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🏥 | Road is raised to "Alert Stage XNUMX" New corona infection spread


Road raised to "alert stage XNUMX" New corona infection spread

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Specifically, we call on all roads to avoid going out and meetings where it is unavoidable to avoid going out, teleworking, and promoting staggered commuting when you are in poor physical condition such as fever.

Following the spread of the new coronavirus, Michi raised the alert stage to "28" on the 2th, based on the Special Measures Law ... → Continue reading

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It is a broadcasting station affiliated with TV TOKYO, whose broadcasting area is Hokkaido. The contents of the program will be distributed in text format, focusing on Hokkaido topics such as daily news, gourmet food, travel, and lifestyle information. I try to write articles that are enjoyable for everyone, not just in Hokkaido. Also, in case of emergency, live distribution will be provided.

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