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🏥 | Alex goes to the human dock with his father "If Non-chan tells me, I won't take it."


Alex goes to the human dock with his father "If Non-chan tells me, I won't take it."

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"Mr. Jorge will move to Thailand from this week," he revealed his father's future, and posted his father's thoughts, "Before that, I had a human dock and various other tests."

He reveals the total amount of tests that Alexander received with his father, including the human dock.I also showed my father's feelings. 27th… → Continue reading


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Father's thoughts

Complete medical checkup

Complete medical checkup(Human dock)Preventive medicineFrom this point of view, regularly with or without subjective symptomshospital-ClinicGo to and undergo a detailed examination of each part of the body to check for diseases, organ abnormalities, and health that are usually difficult to notice.Medical checkupA kind of. "ド ッ クIs a dock (boatMeans (equipment for repairing and inspecting) English: However, Because it is derived fromGuIs a clerical error[1].. Equivalent to "human dock"EnglishIs complete physical examination, general checkup, health screening, etc.

Japanese medicalIn the system, the human dockmedical insuranceNot subject to, but subscribedHealth insurance associationDepending onHealth insurance lawIn some cases, it is implemented as a health project under Article 150, and a certain amount of subsidy will be provided if conditions such as age (35 years old or 40 years old or older) are met.Human dockLifestyle-related disease prevention medical examination,Health examination according to the Industrial Safety and Health Actinclude.


Based on the dataDoctor OfInterview,ExaminationReceiveLifestyle-related diseasesGet advice and guidance on prevention, treatment and other health problems.Generally, it is customary to receive it at a specialized hospital or clinic of a human dock.Some of the tests require advance preparation such as fasting from around dinner the day before, so confirmation is required.In addition, some tests do not reveal the results within the same day.

The inspection time is also increased by the inspection items added as an option.From a half-day day trip, a one-day or two-day course is common. In the case of 1 days, it does not mean that you will go for 2 days in a row, but at the hospital side宿 泊Also arrange.Some medical institutions offer courses of 5 days and 1 week.

Items that are easy to find abnormalities in the human dock areLiver dysfunction, Highcholesterol,obesity,Kidney-bladderDisease, highNeutral fatAnd so on.

A human dock that focuses on items that tend to weaken with age, such as the cognitive function of the brain and hormonal balance, is sometimes called an anti-aging dock.


In Japan, the system of medical examinations for "people who are not sick but interested in health" started in earnest.1954 (Showa29) in springNational Tokyo Daiichi Hospital (currently National Center for Global Health and Medicine)Is a "short-term hospitalization comprehensive detailed physical examination" that covers all clinical departments by hospitalization for 6 days.[2].

From a global perspective,1900 eraAt the beginning ofThe United States of AmericaIs said to have been done by an insurance company[2].. In March 1954,St Luke's International HospitalBut the hospitalization test for 1 night and 2 days started[3]..At first, it was stubbornly called "short-term hospitalization detailed physical examination".[3], The term human dock has taken root, and in the mid-1950s it began to appear in medical conference papers.[4][5](The date of first appearance is unknown).

following year1955 A 5-day outpatient clinic was held at the Aichi Prefectural Central Health Counseling Center.A medical examination close to the current format was devised at St. Luke's International Hospital in 1958 and spread rapidly throughout the country.[2]..After that, referring to the 1 night 2 day format, a simpler 1 day and 2 day outpatient format and a enhanced 2 night 3 day system were devised.[6].

With the spread of this examination, "senile illness" and "Adult diseaseWas born and attracted attention[5].

Examination methods and examination items are diversified with daily improvements and improvements as technology advances.[7] It is developing.

Inspection item example

Percentage / statistics without abnormalities

2009 Among those who received the human dock, about 9.5% of the respondents answered "no abnormality" or "mild abnormality but no worries" in all items, which is less than 10 in 1 people, according to a survey by the Japanese Society of Human Dock. I found out.High for abnormal itemscholesterolIs the highest at 26.5%, followed byobesityThey were (26.3%) and liver dysfunction (25.8%).By gender, males had a higher proportion of liver dysfunction (31.4%) and obesity (30.9%), and females had higher cholesterol (26.2%) and obesity (19.1%).[8].


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