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🏥 | Two groups submit medical requests to Governor Hideyo Hanazumi of Niigata Prefecture one after another


Two groups submit medical requests to Governor Hideyo Hanazumi of Niigata Prefecture one after another

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The prefectural central hospital (Sanjo City), which is scheduled to open in 2023, has been decided by the "Social Welfare Organization Saiseikai" as the designated manager.

Mayor Toru Yoneda of Itoigawa City submitting a request to Governor Hideyo Hanazumi (Chairman of the Regional Medical Cooperation Promotion Council) On the XNUMXth, Hanazumi in Niigata Prefecture ... → Continue reading

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Saiseikai(Saiseikai,English: Social Welfare Organization Saiseikai Imperial Gift Foundation, Inc.) Is JapanCharityIt is an organization.The official name isSocial Welfare Corporation Onshi Foundation Saiseikai(Onshizaidansaiseikai).The name isEmperor Meiji OfImperial RescriptThe letters of the Onshi Foundation are made smaller and have two levels.KumimojiIs the official notation.However, since such a notation is not possible in the registration, it is written in one line.

Aomori-Akita-Yamanashi-Gifu-Tokushima-Kochi-OkinawaIn 7 prefectures excluding 40 prefectureshospital,ClinicSuch asMedical institution99 facilities and the elderly and disabledwelfare facilityIt has opened and operates 280 facilities and employs approximately 59,000 employees.Of the facilities we operatehospitalas well as the ClinicIs positioned as a public medical institution under Article 31 of the Medical Care Act.

The original purpose of the establishment was to provide medical care to economically disadvantaged people, and it is still today.Social welfare lawbased onFree low-cost medical care businessI do.in recent yearsIbaraki Children's Hospital,Osaka Saiseikai Senri HospitalLike the critical care center (formerly Osaka Prefectural Senri Critical Care Center), the Saiseikai is entrusted with the operation of public hospitals.Designated administratorSome facilities are managed as.


Name and coat of arms

Origin and significance of "Saiseikai"

The word "saisei" itself comes from a Chinese classic[2]..The Foundation uses the word "saisei" on its website to refer to "life," that is, "life," "folk grass = people," and "prosperity."Already(Suku)Explains that it means "U"[2].

As of 2021, the Foundation likened it to the name, "People in need.済う(Sukuu) "" Medical care in the communityLivingProtect (life) ""AssociationThe three goals of the activity are "continuous medical and welfare services".[3].

Kumimoji notation of "Gift Foundation"

"Gift"And" Foundation "are not written on one line, but on two lines with letters smaller than Saiseikai.KumimojiIs the official name[2]..This is believed to be the intention of Emperor Meiji, and has been taken over even after the organizational structure changed to a social welfare corporation after World War II.[2].

Regarding the name of the foundation established by subsidy at the time of establishment, at that timeKeitaroWhen the Prime Minister asked at the "Gift Foundation Saiseikai", the Emperor forgave him, saying, "Since the Emperor and the people work together to carry out Saisei's business, it is not appropriate for the Giving Foundation to be preceded only by the imperial family." Did not[2]..It is said that it was allowed by proposing again with "gift" and "foundation" in kumimoji so as not to stand out.[2].

Even on the official website of the Foundation, due to the characteristics of the computer, the notation is written in one line, declining that it is not the "original notation".[2](By style sheet (CSS)GiftFoundationIt is possible to write something like "Saiseikai", but it is limited to compatible browsers).

Nadeshiko coat of arms

The coat of arms called "Nadeshiko Crest" was established in 1912 (Taisho XNUMXst year).[4]..The first presidentFushimi Miya Sada AikoWaka poems about the Saiseikai philosophy[Annotation 1]By the way, the flowers and leaves of the dianthus are treated with dew.[4].

Board Member

Three officers

Successive presidents




  • There are branches in 7 prefectures except Aomori prefecture, Akita prefecture, Yamanashi prefecture, Gifu prefecture, Tokushima prefecture, Kochi prefecture, and Okinawa prefecture.


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