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🏥 | Sports maker / brand winter mask summary.Not stuffy when exercising & as a measure against the cold


Summary of winter masks for sports makers and brands.Not stuffy when exercising & as a measure against the cold

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For winter, a mouse cover that uses the moisture-absorbing heat-generating material "Breath Thermo" on the inner surface will be released.

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, we continue to wear masks when going out.Muscle training and running in the gym, ... → Continue reading


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Moisture-absorbing heat-generating fiber

Moisture-absorbing heat-generating fiberWhat is (fever)?SweatAbsorbs water such asFeverTofiber.

Sportswearunderwear[1],Knee supporter,Belly roll, Used for quilting batting.Moisture absorption and heat generation material,Moisture absorption heat generation wearSometimes called.

2003In JapanUNIQLOReleased "Heat Tech"Winter:Became a standard product of[2].

Principle and outline of moisture absorption and heat generation

From ancient timeswoolWas known to absorb moisture and become warm.In particular, it is a property found in water-absorbent fibers having a polar functional group of an electrolyte as a molecule.This is because water molecules are mainly on the fiber surface.Carboxy groupThis is because it interacts strongly with hydrophilic groups such as, and hydration energy is released as heat.[3]..In addition, the heat released by stretching the polymer chains in the amorphous part of the fiber molecule that has absorbed water (entropy elastic expression mechanism) also contributes to heat generation to some extent.[3].

By chemically introducing polar functional groups and making the fibers thinner than wool to increase the overall surface area, hygroscopicity was increased and more water was adsorbed.Synthetic fiberWas developed.A material that is a mixture of fibers and cotton with improved moisture absorption performance is called a "moisture absorption and heat generation material" and has been commercialized.[4][2].

It does not continue to generate heat indefinitely, and when the moisture absorption of the fibers becomes saturated, it does not generate heat any more, so the effect when used for clothing is limited to the first few minutes to a dozen minutes.[5][6][7].

Trademark example


 As a completely different thing, "heat storage heat retention material" that stores sunlight instead of moisture absorption heat generation (CeramicsAbsorption-heat conversion function by[10]Ceramic fiber that radiates far infrared rays when heated[11]And so on[4].


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