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🏥 | Asagaya Sisters who are refraining from going out Report their health again "I'm fine with my sisters"

Photo Asagaya Shimai (Miho Kimura = left, Eriko Watanabe)

Asagaya Sisters who are refraining from going out Report their health again "I am fine with my sisters"

If you write the contents roughly
(Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, 1:XNUMX pm on weekdays) I wished for a return to the scene.

Miho Kimura (XNUMX) of the comedy combination "Asagaya Shimai" updated the official blog on the XNUMXth and revealed her health condition again ... → Continue reading

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Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.

Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Co., Ltd.(Bunka Hosou, Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Inc.)Kanto wide areaTheBroadcast target areaage,Medium wave broadcasting(AM radio broadcasting) BusinessSpecific terrestrial backbone broadcaster.

Fuji Television,Sokoku ShimbunAlong withFuji Sankei GroupBelongs to[2]. Also,Nippon Cultural Broadcasting GroupAlso a core company[2].

The abbreviation is the English name of the station name "Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Association" at the beginning of the station, and the abbreviation of the English name of the current station name.NCBHowever, it is not used now 1954After that, exclusivelycallsign"JOQRFromQRAre using.

The station catchphrase for 2020 is "Nippon Cultural Broadcasting that reaches your heart from Mimi』.


Also a radio station in TokyoNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.Together with the Fujisankei Group's radio division,Radio network"NRN"ofKey stationIs serving.

Nippon Cultural Broadcasting unifies the Fujisankei Groupsymbol markIsEyeball mark", But now uses the logo mark of" & Cultural Broadcasting "(2015-), which is a design of" Cultural Broadcasting "and" & "as a microphone.Previously, "QR" and radio wavesMonogramOldCompany emblem(1956-1983.Kenji Ito(Written), a stylized version of "JOQr" (1984-2006), and an antenna motif (2006-2015) were used.


CatholicMissionaryFor the purposeSaint Paul OrderEstablished in 1951FoundationNippon Cultural Broadcasting Association"(NCB) is the predecessor.

At the time of the opening of the station, the idea was to "improve Japanese culture, contribute to the ideal and justice of true goodness, the spread of sound democratic ideas based on humanity, the prosperity of the nation and the prosperity of the people."However, at the time of openingNHKからRed purgeBy hiring a large number of staffLabor disputeFrequently.In addition, the business condition deteriorated due to the sense of caution from the surroundings about religious colors, the low listening rate due to the small number of entertainment programs, the narrow broadcasting area due to low output, and the lack of emphasis on profits. The broadcast content was biased to the extent that people changed frequently and it was said that it was a broadcast for Japan in the communal bloc, and it was leaning to the left and anti-American.Japan Trade Union CouncilIt was a rumor that it was taken over by (general comment)[3].

I had a sense of crisis about thisBusiness world TheObunsha,KodanshaWe decided to take countermeasures in cooperation with publishers and companies in various fields.As a result, the Society of Saint Paul and the Society of St. Paul's Women were forced to withdraw from the operation of the station, and the Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Association was dissolved.However, the Society of Saint Paul is still the largest shareholder of Nippon Cultural Broadcasting as of 2020, and has sent officers.

Tokyu Corporation, Obunsha,Dai Nippon Printing,Shogakukan,Kodansha,Toei,Home Association of LightEtc., funded by the business and publishing worldsNippon Cultural Broadcasting Co., Ltd."But 1956Established on February 2th.same year2/14,Wireless station licenseWas taken over.To the first presidentMizuo Naruo(National Pulp Industry (currently) Nippon Paper Industries)Vice president).To the chairmanKeizo Shibusawa(OriginalBank of JapanPresident,Minister of Finance) Was sent in and embarked on reconstruction.

Nippon Cultural Broadcasting has applied for a TV broadcasting license several times since the days of the foundation, but it has been rejected because of insufficient frequency.Later Nippon Broadcasting[4]Participated in the establishment of Fuji Television and became a member of the Fuji Sankei Group.

On the other hand, through ObunshaTV AsahiThe period of interaction with him continued for a long time.Saitama Seibu LionsBattleTokyo International Women's Marathon → Yokohama International Women's Marathon → Saitama International Marathon[5]Since there are many cases where Nippon Cultural Broadcasting and TV Asahi are linked, including sports broadcast programs such as broadcasts, exchanges are still ongoing.[6].

