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🏥 | Season has arrived! Three things you want to do to protect yourself from "pollen"


The season has arrived! Three things you want to do to protect yourself from "pollen"

If you write the contents roughly
When I get home, I go to the bathroom and immediately remove my makeup and wash my face.

January 1: Today is "Pollen Countermeasure Day" Today is "Pollen Countermeasure Day".Pollen is spicy, isn't it?I have rhinitis, this is ... → Continue reading

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Cleansing(Japanglish: cleansing) Ismake upRefers to cosmetics (cleansing oil, cosmetic tissue, etc.) used for removing or using.


Cosmetics are required to make the skin look beautiful and hard to remove.Many cosmetics have an oily basePigmentEtc. are in close contact with the skin surface, which is normalFacial wash,石 鹸It's hard to drop.Therefore, a special cleansing agent is used to dissolve and remove the oil content of cosmetics.

Contains a lot of oilEmulsionCan be used as a substitute.Also,マ ス カ ラCosmetics that are particularly difficult to remove are normalCleansingSeparately beforeRemoverIt may be dropped with.

Facial washUsed before.

Cleansing method

Double face wash
After applying cleansing agent and make-up and rinsing once, wash your face with a regular face wash.Highly effective in removing makeup.
Single face wash
A cleansing agent that is combined with a face wash to wash your face and remove makeup at the same time.
Wiping type
After applying cleansing agent and makeup, wipe it off with cotton or tissue paper.After that, wash your face.

In Japan, hot water is often used to remove makeup,EuropeThen.Cold creamAfter massaging the face with a cleansing agent such as or cleansing lotionLotionWas includedabsorbent cottonCleansing is common, where you wipe your face with or gauze and finish with it.This is tap water in Europehard waterSo, it is related to the fact that soap is hard to foam and it is easy to roughen the skin.

Types of cleansing agents

Cleansing lotion
Milky or liquid.Milky ones are also called cleansing milk,Mineral oil(mineral oil),Vaseline,olive oilTo water,emulsifierAnd so on.
Liquids are also called cleansing liquids and cleansing gels, and are mainly composed of cleaning agents and water.
Cleansing cream
Cold creamSee.
Cleansing oil
Water oily.It is made from oils such as mineral oil and olive oil as a base material without adding much water.
Cleansing sheet
Non-woven, Gauze, cotton soaked with water, cleaning agent, moisturizer.Then wipe your face and remove your makeup.


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