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🏥 | Is "Havana Syndrome" a symptom of new weapons?200 U.S. diplomats and CIA officials sued

Is the photo true? (C) Reuters

Is "Havana Syndrome" a symptom of new weapons?200 U.S. diplomats and CIA officials sued

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Areas where "Havana Syndrome" has been confirmed are spread all over the world, and cases of damage in the United States such as the White House in Washington, Arlington, Virginia, where the Department of Defense is located, and Florida, which is close to Cuba, have been reported. That is.

Is there really such a weapon?I think there are many people who heard the news and thought so.US diplomats around the world ... → Continue reading

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Havana Syndrome

Havana Syndrome(Havana Syndrome,English: Havana syndrome) Is2016 Inキ ュ ー バAmericaEmbassy and residenceキ ュ ー バカナダA common name for a series of headaches and other symptoms reported by US diplomats around the world since they occurred among embassy staff.Acoustic weaponIntentional attack by, orCricketWith the bark ofCollective psychologyThe truth is unknown, although it is presumed to be the effect of[1][2].


Havana Syndrome was initially the capital of Cubaハ バ ナReported in. In August 2017, the report was unexplained by US and Canadian diplomats in Cuba.headache,dizzy,TinnitusHe revealed that he has various health problems such as.And these symptoms are the result of attacks using unspecified technology, probablySound waveAccused of "acoustic attack" using[1][3][4].

The US government initially did not conduct an investigation to avoid blaming the Cuban government for the case.However, in subsequent months of investigations, the Cuban government accused it of being involved in the unspecified attacks causing these symptoms.The Cuban government denied involvement in the attack, but in August 2017,Rex TillersonSecretary of State"The Cuban authorities are responsible for finding the culprit," he said.In addition, investigative authorities have started an investigation on suspicion of involvement of a third country.[5]..As a countermeasure, the United States and Canada have reduced the number of staff at the Cuban embassy to a minimum.October of the same yearDonald TrumpPresident(At that time) claimed that Cuba was responsible for the attack, but did not provide evidence of that claim.[6]..At least one personSenator, Director of the Center for Neural Science, Cuba[7], And others, including Robert Bartholomew, an expert on outbreaks of disease, have also expressed suspicion.[8][9][10].. In April 2018, US Consulate officials in China began reporting similar issues, and the State Department extended health alerts throughout China.[11]..The following year, the capital of the United StatesWashington DCBut it was reported[12].

In May 2021, new damage was confirmed in Europe and Asia (other than China), and the total number of victims reached 5 or more.New York Times』Reported.Also, not only diplomatsCIA,Department of DefenseResident staff are also damaged[13]..In January of the same year,オーストリアAuthorities are the capitalViennaIt was revealed that it is investigating health cases of unknown cause occurring at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo.[14]..Staff and family members working at the US Embassy in Colombia are also complaining about the damage.Biden administrationIs continuing the investigation. On October 10thJoe BidenPresident signs a bill to help victims of Havana Syndrome[15][16].. November 11, US Department of StateAntony BlinkenThe Secretary has announced that he will investigate "Havana Syndrome" in earnest.[17].

According to the State Department's scientific report obtained through the information disclosure system in 2021, the independent science advisory group surveyed "jason"It is highly unlikely that the attacks by" microwave "and" ultrasonic waves "that the US government has regarded as influential are involved, and it is highly possible that crickets are involved.In addition, he points out the influence of group psychology due to "psychological".[2].

キ ュ ー バ

In August 2017, the report was published by Cuban US and Canadian diplomats.[18]It was revealed that he was experiencing unexplained physical condition going back to the latter half of 2016.[19][20].. As of June 2018, 6 people are complaining of symptoms[21].


The health problems of the diplomats suddenly arose.Phenomena such as strange rubbing sounds coming from different directions, and some experienced sensations such as loud tinnitus and tremors.The duration of these attacks ranged from 20 seconds to 30 minutes and occurred constantly while diplomats were at home or in hotel rooms.No impact on family or other guests[22].AP communicationReleased a recording of the sounds heard by some embassy staff during their stay in Cuba.[23]..Cuban scientists say this sound is a large species of Cuban native cricket curettage in the Jamaican field.[24]Conclude that[25][26]In September 2019, a Canadian research team concluded that it was likely due to nerve agents used in mosquito control rather than acoustic attacks.[27].. In 2020, the National Academy of Sciences revealed in a report that diplomats were likely to be attacked by microwaves for unexplained illness.[28][29].

Impact on US diplomats

Currently, some US embassy staff, including one unidentified diplomat who is said to need hearing aids, are reportedly experiencing lasting health effects.[31].State DepartmentBecause the health problem was the result of an attack or exposure to an unknown device[32]Declared not to blame the Cuban government, but did not say who would be responsible[33]..Affected individuals explained symptoms such as hearing loss, memory loss, and nausea[32]..Super as a possible causeLow-frequencyPointed out,Acoustic weapon,MicrowaveSome researchers make speculations centered on weapons[34][35][36].

In August 2017, the United States responded to the situationWashington DCDeported two diplomats from the Cuban embassy in Cuba[19]..In September of the same year, the State Department said it had evacuated non-urgent personnel from the U.S. Embassy and advised U.S. citizens to refrain from traveling to Cuba.[37].. In October 2017, President Trump said, "This is a very unusual attack. I believe Cuba is responsible."[6][38].

