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🏥 | Life-produced natural supermarket (tefu) lounge 1st floor "Viola ...


"Viola ..." on the 1st floor of the natural supermarket (tefu) lounge produced by Life.

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Name: (tefu) lounge
Location: 2-21-22 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo (directly connected to Shimokita Ekiue)
Opening date: Thursday, January 2022, 1
URL: https://www.te-fu.jp/shimokita
Structure: Steel structure
Standard: 5 stories above ground
Total floor area: 1,460㎡
Facility composition:
<1st floor> Natural supermarket "Bioral Shimokitazawa station square store", roasting place / coffee stun "Belleville Brûlerie TOKYO"
<2nd floor> Cafe / lounge "(tefu) lounge by KITASANDO COFFEE", theater "Shimokita-Ekimae-Cinema K2", event space
<3rd floor> Cafe lounge "(tefu) lounge by KITASANDO COFFEE", shared office
<4th floor> Shared office
<5th floor> Office and rental space
The "(tefu) lounge", which will be newly created in the "Shimokitazawa Railroad Street" created by the undergroundization of the Odakyu Line, is a combination of a lounge space, a mini theater, an event space, a natural supermarket, a roasting place, a shared office, and a rental space. institution.

Life Corporation, which delivers "delicious," "exciting," and "happy," will open on Thursday, January 1th ... → Continue reading


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