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🏥 | National Institute of Infectious Diseases, mutant virus isolation to be distributed to domestic and overseas research institutes

Photo A mutant of the new coronavirus from the United Kingdom isolated by the National Institute of Infectious Diseases (provided by the Institute)

National Institute of Infectious Diseases, mutant virus isolation to be distributed to domestic and overseas research institutes

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The virus will also be distributed to domestic and overseas research institutes.

The National Institute of Infectious Diseases revealed that by the 6th, it had succeeded in isolating a variant of the new coronavirus found in the United Kingdom ... → Continue reading

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graduate School

graduate School(Kenkyusho, Kenkyujo,British: research institute, laboratory, research center Etc.)ResearchIt is an organization / facility that conducts such activities.


What is a research institute?Research(OrResearch and Development),Alsotest,AppraisalTo do etc.組織(organ) And thatFacilityThat is.In a broad senseobservatoryIn some cases, it also includes "agricultural laboratory".

It varies from laboratory to laboratory, for examplenatural Science,Humanities,Social scienceThose that target various fields such as, or specific fields that are subdivided from them have been established.In addition, there are research institutes in various fields, not limited to science.
The founder is not particularly limited,International organization, In a countryCentral government,Local government,University,Company,Foundation,IndividualAnd so on.
In the case of Japan, those set up by companies in companies are called "in-house research institutes", those set up by individuals are "private research institutes", and those set up by local governments are those established by Japan. What to installPublic test research instituteCalled.
Type, classification
There are various classifications of research institutes, for example, classification according to the type of academic discipline.Also,"Basic researchThere are also cases where the meanings of "" and "" are classified, the meaning of "top-down" research with a predetermined mission, and the meaning of "bottom-up" research based on the free ideas of researchers.

UniversityIs not usually classified as a research institute, but often has an institution named after the research institute.諸分野に関する政策立案、政策提言を主たる業務とするIts main business is policy making and policy proposals related to various fields.think tankHowever, many of them use the name of research institute.The English laboratory refers to a wide range, including simply well-equipped locations.For this reason, facilities that perform analysis and manufacturing using known technologies that are not research are also called (photo development, blood tests, acoustic analysis, structural analysis, etc.).

World laboratories

International organization

The United Kingdom








The organizational structure is different for each area.

Generally speaking, in the research institute, each research themeLaboratoryDivided into, usually there are no students.Here, technical or apprentice staff →Researcher(Or Researcher) → Senior Researcher (or Senior Researcher), Office Manager → Department Manager → Deputy Director → Director Many institutions have adopted a hierarchical structure.

However,Ministry of educationIn the laboratory under the jurisdictionUniversitySimilar to the course of教授,Associate professor,Teaching assistantIt is composed of (or engineers and students).

For think tanks, see "think tank"checking.

Research Institute under the direct control of international organizations in Japan

National Research and Development Agency, Major research institutes attached to the Japanese National Research and Development Agencies

"The country directly operates"Facility, etc., Or a research institute attached to an institution such as a facility

country's"Special institution, Or a research institute attached to a special institution

Research institutes in other countries

Shared use / joint research base

Inter-university research institution corporationLaboratory

Major local government research institutes

Public interest incorporated foundationLaboratory

General FoundationLaboratory

Research institute of incorporated association

Here, only those that are incorporated by the institute alone are listed.

Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Institute of school corporation

Education Institute

Religious corporation research institute

Other laboratories


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  3. ^ Network-type interdisciplinary large-scale information infrastructure joint use / joint research center
  4. ^ Network-type Arctic Research Joint Promotion Center
  5. ^ Network-type biomedical and dental engineering joint research center
  6. ^ Network-type radiation disaster / medical science research center
  7. ^ Radioactivity Environmental Dynamics / Impact Assessment Network Joint Research Center
  8. ^ National Museum of History and Folklore,National Institute of Japanese Literature,National Museum of EthnologyAre also under the umbrella of, but these are also conducting research activities.
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