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🌐 | Nippon-Ham Hideki Kuriyama Director Nabeshima Junior High School 2nd grade ale through the Internet [Saga Prefecture]


Nippon-Ham Hideki Kuriyama Director Nabeshima Junior High School ale through the Internet [Saga Prefecture]

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On the 21st, 19 people responded to the interview, and Hideki Kuriyama, director of the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, responded to the letter from Kaoru Mitoma.

Hideki Kuriyama, director of professional baseball Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, responding to letters that junior high school students asked about their jobs and dreams ... → Continue reading

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Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters

Nippon Ham > Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters

Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters(Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters,English: Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters) IsJapan OfProfessional baseballBaseball team.Pacific LeagueBelongs to.The abbreviation is "Nippon Ham"Nippon Ham" "Ham".

HokkaidoTheFranchiseage,Headquarters TheSapporo DomeAndAsahikawa Star Hin StadiumAndHakodate Ocean Stadium,Obihiro Forest Baseball Field,Kushiro City StadiumBut we hold official games every year (Later).

ChibaKamagaya cityIt is inFighters TownIsSecond army(Eastern LeagueAffiliation)Fighters StadiumThere is an indoor practice area and a dormitory for athletes.Kanto regionIt was the base of the team in.

Baseball history

Tokyo era

Senator's-Tokyu era

1945May 11Dissolved in 1943 during the warTokyo SenatorWas the central figure (founded in 1935)Saburo YokozawaAims to revive Senator'sSenator( Senators,Company name: Senator's Baseball Association) established.ReappearedJapan Baseball FederationJoined. In the 1946 league matchGold starParticipated as a new team with.Hiroshi Oshita,Shigeya Iijima,Giichiro ShirakiAlthough we gathered players who are ready to fight, it was financially difficult because it was a team launched by Yokozawa individually, and the uniform was before the war.Hankyu ArmyIt was in a state of falling.OldEthnic family OfKoichi SaionjiTheOwnerAttached toGinza OfcabaretAs a managerHigh loanWas alsosponsorHowever, due to lack of funds, Yokozawa had to give up running the team in just one season.

Senatorus in the history of Tokyu and Toei companyBlue gingerIt may be written as (seito)[Note 1].

1946May 9Pair ofGold starBattle (Nishinomiya Stadium), Because it was raining near the dormitory, the players did not move because they thought that the game was canceled, but the game was held, and this was the first time for professional baseball.Abandoned gameWas considered and lost 0-9.Hisadori Kanda(Later, Tokyu baseball team representative)[2] Keita GotoSarumaru recommends Goto to run a baseball team[3],same yearMay 12,Tokyu Electric RailwayThe team was sold for a total of 24 yen, including the team right of 35 yen (Tokyu).[4]..It was the labor of mediation between Senatorus and TokyuTokuro KonishiとNobuo Asaoka,Shozo KurokawaIs[5][6]..As an operating corporationTokyu Baseball Club Co., Ltd.Established.The following year 1947May 1, Team nameTokyu Flyers(Tokyu Flyers,Tokyu Flyers).Tokyu at that time is stillDaitokyuIt was in the midst of the turmoil of division.Tokyu acquired the team as a flag of Daitokyu unity.He was the director and general manager of the accounting department at that time.Hiroshi OkawaBecame the owner.In the Flyers born in this way, Oshita, the central batter, attracted many fans, but the team management was still in the red.

1948May 4So far, I have planned to enter the professional ball worldNational Baseball FederationClose toOtsuka AthleticsDaiei Baseball, a non-member professional baseball team that had played several box office games, participated in the management, and the company name was Tokyu Daiei Baseball, and the team name was changed.Quick movie flyers(Kyuei Flyers,Kyuei Flyers )[Note 2]..But the same yearMay 12, Daiei, which decided to acquire Venus Stars separately, withdrew from the operation of Flyers, and on the 21st of the same month, the team name and team name returned to the original Tokyu Flyers in about a year (Daiei UnionsSee).

This year, the number of players increased significantly due to the combination with Daiei Baseball.Second armyFounded.The team name isRapid Flyers( Kyuei Tic Flyers ).Chick Flyers is Otsuka Athletics ( Otsuka Athletics ) Was a name that involved tics.

Franchise (home) systemWas introduced on a trial basis, and the home ground (Private stadium)TokyoBunkyo ku OfKorakuen Stadium(1952Will be officially introduced).

1949Off-season2 league divisionJoined the Pacific League.


7th out of 6 teams in the first season of the Pacific League.After that, in the Pacific League, it was sluggish in B class for a while.


The contract with Oshita was difficult, the contract was broken after all, Oshita was in the middle of the seasonNishitetsu LionsTransferred to.Transferred from Nishitetsu in turnYasuhiro FukamiBecomes a home run king[8].


In September, along the Tokyu lineSetagayaKomazawa ParkTo ownKomazawa baseball field(Komazawa Stadium) is completed and moved from Korakuen Stadium.He got the nickname of "Komazawa's Rampage" because of his free-spirited play style.

Toei era


On January 1, Tokyu was a subsidiary company at that time, and Okawa was the president.ToeiEntrusted the management of the team.On February 2, the same year, Toei became a subsidiaryToei Kogyo Co., Ltd.[Note 3] Transferred the baseball team to (Tokyu Baseball Club continues as a dormant company).Team nameToei Flyers(Touei Flyers,Toei Flyers * Changed to (Toei Flyers Baseball Team).Owning a baseball team ... Tokyu Baseball Club and running a baseball team ... Toei Kogyo will be a two-company system.This system was established by Toei in 1964.Tokyu GroupIt continued even after withdrawal.


"Hit making machine" that will achieve 3000 hits laterIsao HarimotoJoined the group.Newcomer KingThe team entered the A class (3rd place) for the first time.


December, the former giantShigeru MizuharaIs appointed as a director.When Suwon retired from the giant director, Okawa moved to an invitation work,京都And the bar "Osome" was open in GinzaHide UebaWas also a lover ofKoji ShundoCall (later film producer).Shundou, who was a drinking friend with SuwonMasahiro MakinoHe was acquainted with filmmakers and was loved by Okawa.Suwon became the director in the wake of this invitation work.


Toei, which had been fighting for the lowest rank with Kintetsu until then, became a battle for victory with Nankai until the end under the direction of director Suwon.Nankai AceTadashi SugiuraToei had an advantage in the media, but the winner was the one who won the 10th consecutive game against Nankai from October 11th, and Toei missed the victory on October 5th with 3 consecutive losses. , Ends in 3nd place, 10 games behind the winning Nankai[9]But beat the other 5 teams[10]..Harimoto is the firstLeading batterEarned.


Tokyo OlympicsThe Komazawa Stadium was to be demolished due to the maintenance plan of (1964).I was troubled to secure a match venue, but after many twists and turnsShinjuku ward OfMeiji Jingu StadiumWas solved by renting only the off-season of student baseball and renting another stadium such as Korakuen during the student baseball season (usually considered to be a move to Jingu. This year's Toei-sponsored Japan Series, the third The 3th round was held at Jingu, and the 4th round was held at Korakuen because the schedule overlapped with that of student baseball).At the beginning of the same year, OkawaWashington HeightsとTamagawaenHe talked about the future plan of building a new stadium in one of[11] However, it did not happen in the end.Under SuwonMasayuki DobashiとYukio OzakiBoth ace are active and achieve the first league victory.Japan seriesButHanshin TigersDefeated with 4 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw, and shines as the long-awaited number one in Japan.This was the only victory in the Toei era.Of this seriesBest Player (MVP) TheMasayuki DobashiとMasayuki TanegamoTwo people have been selected, but it is the only one in the history of the Japan Series that two MVPs have been selected.Harimoto won the first MVP in the history of the team, and Ozaki won the rookie king.


JNR SwallowsWith the advancement of Jingu, the number of games at Korakuen Stadium increased, and in 1965 it was officially relocated to Korakuen.1960 eraEntering the second half, in addition to Harimoto,Katsuo Osugi,White heaven,Shoichi Busujima,Takeshi OshitaHad a smasher.However, although the team entered the A class, it was far from winning.Okawa loves baseball, and the new advertisement for Toei at that time was accompanied by a catch phrase, "The movie is Toei baseball and Toei."[12]Okawa, who originally did not spend unnecessary reinforcement costs, did not want to spend money on the team[12]..Suwon, who had a high annual salary because he was a famous director of a former giant1967Was dismissed from the director[13][14].


Hiroshi Ohshita becomes the director.The owner of Okawa launches the "three abstinence" that remains in the history of the ball, "no curfew, no fine, no sign"[13]..However, in an era when precise baseball like Kawakami Giant was becoming mainstream, even if you played field samurai baseball like when Oshita was active, you could not win.[13], Oshita rests in the middle of the season[15], Ends at the bottom for the first time in the history of the team.


Kenjiro MatsukiIs appointed as a director.OutfielderShoichi BusujimaHowever, he supported Matsuki as a coach.In addition, Hiroshi Ohshita, who was the director until the middle of the previous year, also served as a scorer for one season because he had a two-year contract as a director.[16]..In the pitchers, this yearNippon Express UrawaJoined fromToruhiro Kaneda(Shoichi Kaneda18 wins, 2nd yearTakahashi NaokiMarked 13 wins.The team has the first halfA classHowever, the second half of the race ended in 4th place.


"Black fog caseOccurred.AceToshiaki MoriyasuHowever, the popularity of the movie is declining due to the sunshine of the movie industry.Harimoto recorded a batting average of .383, which was the record for Nippon Professional Baseball (at that time), and Osugi, the top hitter for the fourth consecutive year,Most home runs-Most RBIEven though he won the double crown, the effect of losing the ace was great, and the team sank to 2th place.May 7From the latter half of the opening, with Matsuki's rest, the head coachKenjiro TamiyaActed as a director.


Tamiya is the director of the army,Shigeru OkadaIs the president of Toei headquarters[3]Okawa, the owner who was enthusiastic about managing the team, died suddenly on August 8th during the season.In response to this situation, Okawa's eldest son, Takeshi, became the team owner.[17].

In the pitchersYoshimasa TakahashiOn August 8th against NishitetsuPerfect matchAchieved.The batting line is the match against Lotte on May 5 (Tokyo stadium) Pinch hitter in the 10th inningSusumu SakudoAfter winning with a full-base home run, Oshita continuesMinohashi, Harimoto and Osugi also hit solo home runs, achieving a new record for five consecutive home runs in the NPB official game.However, the team has been sluggish from the beginning of the season, with nine consecutive losses until they win the game.In the end, the season ended in 5th place.

After the end of the season, Ohashi and TaneshigeToshizo SakamotoTransferred to Hankyu in exchange trade with.Just before the spring camp of the yearKumagai GumiJoined outside the draft fromMengiki EmotoEven if I was enrolled for one season,Dr. TakahashiBy trading withYoshiyuki SanoTransferred to Nankai with.


Yoshimasa Takahashi won a complete game for seven games in a row, and Osugi recorded 7 home runs a month in August. Although it temporarily moved up to 8nd place in June, the final ranking of the season was 15th place, only one game behind 6nd place Kintetsu and 2rd place Nankai.TakahashiAll star gamesAlso participated, but after the end of the season,Toshihiko Kosaka-Hidetake WatanabeTransferred to the giant in exchange trade with.

On the other hand, Tokyu, which owns the teamNoboru Goto(President Tokyu) and Okada are concerned about the constitution of the Okawa-colored team and the profitability of the team, which had a deficit of 3 million yen a year.Goto himself hated baseball[3]In addition, because the management reconstruction of Toei itself was urgent, we began to seek the sale of the management rights of the team.[3][18]..Initially,pioneerThe company decided to abandon the acquisition on October 10, although it was in talks with the company.[19].

Nittaku Home Era


On January 1th, the parent company Tokyu Corporation transferred the Tokyu Baseball Club, which owned the baseball team, to Toei.Toei is an acquaintance common to Okada and Goto.[Note 4] To managereal-estate company-Nitaku HomeSold the team to[20]..The sale amount is 3 million yen[3]So, Nittaku Home took the opportunity to change the trade name of the teamNittaku Home Baseball Co., Ltd.,Team nameNitaku Home Flyers(Nitaku Home Flyers,Nittaku Home Flyers ) Renamed. The change of team name was approved by the Pacific League executive committee on February 2.

Okada, Goto, and Nishimura are all "Kameseikai" (Magazine "Business World"With Masatada Sato, the chiefTokyu AgencyA member of the social gathering of young businessmen, which was presided over by the president Toru Maeno, when Okada announced the sale plan of Toei Flyers to other members at a regular meeting in December 1972, Nittaku Home Hit it off with Nishimura, who was aiming to improve his name and corporate image.[21]..Nittaku Home's affiliated company, Nittaku Tourism's baseball club at that timeAdult baseballThe president of a company that has participated in and has experience of owning a professional baseball team (MaruiThe YaNippon Thermal Science Industry OfMasao Ushida) Was also a member of the "Kameseikai", so at one point Ushida's proposal was to consider running a team based on a "rotational system" (a member company's rotation of the team for several years).In the end, after Sato and Maeno persuaded Nishimura, Nittaku Home became the sole recipient of the Flyers.[22].

The new owner, Nishimura, has become so popular with the Central League that the aftereffects of the "Black Mist Scandal" have made it difficult to fill the gap in popularity with the Pacific League.[20]In an attempt to regain vitality, he launched new attempts one after another in the management of the team and fan service.In the second half, together with home visitors7 types (7 colors) of uniformsWas worn by Nine on a daily basis, but in the middle of the latter half of September, the acquisition theory of Flyers by Nippon Thermal Science Industry was reported.Merger with Lotte Orions, which was looking at NPB becoming one leaguePlan. In October, Nankai, Hankyu, and Kintetsu approved the merger at the Pacific League owners' round-table conference, but the merger was broken on the verge of signing without the cooperation of other people involved in the ball world.Nishimura, who was disgusted by the constitution of the baseball world, decided to abandon the baseball team management because the cost-effectiveness of the baseball team management was not as high as expected at the time of the acquisition.In the end, he sold control of the team in just one season.Nitaku Home FlyersThe last match as will be on November 11thAichiToyota CityOpened inChunichi DragonsWithOpen battleMet[23].

The Pacific League consists of the first half and the second half from this year to 1982.2 season systemIs adopted.Tamiya continued to supervise the team, but retired after finishing fifth in the previous term.In the second half, Dobashi, who was promoted from the second army manager to the first army manager, raised the team to 5rd place, but the team finished the season in 3th place overall.In the pitchersDraft meeting of the previous yearJoined the team after being nominated for the first draft by ToeiSatoshi NiimiHowever, he won a total of 12 wins and won the rookie king.Naoki Takahashi alsoNo hit no runHe recorded a double-digit victory for the first time in four years.Transferred from Giants this year in exchange trade with Yoshimasa TakahashiHidetake WatanabeOzaki, who has been suffering from right shoulder pain for several years, retired from active duty for this year.Tomehiro Kaneda, who has been a part of the starting lineup since Toei's rookie era, was appointed as Lotte's army coach from this year by his eldest brother Shoichi.NomuraTransferred to Lotte in exchange trade with.In the batting team, Harimoto also served as the head coach of the first army in the latter half of the season, and fought fiercely for the top hitter until the end of the season (late).In addition to 6 home runs in the season for the sixth consecutive year, Osugi achieved six consecutive home runs in the Pacific League official game record in October at the end of the second half.

Nippon Ham (Korakuen) era


Nittaku Home takes control of the team on November 11thNippon HamSold to[Note 5]..The name of the operating corporation of the teamNippon-Ham Fighters Co., Ltd.As well as becoming the ownerYoshinori TaishaTo the president of the teamMihara, To the directorFutoshi Nakanishi(BothKagawaFrom) took office.Nippon Ham is soliciting new nicknames for the team from the general public when it acquires the management rights of the team.As a result of the selection, the team name will be changed on December 12th.Nippon Ham Fighters(Nippon-Ham Fighters,Nippon Ham Fighters ) Was announced[24].

Nippon-HamTokushimaAfter being founded inOsakaSince I had moved to, I have been searching for expansion into the Kanto region for some time. With the enthusiasm of Taisha, "I want to promote sports through the development of professional baseball, foster youth, and contribute to society," I embarked on the management of a baseball team in the Kanto region.[25][26]..Under these circumstances, when acquiring a baseball team from Nittaku Home, the only condition was to place the base in the same Korakuen Stadium as in the Nittaku era.[27]..Former owner Nishimura had promised Nippon Ham that he would continue to coach Dobashi.[Note 6], Nippon Ham is the son-in-law of Mihara, who was leading the acquisition of the baseball team, and was a playing manager at Nishitetsu in the past.Concurrent player) Was set as the new director[28].


The lowest in both the previous and next period.It ends at the bottom of the overall list.Harimoto wins the top hitter for the seventh time.Mihara embarked on a large-scale trade with the aim of clearing the mainstay of the Toei era.Off the same year, Osugi is Yakult, White is Taiheiyo Club,Takeshi Oshita Hiroshima Toyo CarpRespectively transferred to.Hero interviewIs started for the first time in Japan.


Although he was 4th in both the first and second semesters, he finished at the bottom of the overall ranking for the second consecutive year.Takahashi NaokiJoined in exchange for Osugi with 17 winsYoshito OdaConflicts for the top batter, but is slightly behind White, who moved to the Pacific Ocean.The same year off, HarimotoIchizo Takahashi-Masaru TomitaTransferred to Giants in exchange for.Nakanishi was dismissed[29],Keiji OsawaBecame the director.


Yoshito OdaAnd new foreignersWalt Williams, Transferred from GiantsMasaru TomitaIs in the top ten batting averages, but is 4th overall, 5th in the first half and 5th in the second half.


4th in the first half and 4th in the second half, finishing 2th overall for the second consecutive year.


Bobby MitchellIs a home run king, transferred from NankaiJun KashiwaraAlso played an active part, and the team result is 3rd overall.It will be the first A class entry since becoming a fighter.


Naoki Takahashi wins 20Makoto ShimadaRecorded 1 stolen bases, including 3 stolen bases once, but the result was 55rd overall for the second consecutive year.


