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📦 | "Furusato Matsuri Tokyo" will be held online January 1-8, live stream from Tokyo Dome


"Furusato Matsuri Tokyo" will be held online January 1-8, live stream from Tokyo Dome

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"Kochi Yosakoi Festival" "Aomori Nebuta Festival" "Tokyo Koenji Awa Odori" etc.

"Furusato Matsuri Tokyo-Japanese Festival / Hometown Taste-", which introduces festivals and foods from all over the country, will be held from January 1th (Friday) this year ... → Continue reading


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Tokyo Koenji Awa Odori

Tokyo Koenji Awa Odori (Tokyo Koenji Awa Odori)TokyoSuginamiKoenjiHeld every year in late August (last Saturday and Sunday)Awa danceIs. "Tokushima City AwaodoriIt is the second largest Awa Odori in the Tokyo area.

JRKoenji StationFrom beforeTokyo MetroShinkoenji StationIt will be held on the stage of the shopping street and Konan Street.The name has risen with each passing year, and it is now the home of Awa Odori.TokushimaThere are many participants from afar, such as group participation from.Held on the same day every yearAsakusa Samba CarnivalAlong with the representative of Tokyo夏祭りHas become one of[Annotation 1]..About 1 people dance in late summer in TokyoTraditional poetryHas been established as.


"Tokyo Koenji Awa Odori" isKoenjiThe youth club of the shopping district (currently Pal shopping district)Town revitalizationAs in KoenjiHikawa ShrineIt was started in conjunction with the annual festival of.Initially in the neighboring townAsagayaStar FestivalIn the summer againstEventsTo useAwa danceStarted with a dance similar to, and eventually lived in TokyoTokushimaIt developed in the form of receiving guidance from graduates.Currently, it was established mainly by local shopping districts and neighborhood associations.NPO corporationIt is sponsored by the Tokyo Koenji Awa Odori Promotion Association.

  • 1957å¹´(32): Held for the first time (the name at that time was "Koenji Fool Dance")[2]
  • 1963å¹´(Showa 38): Renamed "Koenji Fool Dance" to the current "Tokyo Koenji Awa Odori"
  • 2011å¹´(Heisei23 years):Great East Japan EarthquakeChanged to hold in the daytime (15: 00-18: 00) due to power saving cooperation due to the influence of[3]
  • 2012å¹´(24): In order to continue to cooperate in saving electricity, the holding time was changed to 1:17 --00:20, one hour earlier from this year.
  • 2014å¹´(26)8/23 : TokushimaConducted a sightseeing PR caravan.Before the openingHideki HaraA greeting from the mayor of Tokushima was also given.After this year, we started to invite one authentic Tokushima ream only on the first day.[4].


In Awa Odori, the dance group is called "Ren", but the participating reams of Koenji Awa Odori are2010å¹´About 150 dancers, 10,000 dancers. There are "Famous Ren", "Corporate Ren" composed of company employees and their families, "Student Ren" by students, and Ren made up of like-minded friends.Of these, the number of corporate associations participating is easily influenced by economic trends.It boasts the second largest scale after Tokushima.

Awa Odori Ren from all over the metropolitan area also participatedToritsu Kasei-Mitaka-Koganei-KitamachiNear Koenji,Minamikoshigaya(Excluding the year when the schedule is covered) ・Higashirinma-MobaraAnd others are also participating.In addition, a city that interacts with Suginami Ward (FukushimaMinamisoma City,NiigataOjiyaEtc.) are also participating.On the other hand, the Koenji Awaodori Ren Association affiliates participate in several consecutive invitations to Toritsu Kasei, Mitaka, Koganei, Kitamachi, Minamikoshigaya, Higashirinma, Mobara, etc. (Minamikoshigaya excludes the year when the schedule is covered).

