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🏥 | 《From Corona site》 “Unprecedented situation” Crisis of personnel and sickbeds The number of difficult cases of emergency transportation has increased rapidly

Photo: Discussing the acceptance of emergency and securing a bed (from left) Dr. Machida, Director Ogawa, Director of Clinical Research Department Akira Kakizaki in charge of the new corona = Takasaki General Medical Center in Takasaki City on the afternoon of the 26th

《From Corona site》 “Unprecedented situation” The number of cases of emergency transportation is increasing rapidly due to the crisis of personnel and beds.

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The Takasaki City and other wide-area fire departments also said, "We have managed to stay on the ground due to the efforts of each medical institution, including the center."

As the medical system in Gunma Prefecture becomes more severe due to the rapid spread of the new coronavirus infection, emergency patients will be transported to this month ... → Continue reading

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