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🏥 | "Mina Reception" will be available from October 2021, 10. A list of compatible medical institutions and pharmacies is available on the web.

Photo My number card is expected to be abbreviated as "minor reception" when used as a health insurance card.

The use of "Mina Reception" will start from October 2021, 10. The list of compatible medical institutions and pharmacies is available on the web.

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From November, we plan to start viewing medical expense notification information on Mynaportal.

The start date for using the Individual Number Card as a health insurance card was set on October 2021, 10.Strictly speaking, Mina ... → Continue reading

 BCN + R

The website "BCN + R" is a specialized online media for people who sell or make things, who understand "now" and "tomorrow" of digital products and home appliances in Japan.

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Information provision network system

Information provision network system(Joho Tekyo Network System) is available in Japan.personal numberAssociated with (My Number)personal informationFor exchanging between related organizationsComputer networkbyInformation systemIs[1].My number methodBased on the provisions ofMinister of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsInstalled and managed by[2]..The start of operation2017 It is scheduled after (29).

In this item, "Law concerning the use of numbers to identify specific individuals in administrative proceduresIs abbreviated as "My Number Method".


The information provision network system can inquire personal information (household composition, income, presence or absence of a disability certificate, etc.) as described in various certificates issued by government agencies online from other government agencies. It is a system to do so.The introduction of this system is expected to bring about more efficient administrative operations, more fair benefits and burdens, and improved convenience for the people.[3].

in Japan,2002 From (14)Basic Resident Register Network System(Juki Net) is in operation.With Juki Net, you can use terminals from national government agencies, prefectures, municipalities, etc. to connect to municipalities nationwide.Basic Resident RegisterYou can inquire about identity verification information (name, date of birth, gender, address, etc.) in the record of (resident's card) online.For this reason, when an individual who has a resident's card in Japan performs the procedure for the Juki Net, it is possible to omit the submission of a copy of the resident's card.

However, since the only information that can be inquired on the Juki Net is identity verification information, it is still necessary to submit various certificates issued by various institutions when carrying out various procedures related to the social security system.For examplePublic housingTo apply for moving in, a copy of the resident's card of all households, income certificate,Physical disability certificate, Life protection receipt certificate etc. are required[4]..Individuals who perform the procedure must go to each institution in advance to prepare these certificates and bring them to the procedure window, which is a heavy burden.The burden of paperwork is heavy for the institutions that issue and receive paper certificates.

When the information provision network system is activated, the person in charge at the counter will be in charge of various procedures related to the social security system.personal numberIf you show (My Number), you can omit the submission of various certificates.[5]..This is because the person in charge at the counter can enter the personal number provided by the person into the terminal and immediately obtain the information necessary for the procedure regarding the individual corresponding to the number from the related organizations through the system.[6].


The My Number Act explains that the information provision network system is necessary to realize the following items.[7].

  • By further streamlining the management of personal information in the processing of administrative affairs, it will contribute to the improvement of convenience for the people and the efficiency of administrative management.
  • By exchanging and sharing information promptly and safely, we will contribute to maintaining an appropriate relationship between benefits and burdens in the social security system, tax system and other administrative fields.
  • For information submitted by individuals, corporations or other organizations, avoid requesting the submission of information with the same content to reduce the burden on the public.

Connecting organization

The institutions (information inquirers, information providers) that connect to the network are stipulated in "Appendix 2" of the My Number Act.The main ones are as follows.

Information that can be inquired

The outline of the information that can be inquired by the information provision network system is listed in "Appendix 2" of the My Number Act for each type of office work processed by the information inquirer (inquiring organization).The main ones are as follows.

Resident card
  • Resident's card related information (with head of household, head of household)relationship)
  • Information related to pension benefits
The labor
  • Information on vocational training allowances
  • Information related to unemployment benefits
  • Workers' Accident Compensation Information
Medical / nursing care
  • Medical insurance benefit related information
  • Information related to long-term care insurance benefits, etc.
  • Assistance related information
  • Child allowance related information
  • Child-rearing allowance-related information
  • Persons with disabilities information
  • Local tax related information

The details of the information that can be inquired are "Order to specify the office work and information specified by the ordinance of the competent ministry in Appendix 26 of the Act on the Use of Numbers for Identifying Specific Individuals in Administrative Procedures" (7 Cabinet Office / Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Ordinance No. XNUMX) ).

In light of the laws and regulations promulgated as of March 2015, the main information that is clear that the information provision network system cannot be inquired is as follows.

Information inquiry / provision history recording / disclosure

The information provision network system is supposed to record the history of inquiries and provision of personal information through the system for the past 7 years.[8]..So that you can check this record onlineInformation provision record disclosure systemIs to be installed[9]..For record disclosure system such as information provisionMinor portalIs nicknamed[10].


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