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🏥 | [New Corona] Government, "Declaration" "Priority Measures" All Cancellation Policy Consolidate Some local governments are cautious


[New Corona] Government to solidify policy to cancel all "declaration" and "priority measures" Some local governments are cautious

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There is a situation that has just overlapped with the global spread of Delta stocks, but since it has already been proved in other countries that rebound will occur if the flow of people returns to "in front of Corona", how to make a soft landing is the key. Become.

The government has a policy of canceling the state of emergency and priority measures such as spread prevention that are currently issued to 27 prefectures in 30 days ... → Continue reading


To the Japanese medical community, which is facing the super-aging society and the tightness of medical resources at the same time, from each viewpoint, we will convey the voice of medical personnel striving to provide better medical care as it is, from a clinical perspective, a field perspective , This is a blog site for patients.

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In front of corona

Soft landing

Soft landing(Soft landing) isaircraftEtc. means to descend gently and land on the ground.Space developmentIn, the spacecraft and lander should be landed on satellites and planets such as the Moon and Mars to soften the impact.The antonym isHard landing(Hard landing).

From the above meaningBusinessIt is also used to mean gradual fluctuations in trends.Business cycle # How to express the economySee also.


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