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🏥 | Recommended supplement for drinking at home or online drinking party during the New Year holidays!


Recommended supplement for drinking at home or online drinking party during the New Year holidays!

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In order to enjoy a relaxing home drink or an online drinking party where you can relax while drinking, the supplement "Patch MD", which is recommended by many doctors and clinics in the United States, just drinks too much. Please spend the end of the year comfortably.

The drinking party season has arrived!It's just because the drinking party has changed due to the corona virus.Corona, our life style ... → Continue reading

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Online drinking party

Online drinking party(Online only)computer,Smartphone,TabletUtilizingVideo chatDone in the formdrinking party.Remote drinking partySometimes called[1].

The original drinking partyJapanese cuisine tavernSuch as restaurantIt is mainly held in, but online drinking parties arehomeな どインターネットIn a place where the environment is in placeonlineHeld through.Epidemic of new coronavirus infectionIncreased against the background[2].


JapanAnd all over the worldEpidemic of new coronavirus infectionbased onLockdownEnforcement and refraining from going out unnecessarilyTeleworkDue to the influence of working from home and working from home, it rapidly spread and became active mainly among young people.[3][4]..In some cases, companies hold online events to promote friendship between employees.[5].

In Japan, the spread of "online drinking parties" became a hot topic, but in Europe and the United States, the spread of "virtual coffee" with colleagues and business partners became a hot topic.[5].. in JapanAsahi beerHeld four online drinking parties, "Ikamo! Online Drinking ASAHI SUPER DRY VIRTUAL BAR", which can be attended by 2020 people from April to May 4.[6][7].


There are several tools that can hold an online drinking party. For example, the online meeting toolZoom[8]AndLINEVideo call[9],Facebook Messenger[1],Skype[1],Googlehang out[1]And so on. There are also services specializing in online drinking parties such as Minmi[10].. The number of people who can participate at one time, time limit, function, image quality, sound quality, etc. differ depending on the tool[1].

merit and demerit

Online drinking parties are available on the internetア プ リ ケ ー シ ョ ンFully equipped and in advancealcoholBeverages such asAppetizersIf you prepare food such as, you can easily hold it.New coronavirusWas listed as an outbreak preventionThree denseIt is also possible to avoid[11].. Other benefits are that people who can't drink can enjoy it, they don't mind the smell of alcohol, they can drink their favorite drink at their own pace, they can join or leave midway, and they don't have to order for others. , Low cost, fair cost, connecting with people far away, no travel cost, no need to worry about time to go home, etc.[11][3][12].

On the other hand, there are disadvantages such as not being able to share food, cleaning up your room, being more difficult to decline an invitation than a normal drinking party because it is premised on your home, and having an ambiguous end because there is no seating time like an izakaya.[11][13][4].. As a result of a survey of men and women in their teens to 10s, Lip Pop answered that about 50% of people do not want to participate. In this survey, it is troublesome to prepare for a drinking party such as purchasing snacks and alcohol, and it takes a long time because you can not get out at the last train etc. In the case of a company online drinking party, you do not want to bother to drink with the company people even at home Opinions were raised[14][15].. In addition, tools such as Zoom used for online drinking parties have the problem that if two or more people speak at the same time due to the system, the voices will interfere and you will not be able to hear at all, so unlike ordinary drinking parties, one person It's easy to get a composition where everyone else hears what you're talking about[4].

with the BBCReported an analysis that requires more concentration than face-to-face and requires energy to read the other person's intentions[2].


Epidemic of new coronavirus infectionWhile online drinking parties are being actively held due to the influence of the above, sales of restaurants such as izakaya are declining sharply.[3].

Natalie Latour of the French Addiction Association states that the increase in online drinking parties requires avoiding patterns that lead to alcoholism.[16].


Manga"Police Box in Front of Kameari Park, Katsushika WardIt was painted in 1988 of "" Hello! Winding of "(Paperback Volume 59 included) on TV, the heroRyotsu KankichiIt was noted that the scene where participants from all over the world gathered through a TV with a camera and a telephone line to hold an alumni association as a part-time job foresaw an online drinking party.[17][18].

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