RookieKida IsamuWith 22 winsMost winsAcquired, monopolized the title pitcher division such as MVP / Rookie King, Kashiwabara, batting line,Tony Soleta,Tommy Cruise OfCleanupWas active, and in the second half, he managed to win one more victory in the second half before the final race.However, the final match against Kintetsu on October 1th at the packed Korakuen (10.7 decisive battle), Kintetsu, who pitched from the third inning, was beaten and lost, allowing Kintetsu to win the remaining games.As a result, it was 3nd in both the previous and next term and 2rd overall.Naoki Takahashi and Hiroshima offYuka EnatsuMake an exchange trade.


Although he finished 4th in the first half, he won the second half.play offPlayed against Lotte, who won the previous term.Lotte was overwhelmingly advantageous in the previous reputation,[30]Defeated with 3 wins, 1 loss and 1 minute, and won the league title for the first time in 19 years since the Toei era.Japan seriesWas played against a giant who uses the same base, so all the games were played at the same stadium.Hiroaki InoueAlthough he was active, he was eliminated with 2 wins and 4 losses due to the breakdown of the cruise.

In the batting team, in addition to Solaita, who became the double crown of home runs and RBIs, playoff MVP Kashiwara and cruise cleanup, Shimada andMitsuo Sugano,Nobuhiro TakashiroSmall soldiers such as were also active.In the pitchers, Kida had only 10 wins,Shigeyuki MabashiWith 15 wins and 0 lossesRegular pitch timeIn addition to becoming the first undefeated pitcher after the war as a reaching pitcherNoriaki Okabe 1st defense rate, Kazumi Takahashi also won 14 wins.Enatsu has also been in Hiroshima for the third consecutive year.Save king[Note 7]It became.


Although he won the championship in the second halfplay offHe lost to Seibu, who won the previous term, with 1 win and 3 losses, and finished second overall. Won the most wins with 2 winsMikio KudoHowever, he broke his bone in the middle of the season, and although his return was seen as despair, he started in the first and third rounds of the playoffs and became a hot topic as "a big play of the first generation."Takahashi SatoshiHas the highest ERA.


The Pacific League's one-season system resumed, and although the result was a big difference to the winning Seibu, it was third in the A class.Tadami FutamuraIs a rookie king.Enatsu saved the most for 3 consecutive years.Off, Enatsu transferred to Seibu.


Uemura YoshinobuWas appointed as coach, but was sluggish at the bottom and was dismissed on June 6.[31]..In the final stage, Osawa acted as a substitute, but ended up at the bottom for the first time in 10 years.To offChunichi DragonsからAtsushi MisawaEarned.


Takada ShigeruIs appointed as the manager, but finished in 23th place, 5 games behind the leader Seibu.


13.5th place for 2 consecutive years with 5 games behind the leader Seibu.New foreignerTony BrewerRaises the batting average of .321.


RookieYukihiro NishizakiShowed an activity with 15 wins, and the team result is 3rd place, which is the first A class in 3 years.In the same year, Korakuen Stadium was closed.Same place (Bunkyo Ward)Koraku) Under constructionTokyo DomeWill move with the giant.OffTatsuo Omiya-Tomio Tanaka Yasunori Oshima-Koji SodaTransferred to Chunichi in exchange trade with.

After moving to Tokyo Dome

From 1988 to 2003, the Tokyo Dome, the successor to Korakuen Stadium, was used.Around this timeYukihiro Nishizaki,Yasumitsu ShibataThey form the pitcher kingdom.Ticket sales such as "couple seats" and "beer seats" as ideas for mobilizing spectatorsSadao Kondo"The idea is said to besillaginoid"Free admission if you do", "Free admission if you come in disguise" "There is no designated date for the same card 3 consecutive battles (Example:" ○ 1st, 2nd, 3rd ", and if it is within this, one ticket You can enter at any time once per sheet) ”.However, he has never won a league title in the last 16 years.


In 88, the first year of Tokyo Dome, the pitchers were Nishizaki.Hiroaki MatsuuraIs the most win,Hirofumi KonoHowever, he was the first in the ERA and the team's ERA was also the first.However, as for the batting team, Brewer, who was the team's cannon, shook a year due to back pain and was the best nine of the previous year.Kazuyuki ShiraiInjured people such as broken bones continued during the game, and transferred by tradeYasunori OshimaI got it in a hurryMike EaslerDespite his struggle, his batting average, points, and stolen bases were the lowest in the league, and he was third in the league for two consecutive years, but lost with 2 wins, 3 losses, and 62 draws.The number of spectators will be the highest ever, 65.OffNobuhiro TakashiroAnd HiroshimaMichio Nabeya-Mitsunori TakiguchiTrade with and from the oceanYoshiharu WakanaObtained by free trade.Takada resigns as director, successor directorSadao KondoWas appointed.


Brewer, who shook a year with back pain the previous year, revived and had a batting average of over 1%. Nishizaki won 3 wins, but ended up in 16th place due to poor pitching.Giant in the middle of the seasonKakuoObtained by free trade.OffYukio Tanaka-Kazuo HayakawaAnd ChunichiYasuharu Fujio-Yoshihisa KomatsuzakiTrade with.


Yasumitsu ShibataOn April 4th against SeibuNo hit no runAchieved and new foreignersMatt WintersAnd the first draftKojiro SakaiAnd the battery with veteran Wakana plays an active part. Although he won 66 wins, 63 losses and 1 draw, he finished in 16.5th place, 4 games behind the leader Seibu.


ShiraiHighest base rate,Kazuhiro Takeda Best Relief Pitcherを獲得。チームは前半戦貯金2で折り返し、7月まで勝率5割を維持したものの、8月に5勝16敗2分けと大失速、貧打線で4位に終わる(閉幕した時点で、ダイエーが残り5試合で1勝すればダイエー4位、日本ハム5位という状況にあったが、ダイエーがロッテ5連戦を1分け4連敗して閉幕〈ロッテ戦前からだと1引き分けを挟む6連敗〉したために4位に浮上した)。この年のオフに近藤が監督辞任、後任はMasayuki DobashiHas returned to coaching since late 1973.OffHiroshi TsunoAnd of HiroshimaAkito KaneishiMade an exchange trade with.


Transferred from HiroshimaAkito KaneishiIs the team's top 14 wins,Atsushi KataokaAlthough he was a newcomer, he was active as a regular player, but Ace Nishizaki was sluggish.I expected it as a main gunYukio TanakaRetired in the opening round.Even so, the winning percentage was maintained at 7% until July, but as in the previous year, there was a big stall after August, and the best members could not be formed and ended up in 5th place (when Lotte at the bottom closed first, the remaining 8 games If it was 5 draw and 2 loss or less, it was driven to the bottom, but it won the Seibu battle hard <the final round of the Kintetsu battle lost goodbye>, the bottom was escaped, Dobashi was dismissed from the manager with one year left on the contract. Ta[32]..The successor entered the front desk and invited the directorKeiji OsawaHowever, he took responsibility for the team's lack of results during that time and became the third manager.


In the pitchers, Nishizaki revived and raised 2 in the ERA league second place, and Takeda was a relief ace the previous year.Yasukatsu ShiraiIs active in the starting lineup, and Kaneishi is affected by the injury and turns to relief.Yukio Tanaka, who was only able to play in the opening round last year in the batting team, was selected as a regular although he was mainly defensive until then.Tetsuro Hirose, Winters / New ForeignersRick ShooEtc. play an active part.He missed the league title by a small margin behind the leader Seibu, and finished the season in 1nd place, one game behind the Seibu.With gold stoneFujio Tamura Best Battery AwardHas been awarded.


With 46 wins, 79 losses and 5 draws, he finished at the bottom for the first time in 10 years. He lost to all five teams, and his batting average, points, hits, RBIs, ERA, goals, and stolen bases were also at the bottom of the league. He recorded 5 consecutive losses or more 3 times, and conversely, 14 consecutive wins or more was only 3 times. In the final game of the base on September 3, Manager Osawa is sitting down in front of the fans at the ceremony after the game.[33]..The number of spectators fell below 200 million for the first time after the relocation of the headquarters to Tokyo Dome.Oshima received a notification from the baseball team[34]Shibata retires from active duty and turns offKimura TakuyaHiroshima with plus moneyHiroshi NagatomiMade a trade with.Osawa resigned from the coach and succeeded the former Hankyu coachToshiharu UedaWas appointed.


Young peopleTsutomu Iwamoto-Imaseki wins-Takeshi Shimazaki-Masanori Taguchi-Yoshinori Ueda-Tatsuya IdeAre actively appointed. Finish in 4th place.Nishizaki achieves no-hitter no-run against Seibu, second yearKip grossWon the most wins.Yukio TanakaRBIAcquired.New foreignerTim McIntoshObtained in a hurry due to poor performance and dismissalBernard BurritoHas participated in only 56 games, but mass-produced home runs and RBIs at an amazing pace of 21 home runs and 50 RBIs.When Shirai Ichi left due to a breakdown in the third race of the opening, he was in his 3th year as a professional who had been living a round trip between the first and second teams.Koji WatanabeWas selected as a regular on the second base and became a hot topic.Takeda offShinji MatsudaAnd DaieiGo Shimoyanagi-Hideyuki YasudaTrade.Tamura trades money with Lotte and Ichi Shirai trades with Orix.KonoFATransferred to the Giants.


Iwamoto / Imaseki /Turf grass spaceThe rise of the team and the revival of veteran Nishizaki and Kataoka, who are veterans, were engaged, and although they ran behind the 2nd place Orix in the first half by 5 games, the team as a whole fell into an extreme slump and stalled.In addition, Ueda took a rest at the end of the season due to family circumstances and left the team (resulting in a distant cause that allowed Orix to win a come-from-behind victory), resulting in second place.Gross wins the most for the second consecutive year, ShimazakiMost hold, 4th yearKaneko MakotoWon the rookie king.The second army is basedKanagawaKawasaki City OfNippon-Ham Team Tamagawa GrandからChibaKamagaya city OfFighters StadiumHave moved to.


The giant became a free contract off the previous yearHiromitsu OchiaiAcquired after competition with Yakult.However, Ochiai was sluggish and ended up with an expected loss.Nishizaki, Imaseki, Iwamoto, Shibakusa, Kanaishi, and Shimazaki, who had a total of 48 wins in the previous year, ended up with a total of 20 wins due to injuries and malfunctions.New foreignerNigel WilsonWon a home run king.Under the guidance of Ochiai, Ueda made a leap, reaching the first regular seat and hitting 3%.The result is 4th in the league.The second army is in the first year of relocationFarm Japan ChampionshipConquer.Seibu, who was the ace of the team for many years offTakehiro IshiiとHiroshi NaraharaTransferred in exchange trade with.Kaneishi was dismissed due to poor grades[Note 8][35].


Gross, who was a candidate for the opening pitcher, was injured just before the opening and retired due to an accident, but Iwamoto, who acted as the opening pitcher in place of Gross, won the first shutout victory in the history of the team.Hiroyuki Sekine-Akane Kanemura-Junji KurokiHas emerged.Imaseki and Shibakusa also escaped from the previous year's slump.Wilson,Jerry Brooks,Yukio Tanaka, Kataoka,Katsuhiro NishiuraHoldingBig bang hitting lineWas called.Narahara, who transferred from Seibu, also played an active part in hitting and defending and gained regularity.Transferred from Yakult just before the openingToshihiro NoguchiIs active as a regular catcher.In the first half of the game, he was the leader and had a maximum savings of 23 at one point, but in the second half of the game he suffered nine consecutive losses and stalled.He was reversed by Seibu and missed the championship.Wilson is the first home run and RBI king for the second consecutive year.Kanamura has the highest ERA.Kataoka got the highest on-base percentage and Ochiai retired from active duty.Shimazaki, who won the first Hold King, transferred to Chunichi by money trade.


Until the previous year, it was mainly a pinch hitterOgasawara MichidaiTurned from catcher to first baseman and made an outstanding performance as "the strongest second batter in history".IwamotoKazuhisa InaoShutout victory in the opening round for the second consecutive year.But in aprilMonthly MVPKanamura retired from most of the season due to an injury at the end of April.Wilson also left due to injury.Ishimoto TsutomuAnd joined in the middleSherman ObandoAlthough there was a struggle, Nishiura's slump that broke the previous year.Iwamoto, Sekine, RookieYoshinori TateyamaDue to the problems of the starting pitchers other than the above, he finished in 5th place in the league.Ueda resigned as director and became the successor directorYasunori OshimaWas appointed.


OgasawaraMost hits, Noguchi won the most triples while catching.Wilson, who could hardly participate due to an injury the previous year, revived with 37 home runs.In the pitching team, Tsuyoshi Shimoyanagi turned to the starting lineup, the second yearNaoyuki TateishiHowever, the team batting average, the number of home runs, the number of points, and the number of stolen bases are all 1st in the league. It finished in 4.5rd place, 2 games behind the 2nd place Seibu.


Ogasawara wins the most hits.rookieNakamura HayatoHowever, although the season 3 shutout (season 6 wins) including the first pitching shutout was raised, the pitchers were out of order and the fielders were injured one after another from the beginning, and the league was the lowest in seven years.With a 7 game behind the leader Kintetsu, a 24.5 game behind the 5th place Lotte, and 10.5 wins, 53 losses, and 84 draws (win rate .3), the number of spectators dropped to 387.This year, Kataoka transferred to Hanshin by FA.


Until then, there was no professional baseball team to increase the number of spectators.Hokkaido OfSapporoThe idea of ​​relocating toMay 3PublishedHokkaido ShimbunIt became the top article in.There was a backlash from Seibu, who was planning to make the city a quasi-base, but Seibu was given the condition that official games of other teams could be held at Sapporo Dome.[Note 9] It has accepted the move and announced that it will continue to host several games at Tokyo Dome after the move.Oshima was sent off for violence in the match against Daiei on March 3, and two games were suspended. Ogasawara won the first top hitter for the third year.MasadaBut since Kaneko in the team, 1980 as a pitcherKida IsamuSince then, he has won the rookie king.Although the team returned with a savings of 1 in the first half, they stalled in the second half and finished in 5th place.Oshima was dismissed from the coach and succeeded by the team's first foreign coachTray hillmanWas appointed.


The final year of Tokyo Dome.At Sapporo Dome, which will be the new base from the following year, since the first match on July 2001, 7, 31 races have not been won so far with 10 losses and 8 minutes.May 8First victory 3 to 1 in the battle against Kintetsu[36]..In the season, I transferred from Hanshin in a trade with Noguchi off the previous yearTomoya TsuboiHas revived and recorded a high batting average, and Ogasawara won the highest on-base percentage with the top batting average for the second consecutive year.Second year of starting pitchersCarlos MiravalWon 2 wins in 16nd place in the league, and Kanamura also scored 10 wins in double-digit wins for the second consecutive year, but Masada, who won the rookie of the previous year, recorded the most 15 losses in the league and supported the team until then. Iwamoto and Sekine were injured and sluggish, and the team finished in 5th place for the second consecutive year.

In August, with an investment with a leading company in Hokkaido, it will become a team management company after the move.Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters Co., Ltd.Established and basedSapporo DomeMoved to (Office is also in TokyoMinato-kuRoppongiMoved from Roppongi Electric Building in XNUMX-chome to the office in Sapporo Dome).At the same time, Nippon-Ham Fighters Co., Ltd. transferred the management rights of the team to Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters Co., Ltd. and dissolved.Special clearingI took the procedure[37]..The second army continued to be based at the Fighters Stadium in Kamagaya.Due to the fact that we will continue to play several games a year at Tokyo Dome for fans in the Kanto region, which is the former base, and because of the maintenance of the base of the second army.Kamagaya city"Metropolitan area business group" is set up in.The Nippon-Ham Fighters Co., Ltd. decided to terminate the special liquidation on February 2005, 2, and the register was closed (corporate status disappeared) on the following date.OffTakeshi Shinjo(Registered name "SHINJO") was acquired.

The players who joined the team by this year will continue to be active in 2020.Shinya TsuruokaOnly.Tsuruoka has also served as a battery coach for the 2019st Army since XNUMX, but since he was temporarily transferred to Softbank by exercising FA rights, there are no players who have grown up since the Tokyo Dome era.

Hokkaido era

Sapporo Dome era (2004-2022)

Hillman era


Playoff participation introduced in the Pacific League from the same yearChiba LotteAnd fight until the end of the season,May 9Pair ofOrix Blue WaveIn the game, he decided to advance to the playoffs, and was finally behind the 4th place Lotte by 0.5 games, but this year's professional baseball was due to the merger of Kintetsu and Orix teams.Sphere reorganization problemWas dealt with, and the players' association had 9 games in total, 18 games each for the whole team for 19 days on September 2th and 2th.strikeThe match was canceled and no alternative match was played.

play offIn the first stage, he lost to second place Seibu with 1 win and 2 losses.Fernando SeginolIs a home run king with 44 home runs.TateyamaBest relay pitcher..Transferred from YokohamaYukiya YokoyamaIs the most save with 28 saves.Yakult's aiming for a major transfer offAtsunori InabaTheFAObtained at.Became the first FA player in the team.Draft meetingThen I nominated the first placeTohoku High School OfWith DarvishObtained the right to negotiate.


Former directorTakada ShigeruIs the first teamGeneral managerInaugurated as (GM),May 4, Was the first owner of the Nippon-Ham Fighters this yearYoshinori TaishaDied.Uniform number100 is the first owner in the history of Nippon Professional BaseballPermanent numberBecame.Started from this yearSep-pa Exchange BattleHowever, he lost 11 games in a row and finished in 5th place.


On April 4, SHINJO announced his retirement for the same year, the largest number of teams in 18 years, from the final match of the Interleague Play against Yakult on June 6 to the match against Seibu on July 20. Recorded 7 consecutive victories in Thailand.Seibu and Softbank competed for the lead and confirmed the first place in the regular season in the final race on September 7th.The team's ERA of 45 and the number of home runs of 11 were both league leaders.Although he lost to Seibu with 9 wins and 27 lossesFukuoka SoftbankFor the first time in nine years, including the Daiei era, with OrixTohoku RakutenEach had a big difference of 17 wins and 3 losses.play offHe won the second stage (against Softbank) with two consecutive victories and decided to win the league for the first time after moving to Hokkaido for the first time in 2 years.With ChunichiJapan seriesWith 4 wins and 1 loss, it will be the first Nippon Ham in Japan for the first time in 1962 years since 44 during the Toei era. November 11,Asia seriesBut he won the championship and became the Asian champion.