Obunsha has become a major shareholder since the establishment of the corporation.Private Broadcast Education AssociationJoined.Education and cultural programs were heavily weighted during the night and midnight, 1995The program organization was changed at the boundary, and nowNippon Cultural Broadcasting A & G ZoneThere are many programs for anime and game fans, and we are developing related businesses.

Other,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Group ofAnime channel"AT-XInvested in. You can broadcast the new AT-X special number on your own station, or "Holy sword smithSuch asUHF anime OfProduction CommitteeParticipating in.A company in the same industry as Nippon Cultural BroadcastingRadio JapanIs owned byNippon TVAlso related toHakone EkidenIn the broadcast, we often receive the company's production cooperation and sponsor movies and events for which the company is the secretary company.[8]..In addition, through the Saitama Seibu Lions game broadcast, etc.Seibu Holdings,NACK5andSaitamaThere is also a connection with.

From these things, even though it is the same Fuji Sankei Group, the unique color from the group is stronger than that of Nippon Broadcasting System, which is directly affiliated with Fuji Media Holdings.[9]..In addition, Shogakukan is now the second largest investor after the Society of Saint Paul, as Obunsha, a former major shareholder, gave up its shares.

2003I was aiming to go public, but I was put off.afterwards, 20052Live door Overtime tradingAs a result, it became the largest shareholder of Nippon Broadcasting System, and there was a series of confusion, and there is no obvious move toward going public at this time.

For a long time since its establishmentYotsuya(TokyoShinjuku wardYoung leavesThe first station building and performance hall located at 1-5) also served as an emergency backup transmission station.At the time of completion, it will also be used as a monasterypipe organ,ChoirFull-fledged with a hinamatsuri forCathedralHowever, the building gradually faded in religion due to repeated expansions and renovations. In 2006Minato-kuHamamatsu TownNewly built in-house building "Bunka Broadcasting Media PlusThe first station building was moved to the new station building / performance hall in 20067/24Stop all business with.The condominium "" built on the site has an emergency backup transmission station.


