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🏥 | "Connected Cafe", Smiles for Victims Temporary housing complex in Hitoyoshi City, University students take care of their hearts

Photo: Victims interacting at a cafe opened by Kumamoto Gakuen University students at the Kozueyama Ground Temporary Housing Complex = XNUMXth, Hitoyoshi City

"Connected Cafe", Smiles for Victims Hitoyoshi City Temporary Housing Complex, University Students Care

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Misaki Takahama (4), a 22th year student at Doshisha University, said, "I would like to continue as a place where disaster victims and local residents can connect with each other, taking advantage of the perspective of community welfare."

Nine students from the Faculty of Social Welfare, Kumamoto Gakuen University, who continue to support the victims of the heavy rain in July, will visit Kozueyama Ground in Onigimachi, Hitoyoshi City on the XNUMXth. → Continue reading

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Community welfare

Community welfareWhat is (Chiiki Fukushi)?CommunityInwelfareIn response to the problem ofresidentsThe idea is that people involved in welfare and welfare will work together.

Promotion of community-based welfare

Social welfare law(Law No. 26, March 3, 29) In Article 45, local residents,social welfareThose who run businesses for the purpose of welfare and those who carry out activities related to social welfare cooperate with each other, and local residents who need welfare services are members of the local community.Everyday lifeRun社会,Economy,cultureIt stipulates that efforts must be made to promote community-based welfare so that they are given the opportunity to participate in activities in all other fields.

Municipal community welfare plan

市町村It is,Local government law(Act No. 22 of April 4, 17) Article 67, Paragraph 2 (Municipalities shall handle their affairs.Parliament OfVotingAfter that, the basic concept for comprehensive and systematic administrative management in the area must be established and implemented in accordance with this. ), In line with the basic concept stipulated in), when formulating or changing a plan that integrally defines the following matters as matters related to the promotion of community-based welfare, a business aimed at residents and social welfare in advance The necessary measures shall be taken to reflect the opinions of those who manage the social welfare and others who carry out activities related to social welfare, and the contents shall be made public (Article 107 of the Social Welfare Act).

Items to specify

  • (I) Matters concerning the promotion of appropriate use of welfare services in the community
  • (Ii) Matters concerning the sound development of businesses aimed at social welfare in the region
  • (Iii) Matters concerning promotion of residents' participation in activities related to community-based welfare

Prefectural community-based welfare support plan

PrefecturesIn order to contribute to the achievement of the municipal community-based welfare plan, from a wide-area perspective through each municipality, a plan that integrally defines the following items as matters related to municipal community-based welfare support (hereinafter, "prefectural community-based welfare support" When formulating or changing (referred to as "plan"), measures necessary to reflect the opinions of residents and others, such as holding public hearings, shall be taken and the contents shall be announced. (Article 108 of the Social Welfare Law).

Items to specify

  • Matters concerning basic policies to support the promotion of community-based welfare in one municipality
  • (Ii) Matters concerning securing of persons engaged in business for the purpose of social welfare or improvement of qualifications
  • (Iii) Matters concerning the promotion of appropriate use of welfare services and the development of infrastructure for the sound development of businesses aimed at social welfare.

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