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🏥 | Online Seminar "Four Frontline Companies Talk about the Essence of Medical DX!" Held from 4:7 on Tuesday, July 26


Online seminar "Four frontline companies talk about the essence of medical DX!" Held from 4:7 on Tuesday, July 26

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In this webinar, we will consider what value medical companies can provide to the medical field in the midst of this major change.

Layered Co., Ltd. (former: Media Content Factory, Headquarters: Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, Representative Director: Makito Motsuka) is ... → Continue reading

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With the rapid progress of MedTech, which is an initiative that combines Medical and Technology, MedTech Online is an information platform for advanced medical technology, and is used by medical professionals, medical professionals, researchers, and investors.・ We will send useful information to everyone involved in MedTech such as media and employment introduction.

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