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🏥 | Infectious disease insurance for medical and welfare workers Medical small-amount short-term insurance released separately


Infectious disease insurance for medical and welfare workers Medical small-amount short-term insurance released separately

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Clerks and officers and employees working in medical and welfare facilities can also contract.

Medical small-amount short-term insurance (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) is a "medical infectious disease ho ..." for medical and welfare-related workers. → Continue reading


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Clerk(Jimushoku) is a slang term for occupations that mainly perform duties on the desk.


Companyin the case of,accounting,General affairs,Legal affairsManagement departments such as and indirect departments () correspond to this.bookkeeping,AccountingMay also be included in this.Also,OL TheFemaleIt is used to refer to clerical work, but from the perspective of gender equality, it is sometimes called clerical work instead of office lady.

Sometimes, "SalesMay be used as.

In modern times, there are various clerical jobs, and various names such as IT clerical work, accounting clerical work, medical clerical work, and school clerical work.[1]There is.


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  1. ^ October 2019, 11 June 26, 2020. “What is the most recommended industry for clerical work?Thorough comparison from the perspective of future potential, salary, treatment, etc.!”(Japanese). IT support office textbook. NovemberBrowse.

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welfare facility

welfare facility(Fukushi set)lawAccording tosocial welfareA facility created for The staffcare worker,Social worker,Mental health workerIn addition to 3 welfare officers,Part-time job(Some facilitiesFull time)ofDoctor,nurse,The instructor,ChildminderAnd so on.

Child welfare facility

Child Welfare ActDefined byChildren, A facility that provides social welfare. Basically, if you are 18 years old, the deadline specified in the Child Welfare Act as a childbirthdayHowever, depending on the condition of the child andDisabledIt can be shortened (from 16 years old independently) or extended (22 years old-23 years old). Children with intellectual disabilitiesEnvironmentThere are many facilities for people with intellectual disabilities because they are vulnerable to changes.


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