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🏥 | I want to know about coronavirus Infectious disease countermeasures are at room temperature of 22 degrees and humidity of 50%.


I want to know about coronavirus Infectious disease countermeasures at room temperature 22 degrees and humidity 50%

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[Q4] What is the room temperature of the dressing room that you want to keep to extend healthy life expectancy?

"Japanese people tend to think that it is better to put up with the cold to get stronger and healthier, and in fact more than 9% of people ... → Continue reading

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Healthy life expectancy

Healthy life expectancy(Kenkoujumyo,British: Health expectancy, Healthy life expectancy) Is a survival period in which you can maintain your life physically and mentally and live independently without depending on daily and continuous medical care and long-term care.[1][2].

For a list of statistics for each countryList by country's healthy lifespan and life extension period,World Happiness ReportSee.


WHOProposed this concept in 2000.平均averagelifeThe healthy life expectancy is the period excluding the period of living depending on daily / continuous medical care / long-term care.[1][2].

Average life expectancy represents the length of life expectancy, but healthy life expectancy represents the survival period in which one can maintain one's physical and mental life and live independently without depending on daily / continuous medical care / long-term care. The higher the ratio of healthy life expectancy to life expectancy, the higher the quality of life expectancy is evaluated, which leads to reduction of medical expenses and long-term care costs.

whoAlso, governments around the world and government agencies that have jurisdiction over health policy (generally called the Ministry of Health) have made it an important policy goal to increase healthy life expectancy and increase the ratio of healthy life expectancy to life expectancy. ..

Calculation method

  • Sullivan method (adopted by Japan)
  • Katz method
  • Rogers method

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MAJYOInvented by.

QLDDeveloped next to, it was the mainstream in Japan at that time with 640 x 400 dots and 4096 colors and 16 colors.NECPC,PC-9800 seriesIt was a specification that was in line with the image display capability of.The format is fast to decompress and the compression rate is so good that secondary compression by compression software does not work, but it is not widely used because the algorithms and loaders are under the control of QLD and were not open to the public.PC communicationThe standard 16-color image format in was open to the publicMAG,PiHas become a local format that is used only within the QLD forums and QLD sigs.

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