In the batting category, Ogasawara won the double crown of home runs and RBIs.The pitchers recorded a league 1 team ERA in the low 3s,Tomoya YagiWon the rookie king with 12 wins.This yearReliefTakes the names of Hisashi Takeda and Michael Nakamura, and hooks them on the parent company Nippon-Ham.Hisashi And Micheal,For shortHAMWas called[38].Hideki OkajimaThe day he pitched was also called TOM (T Takeda, Okajima O, Michael M).Sometimes and is expressed as "&" and "H & M equationSometimes.Takeda HisashiIs the best pitcher in the league with 45 hold points.MICHEALIs the most save in the league record of 39 saves.

SHINJO retired as declared, Ogasawara became a giant, OkajimaMajor League-Boston Red SoxTransferred to FA respectively.In draftNihon University OfHisayoshi NaganoWas nominated as a draft but refused to join.Re-contract with Tsuboi, who had given notice of out-of-strength.


The defeats continued from the beginning of the season, and as of the 4th consecutive defeat on April 25, the number of losses was 6 and the game was 8 games behind the leader.However, after the interleague game from the match against Softbank on May 6.5,May 6He recorded 14 consecutive victories, the longest in the history of the team, until the match against Yakult, and on June 6, he won the first victory in the Interleague Play with 23 wins and 18 losses.Ryan GlynnWon the Interleague Play MVP with 5-0.May 9,Climax seriesHe decided to advance and achieved the first league title in the history of the team on September 9th.The league victory from debt 29 was a new record.With LotteClimax seriesThe second stage was won with 2 wins and 3 losses.The Japan Series played against Chunichi, the same as the previous year, and although they won the first match, they lost four consecutive games, and in the fifth roundDaisuke YamaiとHitoki IwaseBy continuous castingPerfect match[Note 10] Because of that, he didn't win the championship in a row with 1 win and 4 losses.In the title, Darvish, who has grown into an absolute ace, won the MVP with 15 wins, and Inaba won the top hitter and the most hits with a batting average of .334 and 176 hits.

October 10rd, in high school draftSho NakataObtained the right to negotiate with Hanshin, Orix, and Softbank after competition. On November 11, a temporary contract was signed for the fifth high school graduate in history with a contract fee of 6 million yen, a turnover of 5 million yen, and an annual salary of 1 million yen (estimated).Yukio Tanaka retired and Seguignol retired.Director Hillman and GM Takada left the front desk.Terrmel Sledge joins.To succeed directorMasataka NashidaWill take office.

Director Nashida


Only four fielders were in the army from the opening to the final round[Note 11]I was troubled by many disabled people.He couldn't beat other than Softbank, and lost to Rakuten, Seibu and Orix.In particular, the batting average of the team and the number of home runs were both the worst in the league, but due to the success of the pitchers and substitutes and the savings in the interleague game, they ended up in 3rd place.Climax seriesThen, in the first stage, he defeated Orix with 1-2, but in the second stage, he lost to Seibu with 0-2.From this yearMasao YamadaWas appointed as the second GM.


Takahito Kudo of Nippon-Ham before the season,Michael NakamuraAnd the giantTomohiro Nioka,Masanori HayashiExchange trade was established.Many batters opened their eyes at the same time this year, and the team's batting average increased, including the league's top batting average. No. 1Kensuke Tanaka,number 2Morimoto rare, No. 3 Atsunori Inaba's flow was the same as the end of the previous year, but No. 4 hit 8 home runs this year.Shinji TakahashiSit down and be his firstbatting averageIt records 3% and functions as "Connecting No. 4".And the 5th runner with one shotThamel SledgeThe flow of (27 home runs this year) is firmly established.No. 6 followingEiichi OyanoRecorded a batting average of almost 3% (.296) and 82 RBIs.Furthermore, from the pitcher in 2006OutfielderTurned toItoi YoshioGrabbed a regular this year and suddenly batting average 3%, double-digit home run, 2StealMarked, despite number 7OPSRecorded .901 at the top of the team. 8th catcherShinya TsuruokaOn the 9thKaneko MakotoIs installed.Kaneko has been hit hard since the opening,May 4Achieved a new record for 7 consecutive doubles in Nippon Professional Baseball. Until the end of Aprilbatting averageHe maintained 4% and finally marked his first 3%.Inaba, Takahashi, Itoi, Kaneko and four 4% hitters were born, and three of them other than Inaba were their first big marks.In addition, the left and right sides of the turn at bat also formed alternating "zigzag lines" from No. 3 to No. 3, and the lines were not easily affected by the left and right of the opponent pitcher.The pitchers also started with Ace Darvish (1 wins this year), and have not been able to make a mark since becoming the rookie king in 8.Tomoya YagiResurrected with 9 winsTakeda MasaruAlso the first double-digit victory.AlsoReliefThe team is Masanori Hayashi,Shintaro Ejiri,Miyanishi Nao,Kazumasa KikuchiHisashi Takeda, who was active and turned into a stopper, remains undefeatedSave kingShined.In this way, both throwing and hitting have been strong since the opening, leading the battle for victory from the opening to the end.However, because it is held locallyAsahikawaVisitedMay 8,Junichi FukuraHead coach, Terrmel Sledge, Naoki MiyanishiHXNUMXNXNUMX influenzaBecame the first person infected with the new strain of influenza in the ball world, and there is a risk of a new strain in addition to the threeInfluenza ADue to the fever caused by the fever, the main players were absent and deregistered one after another, losing 6 consecutive games from the Rakuten match on that day.After that, in September, he lost 9 consecutive losses and 6 consecutive losses, resulting in a big stall, and the gap with Rakuten in 4nd place narrowed at a stretch and the top position was jeopardized.StillMay 10He won the Seibu match at Sapporo Dome with Kaneko's sacrifice fly (strictly speaking, Rakuten lost to Lotte in the middle of the match, so it was decided at that point), and the fifth league victory was decided for the first time in two years.In addition, the number of home game spectators in the regular season reached 2, the highest since the move to Hokkaido, due to the entanglement of the competition for victory until the final stage of the season.

In terms of match results by team, only Softbank lost 11 wins, 12 losses and 1 draw, but it beat the other Pacific Leagues and Lotte with 4 wins and 18 losses.Climax seriesIn the second stage, they will play against Rakuten, and in the first round, the sledge will reverse the difference by 2 points in the final round.Reversal goodbye home runWith a dramatic victory, he defeated him with 4 wins and 1 loss, and decided to advance to the Japan Series for the first time in two years.Japan seriesThen he played against the giant, but missed the best in Japan with 2 wins and 4 losses.May 11, A parade to commemorate the Pacific League victory was held in the center of Sapporo, and was crowded with about 11 fans (announced by the executive committee).

7 people, the most in the history of the team[Note 12] Golden Grab AwardWas awarded.Shugo FujiiTransferred to the giant FA.


On January 1, he changed from the second army to the first army pitcher coach from this year.Shigeru Kobayashi heart failureHe died suddenly at the age of 57.Along with that, on January 1, the second army pitcher coachTakeshi ShimazakiIs appointed as a pitcher coach.

Although Sledge left the team, he did not reinforce new outfielders, making it the first "pure domestic batting line" in 36 years for a team.Injured people have continued since the opening, and in front of Golden Week, there are only nine fielders in the second army.[39]..In the early part of the season, the black stars will be piled up and the maximum debt will be 14, but the winning percentage will be 7% on July 1st after the end of the interleague game.In the end, they overtook Softbank, Seibu, and Orix, and only Lotte lost 5 wins and 10 losses. With the advance, he returned to his savings of 14.He fought CS with Lotte until the final round, and was third at the end of the final round of the team, but Lotte won the final round after that and missed the CS advance by only 5 games (the Lotte). Won the CS from there and achieved the best in Japan). No. 14 Kensuke Tanaka marked .21 batting average in 7nd place in the league.Eiichi Koyano, who sat in 3th place instead of Shinji Takahashi, was the first to score .0.5, 1 RBIs.RBIAcquired.Yu DarvishBest defense rate,Most strikeoutWon the double crown.Masaru Takeda has the most 14 wins on the team, a new foreignerBob KeppelWon a double-digit win in the first year.

May 10,2010 draft meetingAnd in high schoolKoshien in the summerWinner, the 2th person in history as an individual, 6 times in Japan in collegeTokyo Roku University BaseballRecorded 30 wins and 300 strikeoutsWaseda University OfYuki SaitoObtained the right to negotiate with Yakult Lotte Softbank after competition.May 11, Scored 10 wins as a middle pitcherSakakibara RyoHowever, the team won the rookie king for the first time in four years.May 12, For Saito who could not attend the newcomer joint press conference, a single press conference was held at Sapporo Dome, the second member of the team since Tsuyoshi Shinjo.To offYoshinori TateyamaIs Major League BaseballTexas RangersWhat,Morimoto rare YokohamaTransferred to FA respectively.


In order to see and report on the rookie Saito, who was already popular in the national district even before he became a professional, he entered the dormitory of the players, and a newcomer joint voluntary training.Spring campA large number of fans and the press gathered from before the seasonYu-chan FeverCame up and the season opened with its unusual attention.[40].. This yearMay 3Occurred inGreat East Japan EarthquakeWas originally planned due to the influence ofMay 3The opening ofMay 4It was postponed to.May 4, Saito made his first professional pitch and won the first newcomer.Due to the influence of the low-resilience unified ball introduced this year (so-called high throw low), DarvishMay 5からMay 6In the meantime, he has achieved 52 innings in a row with no runs in the professional baseball tie record and 5 consecutive shutout wins (see details).BelowSee).The exchange game was 16rd with 8 wins and 3 losses.May 7, Won the 12th round of Orix (Obihiro no Mori Baseball Stadium) 13-5, and achieved 7 wins in total for the 4000th team of Nippon Professional Baseball.From the beginning, it became a battle for the lead with Softbank, and it became a two-strong state with a big difference from the third place and below, and returned to the first half with the same rate.May 8, Nashida has been reported to retire as a coach for the same year regardless of his performance in the same year.[41][42],May 9Officially announced the retirement of director Nashida[43].. He lost 9 games in a row in September and lost a lot with 11 wins, 6 losses and 16 draw per month.In the end, it was the 1nd place behind the 17.5 games, but entered the A class for the first time in 2 years.With SeibuClimax seriesIn the first stage, he has been eliminated with two consecutive losses.It's been 2 years since 2004 in the second armyEastern LeagueAchieved domination[44]..Yu Darvish scored his most 18 wins, Masaru Takeda, Keppel,Brian wolfAnd four double-digit winning pitchers were born.Hisashi Takeda won the save king for the first time in two years.I was assigned the third position from this yearItoi YoshioHas a batting average of .2 and 319 stolen bases in 31nd place in the league, and is his first at .411.Highest base rateI got the title of.

Nashida's successorHideki KuriyamaWas appointed.

Kuriyama director era


January DarvishPosting systemUsing Major League BaseballTexas RangersTransferred to.May 3, The second year that Director Kuriyama expected to succeed Darvish in the opening game of Saitama Seibu (Sapporo Dome)Yuki SaitoIs the starting lineup.When he played his first major role, he showed off his first complete game victory with a professional on the big stage, and the team won a great victory.[45]..After that, SaitoMay 6First professional in about 2 monthsClosedWith 5 wins including, he contributed greatly to the team's good start.May 4Rakuten match (kobo park miyagi), Inaba achieved 2000 hits in total for professionals.In the first half, they competed with Lotte for the lead,May 5However, in the exchange game, he was in 14nd place with 8 wins and 2 losses, and then Lotte took the lead and returned to 2nd place in the first half.From the middle stageMitsuo YoshikawaIs active as a main pitcher.Continued to be appointed as No. 4 despite the poor performance in the first halfSho NakataGradually raises the tone.Lotte stalled in the second half of the game, and it became a battle for the lead with Seibu.It rushes into September while being in the lead by Seibu,May 9ToItoi YoshioBatting average .380, 15 when he recovers from a left flank contusionRBI, On-base percentage .473,Long batting averageWith an amazing result of .660Monthly MVPInspire a smash to win and lead the team strongly[46]..The team will win September with 9 wins, 16 losses and 7 draws.May 9Takes the lead from Seibu[47],May 9In the direct confrontation, Yoshikawa shut out and Nakata won with two home runs to win the championship.Magic number4 lights up[48]..Made Magic 1May 10, 2nd place Seibu lost to Lotte 3-5, so he decided to win the league for the 3th time in 6 years.[49].Climax seriesIn the final stage, he played against Softbank in 3rd place.Yoshio Itoi, who won the climax series MVP, decided to advance to the Japan Series for the first time in three years with four consecutive wins (including advantages) due to the success of two consecutive home runs in the first and second rounds.[50].. With the giantJapan seriesSo, I'm defeated with 2 wins and 4 losses[51]..As an individual, Yoshio Itoi, the third batter, recorded an on-base percentage of .3 for the second consecutive year.Highest base rateWon the title.Yoshikawa scored 14 wins at the top of the teamDefense rateBecame his first title at 1.71Best defense rateAcquired.This is the first time in three years since Darvish in 2009 as a team.League MVPWas elected to.OffKensuke TanakaAnnounces that it will exercise overseas FA rights and challenge the major leagues[52],San Francisco GiantsJoin the[53].Draft meetingThen, I was professing a major challengeOtani XiangpingWas nominated for the first place and won after long-term negotiations.May 12ToYuki SaitoSince then, we have held a solo enrollment meeting at the Sapporo Dome for the third person.[54].


May 1Itoi, Yagi and OrixHiroshi Kisanuki,Keiji Ohiki,Shogo Akada2 to 3 trade established[55]..Among them, Itoi has a batting average of 2009% for four consecutive years since 4.Golden Grab AwardSince he was the main batter who continued to win the award and contributed to winning the league twice during that time, the players were upset and dissatisfied with the release.[56]It was a large-scale trade that symbolized the innovative management of Nippon-Ham's team, which even the main players and popular players can trade without warmth.[57]..Although he won the Seibu battle in the opening round, he lost consecutively from there and his debt lifeMay 6Continued until[58].May 4Recorded 14 missteps in 1 game for the first time in 5 years[59].May 5から15 Day9 consecutive losses, debt in 2010May 6Since then, as of the end of October and May, the winning percentage was 10 wins, 5 losses and 19 minute.[59].May 6,NewlyNight gameIlluminatedAsahikawaIt is inAsahikawa Star Hin StadiumAfter moving to Hokkaido, it will be the first night game hosted by an outdoor stadium.Yokohama DeNAHold a battle.Until then, Asahikawa held two games a year, but this year, after moving to Hokkaido, it held the most official games of four games other than Sapporo Dome and the former home base Tokyo Dome (2 in the following year). Held a match), mobilizing a total of 4 people.He further emphasized the community-based stance that he has been advocating since the move.May 7I realized the savings since the opening day,May 7When I lost to, I finally finished the season without winning[58].May 85th place that has continued to protect fromMay 9Overtaken by Orix, a trading partner before the season, and fell to the bottom[59].May 9Losing 0 to 8 against Orix (Kyocera Dome)Climax seriesThe possibility of participation disappeared, and the B class was confirmed for the first time in 3 years[60].May 10By losing 2 to 11 to the Rakuten match at Sapporo Dome, Rakuten won the championship this year without winning a single win at the base, and achieved a season record of 1 wins and undefeated this year.Masahiro TanakaEnded in 8 consecutive losses against[Note 13][61].May 10Lost to Seibu (Sapporo Dome) 3-4, the first lowest rank was decided after moving to Hokkaido for the first time in 12 years, and the lowest rank from the previous year's league championship was the first record in 1981 years since Kintetsu in 32.[62][63].. With 64 wins, 78 losses and 2 draws (win rate .451), he lost for the first time in eight years.The team's ERA has been 8nd or higher since 2006, but in the same year it was 2th in the league and the misstep was 5, the worst in the league.[58].Yangtai SteelBecame the first in the history of himself and the teamStealing kingThe[64],Michel AbreuWins a home run king[65].


Although starting pitchers Yoshikawa, Masaru Takeda, and Kisanuki fell into trouble from the beginning, Otani in the second year kept the rotation while continuing the dual wield, and won the first ever "2 wins and 10 home runs in the same season". Record[66]Besides Otani, it's been 5 yearsMasaru Nakamura, 3th yearNaoyuki Uesawa, NewcomerHiroshi UranoThe young man filled the hole.I didn't get involved in the battle for victory,May 9Yuki Saito started in the Seibu match (Sapporo Dome) and won 4-1 for the first time in two years.Climax seriesAdvance decision[67]..Finishing the season in 3rd place, he won the CS first stage with Orix with 2 wins and 1 loss, and decided to advance to the final stage for the first time in 2 years.[68]..In the final stage where he played against Softbank, he won the 5th round and brought it to Thailand with 3 wins and 3 losses, but was eliminated from CS with 3 wins and 4 losses.[69]..Nakata is his first RBI king[70],Haruka NishikawaWon the team's first stealing king among Japanese players[71].. Declared retirement in SeptemberAtsunori Inaba[72],Kaneko MakotoRetired from active duty[73].. OffEiichi Oyano,Keiji OhikiDeclared FA, Orix, respectivelyYakultTransferred to[74].. In SeptemberTexas RangersAffiliated 3A was a free contractKensuke TanakaReturned for the first time in 2 years[75].


Shohei Ohtani marks the team's tie record for the opening six consecutive victories[76]..In the interleague game, the team was behind the 2nd place before the final game, which is 0.5 games behind the Softbank, but lost to the Hanshin Tigers in the final game and was reversed by Softbank to finish in 2nd place.[77]..After the battle for the lead with Softbank Seibu, the first half of the game is finished in 3.5nd place, 2 games behind the leader Softbank.In the second half of the game, the situation of worshiping the dust behind the leader Softbank continued,May 9Softbank decided to win the championship and V-Yu was decided.May 9Wins the Seibu battle and decides to advance to the climax series[78]..Next time20 DayAlso won the Seibu battle, and the 2nd place in the regular season was confirmed.[79].Climax seriesThe first stage of the game was against Lotte, who was third in the season. He lost the first race and won the second race, but lost the third race and lost with 3 win and 1 losses.

