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📦 | Amazon "QAnon" related products will be removed. "Mr. Trump is a hero fighting the dark government" unfounded conspiracy theory


To remove Amazon "QAnon" related products. "Mr. Trump is a hero fighting the dark government" unfounded conspiracy theory

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On January 1, Trump supporters broke into the Capitol in an attempt to thwart a joint session to finalize the outcome of the US presidential election.

Amazon.com in the United States announced on January 1th that it was related to the conspiracy theory "QAnon" from its mail-order platform ... → Continue reading

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United States Congress

United States Congress(America is busy,British: United States Congress) IsThe United States of AmericaFederal government OfLegislative office.Senate (Senate)as well as the House of Representatives (lower house)Consists ofBicameral systemParliamentIs[1].Capitol TheWashington DCLocated in.

Congress(Congress),United States ConstitutionDefined by Article 1 of.In addition, it should be notedDissolutionThere is no.


The Senate has a fixed number of 100 seats, and two Senators from each state of the United States are elected by a general vote for a six-year term.[1].. One-third of members are re-elected every two years[1]..The reason why the seat allocation is uniformly 2 people in each state regardless of the population and area of ​​the state is to adjust the conflicting interests in the states with a large population and the states with a small population at the beginning of the country.ConnecticutIt is a measure created by the proposal of, and is called "Great Compromise".

The House of Representatives has a fixed number of 435 seats, members are directly elected by general voting, and all members are re-elected every two years.[1]..Seats are allocated according to the population ratio of each state[1], Election districts are divided in each state, simpleSmall districtEach member is elected by the system.



According to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, the following powers are granted:[1].

  1. To levy taxes, customs duties, import taxes and sales taxes for the payment of US debt, joint defense and general well-being.
  2. Borrowing money in the credit of the United States.
  3. Regulate foreign trade and trade between states and with Indian tribes.
  4. Enact uniform naturalization rules and unified bankruptcy legislation throughout the United States.
  5. Casting money, setting its value and the value of foreign money, and setting the standard of metrology.
  6. Establish penalties for counterfeiting US securities and currencies.
  7. To build a post office and a postal road.
  8. To promote academic and artistic progress by guaranteeing authors and inventors exclusive rights to their respective works and inventions for a period of time.
  9. Supreme CourtOrganize a lower court under.
  10. To define and punish piracy and other felony offenses in the high seas and offenses contrary to international law.
  11. Declare a war, grant an enemy ship capture license, and establish rules for capture on land and at sea.
  12. armyTo recruit and maintain.However, the expenditure budget used for this purpose must not extend for more than two years.
  13. NavyTo create and maintain.
  14. Establish rules regarding the control and discipline of the Army and Navy.
  15. Enforce federal law and establish provisions for convening militias to quell rebellions and repel aggression.
  16. militiaTo establish provisions regarding the organization, armament and discipline of the United States, and the control of militias subject to US military service.However, each stateOfficerAppoints and reserves the authority to train militias in accordance with federal parliamentary provisions.
  17. Transferred by a state and accepted by CongressDistrict of Government of the United States (but not more than XNUMX miles square)To exercise exclusive legislative power against any matter.Exercise similar powers over all areas purchased with the consent of the state council in which it is located for the construction of fortresses, arsenals, arsenals, shipyards and other necessary structures.
  18. Enact all necessary and appropriate laws to exercise the above powers and all other powers conferred by this Constitution on the United States Government or its ministries or civil servants.


Legislative session

The United States Congress defines a two-year Congress from noon on January 1rd in an odd year to noon on January 3rd in the next odd year, depending on the term of the House of Representatives.In each legislative session1789Numbered in total from the 1st Congress, which opened in. The two-year legislative session consists of two annual units.SessionIt is divided by (Session), and odd-numbered years are the first session (First Session) and even-numbered years are the second session (Second Session).

