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🏥 | “Postpartum crisis” where marital relationships deteriorate rapidly

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Misunderstanding of "postnatal crisis" childcare, where marital relationships deteriorate rapidly

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NHK's news program called the phenomenon of rapid deterioration of marital relationships shortly after childbirth as "postpartum crisis."

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Postpartum crisis

Postpartum crisisWhat is (Sango Crisis)?birthIn the next few yearsHusband and wifeRefers to the phenomenon of worsening relationships[1],2012/ToNHKIs a term proposed by.

Opportunity to advocate "postpartum crisis"

It was widely known in the east and west of ancient times that "a phenomenon in which marital relationships suddenly deteriorate after childbirth".[2]. Also,Family sociologyIt has been researched for a long time in fields such as, and has many years of research accumulation.[3]..Traditionally, "childcare" focused on maternal issues after childbirthneurosis"And" postpartum blue "have been around for a long time, but the phenomenon that postpartum marital relationships tend to deteriorate isJapanGeneral社会So, it was avoided to look directly at this, and it was not talked about much[3].

In such a situation2012/In September, the NHK TV program "Asaichi, A special feature on the theme of "Breaking a couple ?!" Postpartum crisis "" was broadcast.[4], Called a reaction.2013/In November, two books with this word as the title were published one after another, and were again taken up as a topic in magazine articles and online.[1].


"Postpartum crisis" is caused by various factors in a complex manner.hormoneFor balance, poor physical condition, parenting不安,LifestyleIt is caused by various causes, both physically and mentally, such as changes in the body.For example, it promotes the secretion of breast milkProlactinIs known to have the effect of inciting "hostile emotions".[2].

On the other hand, as one of the causes of postnatal crisis, NHK staff pointed out that wives after childbirth tend to be strongly dissatisfied with their husband's involvement in child-rearing and housework.[3].Atsuko OkanoIt is,2010/"I'm willing to raise children from around the time"IkumenIt is also said that it has become widely recognized, and that it is causing the wife's dissatisfaction to increase (because of that, I just thought that it was natural and lost gratitude). Pointing out[5].

It has also been pointed out that it is an error in NHK's arbitrary interpretation of data that the only cause of postpartum crisis is the husband's non-participation and incomprehension in childcare and housework.[2][6]..The article points out that it has nothing to do with her husband's involvement in childcare and housework.Therefore, no matter how hard the husband does to raise children and do household chores, postpartum crisis can occur.In addition, postpartum crisis is necessary for developing the relationship between husband and wife, and even if it is unilaterally treated as a bad guy such as "the cause is the husband", it does not solve the problem and it is counterproductive.[2].


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