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🏥 | [Space Medicine Column] Telemedicine, Potential in Space


[Space medicine column] Telemedicine, possibilities in space

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Source: ABLab Sentence / Masayuki Goto (Twitter) (Facebook)
A neurosurgeon with the goal of "medical care in space."

Hello, this is surgeon of Goto.On the ground, with the development of today's with corona society and information and communication technology, online ... → Continue reading


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Neurosurgery(Cranial nerves, scienceEnglish: neurosurgery) Isbrain,Spinal cord,Peripheral nerve,vertebral,Cerebrovascular systemRegarding obstacles such assurgicalTreatClinical medicineOne field of.Internal medicineOf治療Is generallyNeurologyIs responsible.

In recent yearsDepartmentAsNeurology(Former name: Neurology) and Neurosurgery both have a neurological center and a stroke center.[1]..In addition, the common name of the clinical department is sometimes called "brain surgery".[2].


France,ペルーSuch as新石器時代From the ruins ofTrepanningIs in the process of healing頭蓋骨It is believed that neurosurgery has sprouted around this time because of the excavation of.17th century BCThere is a description of head and spinal trauma by Edwin Smith in his book, which is the oldest in neurosurgery.paperIs said to be.The oldest record of burr surgery written in booksHippocratesIt is due to.CraniotomyAround BCIndia,ChugokuIt is said that it was done in modern medicine, but in modern medicine麻 酔The lawdisinfectionThe law has developed19st centuryEnd1889It is said that Wilhelm Wagner was founded in Japan.Around this time, various neurosurgery operations were performed, but the results were not very good.

20st centuryIn the first halfThe United States of America OfHarvey Williams CushingAnd Walter E. Dandy have made great strides in neurosurgery.CushingBrain tumorHe developed surgical techniques and was involved in the creation of hemostatic clips and electrocoagulation.Dandy, on the other hand, developed an auxiliary diagnostic method that was epoch-making at that time, and also operated on tumors deep in the brain.Cerebral aneurysmDeveloped the clipping method of.1967IsスイスFor neurosurgery by Yashar GilmicroscopeWas introduced.

As a diagnostic technique1927ToEgas MonizFounded byAngiographyLaw,1953By Seldinger(English edition)The diagnosis of cerebrovascular disease has progressed dramatically, and the diagnosis of brain tumor has also progressed by delineating the blood vessels that nourish the tumor.1971ToCT scanWas developed, and it became possible to diagnose the cross section of the brain.

In Japan, general before the warsurgeonWas sporadically performing surgery in the field of neurosurgery.After the war, even in JapanAntibioticsHas become widespread and Japanesecause of death1st placeInfectionから1951(Showa26 years)strokeNext to (1980Up to), in the field of neurosurgeryneedincreased.Also,High economic growthIn a periodmotorizationPenetratesTraffic warIs calledTraffic accidentHas occurredTraumaSexual neurosurgical disease increased.Against the background of this increase in patients,1965(40)6ToMedical law"Neurosurgery" was added to Article 70 as a department name[3], Neurosurgery has developed in Japan as well.recently,Endovascular treatment,Radiation therapyEtc., it has developed into a therapeutic field related to the entire cranial nerves.

Incidentally,PsychiatrySurgical fieldMental surgeryAlso called, it was done in this fieldRobotmyEtc. are mainly operated by psychiatrists.


The main diseases dealt with in the field of neurosurgery are as follows.

Cerebrovascular disease

Cerebral aneurysm(Rupture (=)subarachnoid hemorrhage) ・ Unbursted),Cerebral arteriovenous malformation,Moyamoya disease,,,,Intracerebral hemorrhage,cerebral infarction,Transient cerebral ischemic attackSuch.


A brain tumor is a flower-shaped area of ​​neurosurgery that divides into two parts of the cerebrovascular system.


Head injury-Skull fracture-Brain contusion· · ·Acute epidural hematoma-Acute subdural hematoma-Chronic subdural hematomaWaitEmergency medical careAreas requiring emergency surgery in the field

Pediatric / congenital malformations

Hydrocephalus-Spina bifida· · ·Chiari malformation・ ・ ・ Cranio-cervical spine transition bone dysplasia

Spine / spinal cord disease

Lumbar disc herniation-Lumbar spinal canal stenosis· · ·Ossification of the ligamentum flavum・ ・Cervical spondylosis・ ・Ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament...Vascular myelopathySuch.

Peripheral nerve disease

Carpal tunnel syndrome-Thoracic outlet syndrome-Tarsal tunnel syndromeSuch.

Functional neurosurgery

Parkinson's diseaseStereotactic brain surgery for, treatment for, baclofen pump injection for spasticity,EpilepsySurgery,Facial cramps,Trigeminal neuralgiaな ど


The main surgical procedures performed in the field of neurosurgery are as follows.

Basic surgery

Cerebrovascular area

Brain tumor area

  • Transsphenoidal sinus pituitary adenoma removal (Hardy surgery):Pituitary glandtumor




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1975After joining the Japan Racing Associationニ ュ ー ヨ ー クHe has served as the director of the representative office, the director of the International Planning Division of the International Department, and the director of the General Planning Department.2006From director,2011Since then, he has served as a managing director. On August 2014, 8,Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and FisheriesBy appointment, the appointment of the 9th Deputy Director of the Japan Racing Association was announced on September 12, the same year. The predecessor of the JRAKenji TsuchikawaThis is the second chairman of the board, and the first time he has been appointed as a clerk.[1].



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