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🏥 | Why do women live longer than men?Life expectancy difference is over 6 years [Health "simple question"]

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Why do women live longer than men?Life expectancy difference is over 6 years [Health "simple question"]

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As long as gender equality has been argued, it seems that men were given preferential treatment in many respects.

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Long claim

    Gender equality

    Political ideology > feminism > Gender equality

    Gender equality(Danjo Doken)MaleFemaleAmphoteric OfrightAre equivalent, and suchPhilosophySay.Gender equality meansmen and womenequality(Danjo Byoudo).

    Gender equality in the 21st century

    World Economic Forum The2006From all over the worldGender discriminationDegree ofindexTurned intoGender gap indexWas published in the Global Gender Gap Report.[1]..In this report,アイス ランド,Finland,NorwaySuch asNordicCountries are top regulars[2].

    In addition, Institute for Economics and Peaceaccording to,Gender inequality indexWorld Peace IndexBetweenCorrelation coefficientThere is a strong positive correlation of 0.71, and gender equality is said to have a positive effect on world peace.[3].


    According to the Gender Gap Index released in the 2022 Global Gender Gap Report,JapanIs 146th out of 116 countries in the worldG7It was the lowest in the group[2]..By field, "education" and "access to health care" were highly rated, while "political participation" and "economy" were highly rated.[2].

    United Nations Development Program Announced by (UNDP)Human Development ReportAccording to the Gender Inequality Index (GII)[Annotation 1]) Ranked 2018rd out of 162 countries in 23[4],Gender Development Index(GDI[Annotation 2]) Is ranked 2018st out of 166 countries in 51[4].. GII is calculated from the maternal mortality rate, the birth rate at the age of 15-19, the female parliamentary rate, and the female secondary education rate.[5].. GDI is calculated from life expectancy, literacy rate, and income.The rankings are significantly different from the World Gender Gap Report because of different considerations, with lower numbers for GII women and GDI income.

    Vote counting on October 2021, 1049th House of Representatives general electionNNN"Policies with particular emphasis"Exit investigationしたところ、「ジェンダー平等推進を最も重視する」と答えた割合は、10代は8.3%、20代は6.5%、30代は2.5%、40代は1.5%、70代以上は0.6%であった[6][7].

    Flow from pre-modern

    Early modern period,Edo PeriodIn JapanConfucianismAs a result of increased governance of the ruling classMale and femaleAlso strengthened, but on the other handShintoMasuho Zanguchi of the house insists that "the root of the human world is the harmony of men and women", and "it leads to the traditional Shinto rituals and folk fertility rites of Japan, which is the country of Japan. In the world of men and women, men and women are equal, "he criticized the situation in which the trend of male-fertility society at that time and the marriage system between homes alienated the" love "of men and women (Junnosuke Sasaki et al. Introduction Japanese History ”Yoshikawa Kobunkan 2000 p.174).HoweverMeijiUnder Confucian morals even after the modern periodWomen's suffrageIs not recognized,Second World WarFive major reforms by GHQ after the defeat (Japan's postwar reform) Will include "Women's Liberation" (p.270, ibid.), And women's suffrage will be granted. (For overseas,feminismSee history in the section. )

    World situation

    World Economic ForumAccording to The Global Gender Gap Report 2021 published byGender inequality indexCountries with lowNordicThere are many.Even if you look at the actual data, the female labor force participation rate is almost over 75% due to the development of public services for children and the elderly.Total fertility rateAlso in Europe, it occupies the top position at around 1.9.It can be said that the society has advanced gender equality because the employment gap and wage gap between men and women are small and there is no need to depend on the family for welfare.[8].NorwaySo, there is no law that requires political parties to have female candidates, but about 45% of parliamentarians are women.[9].アイス ランドNow, the ratio of men and women has reversed in high school and above education, and now more women than men go to college.[10].

    United Nations Development ProgramAccording to the report, women's parliamentary seats are 18.3% in Arab countries, 20.3% in East and Pacific, 21.2% in Europe and Central Asia, 31% in Latin America and the Caribbean, 17.1% in South Asia and Sahara. South Asia was 23.5%[11].

    Increasing gender differences due to liberalization and gender equality

    According to a paper published by psychologist Paul Costa and others in 2001, gender equality can widen in a gender-equal society.[12][13]. For example,科学,engineeringSuch asSTEM fieldAtGender gap indexIn Finland, where the proportion of women is small, the proportion of women is small, and conversely, in Algeria, where the gender gap is large, the proportion is high.It was also a socialist nationUSSRIn the STEM field, it was a policy requirement to have the same number of men and women,After the collapse of the Soviet Union OfRussian FederationAs a result of liberalization, female researchers in the STEM field have changed their majors to non-STEM fields such as biology, medicine, and psychology.Even in Switzerland, the proportion of women isElectrical workerBiased from 2% of households to 92% of domestic servants[14][Annotation 3].

    In this backgroundComparative advantageIt is said that there is a way of thinking.Female students perform as well as or better than male students in science, but higher than male students in reading comprehension.[13]..Therefore, from the viewpoint of "specialty subjects", female students tend to answer Japanese and male students tend to answer science.Therefore, it has been pointed out that female students are less likely to choose the STEM field in countries where gender equality pervades and they can choose "what they enjoy most and what they are good at".[13].

    Related customs and laws


    Selective surname by couple

    In Japan, couples are selective because there is a provision of the Civil Code that they have the same surname at the time of marriage.Family name by coupleNo system has been introduced, but it is argued that this is against gender equality. Although the provisions of the Civil Code leave it to the couple to choose whether to refer to the husband or wife, in reality the rate of change by the wife is 96.1% of the total.[15]And this is for womenIndirect discriminationHitGender equalityContrary to[16][17][18][19][20][21], Is the claim.In addition, extortion of the same surname is for men and women.Personal dignity・Define equality of both sexesArticle 14 of the Constitution,Article 24 of the ConstitutionConflict with[16][17][22]There are also claims such as.

    In addition, JapanIn favor of 130 countries includingUnited Nations1979Adopted in "Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against girls”Requires the introduction of selective married couples[16][17][21][20][23][24][25]. for that reason,United NationsIn its 2003 and 2009 recommendations, the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women criticized the same surname of married couples as "discriminatory provisions" stipulated by Japanese civil law. Rather than relying solely on the results, it should be based on the obligation to develop domestic legislation in line with the provisions of this Convention, as it is part of the national legal system of the State party "(2009). Repeatedly demanding revisions to the law, such as[26][16].


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    注 釈

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