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🏥 | A new comprehensive medical center opens in Himeji City


A new comprehensive medical center opens in Himeji City

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This hospital was newly established by integrating the "Himeji Cardiovascular Center" and the "Steel Memorial Hirohata Hospital" and has 736 beds. It is expected.

A commemorative ceremony will be held with the opening of a prefectural medical center in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture, which is responsible for highly specialized medical care and emergency medical care. → Continue reading

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Steel Memorial Hirohata Hospital

Steel Memorial Hirohata Hospital(Seitetsuki Nenhiro Hatabyoin)HyogoHimejiWas inNippon Steel(CurrentlyNippon Steel) Serieshospital.1940/Its predecessor was Nippon Steel Hirohata Ironworks Hospital, which was opened, and it became the current name after being renamed three times.


HimejiHirohataThe district has been around for a long timeNippon Steel Hirohata Steel Works OfCastle townThe area around Hamate, where the steelworks are located, was lined with various facilities and company housing related to Nippon Steel.Our hospital was one of them.As a local abbreviation, "Nippon Steel Hospital" etc. was used. (Bus stop name, etc.)

the 1980sUpon entering, the Hirohata Steel Works was scaled down, and along with this, the labor center, company housing, playground, etc. around the hospital disappeared, and the hospital survived.When the hospital is closed, it will be directly managed by Nippon Steel.Medical CorporationCompanyThroughSocial medical corporationWas migrating to.HeiseiUpon entering, access was improved, such as a fixed-route bus entering the front of the hospital, and a new building was built, although it was only a ward with a mortar building that had been old for many years.The old buildings are unique and darkSkin colorHad the appearance of.

2022/5/1ToHyogo Prefectural Himeji Cardiovascular CenterMoved to the redevelopment area east of Himeji StationHyogo Prefectural Harima Himeji General Medical CenterIt was opened as a hospital and closed on the same day.[1][2][3][4].

The site is scheduled to open Saneikai Hirohata Hospital (tentative name)[5].

Hyogo Prefectural Kakogawa Medical CenterSouthern Hyogo Prefecture with the base hospitalDoctor helicopterIt was jointly operated and operated as a quasi-base hospital.

Chronological Table

  • June 1940 (Showa 15)- Nippon SteelOpened as Hirohata Steel Works Hospital.
  • 1949/(Showa 24) October-General medical care started.
  • 1950/(25) April --With the dismantling of Nippon SteelFuji SteelRenamed to Hirohata Steel Works Hospital.
  • 1951/April (Showa 26) --Approved as a general hospital based on the Medical Care Act.
  • 1955/(Showa 30) October --The former main building (currently the North Building) is completed.
  • 1970/(Showa 45) June- Nippon Steel (currently Nippon Steel)With the inauguration, the name was changed to Nippon Steel Hirohata Hospital.
  • 1973/(Showa 48) October --The East Building is completed.
  • 1981/(Showa 56) July --The Central Medical Center (current service center) is completed.
  • 1998/April (10) --Independently managed by Nippon Steel as a medical corporation, Nippon Steel Hirohata Hospital.
  • 2000/(12) March --The new main building is completed.
  • 2011/(23) April --Transferred to a social medical corporation and renamed Steel Memorial Hirohata Hospital.
  • 2013/(25) March --Opened Himeji Critical Care Center
  • 2022/(4nd year of Reiwa)5/1 --Integrated with Hyogo Prefectural Himeji Cardiovascular Center and established Hyogo Prefectural Harima Himeji General Medical Center[4]..Closed on the same day.


  • Main building
  • New building
  • Lawson
  • Rehabilitation center

Related facilities

  • Staff cafeteria
  • Acacia dormitory


Designation of medical institutions

  • Insurance medical institution
  • Emergency notification medical institution
  • Industrial accident insurance designated medical institution
  • Remote medical center hospital
  • Designated independence support medical institution (rehabilitation medical care)
  • Clinical training designated hospital
  • National welfare law designated medical institution
  • Specific disease treatment research business consignment medical institution
  • Tuberculosis designated medical institution
  • Designated parenting medical institution
  • Atomic bomb victim medical designated medical institution
  • Medical institution where a doctor designated by the Maternal Health Act is assigned


Yumemae RiverLocated on the west bank.

There used to be Nippon Steel-related facilities, company housing, etc. on the premises of these stores.


Transit Bus

Shinki BusRuns.

  • Immediately after getting off at "Steel Memorial Hirohata Hospital"
    • 28 systems Himeji StationNorth Exit ← → Steel Memorial Hirohata Hospital (via Steel Memorial Hirohata)
    • Line 29 Himeji Station North Exit ← → Steel Memorial Hirohata Hospital (via Azumamachitsubo)
    • Line 30 Himeji Station North Exit ← → Steel Memorial Hirohata Hospital (via Aoyama)
    • JR Aboshi Station ← → Steel Memorial Hirohata Hospital
  • Get off at "Yumemaemachi 200-chome" and go east for XNUMXm.
    • Line 29 Himeji Station North Exit ← → Nippon Steel (via Azumamachitsubo)
    • Line 30 Himeji Station North Exit ← → Nippon Steel (via Aoyama)

Medical accident

In July 27, when cleaning the gastrointestinal tract in gastrointestinal endoscopypurified waterWas accidentally injected where it was injected. About 50 people are said to have been misadministered.2016/10/13As a result of a male patient in his 70s and his familyHyogo Prefectural PoliceToCorporate manslaughterOn suspicionChargesAlthough the letter was submitted, he was not charged. [6].  


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