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🏥 | Development of the world's lightest, thinnest, and highly durable nanosheet, successfully attached to the skin for one week of electrocardiographic measurement The University of Tokyo


Developed the world's lightest, thinnest, and most durable nanosheet, and succeeded in measuring electrocardiogram for one week by attaching it to the skin. The University of Tokyo

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The team describes this research result as "it has become possible to measure the health condition in natural activities of daily life for a long period of time", and it is a wearable for early detection of illness and poor physical condition in the medical and healthcare fields in the future. It is expected to be applied as a device.

A Japanese research team has announced a major research result that could be a breakthrough for wearable devices.Stick on the skin ... → Continue reading


To the Japanese medical community, which is facing the super-aging society and the tightness of medical resources at the same time, from each viewpoint, we will convey the voice of medical personnel striving to provide better medical care as it is, from a clinical perspective, a field perspective , This is a blog site for patients.

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Wearable computer

Wearable computer(British: wearable computer) Can be worn or wornComputerThat.Laptop,SmartphoneEtc. can simply be carriedComputerUnlike, it mainly refers to clothes or wristwatches that can be used while wearing them. Wearable device, Wearable terminals, wearables, sometimes called wearable products.There are various types such as wristwatch type, eyeglass type, ring type, shoe type, pocket type, and pendant type.ウェアラブルコンピュータを搭載した被服の事を「ウェアラブル○○」という言い方もあるClothes equipped with a wearable computer are sometimes called "wearable XX".[1].

A wearable computer is an old name that refers to a device that can be worn, and in recent years it has been called a wearable device.[2].


A terminal that can be worn and does not limit the daily life of the user and can process and communicate data only with that terminal is called a wearable product.[3]..Wearable devices consist of small and light devices腕 時 計I usually wear it likeGadgetFrom the one usingHead mounted displayA gadget that is not impossible to wear and go out like (HMD), orclothingWidely researched, including those that integrate computers into[4].

Ubiquitous computingIn, wearable computersEnd-userHas great significance as a terminal that is in direct contact with.A wristwatch-shaped computer,PDA, Small computers, accompanying communication devicesSensorKind (camera andGPS(Receiver, etc.) are specifically mentioned, but not limited to these, various shapes have been researched and proposed.However, there are many issues for practical use and popularization of HMDs, such as when they are worn outdoors and walked, they look strange.近年は、「眼球に直接埋め込まれ、脳に直結したディスプレイ」の実用化も議論されているIn recent years, the practical application of "a display that is directly embedded in the eyeball and directly connected to the brain" has been discussed.[5].

2010 At that time, due to technical problems, the spread of wearable technology to the general public was sluggish.[6]..However, with the recent development of semiconductor technology, the spread of wireless communication technology, and the development of data management / analysis technology, the penetration rate of wearable devices has increased.ウェアラブルデバイスの出荷台数はThe number of wearable devices shipped2020 It is estimated that there will be about 1160 million units in Japan and about 3 million units worldwide.[7].


There are some challenges in realizing a wearable computer.

Hardware suitable for wearing
Head mounted displayMiniaturization andInput device, Low power consumptionCPUCan operate for a long time电源Development such as.Furthermore, since it is something that can be worn for a long time, it is necessary to design on that assumption.主にmainlyLow temperature burnsTo solve the fever problem so as not toskinThe part that comes into direct contact withSweatで金属PartscorrosionMust not be designed[8].
Applied technology that makes sense to always wear a computer
Wearing a computer is not much different from carrying a small enough computer.It is necessary to have applied technology that makes the best use of the characteristics that are always acquired.There are three major proposals for use. 3つは利用者に対するOne is for usersreal timeThe second is to record the user's status, and the third is to link with an external computer.
Examples of real-time information provision to users include directions, memos about people by face image recognition, and peripheral information.
Examples of user status records include behavioral records,Health careetc.
By linking with an external computerWork stationA system that switches the environment according to the user in front of you and monitors where and who is in the building.

A fiction work featuring a wearable computer

Manga anime
Special effects


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