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🏥 | Tokyo, 139 new infections New corona

Photo Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Tokyo, 139 new infections New corona

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Outbreaks of small clusters (infectious disease population) are conspicuous in universities, hospitals, welfare facilities, etc.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced on the 20st that 139 new cases of coronavirus infection have been reported.Cumulative total is 2 ... → Continue reading

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welfare facility

welfare facility(Fukushi set)lawAccording tosocial welfareA facility created for The staffcare worker,Social worker,Mental health workerIn addition to 3 welfare officers,Part-time job(Some facilitiesFull time)ofDoctor,nurse,The instructor,ChildminderAnd so on.

Child welfare facility

Child Welfare ActDefined byChildren, A facility that provides social welfare. Basically, if you are 18 years old, the deadline specified in the Child Welfare Act as a childbirthdayHowever, depending on the condition of the child andDisabledIt can be shortened (from 16 years old independently) or extended (22 years old-23 years old). Children with intellectual disabilitiesEnvironmentThere are many facilities for people with intellectual disabilities because they are vulnerable to changes.


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