  • 1948October-The Provincial Superior of Japan of the Society of Saint Paul, whose main task is to propagate through publishing and broadcasting. 1934Paul Marcelino (Paolo Marcellino), an Italian priest who came to Japan fromGHQからMinistry of CommunicationsWas given to "Private broadcastingIn response to the "Policies for Lifting the Ban" (Faisner Memo),St. Paul's Women's OrderA religious broadcasting network is planned, which is mainly operated by.Radio ActTo meet the nationality requirements of Article 5, MarcelinoNaturalizationRenamed to "Maruse Toshino".
  • February 1948- Ministry of CommunicationsTo the radio stationSt. Paul Broadcasting Corporation[10]Apply for permission to establish.Setsuzou Sawada(Diplomat),Kotaro Tanaka(Chief of the Supreme Court),Inu Ken(Politicians) and other prominent Catholics were among the founders.
  • 1949 ――With no prospect of opening the station, it also serves as a performance hall on the property of 1-5 Wakaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.Convent"St. Paul Radio CenterStarted construction.On the premisesCathedralEtc. were also provided.
  • 19511 month - Radio Control CommitteeSubmit a radio station license application to.The Radio Control Committee was strongly reluctant to open an outsourced religious broadcasting station, and opposition from other denominations increased.Priest Marcelino resigned and became a public education and commerce bureau, diminishing his religion.
  • 19512/13 --NameNippon Cultural Broadcasting Associationchange to.
  • 19514/21 --Preliminary license issuance.In December for the nuns who surrendered the station buildingSaitamaKawaguchi cityA convent was set up on the premises of the transmission station[11].
  • 19523/31 --From 5:30 am, the 9th broadcast in Japan and the 2nd broadcast in Tokyo will start.frequency1310kc,output10kW..The first program that was broadcast was "Good morning everyone".There are few entertainment programs,ObunshaProvided byUniversity exam radio course], Etc., was organized with an emphasis on educational and cultural programs.
  • July 1952-Applied for a television broadcast license, but was rejected due to lack of frequency.
  • 19538/15 - Frequency change to 1130kc.. 1310kc will be newly openedNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.Be transferred to[12].
  • 1954March 3-31:11 pm,Increased output to 50kW[13].
  • 19547/23 --Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (currentlyMinistry of Internal Affairs and Communications) Permission changed the call name from "Nihonbunkahoso" to "bunkahoso"[13].
  • 19556/19 --Summer allowance request and identity security at the time of reorganization of the corporation, a wave stop strike for 16 hour from 1:XNUMX[14].
  • 1956August 2- Nippon Cultural Broadcasting AssociationDissolution.Tokyu Electric Railway, Obunsha,Dai Nippon Printing,Shogakukan,Kodansha,ToeiEtc., funded by the business and publishing worldsNippon Cultural Broadcasting Co., Ltd.Established.
  • 19562/14 --The broadcasting license will be taken over by Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Co., Ltd. from the Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Association.[15].
  • 1956August 6- Japan Philharmonic OrchestraFormed.Dedicated[16].
  • July 1956-Reapplied for a television broadcast license, but was rejected due to lack of frequency.
  • 1957
    • Received a TV license allocation in the Kanto area and established Fuji Television in collaboration with Nippon Broadcasting System. 1967, Organize the Fujisankei Group jointly.
    • The first Japanese broadcasterRoad traffic informationIs broadcast under the title of "Traffic News".
  • 1959 - Sokoku ShimbunIn partnership with the press.2/1Than,Sankei NewsStarted broadcasting.
  • 1961 - Station song"QR song" (commonly known as:QR song)Presentation.
  • 196212/26 - Tokyo Fire DepartmentWith the cooperation ofJapan fireBroadcasting of "Breaking News" started.
  • 19655/3 --Connecting 31 national radio companies in collaboration with Nippon Broadcasting System, etc.National radio network(NRN) launched.Full-scale start of professional baseball night broadcast on Saturday and Sunday[17].
  • August 1965-"Midnight Request Corner"[18]Start.
  • 19674/3 --Start broadcasting 24 hours[19].
  • 1968 -"Shinjuku Music Festival(Sponsored by Shintoshin Shinjuku PR Committee)[20].
  • 196811/18 --Midnight broadcast "Hino Midnight Graffiti Run! Kayokyoku"[21]Start.
  • 19713 month - Watanabe ProductionBy a joint venture withRecord company Established Apollon Music Industry[22].
  • February 1971- Increased output to 100kW.
  • 1973 - Grand SumoRevive the broadcast, "Grand Sumo Battle No. XNUMX』Regularized[23].
