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🏥 | Promotion of active participation by women, foreigners and the elderly is the key! Actual conditions and issues based on the aggregated results of the "Survey on the Active Participation of Diverse Human Resources"


Promoting the active participation of women, foreigners, and the elderly is the key! Actual conditions and issues based on the aggregated results of the "Survey on the Active Participation of Diverse Human Resources"

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It may be a good idea to take this opportunity to review the health management of employees.

On September 2020, 9, the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry conducted a "Survey on the Active Participation of Diverse Human Resources". → Continue reading

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Occupational health nurses, certified psychiatrists, psychiatric social workers, and registered dietitians deliver the latest information on health and mental health!It is operated by Dr. Trust, which has more than 2,800 industrial physician contracts.

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Health management

Health management(Kenkou Keiei) is an employee'sHealth PromotionBy focusing on health management as a management issue and putting it into practice, we can maintain and improve the health of employees and the company.ProductivityA management method that aims to improve. It started with the author of "The Healthy Company" published in the United States in 1992.Business AdministrationとpsychologyIt is said that it was proposed by Robert H. Rosen, an expert in the field.


Human resources in anticipation of a future decline in the working population in recent yearsProductivityAs the improvement of the above is an important issue for companies, the need for health consideration for employees of companies is increasing. Specifically, the main purpose is to improve the productivity of the company by making company-wide efforts to improve both the mental and physical conditions and improving the health of employees. As a method of improving the health of employees, there are methods of approaching the employees themselves such as eating habits, exercise, drinking, smoking and mentality, and approaches to the structure of the company such as working hours and work space. Also, in recent years in JapanMedical billsEfforts are also being made to investigate the cause of the disease using a database. As an effect, in the short term, prevention of long-term leave of sick employees, reduction of the burden of medical expenses on the company, and improvement of the image of the company are recognized, while in the long term, the burden of medical expenses on the elderly for retirees of the company is recognized. It is expected to reduce the number of employees and prolong the healthy life expectancy of employees.

Health management in the United States

In the United StatesPublic health insuranceSince there is no such thing, it has spread since the 1990s, triggered by the fact that the soaring burden of medical expenses on employees has been involved in the foundation of management. There is also an empirical study that obtained a return of 1 for investment 3 because the cost of promoting employee health is regarded as an investment, which leads to improvement of business performance.[1] As an example of research to support this, with the Corporate Health Achievement Award Winners in the United StatesS & P500A study of stock price comparison with (Standard and Poor's 500 Stock Index) after more than ten years can be mentioned. 1999Stock priceAssuming that 100, in 13, 2012 years later, the stock price of the excellent health management award company increased by about 1.78 times, while the stock price of S & P500 remained at about 0.99 times, and the excellent health management award company was in the United States. It is performing above the average for large companies.[2]

Excellent Health Management Award Company Winner

  • 2013 American Express
  • 2012 Johnson & Johnson
  • 2011 URS Corporation
  • 2010 Baptist Health of South Florida
  • 2009 Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
  • 2007 Caterpillar
  • 2005 DaimlerChrysler Corporation, Quad / Graphics
  • 2004 Cianbro
  • 2003 BAE SYSTEMS, Marathon Oil Corporation, Union Pacific Railroad
  • 2002 Bristol-Myers Squibb Company's, Eli Lilly and Company,International Business Machines (IBM), Kerr-McGee Corporation, Vanderbilt University
  • 2001 The National Security Agency / Central Security Service (NSA / CSS)
  • 2000 Dow Chemical Company, GE Power Systems, Sherman Health Systems
  • 1999 AlliedSignal Inc., City of Indianapolis and Marion County Sheriff's Department, Baltimore Gas and Electric Co., Glaxo Wellcome Inc.
  • 1998 International Business Machines (IBM),The Boeing Company,Johnson & Johnson, First Chicago NBD
  • 1997 Hughes Electronics Corporation, Lockheed Martin Energy Systems

Health management in Japan

In Japan, efforts have begun around 2009, centered on large companies.In the first place, under the deflationary economy of Japan so far, by reducing the human cost of companies,Black companies,One operation, Suicide due to the deterioration of the working environment of employees represented by words such as long overtimeIndustrial accidentIt is thought that the fact that the actual harms and risks of the court case, etc., became apparent on both the employee side and the company side also helped to increase the need for health consideration for employees.加えて、全国のIn addition, nationwideHealth insurance associationThe total deficit amount reached 3,689 billion yen (FY26)[3]As the burden on companies is increasing to compensate for the deficit, one of the purposes is to reduce medical expenses from a short-term and long-term perspective by improving the health of employees.

The Japanese government also wants to "extend the healthy life expectancy of the people"Japan Revitalization StrategyIt is positioned in.[4]In addition, from December 2015, stress checks will be mandatory for companies of a certain size or larger.

Movements to support the efforts of private companies have also begun.

2012Than,Development Bank of JapanIs "DBJ Health Management Rating"[5]"LoanIn addition to the system, preferential interest rates are applied to companies that give excellent consideration to the health of their employees.

In addition,Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryとTokyo Stock ExchangeJointly "Health management brand" 2015Since the first announcement in March, it has been selected and announced every year ("3 Health Management Brands" [6]22 companies were selected). 2017ThanExcellent health management corporationThe certification system has also started.

In these companies, the vitality of employeesProductivityIt is expected that the medium- to long-term performance and corporate value will be improved by revitalizing the organization such as the improvement of the stock price, and that the stock price will be improved by gaining the understanding and evaluation from investors.Also,



  • "Healthy Company-Utilization of Human Resources and Stress Management" (Robert H. Rosen (Author), Tsuneji Munezo (Translation), Sanno University Press, 1994)
  • "Employee health is effective for management" (Yuji Furui, Labor Survey Committee, 2014)
  • "Healthy management that makes the company and society happy" (Shigeru Tanaka, Koichi Kawabuchi, Toshiaki Kono, Keiso Shobo, 2010)
  • "Introduction to" Health Accounting "-Energizing Employees and the Company" (Akira Mori, Tomohisa Nagata, Shinya Oku, Hoken, 2010)

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