Some of the following affiliated reams are affiliated with the authentic Tokushima ream and sister reams.[Annotation 2], Because there are cases where the Tokushima Ren has a branch in the Kanto region.[Annotation 3], Authentic Tokushima dancers may join the sisters' ream (at least 4 consecutive Tokushima reams are invited in Minamikoshigaya. At Koenji, 2014 ream is invited as a ream since 1 as mentioned above. Before that, I hadn't invited Ren.)

Koenji Awa Odori Ren Association Affiliation Ren

Aoi Shinren, Asukaren, Iroharen, Edo Ukiren, Edo Kabukiren, Edokkoren, Kikusuiren, Kochoren, Koroku (2007å¹´, Renamed from Mossakuren), Shinobu Ren, Sharaku Ren, Shirumami Aren, Shinwaka Ren (dissolved in 2012), Fukiko Ren, Suisuke, Suzaku Ren, Soren Chu (withdrawn in 2018), Tengu Ren, Tensho Ren, Tokyo Shin Nonki Ren, Tokyo Tensui Ren, Toshusai, Nobiyuki Ren, Hanabishi Ren, Hanado Ren, Hisago Ren, Hyottoko Ren, Benkei Ren, Maicho Ren, Bidan Ren, Wakakoma Ren, Waka Ren (2007) Year, renamed from Efuai Eiren)


Sink dance

Eight performance halls are set up to go around Koenji Station and Shin-Koenji Station.There are Central Enbujo, Higashi Enbujo, Junjo Enbujo, Pal Enbujo, Taoyuan Enbujo, Minami Enbujo, Look 8st Enbujo, and Look XNUMXnd Enbujo.However, since the Fureodori will be held only in the shopping districts, it will be held only in the Junjo, Pal, and Look shopping districts.

Stage dance

Cesion Suginami,Za-KoenjiIt will be done at.The stage dance is performed before the nagashi dance (from morning to noon).Admission to Sesion Suginami requires a reservation with a ticket guide by the day before, and Za and Koenji will be on sale on the day.


Directions and Parking

It is within walking distance from both stations to each performance hall.

As for fixed-route buses, there are many routes around Koenji.Kanto busAndAkabane StationWe operate buses to the directionKokusai Kogyo BusIs responding by issuing a special flight.Due to traffic restrictions during the Awa Odori period, high 43 heading to the Gokakaido sales office will be detoured via Kannana-dori, and high 45 heading to Eifukucho will be suspended and will depart and arrive at Shin-Koenji station as new 02. Be careful because it will be.


Although it is a festival that is a feature of late summer in Tokyo, some problems have been pointed out.

  • The area around Koenji Station is very crowded,JR Chuo Line Rapid TrainIs a limited express (Azusa-Kaji) ・ Chuo Special Rapid Service ・ Oume Special Rapid Service, let alone rapid trains, do not stop temporarily (usually, all trains pass through Koenji Station on Saturdays and holidays).
  • There is a big problem of garbage disposal such as littering of garbage, and even local elementary schools have mentioned it as a problem.[5].
  • Koenji is held on the last Saturday and Sunday of August every year, and the aforementioned Minami Koshigaya Awa Odori is held on the fourth Saturday and Sunday of August every year, so there are many years when it suffers (even in recent years alone).2007å¹´,2008å¹´,2012å¹´,2013å¹´,2014å¹´,2019å¹´Is applicable).Besides, every year in the Kanto area, "(I.e.Awa Odori ""KokinjukuThere are many years when people suffer from Awa Odori such as "Matsuri".In this case, the locals of each venue other than Koenji cannot participate in Koenji.


注 釈

  1. ^ It may not be the same day depending on the year, such as 2013. In 2013, Koenji was held on August 8th and 24th, and Asakusa Samba was held on August 25st.
  2. ^ This applies to Shiruma Aren, who has a sister relationship with the authentic Miyabi Ren.
  3. ^ Applicable to Tokyo Aoi Ren (not affiliated with Koenji Association).