  • 1976 --The shares held by Sankei Shimbun and Tokyu Corporation are sold to Obunsha, and the Fujisankei Group's color fades.
  • 1977 -"Japan Sumo Tournament』(Japan Sumo Association, Fuji TV co-sponsored) started.
  • 1978 --Masatoshi Iwamoto, Senior Managing Director of TV Asahi, becomes President and Representative Director.Full-scale exchange with TV Asahi.
  • 197811/23 --The frequency is 9 according to the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) arrangement.kHzMove to step.Along with that, at 5 amChange frequency to 1134kHz.
  • 19824/5 --Weekday night game "Culture Broadcast Lions NighterStarted[24].
  • September 1988-Merged with QR Estate Co., Ltd.
  • 19923/15 --From 9 amAM stereo broadcastingThe main broadcast of is started.
  • 19941/2,1/3 --With the cooperation of Nippon Television production. Broadcast "70th Tokyo Hakone Round-Trip University Ekiden Race (Hakone Ekiden)".After that, it will be broadcast every year.
  • 19954/2 ――The "University Examination Radio Course" that has been held every day since the opening day has ended.
  • 19996/10 --On the anniversary of the time, the time signal sound will be heard from Pi Pi Pi PawnQR songChanged to an arrangement ( 201512/6Until).
  • February 1999- Tokyo Metropolitan GovernmentOn the 1th floor (North Observatory) of the 45st Main Government Building,Satellite studioOpened "Studio SOLA"[25].
  • 200012/1 - BS Fuji OfUltra short wave broadcastingChannel"BS digital audio broadcasting", Which is in charge of production by the same station.BSQR489Started broadcasting.
  • 2001 ――We sold most of Fuji TV's shares, which we held over 20%, to the outside, and purchased all of Obunsha's own shares with the profit from the sale.Immediately cancel and dissolve the long-standing capital relationship with Obunsha.The original color has been further strengthened.
  • 200311/17 - NTT DoCoMoIn collaboration withFOMAAnnounced joint development of network-based radio relay system "FOMA high-definition audio relay system"[26]. 2004ToNECHas been put into practical use as a "mobile studio"[27].
  • 20059/16 - Less Stupid service"Podcast QRStart.
  • 20063/15 - Akihabaraof"Tokyo Anime CenterToSatellite studioEstablished.
  • March 2006, 3 --BS Fuji's VHF broadcasting channel "BS digital audio broadcastingWithdrawal, BSQR489 broadcast ended.
  • 20067/19 - Hamamatsucho StationNewly built own tenant building near the north exitBunka Broadcasting Media PlusMoved to. July 2006, 7 at 24:13 "Terumi Yoshida's Motivation MANMAN!], Broadcasting business started in the new station building.The old station building in Wakaba, Shinjuku-ku was demolished.
  • 20071/10 --Adopted an "announcer" format in which the announcer in charge of sports is also in charge of producing sports broadcast programs.Eight male announcers have been transferred from the announcement club to the sports club.The program directors of the sports department have been transferred to other departments, and the sports department has become a department operated only by sports announcers.
  • 20073/12 --At DigiQ + N 93Anime・ PC games ・Voice actorRelated program frame "Voice of A & G Digital Super Radi!』Start.
  • 20074/2 --DigiQ + N 93 station name,UNIQue the RADIOchange to.
  • 20079/3 --UNIQue the RADIO has been significantly reorganized.Anime, PC games, voice actor related programs are on the specialized channel "Super! A & G +Independent.
  • 200711/3-4 Day --Held a listener appreciation event "Hamamatsucho Green Sound FESTA".From the following year, it will be nicknamed "Hamamatsuri" (renamed to "Hamamatsucho Harvest Festa Hamamatsuri" from 2019).
  • 20084/27 --Completion of rental condominium "Lantenne Yotsuya" on the site of the former station building.
  • 20085/19 --Opened a new emergency backup transmission station on the roof of the condominium.
  • 20089/29 --At 9303ch, Tokyo Area, Practical Testing Station for Terrestrial Digital Audio BroadcastingNippon Cultural Broadcasting PlusIs open.
  • 200810/6 --Super! A & G + started distribution of simple videos.
  • 20103/15 --Internet IP simulcast in collaboration with 6 other radio stations in TokyoradikoStarted trial distribution to (South Kanto --Limited to 1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures)[28][29].
  • October 2010, 10-Weekday morning-Afternoon, 4 hours of major reorganization[30].
  • October 2010, 10-Super! At A & G +iPhoneSuper! A & G + i is now on sale.
  • December 2010, 12-The Press Production Department and the Sports Department are integrated, and the News Sports Production Department is newly established.
  • December 2010, 12-Official distribution to radiko started at the same time as 1 other radio stations in Tokyo.At the same time, the service area from the previous South Kanto (6 metropolitan area and 1 prefectures)Gunma,Tochigi,IbarakiExpanded to the entire Kanto region (1 metropolitan area and 6 prefectures) including[31][32].
