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🏥 | [Kumamoto Prefecture Infectious Disease Information] Japanese spotted fever patient reported one new person Preventive measures such as insect repellent spray


[Kumamoto Prefecture Infectious Disease Information] Japanese spotted fever patient reported one new person Preventive measures such as insect repellent spray

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It is also effective to spray insect repellent and take a shower immediately after returning home. "

According to Kumamoto Prefecture Infectious Disease Information from September XNUMXth to October XNUMXth, one patient with Japanese spotted fever transmitted by ticks was reported. ... → Continue reading

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The Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun is a local newspaper in Kumamoto. Full of information about Kumamoto such as news and sports.

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Insect repellent

Insect repellent(Bouchiyuzai) ispestIt is a drug used to evade. They are broadly divided into those used for clothing, those used for the human body, and those used to store food.

Insect repellent for clothing

Harm the stored clothesIga, Koiga,Cuts of simsA drug that repels larvae such as species. It is also used for the preservation of dried biological specimens such as pressed leaf specimens of plants and dried specimens of insects. Also,Sandalwood-Ding character-Dragon Brain-CassiaThose using natural materials such as are called "insect repellent" and are widely used for calligraphy, hanging scrolls, paper, and antiques.[1][2][3].

Natural materials were used in ancient times, but with the development of chemical synthesisNaphthalene(Naphthalene) has appeared,ParadichlorobenzeneThe formulation was in full swing. However, since they had problems with irritating odor, they have been used as insecticides in Japan since the 1980s.PyrethroidSystemChemical substanceIs also used and is supported as a non-smelling insect repellent[4].. household useDehumidifierSince it may be used in combination with, a repellent that has been combined with a dehumidifier from the beginning is also commercially available. In an experiment comparing naphthalene/camphor/paradichlorobenzene-based insect repellents, there was no significant difference in the sublimation amount and no significant difference in the effect of the insect repellents.[5].

The effective period is 6 to 12 months, and the amount of the drug is adjusted so that the effective action of the drug fades according to the time of changing clothes. Therefore, as a main product in the spring or autumn in the industryGMS,Drug storeHowever, in recent years the unit price has dropped significantly due to price competition.

注意 点

Avoid mixed use of insect repellents. Insect repellentSublimationEach of them vaporizes directly from a solid state because of its selection and use. However, if you mix different types of insect repellentsMelting point dropMay occur and become liquid. Care must be taken because the melted liquid may adhere to clothing and create stains.

Insect repellent for human body

Transmits pathogens and causes discomfort such as itch and swellingmosquito,TickRepellent drug. mainlyaerosolsprayIt is a formula and is sprinkled directly on the skin. There is also a mist type, a wet sheet that prevents the chemicals from scattering, and a type that is applied directly to the skin.[6].. The active ingredient isDiet,IcaridineIs used, and high concentration insect repellentSecond-class pharmaceuticalsIt has become.Because some consumers are vague about the use of diet and ikaridin,Herbs,MintThere are products that claim to use "natural ingredients", but their insect repellent effect is weak and the quality is not stable due to lack of duration.[Source required]

It is generally called "insect repellent spray". According to general consumption trends, there are many opportunities to go outside such as evening coolness and mountain walkingSummer: Especially demand is increasing,ObonPeaks during.

Insect repellent for food

Rice,wheat,beansSuch asCerealsTo protect pests from insectsFood additiveInsect repellents may be used as[7].. Insect repellents for rice crackers are commercially available to protect rice grains from harmful insects.Rice bowlIt is used by attaching it to the lid or wall surface of, hanging, or putting it inside. It uses food-derived ingredients such as wasabi, chili, perilla, and tea extract as raw materials, and it damages rice.WeevilIt has the effect of repelling insects such as and deodorizing the smell of rice[8][9].

Other than that, insect repellents for foods for preventing insect damage of agricultural products are mainlyPesticideIt is treated as a household insect repellent.

Insect repellent for space

Space insect repellentTransfluthrin,Emventrin,such asPyrethroidTo prevent insects from getting away by evaporating repellents, such as chemicals, that insects dislike in the air[10].. Suspend on a balcony or entrance[11].

August 2015, 2,Consumer Affairs AgencyFrom "the basis of the label is not recognized"Freebie display methodDue to a violation (good misidentification), we issued an order to prevent the recurrence of the selling company.[10].


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Identification method of naphthalene, paradichlorobenzene, camphor (Fukuoka Pharmaceutical Association)[1]



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