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外部 リンク

Yosakoi Festival

Yosakoi Festival(Yosakoi Festival) isKochiKochi OfFestival. Every year8/9Eve festival,8/10と8/11Main festival,8/12It will be held for four days, the national convention and the after-night festival.On the 4th, when the eve of the festival is held, about 9 shotsfireworksKochi City RyoFireworks displayWill also be held.There were a total of about 100 million people in four days,Three major festivals in Shikokuone of.The economic spillover is about 100 billion yen.

2020å¹´ TheNew coronavirusFirst ever discontinuation due to spread of infection[1].

The festival will be performed by 9 teams and about 7 people with elaborate tastes at 200 competition halls and 2 performance halls in the city.Regarding the meaning of the word "Yosakoi"YosakoiSee.


1954å¹´(Showa29 years),Tokushima OfAwa danceKochi in a way that opposesChamber of commerceThe 1st Yosakoi Festival is held by the youth group (prior to the 1st)1950å¹´(25), at the Nankoku Kochi Industrial ExpoYosakoi DanceHas been unveiled for the first time).The festival isparadeIt will be held in a format, but on a truck called a local car (Jikatasha)PAEquipped with equipment, dancers line up behind them to perform the Yosakoi dance, and go around each performance hall in turn.Of the dancersClothing,make up(GenerallyHeavy makeup) Is often elaborate.

For the development of the festivalEisaku TakemasaIs greatly related.Takemasa is not only in charge of the song "Yosakoi Naruko Odori" used for dancing, but alsoNarukoI came up with the idea of ​​holding (agricultural equipment that drives away birds aiming at crops) and ringing it, and it is still an important item for Yosakoi dance.Also, the original Yosakoi dance is now called "normal".Japanese danceFollowed the choreography ofBon danceAlthough it was a style, Takemasa allowed free arrangement of songs, so it was decided to create various variations after that.Currentlysamba,Lock,hip hop,Enka,フ ラ メ ン コ,hulaEach team shows off their elaborate songs and choreography, and entertains the audience with the "normal" that leaves a strong tradition.

1992年(Heisei4 years),HokkaidoSapporoでYOSAKOI Soran FestivalWas held, and starting with this, the "Yosakoi Festival" will spread all over the country.As a festival that spread all over the country from the birthplace after the warSendai TanabataThe origin of the equipment-intensive typeShopping districtIs an eventStar FestivalHowever, since the "YOSAKOI Festival" is mainly dance, it is a participant-intensive urban event where the organizer spends less than the equipment-intensive type, and since the YOSAKOI Soran Festival, it has become a local folk song.NarukoThe Yosakoi Festival is rapidly spreading all over the world (see details)YOSAKOISee).

Along with that, the Yosakoi Festival has undergone a major transformation in recent years.The choreography of the dance was complicated and difficult to remember, and many of them made violent movements.Regardless of age or sex (tourist, Including the opportunity for the audience to jump in and experience the dance regardless of the locals), the search and practice of a format that allows them to participate in the dance happily continues.


  • 1950å¹´(Showa25) "Yosakoi Dance" is performed at the Nankoku Kochi Industrial Expo.
  • 1954å¹´(Showa 29) The 1st Yosakoi Festival is held.
  • 1957å¹´(32) Started using local cars.
  • 1972å¹´(47) Nice Ofカ ー ニ バ ルInvited to.
  • 1991å¹´(Heisei3 years) The eve of the festival started.
  • 1995å¹´(7) After-night festival starts.
  • 1999å¹´(11) Yosakoi National Convention held.
  • 2003å¹´(15) The Yosakoi Festival reaches its 50th milestone.Since the dates of the after-night festival and the Kochi City Fireworks Festival overlap, the Kochi City Fireworks Festival will start from this year.8/13change to.
  • 2010å¹´(22) The performance hall will be revived in front of JR Kochi Station for the first time in 40 years.It is run by the Kochi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Youth Department.
  • 2020å¹´ (Reiwa 2nd year) Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, it was decided to cancel it since it started in 1954.


