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🏥 | "Prevention from a young age is important" ... An event to learn dental health for the first time in 3 years Shizuoka City


"Prevention from a young age is important" ... An event to learn dental health for the first time in 3 years Shizuoka City

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Nine booths were set up at the venue, and the visiting children experienced how to clean a 9-yen coin with an electric brush actually used by a dentist, and learned how to use a toothbrush correctly using a tooth model. I was absorbed in working on it, such as slacking off.

An event to learn about dental health was held in Shizuoka City on the XNUMXth for the first time in XNUMX years.This is a general incorporated association every year ... → Continue reading

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    Correct toothbrush

    electric toothbrush

    electric toothbrushWhat is (Dendo is a brush)?ElectricalThe head moves automatically by the power ofToothbrushThing.


    The movement of the head is roughly divided into a slide type and a rotary type, which are a combination of both, depending on the operating speed.Sound wavebrush,UltrasoundThere is also a product called a brush.Also,ionProducts that claim to be effectiveTongue coatingProducts equipped with a tongue brush that has a removing effect are becoming more multifunctional.

    The price range is wide,100 Yen shopSome can be purchased at, and some cost tens of thousands of yen.

    It is more effective in removing plaque than a manual toothbrush, but as with a manual toothbrush, it is important to firmly apply the tips to the dirty and easily soiled areas of the teeth.


    1961/, As a device for the disabledAmericaIt was developed in Japan and then commercialized for the general public.

    in Japanthe 1990sMore popular,2000/Since then, the penetration rate has increased sharply in response to heightened awareness of oral care.[1]..Shipments were around 2009 million units until 220, but in 2010 Panasonic's "Pocket Doltz" became a hit selling 150 million units, reaching 350 million units and 2011 million units in 400. The market scale has expanded rapidly in recent years, such as the forecast of[2][3].

    Presence or absence of superiority due to difference in method

    It cannot be said unconditionally because there are differences depending on the manufacturer and product grade regardless of the method.

    An international project to provide health care informationCochrane Joint PlanIn a 2010 (final revision, March 2011, 3) review, "Rotary electric toothbrushes require more testing", but "Rotary electric toothbrushes have more plaque and gingival inflammation than laterally vibrating electric toothbrushes." There is some evidence that it reduces, but the difference is small and its clinical significance is unknown. "[4].

    In a review finalized on February 2005, 2, non-rotary electric toothbrushes did not show a consistent advantage over hand toothbrushes.[5].

    Major Electric Toothbrush Manufacturers


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