  • December 2010, 12 --Opened "Shop QR", a site that sells program goods and recommended products, unlike radio shopping and online shops.[33].
  • 2011July 3-``Great East Japan EarthquakeOccurred.All programs and commercials are suspended, and a special program system for 38 hours in a row.
  • 2011March 3-Practical application of terrestrial digital audio broadcasting With the end of test broadcasting, digital radio super! A & G + and Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Plus will close at 31:24.
  • April 2011, 4-"Cho! A & G +", which had just closed as a broadcaster the day before, started online distribution from 1:0 as an Internet distribution specialist.
  • February 2012, 2 --AM stereo broadcasting ended. radiko will continue to deliver in stereo audio[34].
  • October 2012, 5- Tokyo Skytree Townof"Tokyo SolamachiStarted broadcasting from the multipurpose satellite studio "TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN STUDIO" installed on the 1st floor of the East Yard.[35][36].
  • 2014September 9-From the Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsFM complement relay stationIs granted a preliminary license[37][38][39]..Frequency 91.6MHz, output 7kW.
  • 20153/31 --Announced a new communication logo showing AM and FM frequencies in preparation for the start of FM complementary relay broadcasting.From the open call for participantsMusashino Art UniversityThe "& Nippon Cultural Broadcasting" design by new graduates has been adopted and will be available on the official website from June 6st.After that, it shifts to the new logo in various places[40].
  • 20159/15 --In preparation for the start of FM complementary broadcasting, the PR character "KyuichirouAnnouncedBlogandtwitter accountOpened.
  • 201510/5 --Start of test radio wave emission of FM complementary broadcasting[41][42].
  • 201512/7 --The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications grants this license for FM complementary relay stations.[43].. From 13:XNUMXTokyo Sky TreeFrom Sumida FM Complementary Relay StationSimulcast started by FM[41][44]..To commemorate this, a special program to commemorate the joint 3 stations in TokyoKikimasu even in FM! Golden TamamusubiLive broadcast from the Tokyo Skytree Tenbo Deck[45]..Also, along with the start of wide FM, a station song will be played.Ami OzakiFrom the arranged version of the QR songMasahiro AsakawaSongwriting,Hibiki YamamuraChanged to a new station sound for singing, and changed the station jingle, time signal sound, news and weather forecast, traffic information attack jingle and BGM to those based on the new station sound at the start and end of broadcasting.[46][47][48][49](From March 2020, 3, when the time signal sound, weather forecast and traffic information attack jingle / BGM are renewed, the station jingle that announces the frequency will omit "AM30" and become only "FM1134". Will increase).
  • 2016October 10-Start of demonstration experiment of "time-free function" on "radiko.jp".You can listen to the programs you missed up to a week ago.
  • 2017 --SponsorDragonfly pencilIn addition, "You are not alone-Examinee support campaign-" started[50].
  • 20203/27 --The first directly managed business of a commercial radio station in Japan[51]As, 1972"Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Radio Shopping" that has been continued for 47 years sinceMail order service), But on this dayKunimaru Japan pole』Ended with the broadcast in.Next time3/28From the radio shopping corner in the program, an external mail-order company (Japan netEtc.) alone.Prior to this3/25The special program "Goodbye Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Radio Shopping-With 48 Years of Thanks-" was broadcast from 11:00 to 13:00.[52][53]..As for "Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Radio Shopping"4/17I ended all the services at7/1Shifted from the Internet mail-order service "Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Shopping".
  • 202010/1 ――The Digital Promotion Department, which is under the direct control of the Broadcasting Business Headquarters, was newly established with the aim of consolidating the digitization-related work of programs and derivative contents that were carried out by each department that produces programs.In the personnel change announced at the same time, the announcerHideaki OtaHowever, he was promoted from the director of the announcement department of the broadcasting business headquarters organization bureau to the director of the organization bureau while concurrently serving as an announcement.[54].