  • The number of participants per team is 150 or less.
  • NarukoholdingAdvanceChoreography.
  • You can arrange the songs freely,Yosakoi Naruko DanceBe sure to include the melody of.
  • One local car for each team (required).There are restrictions on specifications such as size for reasons such as ensuring safety and preventing excessive decorative competition.

Competition hall / performance hall

  • Competition hall
    • Uemachi Competition Hall
    • Masugata Competition Hall
    • Central Park Competition Hall
    • Otesuji Headquarters Competition Hall
    • Umenotsuji Competition Hall
    • Saenbacho competition hall
    • Atago Competition Hall
    • Mandatory competition hall
    • Harimaya BridgeCompetition hall (performance hall until 2012 (Heisei 24))
    • Chiyoricho Competition Hall (Abolished in 2012)
  • Theater
    • Asahi Enbujo
    • Yanagimachi Enbujo
    • Qin Enbujo
    • Obiyamachi Enbujo
    • Kyomachi Enbujo
    • Kochi Castle Performance Hall
    • Kochi Station South Exit Performance Hall


  • Eve festival (8/9) The teams that won the previous year's performance (excluding the District Competition Hall Federation Local Car Encouragement Award) and the teams selected by lottery will participate.2013å¹´From (25), the examination at the eve of the festival was abolished.
    • Grand Prix
    • Associate Grand Prix
    • Dance award
    • Sound award
    • Fashion award
    • Judge special prize
  • Production (8/10-11 Day)
    • Yosakoi Grand Prize
    • Gold medal (3)
    • Silver prize (3)
    • Judge's Special Award (3)
    • District Competition Hall Federation Encouragement Award (up to 12; one for children, one for outside the prefecture, and one for the first time)
    • District Competition Hall Federation Local Car Encouragement Award (up to 3)
    • Individual awards Awarded at each competition hall and performance hall.There are many variations).
  • Goya Festival(8/12) Production winning teams (excluding the District Competition Hall Federation Local Car Encouragement Award) will participate.
    • Eisaku Takemasa Award
  • National Tournament (August 8) Teams from outside Kochi Prefecture will participate.
    • Grand Prize "Ki"
    • Excellence Award "Aya"
    • Excellence Award "Stylish"
    • Excellence Award "Mutsumi"
    • Excellence Award "Glossy"
    • Excellence Award "Australia"
    • Peggy HayamaAward (Special Award by the election of Peggy Hayama)

TV broadcast

During the tournamentKochi BroadcastingWill be broadcast live on all commercial broadcasters in the prefecture.NHKで1990 eraEarly and2000 eraIn the first halfBSThere was a time when live broadcasting was being carried out.2003年From (15)BS Premium(2010年Until (22)BS-hi) Will record the state of the festival during the Yosakoi Festival and broadcast it after the period ends (some years there is no broadcast itself).

Problems with Yosakoi

As social movements toward the elimination of gangsters have intensified in recent years, the Yosakoi Festival Promotion Association, which hosts the Yosakoi Festival, has been held.2012å¹´From (24), the participating teams are obliged to submit a "pledge" declaring that they are not involved with the gangsters, and according to the promotion association, all 2012 people applied for participation in the summer of 24 (198). The team has issued a pledge.However, in July 2012, Akira Takahashi, one of the suspects arrested by the Kochi Office as an attempted blackmail case involving a gangster, became the "team manager" of "Tenjin Jusai". It turns out that he has signed the pledge.The promotion association decided to consider whether or not to participate in "24 people and 7 colors", saying that "it may conflict with the pledge", but after that, "1 people and XNUMX colors" have declined to participate.[2]..Regarding the above-mentioned arrest charges, there is a possibility of false arrest, and the prosecutor did not appear in the trial, which was an unusual case. He was acquitted in April 2013 and has since been confirmed.