On March 2018, 3, the State Department will continue to place staff at the Havana embassy at the lowest levels necessary to carry out its "core diplomatic and consular functions" due to concerns about health attacks on staff. Announced.The embassy had been operating under the "ordered policy situation" since September, but the situation was scheduled to expire.This staffing plan was effective in extending staff reductions indefinitely.[39].

Impact on Canadian diplomats

March 2018, by an unspecified number of Canadian diplomats by Pittsburgh's chief neurologistMRIScans and other tests showed evidence of brain damage that reflected the injuries faced by some US responders. In the spring of 2018, the Ministry of Global Cooperation ended the family assignment to Cuba and returned all staff with the family. Some affected in 2017 are still reportedly unable to resume work due to the severity of their symptoms.The fact that there is currently no knowledge of the causes of "Havana Syndrome"RCMPMakes it difficult to investigate[40].

In 2019, the Government of Canada announced that it had cut Havana embassy staff after Canadian diplomats reported the 2018th Havana Syndrome symptom in late December 12.[41].. On February 2019, 2, the Federal Government of Canada filed a $ 6 million lawsuit based on allegations that Canadian diplomats and their families were not promptly addressing the serious health concerns they faced in Havana. , Received from 2800 diplomats.The cause of these health problems is unknown, but these illnessesConcussionIt appears as a symptom similar to the symptom of.Currently, neither of these allegations has been proved in court.[42].

Other countries

From the latter half of 2017, reports by US diplomats continued in various parts of the world, including China, Russia, Poland, Tbilisi, Georgia, Taiwan, and Australia.Other reports include Colombia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Austria.[43]

The U.S. government has not disclosed the number of victims, but media reports indicate that there could be a total of 2021 cases by the end of May 5 and more than 130 cases by mid-September 2021. It is said that there is.However, it also includes those that were found to be irrelevant as a result of the survey.[44]


Similar accusations reported in Cuba in early 2018ChugokuReported by US Consulate officials. In April 2018, the first case occurred at the Consulate General of Guangzhou, China's largest US Consulate.Employees reported having experienced symptoms since late 4, and several employees returned to the United States for further examination.[11][45][46].Mike PompeoThe Secretary of State said the attack was consistent with the attack reported in Cuba.[47]..State Department to investigate the reportTask forceWas organized[48]..Some diplomats in the suburbs of GuangzhouBrain injurySpreading health warnings throughout mainland China in reports of experiencing the same symptoms similar to[49]..This warning was given to anyone who experienced "abnormal acute auditory or sensory phenomena with anomalous sounds or noisy noises whose source could not be determined."Another incidentEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euPreviously reported in Tashkent, but has not been questioned by the State Department since then.[50].

Washington DC

2019 years,White HouseOfficials reported debilitating symptoms while walking a dog in the suburbs of Virginia, Washington, and the incident was publicly reported in 2020. In November 2020, a similar incident was reported in a park (The Ellipse) adjacent to the south side of the White House.Both cases were similar to those reported to have attacked dozens of US military personnel abroad, including CIA and State Department officials.Investigated by federal agencies, Defense Ministry officials explained to members of the Senate Military Commission and the House Military Commission in April 11.Investigators told parliamentary members that they could not identify the cause or responsibility of the case, but officials claimed that Russia and China might be involved, but did not provide evidence.[51]

Other Asia

In August 2021, a case of Havana syndrome was reported.Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIt was reported that two American diplomats had been evacuated from the US Embassy in Hanoi.This willKamala HarrisVice President's visit to Vietnam was also delayed[52].

2021 year 9 month,CIASecretaryWilliam Joseph BurnsA CIA employee traveling with him complained of the same symptoms as Havana Syndrome during a diplomatic visit to India.[53].


In 2021, diplomats, intelligence staff, children of American staff, etc.オーストリアDozens of U.S. military personnel stationed in Vienna suffered from symptoms like Havana syndrome[54]..The State Department confirmed in July that it was investigating the report.The Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that it is working with a US research agency.With the exception of Havana, Vienna reports the most cases.

In the months prior to August 2021,GermanyA case of Havana syndrome was reported at the US Embassy in Berlin, including two US government officials seeking treatment. In October 2, several new cases were reported at the embassy.[54]

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThe United KingdomBut it has been reported.

Other areas

In March 2021,コロンビアIt has been reported that US embassy staff and their families in Bogotá have developed symptoms associated with the syndrome.

Similar example

Vietnam WarIn 1975, the Hmong, who supported the United States and South Vietnam, reported what appeared to be a chemical weapons attack by low-flying aircraft and helicopters, including a yellow oily liquid, "(English editionAnd complained of neurological and physical symptoms such as convulsions, blindness, and bleeding.[55].. There was a similar report in the 1978 invasion of Cambodia by Vietnam.America isUSSRHowever, the Soviet Union completely denied it, and even the American Medical Society, the Microbiology Society, and even plant pathology were negative as "unfounded" and "unreliable."A sample analyzed by an independent scientific research group revealed that it was a bee dung, but the US government did not admit it and did not withdraw the claim.[56][57]


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