Broadcasting station overview

Playing room

  • Main officePlaying room: 〒105-8002 TokyoMinato-kuHamamatsu TownAddress 1, 31-chome Bunka Broadcasting Media Plus
  • 5-hour broadcast at 00:24 (* May be broadcast from 4:00 on some Mondays)
    As a general rule, Monday 2:00 (midnight Sunday) --Broadcast is suspended at 5:00 on Monday.Special week(Listening rateDuring the survey period), it may be broadcast 24 hours a day on Sundays.When broadcasting 24 hours a day at any broadcasting station, there is an opening every day before 5 am (tell the call sign, frequency, output), but the opening of the station is after the break at 5:00 on Monday. Only at the start of broadcasting.
    After the end of the first Sunday midnight broadcastEmergency alert broadcastTest signal broadcast.However, if the first week of Sunday midnight broadcasts 1 hours a day, it will be transferred to the second week of Sunday midnight.

Transmitting station

Kawaguchi transmission station

frequencyAntenna powerLocation
1134kHz100kWSaitamaKawaguchi cityAkai 3-9-16
  • Transmitting station itself 1928(Showa3 years) at Tokyo Central Broadcasting Station (currentlyNHK,callsign: JOAK) Installed 1937It was the Shingo Broadcasting Station (output 12kW) that was used until (Showa 10).[55].
  • The old NHK station building coexisted on the adjacent site as a storage, but in 2010 (HeiseiIt was demolished in 22).
  • On the premisesSomei YoshinoAre planted in large numbers, and in the spring as the venue for the "Kawaguchi Cherry Blossom Festival"Cherry-blossom viewingOpen to the public.It is also used for training new staff.
  • Along with TBS Radio and Nippon Broadcasting System, it has the largest antenna power among commercial AM radio stations.[56].
    • Transmit antenna: 136.69mBranch line type circular pipe pillar (construction: electrical materials)
    • Transmitter: Updated in 1993 RM-2000 series 50kW x 2 (Toshiba) 3kW unit 3kW modulation amplifier (MO) final stageMOSFET 2SK1745 x 13 pieces, 3KW power amplifier (PA) 2SK1745 x 4 pieces, total number of FETs used 1320
    • STL: Output 100mW, 2m mirror surface (plate) parabola, LINE is NTT digital line (192kbps, CodecAPT)
    • Power supply: 6600VTwo systems are converted to 2V by a power receiving and distribution board and a part by a high-voltage power receiving board (200V is mainly for cooling air conditioners)
    • Emergency power supply: Private power generator 500KVA(Kubota)
    • Building: the second floor the first floor reinforced concreteTransmitter, Dummy board room, generator room, power receiving room, matching room, etc. 2nd floor is filter room, cooling blower, etc.
    • Remarks Until 1993Vacuum tube4 type transmitters (of which transmission tube 9F45 (Toshiba(Made) 1 unit (150kW) used). Updated to complete solidification in 1. A burning ceremony was held on March 1993, and it was officially operated.Along with this update, the transmission station building is also on the 3st floor, about 29m2, 2nd floor about 94m2Toda ConstructionIt was expanded by construction.GroundAlso 240 new books were put up.

Emergency reserve transmission station

Antenna powerLocationTransmit antenna
1kWTokyoShinjuku ward1-5 Wakaba (Lantenne Yotsuya, former station building site)Shortened deformation monopole

An emergency transmission station with an antenna power of 1 kW was set up in the old station building in Yotsuya, and test broadcasts were frequently conducted at midnight on Sundays, but there is no transmission facility in the new station building in Hamamatsucho (Media Plus). From the results of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications radio station licensee information and direction detection, it was considered that the emergency transmitter was temporarily installed in Kawaguchi.

The site of the former station building is still owned by the Society of Saint Paul. At the end of April 2008, the rental condominium "Lantenne Yotsuya" owned by Nippon Cultural Broadcasting was completed.After the backup transmission station was relocated to the roof, it opened on May 4.On the same day, a test broadcast was sent.

At the entrance of the condominium, "Birthplace of Nippon Cultural Broadcasting』Monument is displayed.

In the old office building era, the official address was "1-5 Wakaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo", but in the broadcast, "〒160[57] (Tokyo) Shinjuku-ku Nippon Cultural Broadcasting XX Section ”and did not announce the detailed address, but once broadcast the destination[58].

Sumida FM complementary relay station

frequencyAntenna powerLocationEffective radiant power
91.6MHz7kWSumida-kuPush up1 chome 1 number 13
(Tokyo Sky Tree)

A relay station that provides complementary broadcasting with FM broadcasting for the purpose of countermeasures when the Kawaguchi transmission station cannot broadcast in the event of a disaster, and for the purpose of eliminating hearing loss and noise in the city center. 20149/3Is granted a preliminary licenseTokyo Sky TreeInstalled an antenna jointly with TBS Radio and Nippon Broadcasting System, and started test broadcasting on October 2015, 10, the same year.12/7 Main broadcast started from 13:00[37][38][39][60][41][44].. Because it is broadcast for the purpose of complementing in AM, AM and FMSimul broadcastingWill be.Voice is carried out in the difference between stereo and AM.

J: COM cable network

From January 2014, 5J: COMCable network ("J:COM TVIs being retransmitted through the audio transmission function of data broadcasting)[61]..At the beginning, AM audio was retransmitted, but as of April 2020, wide FM audio is being retransmitted.


I have been participating since the trial distribution started on March 2010, 3.Audio is performed in stereo unlike terrestrial broadcasting.

