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🏥 | "North Pillow" is bad luck, but was it really good for your health?


"North pillow" is bad luck, but was it really good for your health?

If you write the contents roughly
There is also a theory that "sleeping along the lines of magnetic force of the earth promotes blood circulation."

The north pillow has long been considered unlucky.When you move to a new house, check the north-south direction and use a futon ... → Continue reading

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Magnetic force

Magnetic forceWhat is (Magnet Pull)?magnetThe magnets around鉄The power to attract and repel each other.


Generally, substances with magnetic forceMagnetic materialCalled.Not a magnet金属However, if you rub it strongly with a magnet or keep it in contact with a magnet for a long time, it will have a magnetic force.thisMagnetizationThat is.The magnetic force originates from one pole, the N pole, and ends at the other pole, the S pole, which has opposite properties.Magnetic field linesIt is represented by a virtual line called, and the parallel lines of magnetic force areMagnetic fluxIs called.There are only two types of magnetic poles, N pole and S pole, and these two always exist in pairs in daily life.Magnetic monopoleOr there is a physical hypothesis that there is a single north or south pole called a monopole.[1].

地球By the magnetic force created byCompassBecause it faces north and south of the magnetic forceOrientationUsed to know.You can lift an object by using the attractive force of a magnet.The stronger the magnet, the heavier it can be lifted, but it is difficult to pull it apart.electromagnetIt is convenient because you can turn off the magnetic force by switching the switch.Objects can be floated by using the repulsion of magnets.If the magnet is strong, even a heavy object such as a train can float.thisMagnetic levitationThis force is used to support the vehicle body and advance the vehicle body with a linear motor.Linear motor carIs a typical example.

Magnetic field and (H) Magnetic pole (MThere is a force between).Also in a vacuumPermeability ,Magnetic flux density,area given that

Will be.The strength of the magnetic flux isWeber (Wb)[2] It is expressed in the unit.When the magnetic flux in the magnetic material is moved closer to or further from another magnet, and when the current of the electromagnet is increased or decreased, the magnets show exactly the same reaction and there is no difference between these magnetic fluxes.In the case of an electromagnet, the force received from the magnetic flux magnetic flux (F) Is expressed by the following formula.

The unit on the left sideNewton (N), The unit on the right side is Wb ・ A / m become.The strength of magnetic flux per unit area isTesla(T) Wb / m2 Expressed in the unit[1].

Unit of magnetic force

1 tesla is 10,000 GaussでGeomagnetismThe strength of the magnetic field is 0.25–0.60 gauss[3].


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