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🏥 | How long do you walk on average in a day? Most women “1 minutes or more but less than an hour” – men?


How long do you walk on average per day? Most women "more than 1 minutes to less than an hour" – men?

If you write the contents roughly
As for the things that men try to increase the number of steps they walk in their daily lives, the most common results are "use the stairs" and "get off the train at the station just before the destination".

On April 4, Insurance Mammoth announced the results of a "questionnaire survey on how long it walks on average per day."Survey is April 22 ... → Continue reading

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Everyday life

Everyday life(Nichijosei andBritish: everyday life) Is the usual thing that is repeated every dayLifeThat.

Everyday life is what people do repeatedly every day to live.The content varies slightly from person to person, but for example:Wake up in the morning and wash your face as usual,Brush your teeth, Comb your hair, in the usual placebreakfastEat, change clothes, students at home or at schoolstudyOr somethinghomeworkFor example, if you are a self-employed person doing [[labor | work], you will do your usual work at your own workplace, or if you are a worker, you will go to your usual workplace and come back to work. If you are a farmer, you can work in the fields as usual, ship harvests, maintain farm equipment, and if you are involved in fishing, go fishing and groom your nets as usual. Or, people who are not studying or working spend their time at home or in the usual place doing the usual things.And have lunch at the usual place, at the same place as usualdinnerTake a bath, take a toilet, take a shower, take a bath as usual, wear a relaxing loungewear, watch TV at your usual place at home, watch Youtube as usual in recent years Checking SNS, eating sweets as usual, drinking a little alcohol for some people, and falling asleep in the usual place.In general, such actions, a series of actions / actions that are repeated like a daily routine, are called daily life.

ZenThen, I often focus on my daily life and use the technique of doing Zen in my daily life.Incorporating a small amount of <Zen thinking> into daily life is called Seikatsuzen.For example, if you feel tired, try stretching your back a little, or if you think about it, start immediately.[1][2].[3]

Medical treatment in particularRehabilitationPeople in the occupations involved inActivities of daily livingUsing the term>, we pay special attention to the specific movements of our daily lives that people usually do in common, especially the movements other than work.It specifically refers to actions performed by actions such as getting up, going to bed, changing clothes, eating, brushing teeth, washing the face, excreting, and bathing.If you are seriously injured and damage your bones or muscles, it will be difficult for people to lead a daily life that they take for granted.You can't even sleep, wake up, or change clothes.

Still moreNewsBecause it deals with incidents and unusual events, what people do in their daily lives is rarely dealt with in news media.News media reporters usually don't bother to cover the mundane everyday life of ordinary people.Even if there is a reporter who is personally interested, I can't do news articles, so I can't cover it as a job.ButfolklorePerson,Cultural anthropologyPeople may be interested in what ordinary people do normally and how human beings live every day, and may study it as such, and people by Western scholars There are not many academic books dealing with daily life, but they are written.

Contrast concept of <daily life>

It should be noted that what is contrasted with <daily life> in general terms rather than medical terms is <non-daily life>, which is something that is not done on a daily basis and is an act / behavior that is different from usual.Since everyday life is repeated on a daily basis, people get used to it and gradually lose their emotions, but since extraordinary activities are unusual activities, they often leave an impression and create special emotions.The extraordinary may or may not be happy.for exampleEntrance examinationOr receiveEntrance ceremony,Graduation ceremonyAttending or being expelled from school, taking an entrance examination, attending an entrance ceremony, attending a farewell party for leaving the company, suddenly receiving a recommendation to leave the company, that is, suddenly getting sick, marriage notification It is a special act / action on the day when you start a married life by sending out to the government office or when you file a divorce report and start a new separate life.Also rarely happensACCIDENT,事件Because it is not included in daily life and is extraordinary.For example, it is common for me to be taken to the hospital by ambulance in a sudden accident, to go to the hospital because my parents suddenly collapsed for the first time and to be hospitalized urgently, or to act as a mourner for my parents' funeral. It is not included in life and is extraordinary.Also, to take a break from your usual school and work to change your moodJourneyIt is not a daily life but a <non-daily life> to appear in.


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