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🏥 | Low sugar + high protein!Recommendation of "morning bread" suitable for diet


Moderate sugar + high protein!Recommendation of "morning bread" suitable for diet

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3) Put the whole egg liquid in a Teflon-processed frying pan and bake on low to medium heat.

good morning.I'm Yuuki Iwase, a morning beauty ambassador and diet instructor.Today, I ate my favorite bread ... → Continue reading

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Polytetrafluoroethylene (polytetrafluoroethylene, PTFE) IsTetrafluoroethyleneIn the polymer ofFluorineWith atomscarbonConsists of only atomsFluororesin(Fluorocarbon resin).Teflon (Teflon) Is known by the product name.Chemically stableHeat-resistant, Excellent chemical resistance.


1938/In usaDuPontWas a researcher ofRoy PlunketDiscovered byChlorofluorocarbonDuring the study of the class, it was found in the resin stuck in the cylinder of tetrafluoroethylene.

DuPont patented this PTFE: polytetrafluoroethylene in 1941.
Initially, PTFE was difficult to melt-mold, had high non-adhesiveness, difficult to coat, and was very expensive, but PTFE was the first to attract attention.Manhattan planIn.Used in the process of nuclear fuel productionUranium hexafluorideThe strongly corrosive gas generated from the equipment was very dangerous to handle, but the equipmentPacking,LiningBy using PTFE as the material, it becomes possible to handle it safely.Atomic bombWill play a major role in the development of.DuPont filed for registration of PTFE under the trademark "Teflon" in 1945 (the trademark was transferred to The Chemours Company in 2015), and Teflon was gradually used by the private sector after World War II. I went. Sales of Teflon paint began in 1947, the birth of a Teflon-processed frying pan in 1960, and the sale of Teflon FEP.[1].

Currently, the name of Teflon is not only polytetrafluoroethylene, but also the general name of fluororesin of DuPont, and the copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and other monomers sold by the company is also called by the name of Teflon. ..However, when it is generally called Teflon, it often refers to polytetrafluoroethylene.


Mainly cooking utensils, especiallyA frying pan,potMade of metal such askitchenwareCoat on the surfacePaintingHas been done.It is resistant to erosion by water and oil, and has a small friction, so it plays a role in preventing the burning of heated food.However, it may deteriorate or peel off due to excessive high heat or long-term cooking.

It is widely used as a processing material in electrical equipment and chemical mechanical applications that handle high-temperature corrosive fluids.tube,hose,,VariousPacking,Insulating material,Insulation,Adhesive tape,, Manufacturing (food, plastic film, rubber, ceramics), heat resistanceConveyor belt, Teflon coating, electroless nickel-phosphorus-PTFE composite plating, slip material,bearing,sleeve,Flange,WasherIt is used as a material such as.Other synthetic resins for the purpose of improving lubrication and water repellencygreaseIt is also used as an additive to.further,Molybdenum disulfideAs well asengine oilAlso used as an additive to DuPont, DuPont does not allow the use of Teflon for this purpose.[Annotation 1].

Semiconductor manufacturingIt is also used in plants for manufacturing, transporting, and storing various chemicals for modern use.State-of-the-art technologyIt is an important substance that supports the shadow.Hydrofluoric acidSince it is insoluble in hydrofluoric acid, a Teflon container is used for transporting and storing hydrofluoric acid.


PolytetrafluoroethyleneHeat-resistantHas excellent chemical resistance and strong corrosivenessHydrofluoric acidDoes not dissolve in.It is also the most discovered substance to date.Coefficient of frictionSmall substance[2]It is also one of the features.

Since heat flow does not occur even when heated, it cannot be melt-molded like ordinary resins.Therefore, molding is performed by compression heating of the powder.This is not preferable in terms of product manufacturing efficiency.Therefore, copolymers of related organic fluorine compounds and polymers of organic fluorine chlorine compounds have been developed as fluorine-based resins that can be melt-molded, and are sold under various brand names.

It is known that polytetrafluoroethylene easily loses its degree of polymerization by the action of radiation and becomes brittle (however, its chemical stability is maintained).This is a problem in handling radioactive substances, but it can also be useful as a new processing method.[3].

Polytetrafluoroethylene and other fluororesins are chemically very stable, but may be gradually attacked by hot molten alkali metals and fluorohalogen compounds.

安全 性

Polytetrafluoroethylene itself is chemically inert and non-toxic.But about 260° CWhen it reaches, it begins to deteriorate, about 350° CDisassemble when it becomes more than[4]..The substance produced at this time isA humanForinfluenzaIt has been reported that it may cause symptoms such as ().[4].

If you think of a cookware coated with this, for cookinggrease-oil-バ タ ーIs about 200° CStart to burn煙Produces.Also,meatIs usually 200–230° CBecause it is fried in, it usually does not reach such a high temperature.However, if you do not notice that you are heating it empty, there is a possibility that the cookware will be heated above the temperature at which the polytetrafluoroethylene begins to deteriorate.In any case, when cooking at high temperature, it is better to use iron or stainless steel utensils.

1959/Studies at the time showed that the smoke produced by empty-burning coated frying pans was less toxic than the smoke produced by ordinary cooking oils.[5].

Impact on small animals and birds

BirdIt is noted that the processed cooking utensils should not be used in the environment where smoke is bred because it has a fatal effect on small animals.

Carcinogens produced during the manufacturing process

2005/,United States Environmental Protection AgencyUsed by Scientific Advisory Group in the process of manufacturing TeflonPerfluorooctanoic acid"It is highly possible that it is a carcinogen."This result is part of the draft, not the final report[6].DuPontIt is,OhioandWest VirginiaResidents near the manufacturing plant in Tokyo have been sued for groundwater pollution by the compound and settled with $ 3 million in damages.Currently, the compound is not regulated by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

2006/1DuPont, the only manufacturer of perfluorooctanoic acid in the United States,2015/Agreed not to release this compound from the manufacturing plant thereafter[7]..However, he did not allow it to be completely discontinued.The agreement is said to apply not only to polytetrafluoroethylene used in cookware, but also to products such as food packaging, clothing and carpets.DuPont also stated that it is impossible to produce polytetrafluoroethylene without perfluorooctanoic acid, but is looking for alternatives.

Perfluorooctanoic acid is used only in the manufacturing process, leaving only trace amounts of perfluorooctanoic acid after the curing process.DuPont claims that, if properly cured, only immeasurable amounts of perfluorooctanoic acid remain in the frying pans produced.[8].


In Japan, it is produced by AGC, Daikin, etc.In the world, it is produced by 3M, Dongyue Group, Gujrat Flurochemical Limited, HaloPolymers, The Chemours Company and others.

Halopolymers is Russia's largest fluorochemical manufacturer founded in the 1940s.In-house integrated production of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid (AHF), R-22, HFP (C3F6), PTFE resin, etc. using fluorite and industrial salts as the main raw materials.A wholly owned subsidiary of Uralchem, one of Russia's largest chemical fertilizer manufacturers.


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  1. ^ Therefore, the name "Teflon" is not used at all in the product description in this field, and it is written exclusively as "PTFE" which is an abbreviation for a substance.


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