Incidentally,Johnny's OfficeThe personality of the talent who belongs toRecommendation!』Monday-Wednesday 23:XNUMX and Thursday full story[62],Masahiko Kondo Round and round matchbox"[63],Arashi / Masaki Aiba's Recommendation! Arashi RemixSince the Johnny & Associates did not give permission for area-free and time-free distribution, the three programs of "" were suspended from listening outside the prefectures of 3 metropolitan area, but from "Recommen!" On April 1, 6. It has been delivered.

The broadcasting station symbol is "QRR".

Capital structure

The names of companies and organizations and the titles of individuals are as of the time. Source:[64][65][66]


Catholic Society of Saint Paul29.7%

Past capital structure

Successive catchphrases

  • --Around 1984 --Unknown
  • Around 1984 --Around 1987 --Fun Image Infinity Cultural Broadcasting
  • Around 1987 --Around 1989-- 1134 Nippon Cultural Broadcasting of Dial Iizansu
  • Around 1989-Around 1990-Nippon Cultural Broadcasting
  • March 1992-March 3, 1994-Stereo Cultural Broadcasting
  • April 1994, 4-March 1, 1997-Happy, together.Fuku Mimi Radio
  • April 1997, 4 --March 1, 1998 --Nippon Cultural Broadcasting
  • April 1999, 4-March 1, 2001-Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Station
  • April 2001, 4 --March 1, 2002 --Cultural Interesting Revolution!
  • April 2002, 4 --March 1, 2003 --Dokkin !? Nippon Cultural Broadcasting
  • April 2003, 4 --March 1, 2006 --Family! Nippon Cultural Broadcasting
  • April 2006, 4 --March 1, 2007 --Relationship Nippon Cultural Broadcasting
  • April 2007, 4 --March 1, 2010 --Daijinakoto Nippon Cultural Broadcasting
  • April 2010, 4 --March 1, 2011 --The power of words x the power of radio Value Cultural Broadcasting <Image character: Takeda Tetsuya>
  • April 2011, 4 --March 1, 2012 --Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Let's connect courage and energy Japan!
  • April 2012, 4 --March 1, 2013 --Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Always connect with you Japan!
  • April 2013, 4-March 1, 2014-Radio is art! Cultural Broadcasting
  • April 2014, 4 --March 1, 2015 --Rediscovery Nippon Cultural Broadcasting
  • April 2015, 4 --December 1 --Rediscovery that connects you Cultural Broadcasting
  • December 2015, 12 --March 7, 2016 --AM ・ FM dual wield radio.Nippon Cultural Broadcasting
  • March 2016, 3 --April 28, 2017 --Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Anytime Radio
  • April 2017, 4 --March 3, 2020 --Your My Media Nippon Cultural Broadcasting
  • April 2020, 4-Nippon Cultural Broadcasting that reaches your heart from Mimi



Sports announcers belong to the Broadcasting Business Headquarters Organization Bureau News Sports Center, and other announcers belong to the Broadcasting Business Headquarters Organization Bureau Announcement Department.[70][71].

Female announcers since 2006, male announcers (mainly sports announcers) since 2016,Contract employeeAdopted as.After the contract period expires, the female announcer may turn into a freelance announcer and appear on the program.

Some of the announcers hired as contract employees and those who retired at the mandatory retirement age belong to the affiliated company JCM Central Music.

Broadcasting Business Headquarters Organization Bureau

  • Hideaki Ota(Joined the company in 1986. After working as the director of the announcement department, he was appointed as the director of the broadcasting business headquarters on October 2020, 10, concurrently serving as an announcer.[72])

Announcement department



Press Sports Center



Former announcer working in a department other than the announcement department / news sports center

  • (After the transfer, he was the director and producer of the program)
  • (After being transferred to the organization department, he was the director of the organization department)
  • Chiho Fujiki(April 1991-January 4, later transferred to Sales Department Sales Department → Organization Department Organization Department)

Announcer who left the company

Includes those who left the company after being transferred to a department other than the Announcement Department / Press Sports Center, and those who died during their tenure.



Organization Bureau Press Sports Center

"News parade] Etc. are in charge.Kyodo NewsHas a deep relationship with.

