tends to be high, making it difficult to reduce costs.In addition, it is often necessary to make additional investments such as introducing new tools, purchasing additional consumables, and purchasing various measuring instruments.For this reason, in a one-time project, it may be a fraction of the cost of a do-it-yourselfer to ask a professional or purchase a mass-produced product.


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