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🏥 | Toothpaste for periodontal disease should be done once a day Destroy biofilm

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You only need to brush your teeth once a day to prevent periodontal disease. Destroy the biofilm.

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If the unpolished area cannot be covered with a toothbrush alone, floss or an interdental brush should also be used.

Some may have stopped going to the dental office in Corona.What do I need to know to care at home?Major ... → Continue reading

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Toothbrush(Is a brush,British: toothbrush) IstoothSmall used to polishbrushIs[1]..A small brush used for brushing teeth.Natural teeth ordentureUsed to polish."Tooth brush" when writing in kanji[1][2].Oral hygieneOne of the tools used for care.

Since the toothbrush alone reaches only 50% of the tooth surface, it is necessary to remove plaque from other parts separately.Dental Floss,Interdental brushSuch asIntertooth cleaning suppliesIs necessary in oral care[3].

Shape and type

General products are bundled in dozens on one side of the tip of the handle.fiberHave been planted, and due to the frictionPlaqueRemove dirt such as.The toothbrush consists of three parts from the tip to the flocked part, neck, and handle, and the upper part of the flocked part is called the toe and the lower part is called the heel.[4].. The fiber bundles are arranged in rows, and in addition to general 3-row flocking, there are 6-row flocking, 5-row flocking, 4-row flocking, 2-row flocking, and 1-row flocking. There are round-cut hair and superfine hair in the shape of the tips.[5].. Hair cutting includes flat cutting and mountain cutting.

360 degree toothbrushThere is also a tip with a special shape like. Also, when you switch onmotorWorks byelectric toothbrushThere is also (electric toothbrush)[6].. Also, there is no handleFinger sackThere is also a type product[6].tooth pasteWhen using a toothbrush, it will be attached to the tip of the toothbrush and brushed, but there is also a disposable toothbrush such as a "toothbrush with powder" to which powdered toothpaste is attached from the beginning.

Process fiber or make the tip of hair 0.02 mmmachiningTo clean the dirt between the teeth and the back teeth,gumMulti-functions such as those that stimulate things are being made. Also, products for "dentist's office" are manufactured.

If you use it for a long time, the fiber will bend and the tips of the hair will open, reducing the effect of brushing teeth, so it is time to replace. When it cannot be used for brushing teeth, it may be used for cleaning tiles in bathrooms, small drains, and other areas around us. There are toothbrushes for pets, and for dogs there are large dogs and small dogs.


Traditionally, toothpicks were used to brush teeth. this istoothpickInstead, it is called a toothpick, and a thin tree branch is used like a brush with one end crushed. It's unclear when the toothpicking habit started with toothpicksBuddhaThere was a story that he threw it on the ground using a toothpick and immediately rooted it into a large tree, suggesting that the toothpick had already been used at the time. Until tooth brushes became popular in Japan, the toothpick was generally used for tooth brushing.

American Dental Associationaccording to,1498 ToChugoku Ofemperor Pig hairIt is said that the first toothbrush was the one that was planted in the handle of the bone and used for toothpaste.But in 1223宋Of a Zen monk who studied abroad inDogenThe locals said, "Kuchisu Rinmogagara made a horsetail cut into pieces with a sword of beef horns for about three minutes. The Japanese horses use this to roughen their teeth and describe the custom.[Annotation 1], The actual history seems to be even older.

From around the 17th centuryEuropeHowever, it was used, but it was not common until mass production in the 19th century.

1872 "Whale toothpick" with horse hair planted on the beard of a whale is manufactured and sold in Osaka[7],1890 Osaka Sangyo Co., Ltd. will be exhibiting at the XNUMXrd National Business Exposition under the name "Habrushi".[7]. 1903 (3rd year of the Taisho era) Tomijiro Kobayashi store (currentLion) Released "Mansei Toothbrush". 1917 Toothbrush companies were concentrated inOsaka でcelluloidProduction of toothbrushes made of[8]. Also,1938 May 2ToDuPontCompanyNylonMade a toothbrush for the first time.

Supply and demand


According to information on the 60 Second Marketer website, about 35 billion toothbrushes are sold worldwide each year.[9].

In the world as of 2018MarketThe size of the non-electric toothbrush market is about 44 billion USDollarIs[10].

The world's leading toothbrush manufacturersP & G,Colgate, Curaprox[1],Unilever, Boie USA,Sensodyne(GSK. In Japan, "Sensodyne"Brand), Dr. Collins,Sunstar, Nimbus, Dr. Fresh,Lionな ど[10].


About 4 million trees/year are produced in Japan[11]..In the 20's, Osaka Prefecture accounted for more than 90% of the national shipment value.However, as of 2009, the share of the shipment value in Osaka Prefecture dropped to 15.8% due to the relocation of factories of leading manufacturers.[11]. AlsoKintetsu Yao StationIn front of you, there is a toothbrush-type monument that states "the highest production in Japan".

Household goods quality labeling methodIt is a target item of[12]..Pattern material (polypropylene, saturated polyester resin, etc.), hair material (artificial hair (nylon, etc.), natural hair (white horse hair, pig hair, horse, etc.)), hair hardness (hard, normal, soft), Heat resistant temperature (60 degrees, 80 degrees, etc.) and display name are displayed.[13]. AlsoJapanese Industrial Standard (JIS S 3016[14]) Has provisions.

Toothbrush trauma

An infantMay fall or collide with chopsticks or sticks in your mouthOral cavity内 のSoft tissueMay be injured, but toothbrush is the leading cause, and it is reported to be more than 30%[15][16].. Symptoms are often minor due to the shape of the toothbrush, but there are many reports of cases with severe or high risk of becoming severe.[17][18] Have pointed out the need for parental awareness and monitoring[16].


注 釈

  1. ^ Shobogenzo No. XNUMX "wash". Dogen did not convey this custom to Japan. He decided that the toothbrush was "a tool for removing dust from shoes, not a tool for brushing teeth." However, he warns that the use of toothpicks is correct. At present, Eiheiji uses a toothbrush.


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