1963 yearsYoshinobu kidnapped murder caseThen, in May of the same year immediately after the incident, an employee of our company went to visit.A coffee shopWhen I heard the story "I know a person who looks a lot like the voice (of a public threatening phone call)", that person (Tamotsu Ohara, who later turned out to be the criminal) often faced me. Accompanied by recording in a bar (run by a mistress)InterviewAfter that, I also recorded the conversation when I called Ohara in the store and called.[76][77]..This recording tape was compared to a threatening phone recording during the investigation and provided an important clue to identify Ohara as the culprit.Nippon Cultural Broadcasting is based on a series of incident reports including this.Japan Private Broadcasting FederationReceived the highest award in the "Radio News Activity" section of the "Program Activity Award Category" at the 14th Commercial Broadcasters Award (currently the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters Awards).[78].

The morning of November 1970, 45 (Showa 11),Mishima Yukio Defense Agency Ichigaya StationAfter standing in the eastern army general supervision department of the Ground Self-Defense Force and giving a speech to the SDF personnel to urge the uprising, he committed suicide by seppuku.thisMishima incidentOnly the nearby Nippon Cultural Broadcasting was able to record all of the patterns.Reporter rushed[79]However, the episode recorded by tying the microphone to a tree branch has become a legend.

During press conferences and interviewsMincho typeThe microphone (MS-5 of Sanken Microphone) written in white as "Nippon Cultural Broadcasting" is often shown on TV.The blogs that reporters write almost every day have received a certain amount of evaluation from other media outlets (After the blog parade of the Nippon Cultural Broadcasting News Department).

Tehran OfIran American Embassy Hostage CaseThen, Nippon Cultural Broadcasting世界 OfMass mediaThe voices of the criminals who were selected as "three companies"世界Delivered to.


The professional baseball broadcast is the only commercial broadcaster in Tokyo that broadcasts the live broadcast of the Saitama Seibu Lions game.Culture Broadcast Lions NighterIs a major feature of broadcasting.Even if there is no Seibu match, the games of other Pacific League teams are relayed.Saturday and SundayNRN night gameIs the general bureau and the bureau in charge of the Kanto area,Yomiuri GiantsAlthough it was broadcast mainly on the war, it was withdrawn only in the 2012 season on Sunday and the 2018 season on Saturday, and as of 2019, professional baseball broadcasts are broadcast only on weekdays.

Through Seibu war broadcastSeibu GroupFrom the relationship with 2004 OfSeibu RailwayRelated to stocksSecurities Trading LawIn a violation caseYoshiaki TsutsumiAt the request ofKokudo[80]ThanSeibu RailwayI was buying stock.On weekdays when there are no matches, the Lions information program "Lions Express" is broadcast, and an announcer participates as a moderator in a fan appreciation event, so the connection with Seibu is deep.

Time signal

Unknown-March 1977, October 3, 1978-December 10, 10
Pawn to the sound of the bell.The sound of the bell is "Westminster BellIt was a scale similar to.Similar at that timeTime signal,Radio kantoBut I went.The warning sound is 5
October 1977-December 4, 1978
Only for pawn sounds.At that time signal spot, the voices of various birds were flowing.Warning sound is 0
January 1980, 1-(June 1, 1999)
To normal things such as pop (mi), pop (mi), pop (mi), pawn (la)[81] ..Currently, it is played only when straddling on the hour during sports broadcasts and programs (example: Lions Nighter)[82] ..The warning sound is 3
March 1999, 6-March 10, 2015
Music box style so-calledQR songAfter the melody ("Jeiokyuaru" part), pawn[83].
Since the above melody is added, it was played about 5 seconds faster than in other areas where the time signal spot CM was used.The warning sound is 4
March 2015, 12-March 7, 2020
Pawn after the melody of the current station sound (the part of "Emu Ichiichisanyon" and "Emu Ichiichiroku").Changes due to the start of wide FM.The warning sound is 4
October 2020, 3-
Pawn after the melody of the current station sound (changed to the "Bunka Hosou" part of the intro).It is slightly shorter than its predecessor.The warning sound is 3

Broadcasting and distribution other than JOQR

Related company

Group, Fujisankei Group, affiliated broadcasting stations

Other stations with the same name

Neither has a direct relationship in terms of capital and personnel.


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