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🏥 | The insurance comparison site "Insurance With" has posted "Difference Bed Fee Insurance" for plus small amount short-term insurance.  


"Difference bed fee insurance" for plus small amount short-term insurance has been posted on the insurance comparison site "Insurance with".  

If you write the contents roughly
"Difference bed fee insurance" is insurance that covers up to 1 yen a day for the actual cost of the difference bed fee that you paid yourself during hospitalization.

With Heart Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Kosuke Kishiro) operates an insurance comparison site "Insurance ... → Continue reading


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Difference room charge

Difference room chargeWhat is (Sagakushitsuryo)?Health insuranceEtc., Japanese publicmedical insuranceAtSelected medical treatmentIt refers to the cost of the hospital room charged to the patient as an expense.Also called the difference bed fee.差額室料を要する病室をHospital rooms that require a differential room chargeSpecial medical treatment environment room(Commonly known as "special room").Medical feeIs set uniformly for each medical practice, so the differential bed is one of the few profit-increasing measures for hospitals.

2004 years(Heisei16 years) August,Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareAccording to the summary, there are more than 1 beds with a minimum of 50 yen to a maximum of 14 yen per day, and by charge, less than 23 yen accounts for nearly 10,500%.[1],Capital AreaThen it will be more than doubled.Single rooms occupy 6%, but there are also rooms for 2-4 people.

The University of Tokyo HospitalThen,National universityDue to the need to increase sales due to the incorporation of the company, the price of the expensive difference bed was reduced for the hospitalized building completed in 2001, and as a result of actively recommending the difference bed in the medical field, the difference bed Significantly increased utilization rate[2].

High-priced hospital for differential beds

Top 1 hospitals with high differential bed charges (10 day, maximum charge).All Japan Democratic Medical Association[3]Announcement (2004)[4].


Notification of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (currently "Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare") regarding the differential room charge ", It is defined as follows.

  • It must be well informed to the patient and should be done based on the patient's free choice and consent, and should not be admitted to the special care environment room against the patient's will.Therefore, it is possible to be admitted to the special medical treatment environment room and request a special fee from the patient only when there is a request from the patient side, and it is necessary for treatment such as emergency patients and postoperative patients. If you are admitted to the special medical treatment environment room, you should not ask for the burden on the patient, and while observing the progress of the patient's medical condition, wait for the general bed to become empty and then move to the bed, etc. Take appropriate measures.
  • For patients who wish to be admitted to the special care environment room, explain the facility structure, fees, etc. of the special care environment room clearly and openly, and confirm the consent of the patient before admission.Confirmation of this consent shall be carried out by receiving the signature of the patient on a document clearly stating the fee, etc.

Furthermore, in No. 0328001 issued by Hoken (March 20, 3), the following three examples are specifically given as cases where patients should not be required to pay a special fee for the special care environment room.[5].

1) If you have not confirmed your consent with the consent form
2) When admitted to the special medical treatment environment room due to the patient's "treatment necessity"
  • (Example) Emergency patients, postoperative patients, etc. who need rest due to serious medical condition, or those who require constant monitoring and need timely and appropriate nursing and assistance.
  • Immune weakened,InfectionPatients who may suffer from
  • End-of-life patients who need intensive care and relieve significant physical and mental distress
  • Acquired immunodeficiency syndromePatients infected with the pathogen of (unless the patient specifically desires to enter a private room with special equipment rather than a normal private room)
  • Creutzfeldt-Jakob diseasePatients (unless the patient specifically desires to enter a private room with special equipment rather than a normal private room)
3) When the patient is admitted to the special medical treatment environment room due to the necessity of ward management, etc., and does not depend on the patient's choice.
  • (Ex)MRSAPatients who are infected with other inpatients, etc.Nosocomial infectionPersons who are admitted to be hospitalized virtually regardless of the patient's choice to prevent

— No. 0328001 from Hoiku, March 20, 3

However, there are many medical institutions that charge the difference room fee to the patient even though they are hospitalized in the special medical treatment environment room due to the need for treatment rather than the patient's wishes or without sufficient explanation. Is occurring frequently[6]..Also, if there is only a difference bed available at the destination you wish to be hospitalized, you may be forced to look for another hospital.[7]Argues that measures should be discussed to ensure equal opportunity for patients to receive medical care[2].

On the other hand,All Japan Democratic Medical Association(Private Medical Federation) Member Hospital, Japan Medical WelfareConsumer cooperativeFederation (Medical and Welfare Cooperative Association) member hospitals,Tokushukai HospitalThere are some hospitals that do not collect the difference bed.[8][9].


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