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🏥 | I want to know!Reiwa 2nd year "Occupational Safety and Health Survey Results" 3 points


I want to know!Reiwa 2nd year "Occupational Safety and Health Survey Results" 3 points

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It can be seen that occupational safety and health will change significantly depending on the background of the times and revisions to the law.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has released the results of the "Occupational Safety and Health Survey (Fact-finding Survey)" in 2nd year of Reiwa.This survey is conducted by business establishments ... → Continue reading

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Occupational health nurses, certified psychiatrists, psychiatric social workers, and registered dietitians deliver the latest information on health and mental health!It is operated by Dr. Trust, which has more than 2,800 industrial physician contracts.

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Occupational safety and health

Occupational safety and health(Occupational safety and health) is an occupational safety and health environment.Safe-保健-wealthIt is a field that aims to protect.One of the goals of the Occupational Safety and Health Program is to improve safety and improve the working environment.[1].

Occupational health and safety is also important ethically, legally and business-wise.All organizations have an obligation to ensure safety to their employees and stakeholders at all times.[2].

Industrial accident

Physical and mechanical disasters

Biological and chemical disasters

Resident Evil

Chemical hazard

Psychosocial disaster

manyEconomic Cooperation Development OrganizationIn (OECD) countries,employer TheEmployerIt is obligatory to consider not only physical health but also mental health.As one of business risk management, it is necessary to consider and manage psychological and mental disasters (risk factors).[3] .

Occupational stressProblems such as and are associated with mental risks and are globally recognized as occupational health and safety issues.[4].

European Agency for Safety and HealthThe most serious psychological risks according to the (EU-OSHA) survey include:

  • Labor contract instability
  • Worker instability due to globalization
  • New labor contract
  • Anxiety about work
  • Aging labor force
  • Long working hours
  • Labor pressure
  • Lean production and outsourcing
  • Advanced emotional labor
  • Deterioration of work-life balance[3]

By industry

Construction industry


Service industry


Medical and welfare

In the field of medical staff, there are many environments that are harmful to health (Resident Evil), They are at risk of illness due to long working hours, shift work, manual labor, violence, infectious diseases and dangerous chemicals.

According to U.S. Department of Labor statistics, 2011 occupational accidents were identified in U.S. hospitals in 253,700, equivalent to 100 per 6.8 full-time workers.[5]..The incidence of occupational accidents in the hospital sector was higher than in the construction and manufacturing industries, which were traditionally considered to be at high risk.

The Occupational Health Safety Network (OHSN) in the United States states (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, NIOSH), a secure online audit system for health and safety risks in healthcare professionals. Based on these data, OHSN is conducting research on occupational accident risk in medical professionals.Hospitals and other medical institutions can upload labor accident data to OHSN, and the collected data is treated as confidential information and used as analytical data after adjusting so that it is not known which facility it is.

NIOSH and OHSN jointly analyze occupational accidents in a timely manner, formulate countermeasures, and intervene in problems.Today's OHSN focuses on three of the most risky, preventable, and physical disability traumas for healthcare professionals: physical trauma during patient handling, gliding, falls, and falls, and Work violence. Data registration with OHSN is open to all medical institutions.

Regulations of each country


ノルウェーIn, the responsibilities of the Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner are as follows:[6].

  • Systematic evaluation of working environment
  • Approval of workplace disease reduction and prevention guidelines
  • Providing information on employee health
  • Occupational health, Ergomix,Work environmentProviding information on danger risks, etc.

NetherlandsIn, the responsibilities required of health and safety managers are as follows:[7].

  • Non-profit medical examination
  • Working environment counseling room for employees
  • Health assessment (if necessary for business)

米 国


Risk prediction

Health and safety officer


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