As for individual titles, Shohei Ohtani won the most wins, the highest win rate, and the best ERA.Kisanuki retired from active duty in this year, and also holds the NPB tie record of 29 years of actual work as the oldest active fielder.Hankyu BravesWas the last active player to experienceSatoshi NakajimaAlso retired from active duty.From this year, he has been an assistant to GM since 2005, but has been appointed as the third generation GM.[80].


In the early stages, Softbank was allowed to run alone, and at one point it was behind by 11.5 games, but on July 7, the team won 10 consecutive wins in Thailand.Achieved 14 home wins after relocating to Hokkaido.May 7, Achieved 15 consecutive victories in the team's new record.Gradually narrowing the gap with Softbank, it will take the lead at the end of August.At the end of the game, he had a single combat with Softbank.May 9-22 DayWin a series of direct confrontations and win the championshipMagic number6 lights up[81]..Welcomed as Magic 1May 9In the battle against SeibuBrandon LairdOtani, the starting pitcher of the solo home run, defended the Seibu line with 1 hit and 1 strikeouts and won 15-1, achieving the 0th league victory for the first time in 4 years.[82]..In addition, the victory by reversing the maximum 11.5 game difference will be the second highest record in the Pacific League history.Nakata won the second RBI for the first time in two years with 2 RBIs, Laird won the home run with 110 RBIs, and Miyanishi won the best pitcher with 2 hold points for the first time.[83].Climax seriesIn the final stage of the league, he played against the league's second-placed Softbank, which defeated the league's third-placed Lotte with two consecutive victories. With 3 wins (including 2 advantage) and 2 losses, he defeated Softbank and decided to participate in the Japan Series for the first time in 4 years.AndJapan series TheHiroshima Toyo CarpPlay against.MAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium HiroshimaIn the first and second races, they lost in a row,Sapporo DomeIn the 3rd to 5th rounds, he won all 2 rounds including 3 goodbye wins.May 10Won the 6th round in Hiroshima 10-4 and achieved the third best in Japan for the first time in 10 years.[84]..At the same time, the number one in Japan, which reverses the game difference of up to 11.5 games, becomes the record for Nippon Professional Baseball.Yo is a free agent off, YoshikawaShingo IshikawaTransferred in exchange trade with Giants (instead ofTaiji Ohta-Katsuhiko KumonJoined).Masaru Takeda has retired.


4rd WBCProduced 6 people.In addition to such team circumstances, Otani was injured and left immediately after the opening, and the starting lineup suffered from a slump. In April, he lost 4 consecutive losses and 6 consecutive losses, finishing April at the bottom. He won the match against Lotte on May 10 and moved up to 4th place, and in late May he moved up to 5th place.[85]After losing to DeNA in the first match of the interleague game and falling to 5th place again, it was not possible to raise the ranking until the end of the season, and it was a year to quickly turn to rebuilding the team.For the first time, he lost the interleague game, which he was good at, and finished in 9th place.In July, after the end of the interleague game, he lost 7 wins and 3 losses without being able to win even once, such as suffering 5 consecutive losses three times.StillMay 7Achieved a total of 2004 wins since moving to Hokkaido in 1000 in the match against Lotte. Since the beginning of AugustMay 8のロッテ戦で約2ヶ月ぶりの2連勝、それ以降チームの調子も上向き、11勝10敗と5月以来の月間勝ち越し、9・10月も16勝13敗と勝ち越してシーズンを終えた。なお、最終戦ではメジャー移籍を志望していた大谷が4番・投手で出場して10奪三振と2安打を記録し、チームも完封勝利で有終の美を飾った。

Nishikawa wins the second stolen base for the first time in three years with 39 stolen bases,May 7IsTakuya NakajimaHit his first home run in his life at 2287 at bats.It will be the trading deadlineMay 7, Has been active as a set upper so far,All-star game of the same yearParticipated inKeisuke TanimotoWas released on the middle day.Further on August 8stLouis Mendoza Waver AnnouncementTransferred to Hanshin by trading by.Hiroshi IiyamaRetired from active duty,Takeda Hisashi Nippon Express Hardball Baseball ClubBecame a player-coach and left the team, offMajor LeagueOtani who announced the transferAngelsTransferred to.Further in FAHirotoshi MasuiTo Orix,Shota OhnoTransferred to Chunichi.Miyanishi and Nakata, who were rumored to exercise FA, remained without exercising.FA declaration from SoftbankShinya TsuruokaReturned for the first time in 5 years[86].

While the ranking was sluggish at 5th placeDraft meetingDominate the competition in 7 teamsWaseda Business High School OfKiyomiya KotaroThe acquisition of the right to negotiate with Otani and the decision to transfer to major league baseball attracted attention in the same year.Kanji of the yearIt became one of the reasons why "North" was chosen for[87].


Naoya IshikawaFilled the hole in Masui who was transferred by FA, ​​such as growing up to be a guardian deity.In the early stages, he was competing for the lead with Seibu, but in the second half of the race he stalled and ended up in 3rd place.Rookie Kiyomiya hit 7 home runs at the end of the seasonRyo WatanabeA glimpse of the activities of young people, such as the fact that he became a regular on the second base.Climax seriesFinished the season, losing to 2nd place Softbank with 1 win and 2 losses.Haruka NishikawaWon the stealing king for the second consecutive year.Yuya Ishii,Kenji YanoRetired from active duty.

At the draft meeting, promising players who played an active part in the summer Koshien were nominated one after another.100th National High School Baseball Championship Memorial TournamentRunner-up pitcherTeruyoshi Yoshida(Gold foot agricultural high school) In 1st place, the winning pitcherLotus persimmon(Osaka Toin High School) In 5th placeThe 99rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipでHanasaki Tokuharu High SchoolHe played an active part as the 4th batter of the school and led the school to the championship.Yuki NomuraWas won in 2nd place.

Laird transferred to Lotte in the off,Michael tonkinLeft the group with one year left for the contract.On the other hand, actively move to reinforcement,San Diego PadresからJustin Hancock,Johnny BarbateBoth foreign pitchers,CPBLTaiwanese batter who achieved a batting average of 2% for the second consecutive yearWang Bairong, Leaved OrixChihiro Kaneko[88]Acquired.Also from YakultHironori Takanashi,Kengo OtaIn trade withRyo Akiyoshi,Ryota YachiBoth players have been acquired.


July, which was in the middle of the season with a winning percentage of about 5%, was strong, and despite the opening pitcher Naoyuki Uwasawa leaving the front line, he moved up to 7nd place with a momentum approaching the leader Softbank, but the pitcher was driven in in August. It stalled greatly and dropped the ranking.In the end, he finished the season in 2th place and became the B class for the first time in two years.OffKensuke Tanaka,Kazunari MinorumatsuRetired from active duty.New foreignerDrew VerHagen, Acquired Christian Villanueva, who became a free contract with the giant.


Team results/records

  • 7 league championships (1962, 1981 *, 2006-2007, 2009, 2012, 2016)
  • No. 3 in Japan (1962, 2006, 2016)
  • Climax Series championship 4 times (2007, 2009, 2012, 2016)
  • 1 Asian Champion (2006)
  • Interleague play championship once (1)
  • A class 31 times (1959, 1961 ―― 1967, 1978 ―― 1983, 1987 ―― 1988, 1993, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2004, 2006 ―― 2009, 2011 ―― 2012, 2014-2016, 2018)
  • B class 44 times * 2 39 times after the league system (1946-1958, 1960, 1968-1977, 1984-1986, 1989-1992, 1994-1995, 1997, 1999 Year, 2001-2003, 2005, 2010, 2013, 2017, 2019-2020)
  • 7 years longest record in consecutive A class (1961-1967)
  • The longest record in the B class in a row 13 years (1946-1958)
  • Two late wins (late 2, late 1981)
  • 6th regular season victory (1982, 2006-2007, 2009, 2012, 2016)
  • Longest consecutive win 15 consecutive wins (2016)
  • Longest consecutive loss 14 consecutive losses (1984, 3 draws in between)
  • Most wins 87 wins (2016)
  • Most losses 92 losses (1956)
  • Maximum draw 13 minutes (1984)
  • Maximum win rate .621 (2016)
  • Minimum win rate .364 (1955)
  • Minimum game difference 1.0 (2nd place: 1993)
  • Maximum game difference 48.0 games (8th out of 7 teams: 1955)

* The victory in 1981 is due to the victory in the playoffs with Lotte.The highest win rate of the year is seven times, including 1982 when he lost in the playoffs with Seibu.

Other records

  • Most points of the season 771 points (2000)
  • Most hits of the season 1370 (2009)
  • 290 doubles, the most in the season (2009, Nippon Professional Baseball record)
  • 56 triples, the most in the season (1961)
  • 178 home runs, the most in the season (2004)
  • 40 home runs, the smallest in the season (1955)
  • Most RBIs of the season 735 RBIs (2000)
  • Minimum RBI of the season 312 RBI (1947 RBI in 2 after 1951 league system in 324)
  • Most stolen bases of the season 185 stolen bases (1979)
  • 180 sacrifice hits, the most in the season (2010, Nippon Professional Baseball record)
  • Season's most strikeouts 1151 strikeouts (2005)
  • Seasonal batting average .281 (2004)
  • Seasonal batting average .216 (1956)
  • Minimum Mistakes of the Season 55 Mistakes (1993, 2009)
  • Seasonal ERA 2.39 (1961)
  • Seasonal ERA 4.98 (1984)
  • Season's most saves 48 saves (2006)
  • Most holds of the season 131 holds (2012, Nippon Professional Baseball record)
  • Game score 22 points (November 1949, 11 vs. Taiyo)
  • 28 hits in the game (October 2008, 10 vs. Rakuten)
  • 9 doubles in the game (May 2004, 5 vs. Lotte, April 12, 2009 vs. Seibu)
  • 6 triples in the game (July 1946, 7 vs. Gold Star)
  • 7 home bases in the game (May 1950, 5 vs. Everyday, May 31, 2017 vs. Lotte)
  • Most stolen bases in the game 9 stolen bases (June 1979, 6 vs. Seibu)
  • Game's most sacrifice fly 4 Sacrifice fly (July 1982, 7 vs. Kintetsu / Nippon Professional Baseball record)
  • Game's most dead balls 7 dead balls (May 1979, 5 vs. Lotte / Nippon Professional Baseball record)
  • Game's Most Wild Pitch 5 Wild Pitch (April 2003, 4 vs. Seibu / Nippon Professional Baseball Record)
  • Game most balk 4 balk (July 1974, 7 vs. Kintetsu / Nippon Professional Baseball record)
  • Five consecutive home runs (May 5, 1971 vs. Lotte 5th inning, Nippon Professional Baseball record[Note 14])
  • 4 consecutive doubles (July 2009, 7 vs. Lotte 29st table, Pacific League record)
    • 4 consecutive doubles from the first batter (Nippon Professional Baseball record)
  • 5 consecutive games without goals (May 2011, 5 vs. Hiroshima 28st round to June 1rd vs. Yakult 6rd round, Nippon Professional Baseball record[Note 15])
  • 52イニング連続無失点(2011å¹´5月26日対中日2回戦6回裏から6月4日対ヤクルト4回戦2回裏まで・日本プロ野球記録[Note 16])

2000 hits achieved

In terms of the number of hits recorded at the time of enrollment, Isao Harimoto with 1 hits in first place and Yukio Tanaka with 2435 hits in second place.[Note 17].

MeikyukaiThere are no pitchers who have achieved a total of 200 wins and a total of 250 saves, which are the criteria for entering.[Note 18].

Records other than hits unless otherwise specified are those at the time of achievement.

No-hitter, no-scoring game achievement pitcher

(TaiziIs a perfect game)

Reference record[Note 19]
  • Tomoya Yagi - Takeda Hisashi - MICHEAL (April 2006, 4 vs. Softbank <Fukuoka Yahoo! JAPAN Dome> Score 15-1)
    Starting pitcher Yagi held down with no hits and no points until the 10th inning, but his teammates dropped out without scoring points, and then Hisashi Takeda in the 11th inning and MICHEAL in the back of the 12th inning won.
    It was the first time in 1941 seasons in 65 years since 64, and it was the first no-hitter no-run after the war and the first consecutive pitching since the two-league system, and it was the first time in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball that it was suppressed by overtime and three pitchers.
    It is also the first time in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball that Yagi says, "The starting pitcher throws more than 9 times without allowing hits or points and drops off halfway."

Hitting for the cycle hitter

Successive homes

* 1 Korakuen Stadium was used until August 1953, and moved to Komazawa Baseball Stadium in September of the same year.
* 2 The use of the student baseball season was not permitted, and Korakuen Stadium was used during that period.From 1964 to 1977, when Korakuen Stadium became the base, games of other teams were held at Korakuen Stadium, and Jingu Stadium was the base.Atoms SwallowsJingu Stadium is used as a quasi-base only when the match is not organized.
* 3 1973-In 1977, as a provisional measureLotte OrionsPart of the battle was hosted by Lotte[90].
* 4 Initially, it was tentatively called "Hokkaido Ball Park", but in January 2020Japan esconIn line with the facility naming rights contract concluded with, the name "ES CON FIELD HOKKAIDO" will be used at the time of opening.[91].

Successive directors

■TaiziIs the league title, ◎ is the best in Japan

  1. ^ 1947 is Tokyu Flyers (1st)
  2. ^ 1948 is the Rapid Flyers
  3. ^ Conducted until July 1948, 8, the rest of the matchSadayuki MinagawaIs a substitute.
  4. ^ From here Tokyu Flyers (2nd)
  5. ^ From here Toei Flyers
  6. ^ In 1960, he commanded until July 7, and Koichi Yasui acted for the rest of the match.
  7. ^ Conducted until July 1968, 8, the rest of the matchShigeya IijimaIs a substitute.
  8. ^ From July 1969th to July 7th in 10Kamiya SadaoIs a substitute.
  9. ^ In 1970, he conducted until July 7, and Kenjiro Tamiya acted for the rest of the match.
  10. ^ From here Nittaku Home Flyers
  11. ^ Conducted until July 1973th (end of the previous term) in 7.
  12. ^ Conducted only in the second half of the season.
  13. ^ From here Nippon-Ham Fighters
  14. ^ Conducted until April 1984th in 6, until May 26ndTakao YagamiIs a substitute.
  15. ^ Conducted until July 1996, 9, the rest of the matchSumitomo TairaIs a substitute.
  16. ^ Two games from April 2002rd to 4th in 3Nobuhiro TakashiroIs a substitute.
  17. ^ From here Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters
  18. ^ Two games from April 2005rd to 7th in 18Kazuyuki ShiraiIs a substitute.

Permanent number

On January 2009, 1, it was announced that the team would establish a permanent absence for the first time in the history of the team.The first person in question was inducted into the Baseball Hall of FameYoshinori TaishaThe first owner.

Permanent missing number list
  • 100 Yoshinori Ohkoso (first owner of Nippon-Ham Fighters)
Semi-permanent missing number[Source required]
  • 86 Keiji Osawa(Former coach. In the history of the team, no one else wears it)

In addition to this, from 2009, "It feels strange that the number starts from 0"0と00Has been decided not to use[92].

Sawamura Eiji Prize Winners

Changes in uniforms

Uniform (one army)

