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🏥 | Atama is clear? Does it work? Changes after biking exercise.


Is your head clear? Does it work? Changes after biking.

If you write the contents roughly
The small variation means that the reaction time fluctuation for each answer is small, and it is considered that the performance is stable, that is, the state of concentration continues.

"Working memory" is one of the important abilities to promote work smoothly and efficiently. After exercising for about 20 to 30 minutes ... → Continue reading

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Reaction time

Reaction time(Hannoujikan, Reaction time, RT) is the time elapsed from the presentation of sensory stimuli to the occurrence of behavioral reactions.Reaction time is used to measure the time required for a psychological processing process (mental chronometry).Experimental psychologyOften used in.Button presses are often used as behavioral responses, but eye movements, verbal responses, and other measurable behaviors may also be used.

Reaction time Task type

  • Simple reaction time is usually defined as the time required for a subject to detect a stimulus presentation.For example, suppose a subject is instructed to press a button as soon as a light spot or sound is presented.The average reaction time is 180-200 ms for visual stimulus detection and 140-160 ms for auditory stimulus detection.[1][Reliability required verification].
  • In the Go / No-Go reaction time task, the subject presses a button when one type of stimulus is presented, but the subject does not respond when a different type of stimulus is presented.For example, the subject presses a button if the light spot is red, and does not respond if the light spot is green.
  • In the selective reaction time task, a reaction corresponding to each stimulus is required.For example, the subject may press one button if the light spot is red and another button if it is yellow.


Abu Raihan al-BiruniDescribed the concept of reaction time for the first time[1] :

"All sensations are realized by the corresponding changes in the sensory organs, which takes a considerable amount of time, but not only that, but also the stimulation of the sensory organs and the consciousness of their perceptions over time. Corresponds to the stimulus transmitting some distance through the nerves. "

Measured the duration of various mental processes and systematically analyzed human reaction times.

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Simple reaction time

Simple reaction time measurement: (Cannot be used for comparison between users as the environment of the PC used may affect the measurement)

Complex reaction time:


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