Participating in Yosakoi requires the preparation of local cars and costumes, the securing of practice venues, choreography and music production costs.Dancers pay tens of thousands of yen to participate, but in many cases it is not enough, and many teams other than corporate teams have sponsor companies.While the number of participating teams is increasing year by year, it is not uncommon for teams to dissolve due to financial difficulties due to the withdrawal of sponsors. Even if it is limited to corporate teams (including club teams whose naming rights are owned by the company) and corporate teams that have won the awards (Yosakoi Grand Prize, Gold Award, Silver Award, Special Jury Award) that will be judged at the headquarters competition hall after 2000. , Kochi Prefecture Construction Industry Association, Kochi Prefecture Architects Association, Central, Shikoku Development, Kochi Daimaru, Fujitsu, Kochi Prefecture Truck Association (Toraku), Softbank have withdrawn.Some became a central club team that revived after more than 10 yearsChifure cosmeticsI made a main sponsorship contract including naming rights[3]However, if one company is the operating body, most of them are dissolved as they are.

Only the Otesuji Headquarters competition hall has a performance schedule decided in advance by lottery.The headquarters competition hall is divided into a daytime section and a nighttime section, but the daytime section is a screening venue for awards other than the district competition hall federation encouragement award, and the local TV station broadcasts live, and the nighttime section. Is the most important competition venue because a special medal is awarded only to the headquarters competition venue.However, due to the road permission, the performance time is shorter than other competition halls and performance halls, so only 170 teams can dance at the headquarters in both the day and night sections.Therefore, if the number of teams applying for participation exceeds 170, all teams that have participated for the first time and teams that have not participated for 10 years or more, and if the number of teams exceeds 170, the teams outside the prefecture (excluding the teams that won this award in the previous year) have participated less frequently. A preliminary lottery will be held, and only the winning team will be able to dance at the headquarters competition hall. In 2017, the number of teams eligible for the lottery was 38, but the number of lottery slots was only two.The number of appearances of teams outside the prefecture that are eligible for the lottery is affected by the total number of participating teams, but in 2, up to the 2017th participating team was eligible for the lottery.If you do not win the lottery and dance at the main competition hall in the daytime section, you will not be able to automatically win any prizes other than the encouragement prize.Some teams, such as children's teams, decline the night club, so some teams can dance only in the night club, but they are not subject to judging (individual award medals can be obtained).Since the 7th tournament is a milestone tournament, we extended the road permission time and adjusted so that all teams could dance at the headquarters competition hall.However, because it was a commemorative tournament, we obtained explanations and consent from the surrounding area and extended the time specially, so it is currently impossible for all teams to dance at the headquarters competition hall every time.[4]..There is also an opinion from teams outside the prefecture that they want to draw lots based on the number of appearances regardless of whether they are outside or inside the prefecture, or to draw lots for all teams.However, if the lottery is conducted under the same conditions inside and outside the prefecture, it may result in inequality for the prefecture team for the following reasons.On the final day, the national tournament and the after-night festival will be held at the same time, but if the entry of the national tournament is accepted, the teams outside the prefecture can dance at the headquarters competition hall at the national tournament even if they cannot win the award at the main festival.However, the prefecture team is not eligible to participate in the national tournament, so if they cannot win the award in the actual performance, they will not be able to participate in the evening festival.As the number of participating teams has increased year by year, the award race is tough, and it is increasing that the teams that have won the grand prize, the top winning teams of the previous year, and the regular winning teams cannot win the award in the actual performance (Awards higher than the Jury's Special Award in 2016). 10 out of 4 teams won no prize in 2017).Moreover, although there are 22 actual prizes, the encouragement prize has one frame outside the prefecture, so the maximum number of teams in the prefecture that can participate in the evening festival is 1.Other awards can be awarded regardless of whether they are inside or outside the prefecture, and multiple teams outside the prefecture receive the awards every year. In 21, 2017 teams participated in the national tournament (of which 46 teams won the actual competition and 4 teams participated only in the national tournament), while 19 teams in the prefecture were able to participate in the evening festival.Although the operation of the national convention and the after-night festival are integrated, it is difficult to make arrangements in advance because the purpose of the event and the host organization are different.


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