Tokyo era

  • 1946 The first uniform isHankyu ArmyIn the uniform from the 1936 (founded in XNUMX), the eggplant dark blue uniform was replaced with the Hankyu Army's "H" mark on the left chest, and the Senator's "S" mark was added to the left sleeve.[93][94].
  • 1947 The name of the team has changed to Tokyu Flyers, and the "Flyers" logo has appeared.The dark gray uniform for current visitors had the parent company "TOKYU" logo on it.
  • 1948 - 1949 Merged with Daiei Baseball Team and the team name became Kyuei Flyers.Introducing the zipper uniform used in the major leagues.For visitors, "FLYERS" has a blue border.
  • 1949 The team name returns to Tokyu Flyers, and the zipper logo is changed to the parent company "TKK".A bear mascot is drawn on the chest mark.
  • 1950 The logo was changed when the two leagues were separated.There were two types, a style that goes from left to right and an arch type.
  • 1951 - 1952 Introducing uniforms based on the Yankees.In addition, vertical stripes first appeared.For visitors, "TOKYO" and "TOKYU" are used together.1954It becomes "TOEI", but the design for visitors remains the same.
  • 1953 - 1960 The uniform logo and edging used in the late Tokyu era and early Toei are dark blue and orange. From 1954, the parent company of the team became Toei, and the name of the team became "Toei Flyers".Changed the logo for visitors to "TOEI".The hat is a dark brown background with an orange "F" and a rhombus-like design.
  • 1961 - 1967 With the appointment of director Shigeru Mizuhara, Suwon's old nestYomiuri GiantsWith the motif of, it changes to a thing based on dark brown and orange.On the left sleeve is the parent company ToeiCompany emblemThe "TOEI" logo appears on the (Toei mark).
    • For home, "FLYERSThe logo was capitalized and the font was redesigned, and the acronym "F" was decorated with a hidden picture of a flying bird.
    • For visitors, the gray background is lighter and the chest logo is "TOEIFrom " Is changed to.
      • Visitor uniforms changed only in the latter half of 1967.The ground color becomes bright sky blue, the orange used for the border, line, and Toei mark is replaced with gold thread, and the chest logo is "TOEIReturn to.
  • 1968 Hiroshi OshitaWith the appointment of the director, the uniform was changed to red and navy blue.The hat turns dark blue,FMark returns to the original rhombus style.The sleeves, pants and pockets have two lines of red and navy blue, the undershirt and stockings have a blue background, and the stockings have white, red and white lines.The Toei mark on the left sleeve is a white line on a red background and a blue line.Also,FlyersThe logo returns to the cursive style used immediately after the war.
  • 1969 - 1971 Kenjiro MatsukiModel change due to the appointment of director.It will be based on red and navy blue.
  • 1972 Kenjiro TamiyaAdopted a knit beltless uniform by taking office as a director.It is a pullover type with one front button.The hat is a dark blue background with a gold thread that combines T and F, and the brim is red.Neck, sleeves, waist and pants have navy blue and red lines (the line pattern for visitors is the opposite of that for home).The typeface of the uniform number becomes a serif typeface, and the player name is entered above the uniform number only for visitors.
    • In 6, when about 600 uniforms for the six years of the Toei era became Nippon Ham.Harajuku OfOld clothesIt was sold at the store.All genuine items with numbers, for a flat rate of 2900 yen, have been on sale for about 10 years.[95].
  • 1973The name of the team in the previous term was changed to "Nittaku Home Flyers", and the color and design were the same as before, but the colors of the navy blue and red lines were the opposite of those of the Toei era.The hat mark is a combination of N and F (there are two types of typefaces, a straight typeface and the same decorative character as the 7-color uniform), the Nittaku mark on the left sleeve, and the chest mark for visitors.NITTAKU HOME("NITTAKU" is red, "HOME" is black, and there is no chest number in the two columns), and a minor change will be made.
  • Late 1973 The uniforms of the previous year will be renewed and seven types of uniforms will be adopted. (# 7 types of uniformsSee. )
  • 1974The name of the team in the previous term was changed to "Nippon-Ham Fighters", and the design was redesigned.The navy blue and red colors continue, but the shape is a buttonless pullover.The mark on the hat and the brand mark of the parent company Nippon-Ham on the left sleeve (Company emblem) And the "Nippon Ham" logo (left sleeve only).There are two extra-thick lines on the side of the pants.
    • Navy blue (border: red) for home useFighters"logo.The typeface of the uniform number and chest number is unique with italics.The neck, sleeves, waist, and pants lines are navy blue and red, and the navy blue stockings are red with the parent company's brand mark embroidered.
    • For visitors, red (border: white) on a sky blue backgroundNippon HamNar type (circle) characters are used for the logo, logo and number.There is no player name or chest number.The hat is sky blue, and the neck, sleeves, waist, and pants are red and white.
  • Late 1974- 1981 The model has been changed for both home and visitors, and stripes have been adopted.The basic color changes to navy blue and orange, the number and chest number (for home use only) become square letters, and the side lines of the sleeves and pants disappear.Two lines of orange and navy blue on the neck, and three lines of orange, navy blue and orange on the waist.Along the way, he won the 2 league title with this uniform, repeating minor changes.
    • For home use, light blue stripes, chest logo, uniform number, and chest number are navy blue with orange edging.
    • For visitors, the color of the sky blue background changes, the navy blue stripes, the chest logo have a white and orange border, and the hat and stockings are common to home and visitors.
    • 1975The neck and waist lines are all orange.
    • 1978The player's name is attached to the back, and the letters of the uniform number that have been attached to the back are greatly reduced.
    • 1979Instead of the belt type, in the middle of the seasonMay 7The color of the "Nippon Ham" logo and uniform number for visitors has been reversed and changed to orange (border: white).
  • 1982 - 1992 AstrosThe model has been changed to the image of the rainbow color of.The model was changed to congratulate the league championship the year before the adoption and to overturn the reputation of the old uniform, which had a prominent seam.[96]..The chest logo is "Fighters" for both home and visitors, and the hat, undershirt, stockings, and spikes are orange.The hat mark is white with a blue border "Fighters" logo, and the word "TOKYO" is embroidered in blue at the bottom right of the logo.
    • For home use, there are two border lines, yellow and orange, on the chest.The nh mark on the left sleeve and the letters "Nippon Ham".
    • For visitors, the jacket is orange and has two border lines, yellow and white.The nh mark on the left sleeve and the letters "Nippon Ham".
      • 1988With the completion of the Tokyo Dome, the front part of the hat and helmet will turn white, and the logo will change from white to orange.The spikes are also changed to orange lines on a white background.
  • 1993 - 2003 Keiji OsawaThe design has been redesigned by returning to the director.Mainly dark blue (hat, undershirt, stockings). Vertical stripes are back for the first time in 12 years (home is dark blue vertical stripes on a white background, visitors are dark blue vertical stripes on a gray background), and the hat logo is orange with a white border "Fs"become.
    • For home use, the left chest has a dark blue and orange border with "Fs", and the right chest has a chest number.
    • For visitors, the chest is dark blue with an orange border, "NIPPON HAM", and the chest number is on the left.
      • 2001From now on, advertisements for the parent company Nippon-Ham will be placed on the right chest.

Sapporo era

  • 2004 --With the move to Sapporo, the team name will be changed to "Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters".Renewed uniform.Hats, undershirts and socks are black, with blue and gold lines on the sleeves and collar.Also, the first professional baseballLeft-right asymmetryAdopted the design (the right shoulder is the same color as the ground, but the left shoulder is black, the image of armor).The chest number disappears for both home and visitor.The logo of the hat overlaps in the order of "ball, seven-pointed star, letter" F "" from the top. The design isSeattle MarinersSuch asCIIt is SME, a US company that deals with (corporate identity).
    • For home use, "FIGHTERS" and the right sleeve logo is "NIPPON-HAM".For visitors, the top and bottom gray is "NIPPON HAM", and the right sleeve logo is "HOKKAIDO".
    • On the helmetHokkaido ShimbunWith an advertising sticker.
    • 2005Late season Yoshinori TaishaWith the death of the former owner, a black line appears on the right arm as a mourning badge.
    • 2006From uniform sponsorsHokurenLogo is on my right shoulder.However, the "Hokuren" logo is limited to wearing in the regular season and cannot be used in games such as the Interleague Play, All-Star, Climax Series, and Japan Series, so it will be removed.
  • 2011 --Partially changed the uniform design under the name "HOKKAIDO PRIDE ~ With the pride of Hokkaido in mind ~".The black of the hat and undershirt remains the same, but for the home, the left shoulder is changed to blue from the upper part of the right shoulder (blue is newly added to the lower left armpit), and the black after the lower left shoulder is the same as before.The "FIGHTERS" logo has also been changed to one with a seven-pointed star at the bottom.The model for visitors has undergone a major model change, with black shoulders and a ground color of "Harvest Gold," which represents the "fruit of fertility" in Hokkaido (in addition, blue is also "Sky Blue," which represents the sky of Hokkaido. White, which is the ground color of the home, is also named "Snow White", which represents snow).For visitors, the hat logo will be changed from "F" to "H" in Hokkaido, and the chest logo will be a two-column logo with "HOKKAIDO" in the upper row and "NIPPON HAM" in the lower row.In addition, a new sponsor has been added to the right of the pants.NitoriThe logo is included.In addition, the brim of the hat is bordered with "Harvest Gold" for both homes and visitors.
    • The match between July 2011th and 7th, 15 was called the "Hokkaido Festival" and was held at the Sapporo Dome, the home base, wearing visitor uniforms.In addition, the match from September 17rd to 9th of the same year was called "Autumn Festival", and this was also held at the Sapporo Dome wearing a visitor uniform.
  • 2012 --Introduced a captain mark (a combination of the black letter "C", which is the acronym for "CAPTAIN", and the golden "Seven Light Stars") on the left chest of the captain Kensuke Tanaka's uniform.
    • July 2012-7, 6 The match will be called the "Hokkaido Festival" and will be worn by visitors at the Sapporo Dome, the same as last year.In addition, a hat limited to the "Hokkaido Festival" (the main body of the hat is black, the logo is "H" in Hokkaido, the silhouette of the map of Hokkaido on the right side of the logo, the air resistance / hat brim is "Harvest Gold" and the right side of the brim The word "HOKKAIDO PRIDE" is entered in the box).
  • 2014 --The new CI of the Nippon Ham Group will be on the right sleeve, and the uniform sponsor Hokuren's logo will be posted above it.
  • 2015 ――Advertising on the cap was accepted from this season, and as the first case of 12 teams, the left side of the home capEin Pharmacy'sAdvertisement is included.
  • 2016 --Home cap on the left sideEin GroupChanged to an advertisement.
  • 2018 --Only this year, I wore the third uniform "Hokkaido Sky Blue Uniform" as part of the project to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the move to Hokkaido.The same blue color as the left shoulder of the home uniform is applied to the entire surface of the uniform and the forehead of the hat, and the "HOKKAIDO" logo used in the WE LOVE HOKKAIDO series is used on the chest. Wear at[97]..After that, it will be worn in 2019 home games from August 8th to 6th in 29, and in 11 games in the "HOKKAIDO be AMBITIOUS" series in October 2020.
  • Taiwan professional baseballChushin WhalesAt the time of moving to SapporoBeing aware of the design of Nippon-Ham[Source required], Adopted asymmetrical design uniform from 2005.

Limited uniform

A special game plan with the concept of wearing a limited uniform with the word "HOKKAIDO" engraved on the chest, expressing love and pride for Hokkaido, and fighting as a team and fans. 2007-The first phase was implemented in 2010, and the second phase was implemented after 1.In the second term, "Hokkaido 179 Municipal Support Ambassador"" Will be posted on uniforms, caps, and helmets by lottery from the municipalities in Hokkaido, aiming for strong ties with Hokkaido and regional revitalization. From 2017, in addition to the "WE LOVE HOKKAIDO" series as the "Hokkaido series", the "HOKKAIDO be AMBITIOUS" series will be expanded to two terms a year, and the HOKKAIDO be AMBITIOUS series will feature the dark blue, white, and red colors of the Hokkaido flag. Wear the limited uniform with the "Ambitious Tricolor" color scheme used.
  • 2007: August 8th-Held at the match against Chiba Lotte on 17th, the uniform fabric color is blue and the left shoulder is black.The hat has a black body and a blue brim.
  • 2008: Held at Chiba Lotte on July 7nd and 22th and Saitama Seibu on 24th and 25th.The uniform is decorated with black, which is one of the team colors that expresses the strength of the intention that is not dyed in any color, and blue, which represents the sea and sky of Hokkaido. The color of the uniform is black and the left shoulder is blue.The body of the hat is blue and the brim is black, and the coloring is reversed from the previous year.
  • 2009 : Maruyama Stadium, Sapporo CityHeld on June 6th inYokohamaHeld in all games held in the Hokkaido region (Asahikawa, Hakodate, Obihiro) except for the war, and in the Chiba Lotte 9 consecutive games held at Sapporo Dome from September 11th to 13th.The color of the fabric is dark blue, and it is also a flower that imagines Hokkaido on the left shoulder and neck, and the button part.lavenderAdopted color (light purple).The body of the hat is navy blue and the brim is light purple (lavender).
  • 2010: July 7th-Held at the Orix match on the 9th.The color of the uniform fabric is golden, which is the image of Hokkaido's "fruit of fertility", and the left shoulder is black.The body of the hat is blue and the brim is golden.This uniform was planned to be limited to three consecutive games of "WE LOVE HOKKAIDO Series 11", but at the initiative of Director Nashida, this uniform will be worn in a total of four games in Obihiro and Asahikawa.
  • 2013: July 7-Held at Chiba Lotte 12 consecutive battles on 14th and Saitama Seibu battle on July 3th.The uniform's jacket is drawn on the Hokkaido flag, and the burning "burning red" of the seven light stars, which means the "indomitable energy" of the people of Hokkaido, is adopted as the symbol color.In addition, it follows the asymmetrical design unique to Fighters with the meaning of inheriting the tradition of the past.The asymmetrical part is expressed in pure white, which expresses the spirit of the team fighting innocently with the beautiful snowy scenery of Hokkaido.A secondary mark of "H" is adopted for the logo mark of the cap and helmet, and the universal love and pride for Hokkaido is put.Burning red is also applied to the logo mark and eaves of the cap and helmet. From the 7 municipalities of the support ambassadors in 15, 2013 municipalities are posted on uniforms, caps, and helmets.[98].
  • 2014: July 7th-Held at Softbank 11 consecutive battles on 13th. "NEXT BLUE" is adopted as the concept color.The asymmetrical pure white color and the "H" mark on the cap have remained unchanged from the previous year.The logo mark and eaves of the cap and helmet are also decorated with NEXT BLUE color.The series uniform was worn in all 3 games including the visitor game from the Rakuten game on June 6th to the Saitama Seibu game on July 27th, and 7 municipalities out of the 16 municipalities appointed as the 16 Hokkaido 2014 municipality support ambassadors. Post your name on uniforms, caps and helmets[99]..In addition, the NEXT BLUE color uniform was worn again as "WE LOVE HOKKAIDO Series 9 ~ again ~" in the game against Orix on September 27th and the game against Softbank on September 28th.[100].
  • 2015: Held for about a month from the DeNA game on June 6th to the Softbank game on July 12th, and worn by 7 visitor games during the period.The lilac "EZOlution Lavender", which is inspired by the lavender of Hokkaido, is used as the uniform color after the team slogan.The uniform and asymmetrical pure white color and the "H" mark on the cap have been left unchanged from the previous year.The concept color EZOlution lavender is also applied to the logo mark and eaves of the cap and helmet.Since June and July in Hokkaido will be the time for lavender to bloom, the desire to make a smiling flower bloom with victory is included. From the 15 municipalities appointed as Hokkaido 1 municipal support ambassadors in 11, 6 municipalities are posted on uniforms, caps and helmets.[101].
  • 2016 : Hokkaido ShinkansenTo commemorate the openingShinkansen H5 series trainWear a limited edition uniform with the same "green, purple, white" color scheme as the car body.The design is based on green, and the asymmetrical part of the shoulder is mainly white with purple and black lines."H" mark is used for the logo mark of the cap and helmet.The brim of the cap and helmet is also decorated with the same "Tokiwa Green" as the Hokkaido Shinkansen train.It will be used from the Lotte game (QVC) on March 3, which is the same as the opening day of the Hokkaido Shinkansen, and will be used in 26 games including 5 visitor games from the Softbank game on May 3 to the Lotte game on May 26 during the WE LOVE HOKKAIDO series.[102] Nine of the 2016 municipalities appointed as Hokkaido 179 municipalities support ambassadors in 18 are posted on uniforms, caps, and helmets.
  • 2017: From this year, the project name will be "Hokkaido Series (AD)" WE LOVE HOKKAIDO "".
    • Wearing limited uniforms as the "WE LOVE HOKKAIDO" series in 4 home games from the Rakuten game on April 29th to the Softbank game on May 5th.The movie "Set in Hokkaido"Happiness yellow handkerchiefCreated with the concept of "Happy Yellow" with the symbol color of "" as a motif.The design is based on yellow, which represents the sun, and blue (light blue), which represents the sky, with blue on the asymmetrical part and the cap brim.In addition, this event was titled "HAPPY Project", and a part of the profits of replica uniforms became the stage of "Yellow Handkerchief of Happiness".YubariThrough activities such as donating to, it will be useful for regional revitalization of Yubari City, which has been 3 years since the financial collapse in March this year.[103].. Nine of the 2017 municipalities appointed as Hokkaido's 179 municipal support ambassadors in 18 are posted on uniforms, caps, and helmets.
    • Wearing a limited uniform as "Hokkaido Series 7 HOKKAIDO be AMBITIOUS" in 19 home games from July 8th Rakuten match to August 20th Seibu match.Navy blue is the main color, and red and white lines are arranged on the asymmetrical part of the shoulder, and the H emblem used for caps and helmets at the time of visitors and WE LOVE HOKKAIDO is greatly arranged on the left chest.[104].
  • 2018
    • Held in 5 home games from May 2nd to 20th as the "WE LOVE HOKKAIDO" series wearing the above-mentioned third uniform[97].. Nine of the 2018 municipalities appointed as Hokkaido's 179 municipal support ambassadors in 18 are posted on uniforms, caps, and helmets.
    • In the 7 home games from July 20th to 28th, the main color of the "HOKKAIDO be AMBITIOUS" series is white with the image of clouds, snow and canvas depicting the future, navy blue on the asymmetrical part of the shoulder, and red on the left arm. Wearing a limited edition uniform.
  • 2019
    • From April 4th to May 27th, in eight home games, the "WE LOVE HOKKAIDO" series is based on the concept of "new era green", which is the image of the budding of a new era. The black line follows the asymmetrical design and gold is used for the cap brim and left sleeve line. Nine of the 5 municipalities appointed as Hokkaido's 12 municipalities support ambassadors in 8 are posted on uniforms, caps, and helmets.
    • In the 6 home games from June 28th to July 7st, the main color of the "HOKKAIDO be AMBITIOUS" series is red, which is the image of the indomitable energy of the people of Hokkaido, and the asymmetrical part of the shoulder and the cap collar are limited to navy blue. Wear a uniform.
  • 2020
    • In 8 home games from August 4th to 23rd, the "WE LOVE HOKKAIDO" series will be a symbolic space for ethnic symbiosis.UPOPOY」の開業を記念しホワイトをメインカラーとして肩の非対称部分にグレー地のアイヌ文様、袖部とキャップ鍔にベージュをあしらい2020年度の北海道179市町村応援大使が就任した18市町村の中から8市町村をユニフォーム・キャップ・ヘルメットに掲出。その後8月の着用試合での勝率が高かったことから9月15日から9月20日までのホーム6試合でも再度用いられる。
    • Wearing the third uniform "Hokkaido Sky Blue Uniform" as the "HOKKAIDO be AMBITIOUS" series in 10 home games from October 3rd to 15th, to express respect and gratitude to medical professionals involved in the new coronavirus countermeasures. did.
  • 2021
    • Wearing a uniform with the theme of "gradation lilac" as the "WE LOVE HOKKAIDO" series in 4 home games from April 23 to May 5. Based on the concept of "bright light shining on the deep sea of ​​Hokkaido", the design is studded with lilac flower patterns in shades that image the sea in the asymmetrical part of the shoulder with dark blue as the main color. Listed 16 municipalities out of the 14 municipalities that took office.
  • 2012The match between August 8th and 17th was named "Summer Festa" and was made by reusing the uniforms actually worn by the players.SupportThe uniform "Eco-Uni" has been released, and the players have the same design.monotoneWear limited color uniforms[Note 20].

Reprint uniform

During the practice of the 2005th anniversary match of Maruyama Stadium in 70, the 2013 Pacific League joint project "Legend series 2013, Worn in the team's original history project "Legend Series" since 2014.