General assembly

Each party has a Caucus, a general assembly of members of both the House and Senate, which is held during the election process for party officers and chairpersons in the hospital.[2]..Besides this, bipartisanParliamentary LeagueThere is also something called Caucus.The two major political parties will hold regional organizations by region.Party meetingAlso called Caucus, but they have different personalities[2].

In-hospital general affairs / in-hospital secretary

The parliamentary group has a leadership such as the general affairs of the hospital and the secretary of the hospital, but if the leadership decides whether to approve or disapprove of the bill, the members of the parliamentary group will not follow it. Is traded for.Parliamentarians are usually candidates who have won party nominations in local primaries, and are originally in a strong position because they have not been officially recognized by the party's executives.Furthermore, in elections, local media and others check and critique the voting behavior of incumbent members during their tenure, so members decide on individual voting behavior with that in mind.Compensatory provisions are often added to bills in order to get legislators' approval for bills that are unpopular in the local constituency.Due to such amendments, the decisions of both houses are often different, and to reconcile them.House of CouncilsIs utilized.


Approval by both the House of Representatives and the House of Representatives is required for all bills, including budget bills, to be passed, such as those granted to the House of Representatives in the United Kingdom and Japan.The superiority of the chamberThere is no.

The characteristics of the United States Parliament compared to the parliaments of other countries are that the independence of the parliament from the administration and the independence of individual members from the party are relatively high.About 1 bills are submitted every year.The agenda is divided into bills and resolutions.

Jointly operated by both housesLibrary of CongressFrom to each committee, a large number of specialized staff are hired, and as of 1995, the number was 33,000 (14,000 regular staff).This includes an average of about 1 individual members per member, 30 committee staff (2,900 in the House of Representatives and 2,000 in the Senate) attached to the chairman or the first member of the opposition, and 900 as assistant staff. There are more than the Senate Library staff.It aims to formulate policies independently of the government based on the investigation of those staff.In reality, legislation is often enacted at the request of the president, but even in that case, the proposal that has been assessed by the staff in the parliament is used as a starting point.Also,Anglo-American lawThen, even if there is a discrepancy between the laws, it will be resolved at the discretion of the judiciary.Continental lawThe hurdles for drafting a bill are not as high as in other countries.However, there are many bills that are not deliberated and are stored, and since the chairman is given the right to organize the proceedings, it is possible that the chairman does not take up the bill, and the authority of the chairman is stronger than that of the Japanese Diet.Many bills are devised so that they can be taken up by the chairperson, and the text may be devised and brought to the chairperson who is easy to pass.The establishment rate is about 1%.

Of the committee (or subcommittee) that deliberates the billPublic hearingI sometimes call high-ranking government officials, but basicallyCall to witnessIn the form of, usually one or several peoplewitnessThe committee members lined up on the stage asked questions during the time of each committee member, sometimes with speeches, and responded to them.testimonyIf he is deemed to be off the mark, he will not hesitate to interrupt his testimony.this isBritish House of RepresentativesThe situation is very different from the style in which ministers have a debate with the opposition party against the ruling party's seat.Also in Japan国会Often used inReference personUnlike the system, if the testimony is false, regardless of whether it is a government or private sectorperjuryIs accused of.After the hearing, the committee members will review each article (markup), And each committee member issues a revision plan for each part of the article and makes a decision each time.Then, the final draft will be decided and sent to the plenary session.

House of RepresentativesThe chairpersons of each committee of both houses have strong power to decide the order of bill deliberation and nominate speakers at their own discretion.On the other hand, in the Senate plenary session, the discretion of the presiding officer is small, and the majority party's in-house general affairs plays a central role in managing the proceedings with the agreement of all members as much as possible.

Other features includebudgetAre stipulated by individual laws, but they are not necessarily organized on a yearly basis.1974Is a bicameral resolutionBudget resolutionThe budget was set in a unified manner, and individual budget laws were formulated within that frame.However, it is not uncommon for budget resolutions to be missed or delayed.


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