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📦 | Coming-of-age feelings of Corona's coming-of-age ceremony

Photo New adults meeting online = Mochida Community Center, Higashimochida-cho, Matsue City

Coming-of-age ceremony of Corona's coming-of-age ceremony

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Sakiran says, "I want to be a calm member of society with awareness.

11th is Coming-of-Age Day.Coming-of-age ceremonies by local governments have been canceled and postponed in both San'in prefectures. → Continue reading

 Sanin Chuo Shimpo

San-in Chuo Shimpo delivers news from both Sanin prefectures

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Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: Sakiran'sImage providedplease.(2020/6)

Sala(Sara,20028/7 -) isJapan Ofactress.KanagawaI'm fromAdessoBelongs.The name of the child actorROOM[1].


I am good at singing songs and my hobby is making sweets[2].


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