  • 2005: During the day game held at Maruyama Stadium, in pre-match practice, I wore only the upper garment of the late 1974-1981 model home uniform.It was a button type unlike the one at that time when it was a pullover.
  • 2013: In the Pacific League joint project "Legend Series 2013", he wore a reprinted uniform for the first time in the history of the team.The reprinted uniform was used from 1993 to 2003 before moving to Hokkaido.Tokyo DomePin-striped home uniform from the home era (however, the left sleeve of the reprinted uniform has a "Hokuren" patch and the trousers have a "Nitori" patch).
Legend series (since 2014)
  • 2014: Rakuten match on August 8st, August 21nd-Seibu match on 8th (Sapporo Dome) and August 22th-Lotte match on 24st (Tokyo Dome) in 8 in the Tokyo period-29 Wear a home uniform (so-called "orange uniform").Unlike the uniforms at that time, there will be an advertisement for "Hokuren" on the right sleeve of the uniform, an advertisement for "Nitori" on the pants, and an advertisement for "Hokkaido Shimbun" on the helmet.The hat / helmet is a reproduction of the 31-1982 (white front of the hat) type.
  • 2015: Held in Rakuten 8 consecutive battles (Sapporo Dome) from August 7th and Orix 3 consecutive battles (Tokyo Dome) from 21st. 3 when he won his first victory as the Nippon-Ham Fighters in 1981-Wearing a home uniform with blue stripes on a white background and orange on the collar in 1979.In addition, unlike the uniforms at that time, there was an advertisement for "Hokuren" on the right sleeve of the uniform, an advertisement for "Nitori" on the pants, an advertisement for "Hokkaido Shimbun" on the helmet, and an advertisement for "Ein Pharmacy's" on the left side of the home cap. enter.
  • 2016: Wearing the first home uniform of the Nippon-Ham Fighters, which was worn in the first half of 8, in the games hosted from August 30th to September 9th.Also, on September 19th, entitled "HOKKAIDO LEGEND MATCH", I wore the first Hokkaido uniform that I wore for 1974 years after moving to Hokkaido for one day only.
  • 2017: Wearing the 6-23 home uniform of Toei Flyers, which was worn in 7, which was the first in Japan since the foundation of the team, in the games hosted from June 4 to July 1962.

Uniform (second army)

  • In principle, the second army is the same as the first army, but the team color is changed to green, which is the color of Kamagaya City, aiming for close contact with the community. Only for the match in Kamagaya on July 2008th and 7st, 20, a special uniform with the "KAMAGAYA" logo on the chest, a green body, a white left shoulder, a golden racket line, and no back name. Was used.The hat is green and the front is white, and the mark is "K".
  • 2010-Officially adopted a green uniform with the "KAMAGAYA" logo on the chest, with the motif of a military uniform.A model change of the above-mentioned special uniform.Green is the base color, and the left and right sides are orange from the left shoulder.There is a white line on both sides, and a white and orange two-tone racket line.There is no name on the back, and the number is white with an orange border.The hat is green with an orange line on the left front, and the mark is "K (ball, seven-pointed star, letter" K ")".Team pet mark on the left sleeve and "NIPPON-HAM (white letters with orange rim)" on the right sleeve.
  • 2012-Kamasta limited uniform renewed for the first time in 2 years.The chest has the "KAMAGAYA (green ☆ on K and A)" ​​logo, the body is green, the right side is gold, the left side is black, and the white line in between.A special uniform with a white racket line and no back name was used.The hat is a black background with a "K" mark and a green star on it.

Transition of the team flag

  • 1945-- 1946: Blue, white, and red horizontal lines from the top.The blue part is white and the acronym "S" for Senatorus.
  • 1947 --1949: The name of the team is changed to "Tokyu Flyers".The top is red, the bottom is blue, and the right end is a white isosceles triangle."F" in white in the red part.
    • Also used in 1948 when the team name became "Kyuei Flyers".
  • 1950-1973: The team flag was changed after the division into two leagues.The white isosceles triangle on the far right remains the same, but the separate colors are turned upside down (blue on the top and red on the bottom)."F" in white in the blue part.It will continue to be used even if the parent company changes to Tokyu, Toei, and Nittaku.
  • 1974-1976: The team name was changed to "Nippon-Ham Fighters" and the design was redesigned.White line on an orange background.The white part is the brand mark of the parent company Nippon-Ham (Company emblem) And the "Nippon Ham" logo.The orange part below it is the "Fighters" logo in white letters.
  • 1977-2003: The rough design remains the same, but the "Nippon Ham" logo and "Fighters" logo are shortened.
  • 2004-: With the move to Sapporo, the team name will be changed to "Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters".On a white backgroundPet mark OfHeptagram..The lower part is "HOKKAIDO NIPPON-HAM FIGHTERS" in white letters on a black background.

マ ス コ ッ ト

Bear mascot (official name unknown)
In 1949 during the Tokyu era, it was placed in the upper right corner of the chest mark on the uniform.
Caricature of a boy wearing a hat (official name unknown)
The above caricature was included from 1972 in the Toei era to 1973 in the Nittaku era.Pet markIs adopted.It was used in printed matter issued by the team.
Shoot a bowHercules(Official name unknown)
It was used as a pet mark until 1981 after becoming the Nippon-Ham Fighters.
Boy in uniform (official name unknown)
It was used as a pet mark from 1977 to 1987.The uniform number is "100".
1980, of the teamcostumeAppeared as the first mascot.The motif is the sun and the model is Keiji Osawa, the director at the time.The name comes from "Gyorome no Tankichi".I was good at bicycles.In his later years, he often ran on scooters.The performers are three members of the theater company Koguma-za.
By the way, Gyorotan is the first costume character in the Pacific League, and is the second costume character in the Japanese ball world, following Yakult Swallows' Yabo.
Resurrected for a limited time in Legend Series 2014, then revived with each Legend Series, and regained popularity due to its freedom behavior.
Appeared with the move to Tokyo Dome in 1988.A figure of a warrior with wings, a bat and a helmet.Not only the pet mark, but also the costumes were made, and the stadium was lively with several animal costumes.
Armored warrior (official name unknown)
Pet mark from 1993 to 2003.A pose in which a knight in a uniform is swinging up a bat instead of a sword.
Fighty (100)
Introduced in 1993 during the Tokyo Dome eraPterosaursType mascot.The English notation is "FIGHTY".Yoshinori TaishaThe owner is said to be a model, and the uniform number was 100.He was scheduled to retire when he moved to Hokkaido, but due to the signing activity of his wishes for survival by fans, he appeared only in the games hosted by Tokyo Dome for two years after moving to Hokkaido. Retired from active duty on August 2, 2005.A retirement ceremony was held at Tokyo Dome on that day.
Revived in Legend Series 2014 with Gyorotan.The uniform is not a reprinted orange uniform, but a vertical stripe that I wore before the move.As mentioned above, it was limited to Tokyo, so it was the first appearance of Sapporo Dome in the game on August 2014, 8.
BB (Brisky the bear) (212)
Nicknamed "BB". Appeared in 2004 with the relocation of the team to Hokkaido. In order to take office as "Mirai Daishi" of "Hokkaido Mirai Project" commemorating the 2018th anniversary of the naming of Hokkaido from 150, he will take a break from the activities at the stadium and will be involved in regional contributions in Hokkaido in the future.For details, refer to the relevant item.
Cubby (Cubby the Bear)
A younger brother of BB's age, a second-arm mascot that has appeared since 2006.For details, refer to the relevant item.
Baby bee (baby ☆ B)
The appearance of BB when he was in elementary school. Debuted in 2010.
Polly (Polly Polaris)
The team's first girl mascot that appeared off 10 for the 2013 season, which is the 2012th year since the move to Hokkaido.For details, refer to the relevant item.
Frep (Frep the Fox) (179)
A new mascot that appeared just before the start of 2016.I was wandering around HokkaidoRed foxAt the Sapporo Dome that I arrived at, I fell in love with BB and volunteered as a mascot.Wearing a practice uniform without a number as a "mascot apprentice", losing root in waiting for the exit. At the fan festival on November 2017, 11, it was announced that he would be promoted to the main mascot from the 26 season, and BB gave him a home uniform with a number of 2018.

Team features

  • Japan's number one in total three times has been decided by four consecutive victories after dropping the first match.

Tokyo era

  • PrewarTokyo SenatorHas nothing to do with capital or team system.However,Senator's Tokyu eraAs you can see in the section, it is a team established with the aim of succeeding the Tokyo Senators.
  • 1947から1973The nickname used for "Flyers( Flyers ) ”Has the meaning of“ flying person ”,“ aviator ”,“ express train ”,“ jumping ”, etc.Was the owner of the team at that timeHiroshi OkawaHowever, it was named with the meaning of "making a leap forward for a new departure."[105]..In Suwon's home uniform, the "F" part of "FLYERS" was a hidden picture of a flying bird. Of "Flyers"商標Is still owned by Toei and until 2007Toei animationIt is used in the announcement / event report section of the official website, and when the site was first opened, the hidden logo was used as it was.
    • 1974Used from "Fighters( Fighters ) ”Is taken from the English word for“ warrior ”.The abbreviation is "F". The name of "Fighters" was open to the public, and the godfather wasOkayamaHigh school girl from the same town (from Okayama prefecture)Katsuo OsugiThe reason for the name is "because the players are fighters with guts" (there were many people who named them "fighters", including Hokkaido, which was their hometown later, but the reason why high school girls became the godfather was this name. Is said to be large).However, Osugi was traded in exchange for just one season.Yakult SwallowsTransferred to and left the team.
      • Among the nicknames solicited, "Juggers" (Leopard), "Eagles" (Eagle), Phoenix and many other animal names, 38% of the total, including "Momotaros" (Momotaro), "Kintaros" (Kintaro), "Drifters" (drifters, popular at the timeThe DriftersThere are also fun things such as (in connection with), and "Wieners" (only for ham companies)Wiener sausage..This is multiplied by "winner" which means "winner"), "sandwich, "Tonchan" (pig), "Eggs" (egg) Etc.[106].
  • 1962He won the Pacific League and defeated Hanshin in the Japan Series, but at this time, the owner Hiroshi Okawa wore a uniform with a uniform number of 100 and participated in the championship parade.In addition, the parent company Toei produced a documentary film called "Toei Winner Uniform Number 100" and screened it on Toei nationwide.
  • Until 1987, the franchise stadium was the same Korakuen stadium as the Giants, so there were many disadvantages in terms of schedule, and the same day match between Nippon-Ham and Giants was not organized as much as possible, but if it is still held on the same day There was a principle that Nippon-Ham was a night game and the Giants were day games (the Giants at that time were not uncommon on Sunday day games) (especially at the opening game of the same day in the A class of the previous year).However, except during the heat wave, Nippon-Ham held day games on Saturdays and Sundays, and members of the elementary school fan club (Shonen Fighters Association) gathered at the outfield stand to attract spectators.Nippon Ham was a pioneer of fan clubs in the professional baseball world.At the same time, the Pacific League's first mascot character "Gyorotan" also appeared.
  • As mentioned earlier, during the Korakuen / Tokyo Dome era, the match schedule was always set with priority given to giants.Baseball against cityThe length of the expedition was squeezed by the Hanshin Tigers.Road of deathIt was comparable to. In 1996 and the first half of 1998, he ran at the top, but stalled in August and missed the championship.Especially in August, children are on summer vacation, so many giant games are organized as a time to earn money when many families come, and Nippon-Ham was forced to load.[Note 21].

Sapporo era

  • The dedicated stadium was moved to Sapporo Dome in 2004, but Sapporo Dome has already been a professional since 2001.サ ッ カ ー-J League OfConsadole SapporoUsed as a home stadium (Sapporo Atsubetsu Park StadiumIn combination with).This is the first time in Japan that a professional soccer club and a professional baseball team use the same stadium.[Note 22]Until around the end of January 2014, when Consadole relocated its office to Miyanosawa, the offices of Nippon Ham and Consadole were located inside the Sapporo Dome.2006Also sells a common admission ticket with Consadole.
  • At Sapporo Dome, the third base side is more convenient in terms of facility layout and access, and the electric bulletin board used as a scoreboard is easier to see from the third base side, so the home team is on the third base side.Doug Outuse.Nippon-Ham is the first home team to use the third base dugout in Japan, except for the second army (note that the first base dugout is used in the sponsored games held at Tokyo Dome and local stadiums in Douchi).
  • The adjustment method of the camp emphasizes individual practice rather than general practice, and it takes a long time with the policy of "pitching high quality pitches without throwing" and "working on practice while being aware of the situations that will be given in the game". I don't practice much, I respect the independence and positivity of the players, let the players think about how to solve the problems first, and go to the coach to consult and give advice on what kind of practice to do. It is a system to get.[107][108]
  • The director signs a three-year contract when the contract is signed, and after that, the contract is renewed in units of one to two years.The reason is that rather than concluding a long-term contract and fixing the director's idea as a team color, I think that it is advantageous to replace the director regularly and put in new perspectives and ideas, so the initial contract is 3 years This is because I thought that the idea itself would not easily permeate the players.

Information system

Even veteran players and main players may be traded (in recent years)Akane Kanemura,Michael Nakamura,Shinji Takahashi,Itoi YoshioEtc.), the basis for which is an information system called "(BOS)"[109]..This is the playerSaber metricsBased on the results, annual salary, and age, we classify the team into four types: main, reserve, training, and inventory. The goal was to maintain the team strength while suppressing the total annual salary and utilize all registered players as a force by releasing veterans as appropriate so that the coaching policy will not change every time the change is made. Is a thing[109].. BOSChiba Lotte Marines,Fukuoka Softbank Hawks[110],Yomiuri Giants[111],Yokohama DeNA BaystarsHowever, except for DeNA, who invited Shigeru Takada, who was the first GM after moving to Hokkaido, to the same position and imitated Nippon Ham, "the manager has the right to decide to appoint a player" (BOS is overused). It may take away the director's job) and is for reference only.[112] Regarding the players who have caused scandals in the past, "Catch the players to be caught. It is necessary for the entire ball world to give a chance to recover the honor. (Former GM Masao Yamada)"[113] It is a policy that is easygoing and not particular about.Behind the scenes, there is a judgment that it is difficult to get a good player (GM) in order to prepare the force at low cost.At the same time, we are also focusing on player education including general education and common sense, such as hiring experienced teachers to teach young people's lives, and have a track record and experience in building such an environment. It can be said that this is the policy.On the other hand, with regard to coaches, "do not wastefully build a hierarchical relationship between players and coaches", "make players who make the best use of their strengths by identifying the characteristics of players rather than using their own model", and "how to teach by submitting reports" He also teaches coaching skills such as "retrospective and improvement".[114] In addition, "" adopted by the other 11 teamsTraining player systemHas not been adopted for a long time, and as of January 2018, there were no training contract players.However, at the 1 draft meeting, as the first "training contract player" in the history of the teamBaseball Challenge League OfToyamaThanEbihara KazukaNominated[Note 23]..As a result, there are no teams that do not adopt training contracts.

The dry personnel who do not place importance on growth is reflected in the selection of managers, and Masayuki Dobashi is the manager of full growth (who completed his career as a player in the same team) for more than XNUMX years after managing Nippon Ham.[Note 24]All of them are from other team players, except for Yasunori Oshima (26 years out of 7 years) who has experience as a player in the team.This is the predecessor of Senator's, Tokyu, Toei, Nittaku era, but the director who was born from the players was the Tokyu eraKoichi YasuiEven if you include people who have no experience as professional players and no other team leaders, they are also in the Tokyu era.Shinobu AndoThere are only two people, and it can be said that this is the trend since the establishment of the team.No other 2 teams have seen such a thorough example.[Note 25].

Team spectator increase strategy

After moving to Sapporo Dome, the team launched the following measures to increase the number of spectators.Tokyo DomeThe number of spectators has increased significantly compared to the times. In 2016, it exceeded 1993 million for the first time since 200, and reached 2017 in 208.This is the number of spectators mobilized second in the league after Softbank.

Namara Ticket
In the official game, the first base side infield reserved seat ticket is a uniform 1,500 yen "Namara ticket" for residents and incumbents in the target area road, city, ward, weekday night game visitors after 7:15 pm The "715 ticket" (until 2007, the "7 ticket" for visitors after 30:730 pm) is on sale, which allows the target to enter at about half the regular price.In addition to these, from 2005, tickets limited to goods such as "Namara! Super Discount Ticket" for all residents, "Quartet" with parking ticket, "With Beer Ticket" with beer ticket as the name suggests Is also on sale.
Cho QR
In 2009, the first mobile phone of 12 teamsQR codeIntroduced "Cho QR", a system that allows you to enter without a ticket.
KONKATSU sheet, Cinderella sheet
The "KONKATSU Sheet" held on July 2009th and 7th, 11 initially recruited 12 people in two days, but there were 2 applications, of which women exceeded the specified number on the first day of application. However, on the contrary, the number of male applicants was less than half, so the number of applicants was suddenly increased to 400 couples were formed on the first day and 2860 couples were formed on the second day.By the way, if you get married, you will be given the right to the opening ceremony. As of 600, one group has been engaged and has acquired the right to the opening ceremony.
In 2010, we introduced the "Cinderella Seat", which is a female-only seat, as a rear pot for the KONKATSU seat. Two seats were assigned to each person as luggage storage.Tempur cushions and opera glasses were permanently installed on the Cinderella seat, but equipment was stolen one after another in three days, and the team suffered a lot of losses.[115].
Weekday discount
This is a discount system that changes the target audience for each day of the week. Tuesday is "Senior & Student Day" for students aged 60 and over, Wednesday is "Ladies' Day" for all women, and Thursday is an official fan club member. "Fan Club Day" for all men and "Men's Day" for all men on Friday, and most seats can be admitted at half the regular price only if there is a ticket for the day.
In addition, this isTokyo DomeIt is also held in the official game at (some may differ),Sapporo DomeYou can't buy it until one hour before the start of the match, but you can buy it from 1 am on the day of the match at Tokyo Dome.Purchase at the ticket office on the day, only for games at Sapporo Dome Fighters Station (Sapporo StationIt is also possible (near the north exit), and since 2011, Friday has disappeared, and Tuesday has become "Men's & Senior Day" and Wednesday has become "Ladies & Student Day".
Established from 2017 to this yearPremium Friday"Golden Friday" will be held on Friday at Sapporo Dome. Tickets that can be watched at the Sapporo Dome guest room, all-you-can-drink beer seats, and half-price services will be provided if you purchase the same-day ticket wearing a visitor uniform. ..[116]
twitter interlocking project
In 2018, we started a project to solicit questions from fans on the official Twitter of the team, and we will answer the question tweeted with "#hero question" in the hero interview at the time of home victory.

