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🏥 | Yakult 1000, not only sleep, but also another "dramatically changed" effect ...


Yakult 1000 had another effect that was "dramatically changed", not just sleep ...

If you write the contents roughly
In other words, the functions originally expected when drinking lactic acid bacteria beverages are also endorsed.

[Yakult 1000 tends to attract attention only for its sleep effect, but the original effect of lactic acid bacteria drink is also outstanding. "Sleep effect" ... → Continue reading


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Lactic acid bacteria drink

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    Lactic acid bacteria drink(Nyusan Kininryo, lactic fermenting beverage) is "milkEtc.Lactic acid bacteria or yeastでfermentationBeverages that have been processed or used as the main ingredient (excluding fermented milk) "(Milk ministerial ordinanceDefinition by).


    in JapanmilkIs the mainstream as a raw material.

    Some have a non-fat milk solid content of 3% or more, and some have a non-fat milk solid content of less than 3%.

    • 3% or more: The number of lactic acid bacteria or yeast is 1,000 million / ml or more,Coliformsnegative(Dairy productsDairy products lactic acid bacteria beverage belonging to.Yakult,PilkulSuch. )
    • Less than 3%: Lactic acid bacteria count or yeast count of 100 million / ml or more, coliform bacteria negative (milk-based lactic acid bacteria beverage belonging to foods whose main ingredient is milk, etc., which was once soldCalpis KidsSuch. )

    It is said that

    However, even lactic acid bacteria beverages with a non-fat milk solid content of 8% or moreFermented milkBecomes

    conventionallySoft drinkIt was a classification unique to Japan, but in July 2010International Food Standards CommitteeByhealthy foodAdopted as a new field of[1].

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