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🏥 | [New Corona] The number of infected people in Kanagawa Prefecture continues to decline, two weeks after the declaration of strengthening measures against BA 5

Photo Governor Yuji Kuroiwa at a regular press conference = Prefectural office on the afternoon of the 16th

[New Corona] Number of infected people in Kanagawa Prefecture, declining trend remains high 5 weeks after declaration of strengthening measures against BA 2

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In addition, as medical institutions that treat fever patients are overwhelmed, people between the ages of 2 and 64 who are at low risk of becoming seriously ill, such as those with no underlying medical conditions, will be checked with commercially available test kits to see if they are positive. In addition, it is calling for the use of a “self-treatment system,” in which patients can be treated without visiting a medical institution.

Two weeks have passed since the "Declaration to Strengthen Measures against BA 5" was issued in response to the rapid spread of the new coronavirus.One day in the prefecture… → Continue reading

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