Draft strategy

Based on the policy of "taking the best player of the year", we have decided the first draft[117].. In 2012, Hanamaki Higashi announced a major challenge directly.Otani XiangpingForced nomination. In 2011, he announced his intention to refuse to join the group and go to the United States except for giants.Tomoyuki KannoNominated and surprised the surroundings.fact,Hope entry quota systemIn the draft after 2007, when was abolished, Otani was nominated forcibly, and was nominated in 2008.Shota OhnoExcept for, all are competing with multiple teams.

Team slogan

Tokyo era

  • 1993: "Lively baseball"
  • 1994: "Hatsuratsu Baseball Part 2"
  • 1995: "Aggressive & Dramatic"
  • 1996: "Further challenges"
  • 1997: "Great Challenge"
  • 1998: "Ichigo Inui"
  • 1999: "Ichimaru to V!"
  • 2000-2002: "Be tough, Stay tough, Win tough" (Be tough, be tough, beat tough)
  • 2003: "Ethos Pathos Logos"[Note 26]~ The spirit of victory, the passion for victory, and victory is the significance ~

Sapporo era

  • 2004: "New Home, New Identity, New Dreams." (New world, new self, new dreams)
  • 2005: "Faith, Hope, Love The Game" (Believe, Hope, Love The Game)
  • 2006: "Dream Big; Play Hard; Live Strong!" (Dreams are big, games are solid and strong!)
  • 2007: "Focus, Advance, Nexus Spirit" (Focus, Advance, Group Spirit)
  • 2008: "Hot, to the top (summit)" ~ F ​​・ A ・ N ・ S '08 ~
  • 2009: "Re: Challenge"
  • 2010: "Feel it!"
  • 2011: "ONE_1"
  • 2012: "9+ Nine Plus"
  • 2013: "Jun-single-mindedly-"
  • 2014: "Go ahead-TumikoRussiaClickLe-[Note 27]'
  • 2015: "EZOlution"
  • 2016: "Explode"
  • 2017: "F-AMBITIOUS" (Fan Vicious)
  • 2018: "Michi -FIGHTERS XV-" (Michi Faits, Fifteen)
  • 2019: "Bakushin"
  • 2020: "Shoot" (hit)
  • 2021: "01karat ~ Ichikara ~"

Main campsite

Major invested companies

The operating company (new corporation) "Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters Co., Ltd.", which was established in August 2003 for the relocation of the current headquarters, is funded by major companies in Hokkaido in addition to the original investor, Nippon-Ham.[120]..As mentioned in the history section, the business (baseball team) was transferred from the old corporation "Nippon-Ham Fighters Co., Ltd." (a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon-Ham Fighters. In 100, the old corporation was dissolved and disappeared due to a special clearing procedure.

General Partner

Grand Partner


Major successive team songs and support songs

Flyers era
  • "Song of Tokyu Flyers" → "Toei Flyers Song(Lyrics:Ko Fujiura, Composition:Yuji Koseki)[121]
    Published in the May issue of Tokyu Corporation's in-house newsletter "Seiwa" in 1950.Although its existence was known from the list of works by Yuji Koseki, it was not recorded and the score was unconfirmed for many years, so the players and fans of the past said that they had never heard of it. It has been called "the team song of." In January 5, a survey by the Hokkaido Shimbun revealed the score and lyrics.Fukushima City Hiroyuki Koseki Memorial HallIt turned out that it is in the collection and that the lyricist is Fujiura[121].. In 1967, the composer Koseki himself made such a major revision of the melody that it was said that it should be considered as another song.[121], Lyrics revisions are minimal.
Cheering song (after the Nippon-Ham era)
  • "Soreyuki Bokura no Fighters" (Lyrics / Composer: Miyoko Ishihara, Lyrics / Composer: Taiji Nakamura, Arrangement: Hiroshi Takada, Song: Isao Sasaki)
  • "GO! GO! Fighters" (Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement: Ryuji Oshima, Song :) (2004 - 2008)
  • "La La La FIGHTERS(Lyrics:Junji Ishiwata, Composition: Miho Fukuhara, Masanobu Fukuhara, Toshiaki Otsubo, Yuki Nakamura, Arrangement: Hyoe Yasuhara, Song:Miho Fukuhara) (2009May 5 -)
  • "With the Fighters" (song:TRIPLANE) * 10th anniversary song[Note 29]

Image song by year

An image song played before and after the game at the stadium.The singer also appeared at the opening ceremony of the official game.

  • 1993 "WILD DREAM" (Lyrics:Miki Ishioka Music composition:Panta song:)
  • 1994 "Let's Get A Groove ~ Yo! Hips ~" (Lyrics / Composition / Song:Toshinobu Kubota)
  • 1995 "Get the Truth!" (Lyrics / Composer:Susumu Nagatomo song:INFIX )
  • 1996 "I will never forget those eyes" (Lyrics: Yamato Sawamura Composition: Norio Nonaka Song:BLOW)
  • 1997 "Sun" (Lyrics: TSUNAMI Composition:Pappara Kawai song:)
  • 1998 "Let Love Shine" (Lyrics: Yumiko Hagiwara, Composition: Kensuke Komatsu Song:Yukari Mizuno)
  • 1999 "Plus Smile !!" (Lyrics / Composition:Rui Nagai song:CLOVER)
  • 2000 "Shining! To the future ~ Hit & Run ~" (Lyrics: Yohei Kadoya, Composition:Hiroto Ishikawa Lyrics / Songs / Songs: Kentaro Hayami)

The following two songsChunichiI'm fromYasunori OshimaIn commemoration of his appointment as director, Masayuki Yamamoto, a Chunichi fan, made an image song and released it as an official song, but unlike the previous image songs, it was not played at the stadium or appeared at the opening ceremony.

  • 2001: "Song of the Hot Blood Fighters" (Lyrics / Composition / Song:Masayuki Yamamoto..The singer's name is "INDEPENDENCE")
  • 2002: "Song of the Hot Blood Fighters 2002" (Lyrics / Composer / Song: Masayuki Yamamoto. The singer's name is "INDEPENDENCE")

Cheering style

Tokyo era

In the early 1980s, the cheering style was not to use the trumpet, but to every player with a whistle and a drum, "Peep Peep Peep Peep Peep Peep".Jun KashiwaraThere was an original style called "Pip Pip Pip Pip Pip Junichi" (this style was inherited by the Hanshin cheering party even after Kashiwabara traded to Hanshin).[Note 30].

Since I started using the trumpet, the cheering style has started to sing cheering songs for each player (players who are not prepared will sing by replacing the player part of the general-purpose cheering song.Exchange battleWhen the pitcher stands at bat as a visitor, sing a general-purpose cheering song for the pitcher[Note 31]).In principle, the first time you sing with a cappella without playing, and the second and subsequent times you sing with trumpet performance,Morimoto rareIf there is a fanfare, then sing with a performance from the first time.Some players, such as Kensuke Tanaka, start playing the trumpet from the beginning after the player call.Other than this, although it is unofficial, some players may move according to the cheering song.

From the 1980s to the latter half of the 1990s, he played the theme of resignation when his opponent retired, but now he is playing only in the bottom of the 9th in the Kansai area.

Sapporo era

After moving to Sapporo, the cheering style changed a little except for most of the cheering songs for each player.For the start of attack and chance,From the northern country], The theme when the score was entered is a cheering song with the image of the local area, such as the part of "Ooi Oi Hokkaido" of "I'm A Hokkaido MAN"[Note 32] It has become.In addition, drums that could not be used at the base Tokyo Dome in the Tokyo era can now be used at the Sapporo Dome, and drums are now used in home games.[Note 33].

Even after the move, the traditional main cheering song "Fighters Sanka" continues to be sung.To the singerIsao SasakiHas been appointed, and since 2000Hayami KentaroIs singing. Since 2007, he has been using the re-recorded version of Hayami. From the middle of 2011, it will be a karaoke version without singing due to various circumstances, but from the following 2012, the Hayami singing version will be used again. From 2014Shudai Uesugi(THE TON-UP MOTORSThe version sung by) is used.The name of the private cheering party is "Fighting General".

Tokyo DomeEven after moving to Sapporo, the cheering squad in Tokyo has survived to support the stadiums in the Kanto region.For this reason, Tokyo fans may use the pre-relocation cheering style that is familiar to them. 2006Asia seriesHowever, the cheering style before the move is used, and since 2007, only the games at the Tokyo Dome, and all the games regardless of the home visitor games, use the cheering style of the Tokyo Dome base era (however, the "Northern" that was created after the move Sometimes I use chance themes such as "From the country").

Opponent pitcher in home gameknock outI was singing "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye" when I got off the board.In the Tokyo periodKaitentaiof"words to giveWas played by the cheering party.Even after moving to Sapporo, there are times when he will play in the visitor game.

Since the latter half of 2007, noise has been bannedMiyagi StadiumIn this game, we adopted a cheering style and a chance theme that are limited to Miyagi Stadium without any noise. From 2008, the movie "Kanto LimitedChiki Chiki Bang Van』Theme song[Note 34],Sapporo DomeLimited to "Genghis Khan'[Note 35], 2010 is limited to OkinawaUncle, The former baseball team song "Soreyuki Bokura no Fighters", which is limited to Tokyo Dome, and the chance theme by region or stadium are incorporated.

In the official cheering song "Go! Go! Fighters" at the beginning of the move to Hokkaido,KaorukoNaruko was sometimes used for choreography. In the bottom of the 7th inning, the mascot BB appeared before the Fighters attack and led the audience at the stand to dance.The choreography isYOSAKOI SoranIt was the wind. In 2006, it became a new choreography with a lighter color of YOSAKOI Soran.

In games in Hokkaido such as the Sapporo Dome game, Nippon-Ham Fighterspitcher 3 ballIf the count gets worse, applause (three-ball clapping) to support the pitcher will occur naturally.Also,ExtrusionScenes and continuationsFour dead ballsImmediately after2 ballApplause may occur at this point.

After the match, if Nippon Ham wins, the countdown on the electric bulletin board and the golden color from the top of the stand (3rd floor)Paper tapeIs fired at a bazooka and slowly descends to celebrate victory[Note 36]..In 2004, the first year of the relocation, confetti was fired, but it was abolished in 2005 due to the time and effort required for cleaning and the nature of a shared stadium for baseball and soccer.However, there were many hopes for the victory ceremony to be revived, so the style became easier to clean (Sapporo Dome only). From 2011, the gold tape bazooka was changed to a victorious fireworks display. Fireworks were abolished from 2018, and gold tape was revived.

At bat in Inaba, "Inaba jumpA jump called "has occurred.In 2011,Great East Japan EarthquakeI refrained from doing so during the season in consideration of the victims of the disaster.Climax seriesResurrected with.At Makoto Kaneko's turn at batShinsengumiThe "Makoto" corps flag and happi coat are used for support.

Support using vinyl balloons

From around 2005, support for specific athletes using vinyl balloons began.

  • Ogasawara Michidai(2005-2006): Dolphins-For a while, dolphin balloons disappeared from 100-yen shops in and around Sapporo.
  • Seguignol(2005-2007): Banana
  • Morimoto rare(2007-2010): Green microphone.This is what fans devised because Morimoto himself was good at microphone performance in hero interviews.5000 pieces were made and sold at a ramen shop where fans in the neighborhood of Sapporo Dome gather.
  • Kensuke Tanaka(2008-2012, 2015-): Pink hand with only the index finger extended
  • Sledge(2008-2009/2012): Hammer
  • Shinya Tsuruoka(2008-2013): Crane orGachapinBat-Cranes are popular in Sapporo.

For a long time at Sapporo DomeJet balloonsIt was forbidden to inflate and cheer (same for Tokyo Dome).The reason is that the Sapporo Dome may have balloons caught in the gap required for putting in and out the natural turf pitch for soccer and rugby at the back of the back screen, which may hinder movement (since the Tokyo Dome is an air dome, the balloons will expand due to air pressure expansion. Because there is a risk of cracking).In addition, at Sapporo Dome, the pair on June 2011, 6YokohamaLimited use was permitted only in the war (however, from a hygienic point of view, swelling from the mouth was prohibited, and only support using a dedicated pump was allowed). It became available in all games held at Sapporo Dome from 2012[122]..Nippon-Ham Fighters fly a blue balloon after the end of the 7th inning, and a white balloon at the time of victory.[Note 37]


Midnight doubleheader

1953May 8Pair ofKintetsu PearlsBattle (Korakuen Stadium)ofDouble headerThe first game started at 1:17.The match was not settled with both sides tied, and the match was extended 20 times and the match time was lost 4-46 at the end of 4 hours and 5 minutes.At that time, there was no inning limit for the first game of the doubleheader of the same card, and in the case of an irregular double, it was up to 1 times.The second game, which followed, started at 12:2, but at the end of the bottom of the seventh inning, the night game time of 22:11 had passed, resulting in a 7-23 draw in the cold game.This is also due to the rule at the time that when the midnight time comes, it will be cold when the inning attack is completed even if it does not end up to 45 times.

The same card on October 1954, 10 (Osaka Stadium) And this time, the extension is 23 timesPacific LeagueHe set the longest record for extended innings, but lost to Kintetsu by goodbye.Also, on October 1981, 10Lotte OrionsBattle (Kawasaki Stadium・ In the first game of the playoff), it was a draw of 1-9 in the 5th inning, but he fought a long game of 5 hours and 5 minutes while making a reference record.

Currently, the rules have been revised, and in the case of doubleheaders, it is agreed that the second game will not be played after the end of the first game after 1:20.

7 kinds of uniforms

Akitaka Nishimura, the owner of Nittaku Home, which acquired Toei Flyers in 1973, produced seven types of uniforms in the latter half of the year in an attempt to regain vitality in the sluggish Pacific League, and made players wear them on a daily basis. Tried[Note 38]..The seven types are as follows.

For home
  • Top and bottom white background, front and back center orange.There is an orange line on the sleeve.The chest mark is "Flyers" in black cursive.The hat is orange with a white brim and a black "NF" mark.
  • There is a thick orange line from the shoulders to the bottom of the sleeves and pants.The chest mark is "Flyers" in black cursive.The hat is orange and the "NF" mark is black.
  • The jacket is a separate type, the top is purple and the bottom is white.The chest mark is "Flyers" in yellow cursive.The hat is purple with the "NF" mark in gold.
  • The sleeves are blue, the logo is red, and there is a thick line behind the number.The chest mark is in red cursive, "Flyers 亅. The hat is light blue, and the" NF "mark is red.[Note 39].
For visitors (unify the whole body with one color)
  • The whole body is yellow, and the shoulders and pants have black lines.The chest mark is in black with "NITTAKU" above and "HOME" below.The hat has a black background, a yellow brim, and a yellow "NF" mark.
  • The whole body is black, and a thick yellow line from under the sleeves to the pants.The chest mark is yellow letters with "NITTAKU" above and "HOME" below.The hat has a black background, a yellow brim, and a yellow "NF" mark.
  • The whole body is blue, the shoulders have thick lines, and the pants line is white.White "NF" mark on the right chest.The hat has a blue background, a white brim, and a white "NF" mark.

However, since it was re-sold to Nippon Ham after the end of the season, this 7-color uniform was put into storage in 3 months.

All-Star Voting Bloc Problem

In the 1978 All-Star Game fan vote, Nippon-Ham Fighters occupied eight of the nine positions in the Pacific League.[Note 40].

この年の日本ハムは、前期がリーグ3位ながら29勝31敗5分と負け越しているにも関わらず、投票期間中の7月6日 - 7日に約7万票が日本ハムに入ったため結果が大きく変わった。この事が報じられると各界著名人から批判が巻き起こったが、それに応える形でフロント陣が、オールスターゲームの第3戦が日本ハムの主催試合となることから、ファンクラブ「少年ファイターズの会」会員にダイレクトメールでオールスターのファン投票用紙を5枚セットで送ったことを悪びれずに公表した。

From celebrities in various fieldsOrganization voteWhen criticized, the Nippon-Ham Fighters withdrew the previous statement and tried to calm the situation, and announced that Furuya and Sugano, who had particularly poor results, declined to participate.[Note 41]..Furuya made his first all-star appearance the following year, but Sugano did not appear in the all-star until his retirement.

Lucky 7 for other innings

From 2009 to 2014, he played Lucky 7 of the Fighters in the bottom of the sixth inning in the Nippon-Ham-sponsored game.This is a lucky 6 because the score of 6 times is more than 7 times.[123]..At the same time, instead of "GO! GO! Fighters" which was played as the BGM of Lucky 2008 until 7, as the BGM of Lucky 6, "Fighters Hymn'[Note 42] From the Seibu battle on May 5st, a new cheering song "Fighters Sanka" will be replaced.La La La FIGHTERS("Fighters Sanka" plays an instrument at the time of victory.).

Even in the announcement in the hall, at the time of the attack in the bottom of the 6th, "6 timesBehind the scenes, Fighters,Lucky inningThe attack was ... "

In addition, Lucky 7 of the visitor team performed in the top of the 7th inning as usual, and in the bottom of the 7th inning of the Fighters, no event was held until 2011, and after 2012, the launch of golden jet balloons, etc. We held an event that was smaller than the scale.

2015・2016年は再び、ファイターズのラッキー7を7回裏に行っていたが、2017年は8回裏に行われている。2018年は7回裏にラッキー7を行うがBGMは「それゆけ ぼくらのファイターズ」、8回裏にファイターズ讃歌が流れる。

Official match of Tokyo Dome after relocation

Since 2004, when Nippon-Ham relocated its headquarters to Sapporo Dome, it will continue to host several games with 3 to 4 cards a year.Tokyo DomeIt is held at. (Excluding 2020)

At the last fan festival held at Tokyo Dome in November 2003, the year before the move, Junji Imamura, the president of the team (at that time), said in front of the fans, "We will continue to hold 11 to 12 games at Tokyo Dome after the move." Declared in.The reason for continuing to hold the event at Tokyo Dome is that there is also a baseball team office in Tokyo, and the second military facility is in the neighboring prefecture.ChibaKamagaya-shiIn addition to being continued as it is, there are things that take into consideration the existence of old Tokyo fans.

