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🏥 | The symptoms of "meningococcal urethritis", which has been attracting attention in recent years, are similar to gonorrhea.

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The symptoms of "meningococcal urethritis", which has been attracting attention in recent years, are similar to gonorrhea.

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Therefore, even if you do a normal urine test (nucleic acid amplification method), it will be negative.

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Nucleic acid amplification method


Urinalysis(Urinalysis,British: Urinalysis)PeeIncludes many inspection items aboutMedical checkupIs one of the most common methods of[1]..Part of the urinalysis is done by urinalysis, and the results can be read by discoloration of the test strip.

Inspection item

Test result reference standard value
Measurement itemlower limitupper limitunit
Peeproportion1.003 [1][2]1.030[1][2]g / mL
Osmotic pressure400[3]n / A[3]m / kg
Urobilinogen0.2[2]1.0 [2]
or mg / dL
Red blood cell(RBCs) /
0[2][4]2[2] <p>2019<p>[4]to

Red blood cell cylindern / A0 / negative[2]
White blood cell (WBCs) /
0[2]2[2] / negative[2]
protein0trace amounts[2]
sugarn / A0 / negative[2]
Ketoneclassn / A0 / negative[2]
Bilirubinn / A0 / negative[2]
bloodn / A0 / negative[2]
Nitriten / A0 / negative[2]
sodium (Na)-per day150[3]300[3]mmol / 24hours
potassium (K)-per day40[3]90[3]mmol / 24hours
calcium (Ca) --per day2.5[3]8.0[3]mmol / 24hours
phosphoric acid (P) --per dayn / A[3]38[3]mmol / 24hours
Creatinine --per day4.8[3]19[3]mmol / 24hours
Dopamine --per day
90 [5]420 [5]μg / d

Urine is produced by being filtered by the kidneys to dispose of unwanted substances, harmful substances, and metabolic waste products in the blood.Therefore, it reflects the physical conditionHydrogen ion index It is known that (pH) and components change,Internal medicineIt is the main test target in the diagnosis of.

BloodLymph,Interstitial fluid, The pH of cell fluid, etc.HomeostasisIt is usually maintained at pH 7.4 ± 0.05 by (homeostasis function).On the other hand, since urine is not a body fluid, the pH fluctuates to some extent, and urine is generally weakly acidic.Alkaline foodBy ingesting a large amount of, it often remains alkaline and does not decrease.

In urineproteinIf (Proteinuria),Kidney diseaseOr urinary tract abnormalities,sugarThen.Diabetes mellitusInflammation and stones of the urethral system are suspected in blood.However, these are even in the absence of diseasefatigueIt may also be the cause.UrobilinogenAmount of urineproportionAlso suggests organ disease.ウ イ ル ス, If bacteria are mixedUrinary system OfInfectionIs suspected.When ingesting drugs, poisons, etc., unique metabolites are detected.妊娠From the woman who didHuman chorionic gonadotropin A unique hormone called (HCG) is detected.

A simple urine testreagentColor change andPrecipitationIt checks for the presence or absence of pregnancy, and can be confirmed in a few minutes if it is a pregnancy test.in recent yearsMass spectrometryWith the development of, it has become possible to detect even extremely small amounts of components, and in sports competitions.dopingIt is used for inspections.

However, if the storage temperature from collection to inspection is high and it takes a long time, intestinal bacteria that are frequently detected in urineE. coli,ProteusIt has been reported that urine, which changes its composition due to the influence of bacteria and is more likely to have important findings, has a more remarkable change over time.[6]..Therefore, it is desirable to store it in a cool and dark place with a lid.[6].

Anisakis gunUtilizing the habit of gathering in the part ofCaenolab Ditis EleganceResearch is being conducted to enable cancer screening by urine using[7][8].


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