2004年は東京ドームでの主催試合が12試合行われ、2005年は10試合、2006年と2019年は9試合、2007年~2015年は8試合[Note 43], 2016 games from 2018 to 7[Note 44]Hosted game will be held.At the beginning of the move, many games were held on weekends, but from 2008 to 2013, all games hosted by Tokyo Dome were held on weekdays. Since 2014, one card sponsored by Tokyo Dome has been held on weekends, and in 1, three consecutive games against Seibu were held from Friday, April 2019th to Sunday, April 4th.

In addition, due to the relocation of the base to Sapporo Dome, the Tokyo Dome after 2004 is no longer the home of Nippon-Ham, so other Pacific League teams can also play hosted games at the Tokyo Dome.[Note 45]。2004年にオリックスが2試合、ダイエーが1試合の主催試合を東京ドームで開催したのをはじめ、2005年、2007年 - 2009年はオリックスが2試合を、2010年以降は楽天が毎年1試合を、2012年以降はソフトバンクが毎年1試合(2018年以降は2試合)を、2016年と2018年、2019年はロッテが1試合を、2018年[Note 46]は西武が1試合を東京ドームで開催した。上記の試合のうち、2004年、2005年のオリックス主催の両年2試合(計4試合)、2013年、2015年、2019年の楽天主催の各年1試合(計3試合)、2013年、2017年のソフトバンク主催の両年1試合と2018年の同主催の2試合(計4試合)、2018年の西武主催の1試合では、日本ハムが対戦相手となった。

Since 2005Sep-pa Exchange Battleが開始されたため、巨人の主催試合で日本ハムはビジターとして東京ドームで対戦しており、2006年までは3試合を、2007年から2014年は2試合対戦した。2015年より交流戦が18試合に削減され主催試合が隔年開催となる影響で、2015年と2017年と2019年の試合は日本ハム主催の札幌ドームでの3試合のみとなり東京ドームでは行われず、2016年と2018年は巨人主催の東京ドームでの3試合が開催された。

  • Initially in 2020, due to the influence of the Tokyo Olympics, the official game will be suspended during the period, and two Central League teams (Tokyo Yakult, Yokohama DeNA) other than the giant are scheduled to play a game hosted by Tokyo Dome, Japan Ham's Tokyo Dome-sponsored games were scheduled for two cards and four games, which is less than before.In addition, three Tokyo Dome games sponsored by the Giants were scheduled to be held in the Interleague Play.However, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the official game originally scheduled was postponed, and all the sponsored games reviewed by the postponement will be held at Sapporo Dome.Also, because the Interleague Play was canceled, the Giants-sponsored Tokyo Dome 2 games were not held.For this reason, it was the first year since 2, when the official game was never held at Tokyo Dome, regardless of home visitors.

Due to the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, the number of games hosted by Tokyo Dome is scheduled to be 2 games with 5 cards, which is less than before.

I used to use the bench on the first base side when I was at home.[Note 47]Even after the move, the bench on the first base side is still used in the sponsored games.On the other hand, in the game as a visitor team, since the host team has all selected the bench on the first base side, Nippon-Ham has been using the bench on the third base side until now.

The official match between Nippon-Ham and Seibu at Tokyo Dome has never been held after the relocation of the base.[Note 48], On April 2015th and 4th, 7, the first two official games at Tokyo Dome after the move were held for the first time in about 8 and a half years since September 2.

The Central League exchange game at Tokyo Dome sponsored by Nippon-Ham has not yet been held.

From Tokyo baseball team to community-based baseball team

With the completion of the Tokyo Dome and the relocation of its headquarters from Korakuen Stadium, the number of spectators in 1988 was 2,458,500 (1 per game on average), partly due to the economy in the first year of the dome, ranking first in the Pacific League.It greatly surpassed that of Seibu and Kintetsu who fought for victory until the end of the same year, and even with the 37,800 Central League teams, it was second only to the giant, and Chunichi and more than 1 people who won the Central League in the same year.[Note 49] Boasts a capacity ofHanshin Koshien StadiumIt surpassed even Hanshin, which is based in.As a result, the front desk relied on the "dome economy," saying, "If you have a dome, customers will come without doing anything." As a result, fan service and team reinforcement measures have gradually become neglected.

However, the number of mobilization of this Nippon-Ham was that baseball fans who could not get the ticket for the Giants who also moved their base to Tokyo Dome from the same year purchased the ticket for the Nippon-Ham fight, which has more seats than the Giants. The reality was that I watched the game while watching the dome.As a result, the effect of increasing the number of spectators due to the dome economy did not last long, and the number of spectators mobilized peaked in 1988 and decreased, and in 1993.Fukuoka Dome, In 1997Osaka Dome,Nagoya DomeOpened one after another, and the relative decline in the rarity value of the dome further spurred the decline in mobilization, and in 1994, when the team finished at the bottom, the number of mobilization was about 172 million, 200 for the first time since the dome opened. The number of mobilizations fell below 2001, and although there was a slight recovery after that, the mobilization continued to decline overall, and the number of mobilizations in 137, the year before the announcement of the move, ended at the lowest level, reaching about 1993 million. I was depressed.As for the team results as mentioned above, there were some reasons why the front reinforcement measures were neglected, and there were many years when the overall situation was sluggish, and in 1996, 1998, and 1990, he participated in the competition for victory. In the end, he couldn't win the league title.Therefore, since the latter half of the XNUMXs, there were many games with many fans of the visitor team, and it was not possible to take advantage of the home.

Taking this reflection as a lesson, Nippon-Ham took the opportunity to move to Sapporo.CIDecided to introduce the system and started to improve the image of the team in collaboration with SME in the United States.As part of this, we set out a policy of "community-based" with the aim of raising awareness of the team and developing a fan base in Hokkaido.ShinjoIt was also a part of acquiring fans.At the beginning of the move, there was a reality that "Hokkaido has an overwhelming number of giant fans", but various activities such as holding baseball classes and fan events in Hokkaido and promoting exposure to the media have been successful, and the number of spectators has increased. Increased year by year.Also,Tray hillmanMorimoto, Darvish and others grew up under the leaders,Takada ShigeruThe team's strength was strengthened by the formation of the front team.

The "2006 Project", which was held in 43,000 when the opening game was first held at Sapporo Dome, is a special project that was held several times a year to fill the dome, including the opening game, and 42,393 people (Pa opening game) in the opening game. The largest number among the three stadiums), the next day also recorded 3 spectators, which greatly contributed to the increase in the number of mobilization. The team that won the opening two consecutive wins for the first time in 29,170 years also competed for the championship, and at the end of the season, more than 12 spectators visited Sapporo Dome every day.And the team won the Pacific League championship, and even in the Japan Series, they defeated Chunichi and became the best in Japan.In 2, when Shinjo retired and Michihiro Ogasawara transferred to a giant in FA, he won the league title for the second consecutive year and won the climax series, further surpassing the audience mobilization of the previous year, which was said to be the peak.Also, at the beginning of the move, it was held every other year.Asahikawa Star Hin Stadium,Hakodate Ocean Stadium,Obihiro Forest Baseball FieldThe official game held in Hokkaido has been revised to be held every year at all three stadiums.

This expedition series in various places in Hokkaido, or a certain three consecutive battles held mainly in the summer at Sapporo Dome, is the "We Love Hokkaido" series, wearing original uniforms,2011In the Seibu battle ("Hokkaido Festival" series) at Sapporo Dome, the flags of 179 municipalities in Hokkaido and the local governments of Hokkaido are displayed in the outfield seats, the Hokkaido product exhibition, introduction of folk performing arts, fireworks display (2011), etc. We are conducting an elaborate community-based support series.

However, even so, the number of spectators in games on weekdays (especially in the early part of the season) often falls below 2, so the team will release special tickets for residents of Hokkaido and spectators visiting after 7 pm. We are implementing a number of spectator acquisition measures (#Team featuresSee also). In 2007, the financial collapseYubariWe are focusing on developing further measures to attract customers and community-based measures, such as establishing the "Yubari Sheet" to invite the citizens of Sapporo Dome to the Sapporo Dome and adding field sheets to the foul area of ​​the Sapporo Dome in 2009.[124].

New stadium construction concept

2016In May, some reports will mark the 5th anniversary of the move to Hokkaido.2024With the aimSapporoIt was reported that the team is considering a plan to build a new stadium that the team will operate on its own, or in the surrounding area.The reason is that Sapporo Dome, which is the current base, will be funded by Sapporo City.Third sector"Sapporo Dome Co., Ltd." manages and operates the Nippon-Ham Fighters, and the Nippon-Ham Fighters is based by paying a rent of about 1 million yen per game and a total of about 1,600 billion yen per year to companies in the third sector.In addition, there are certain restrictions on setting up product sales corners such as goods and restaurants on their own, and it is also mentioned that most of the profits do not directly enter the team, which also affects the management of the team. Are[125]..For this reason, the Nippon-Ham Fighters said, "We have managed the baseball team with the theme of community-based, but there are limits to what we can do under the current conditions, and we need to consider how to contribute to the community one or two steps higher than it is now. He said that he began to consider the construction of a new stadium.[126][127]

Sapporo City is a promising candidate siteKita OfHokkaido UniversityOn the premises andSouth wardIt is inMakomanai Park,Kitahiroshima CityThere are 15-20 places centered around Sapporo City, such as natural turf to reduce the burden on the health of athletes, with a retractable roof that takes into account climate issues, and even accommodation. It is planned to increase the number of personnel to about 3.[128].

Regarding this, the Mayor of SapporoAkimoto KatsuhiroRevealed in January 2016 that he had stated that he would like to set a direction in the past year after receiving an explanation from the Nippon-Ham Fighters, suggesting that he is not thinking about detaining due to dome usage fee reductions and exemptions.[129]..On the other hand, Kunihiko Teshima, the manager of the Sapporo City Sports Department, who owns the Sapporo Dome, said, "It's a shame that we have achieved a nationwide rare dome management profitability and a virtuous cycle has been created." It's not a converted facility, and it can't be helped in terms of management strategy. I don't know the details, but it would be good if the plan could lead to sports promotion and urban development, and to liven up Sapporo together. " It was.[130]

However, Kitahiroshima City, which is adjacent to Sapporo City, expressed its willingness to welcome this concept in 2016.May 6Mayor of the sameMasami UenoAnnounced the policy of providing the planned site of the Gakita Hiroshima Sports Park to the construction site, and emerged as the most promising candidate for the relocation destination.[131]..This early support stance was unexpected for Sapporo City, who thought that the reality of the move was neglected or that it would surely stay in the city even if it moved, and at this time the team moved out of the city due to the move to the new stadium. As the public's opposition to the deterioration of the management of the dome and the dome became more vulnerable, the city of Sapporo changed its stance and changed its policy to demand that it remain. 2016May 12Sapporo City, Sapporo Dome, Nippon-Ham Fighters,Hokkaido Consadole SapporoThe first four-party discussion was held to discuss the future of the dome, and Akimoto proposed to dedicate the dome to baseball, but the Nippon-Ham Fighters responded that they did not want it, and the city side ignored the home ground. The consadole side, who was dressed to be robbed, was also confused by the repulsion, and the result was "We will continue to aim for a versatile stadium such as sports and concerts", and the meeting ended in just about an hour.[132].

2016May 12, Of the baseball team parent companyNippon Ham Co., Ltd.Decides to approve the team's new stadium concept[133]..In response to this, the team announced that the Nippon Ham headquarters and the team will establish a consultative body to collaborate on the new stadium concept on the same day, at the earliest2023Proceed with investigation and examination aiming for relocation around2018At the end of March, he announced his intention to set a certain direction.

In response to this, the mayor of Kitahiroshima, Ueno, submitted a proposal to the baseball stadium on the 20th.According to this, about 36 sites of Kitahiroshima Sports ParkHaUtilizing about 20 hectares of this, we will develop a natural turf stadium with a retractable roof for 3 people, an indoor practice field, commercial facilities, a campsite, etc. near the planned site.JR Chitose LineNew station construction toPetition station) And to secure traffic access by developing a large-scale parking lot[134].

On the other hand, the city of Sapporo, which was late, decided that it would be difficult for the team to stay in the dome, and continued to request that it remain to prevent the outflow of the stadium, and indicated that it would change its policy to propose a new stadium construction site. But[135], The selection of candidate sites was delayed due to the fact that the Sapporo Dome remained on the basic line, and it was about 4 months behind Kitahiroshima City.2017May 4, About 10 hectares of the site of Hokkaido University in Kita Ward,Toyohira Ward OfHokkaido Agricultural CollegeProposed to the baseball stadium two locations of about 13 hectares owned by the school corporation Hachiko Gakuen, which operates the stadium, as new stadium candidate sites.[136].

After that, on October 10, the same year, Ken Maezawa, General Manager of the Business Administration Headquarters, said that it was difficult for the two candidate sites of the Hokkaido University campus and the land owned by Hachiko Gakuen proposed by Sapporo City due to various circumstances in Sapporo City. Showed the view[137]..In November of the same year, Sapporo CityPrefectural Makomanai ParkWill be proposed to the team as a new candidate site.The park is being invited by the city of Sapporo2026 Winter Olympics Ofspeed skateSince it was not a candidate site for the venue, it became a promising candidate site for the new stadium.[138][139]..On December 12, the same year, a working-level discussion was held with Sapporo City, and Makomanai Park was officially proposed as a candidate site for the construction of a new stadium.The baseball stadium has a major league-style ball park concept with commercial facilities and restaurants, and the total site is 15 hectares. The new stadium is a dilapidated outdoor stadium.Makomanai Sekisui Heim StadiumIt is assumed that the building will be demolished and built on about 5 hectares centered on the site.[140].

2018On March 30, 3, the Nippon Ham Group decided at an extraordinary board meeting held in Tokyo that the new stadium construction site for the baseball team would be "Kitahiroshima Sports Park" in Kitahiroshima City."Hokkaido Ball Park", a subsidiary that will become a preparatory company on the same dayDentsuEstablished together with, the base of the baseball team will move to Kitahiroshima City in the future.The site area presented by Kitahiroshima City is larger than any of the plans presented by Sapporo City so far, and in addition to the free land loan, the stadium and park facilitiesProperty taxとCity planning taxThe deciding factor was that there was substantial administrative support, such as exemption from the government for 10 years.Unlike Sapporo Dome, where the intention of Sapporo City influenced fan service and team management, the new stadium will be constructed and operated mainly by the Nippon Ham Group, and there will be hotels, hot spring facilities, restaurants, etc. around the stadium. It will be an American-style "ball park" with commercial facilities.The roof of the stadium will be openable or dome-shaped with transparent material, and parking lots for 5,000 cars will be provided. A total of 36.7 hectares of the park will be constructed with restaurants, condominiums, outdoor stadiums, child-rearing support facilities, etc. It is said that commercial facilities will be enhanced with the aim of increasing the number of visitors and staying for a long time.In Kitahiroshima City, in order to improve access from the Sapporo area, in addition to the above-mentioned Chitose Line petition station, JR Hokkaido is also requested to increase the number of trains, and road maintenance around the ball park is planned, and Hokkaido will also support Have stated[141][142][143][144].. On October 2018, 10, the Nippon-Ham Fighters announced the details of the new stadium "Hokkaido Ball Park (tentative name)", and it was decided that the openable covered natural turf dome stadium will accommodate about 31 people. Officially announced on November 3th[145].. Construction will begin in May 2020, with the goal of completing it in March 5. On October 2023, 3, the facility management and operation company "Fighters Sports & Entertainment" was established by receiving the business transfer from the preparation company "Hokkaido Ball Park", and in January 2019, the business control headquarters of Fighters was integrated. , Professional baseball box office, etc.[146].

On January 2020, 1, a real estate developerJapan esconMore than 10 years from this yearNaming rightsAnnounced that it has signed a contract, and the contract amount is over 5 million yen a year, which is the highest in Japan.Along with this, the name of the stadium was officially decided as "ES CON FIELD HOKKAIDO".At the same time, the area around the general sports park centered on the new stadium will be designated as "HOKKAIDO BALLPARK F VILLAGE", and ES-CON Japan will also participate in urban development and develop real estate such as hotels.[147][148].


tv set

Broadcast nationwide

1990 eraat firstTokyo Cable NetworkProduction (depending on the match dateSaitama, ま た はChiba Television BroadcastThe program was broadcast while adjusting the number of programs with GAORA and Sports-i ESPN.After that, it became almost the monopoly of GAORA,1999For a while, there was a game that was broadcast by adjusting the number of broadcasts with J SKY SPORTS, and in the interleague game when it was a 36-game system, it was different from the station that broadcasts terrestrial broadcasting with some cards. It was sometimes produced by a local broadcasting station and broadcast on J SPORTS.


The overall total number varies from station to station, but the number of relays has increased significantly since the number one in Japan in 2006.For several years from the first year of relocation, most of the games were broadcast mainly at the home base, but in recent years, visitors have been actively broadcasting.

NHK Sapporo Broadcasting Station
HBC Hokkaido Broadcasting
  • Gucci's today's pounding! → Today's pounding! --Sports corner
  • Bravo! Fighters (Fighters support program started in 2015)
  • Bravo! Fighters("SAMURAI BASEBALL" from 2004 to 2007, "2008BAN !! Fighters" from 2009 to 1. Bravo! Fighters is also used as the name of the sports corner of the above-mentioned support program, KYO-DOKI! The title of "S ☆ 1 BASEBALL", which is the same as the national broadcast, will be used for the opening and running scores, and the program name of "Bravo! Fighters" will be sent only to the company's area.)
    The commentary is OBTsutomu Iwamoto-Tatsuo Omiya-Yoshinori TateyamaOften appears.Most of the visitor games are received online from TBS affiliated stations, but sometimes the actual situation is replaced by off-tube or local boarding.Even in the case of receiving online, Tsutomu Iwamoto, an OB of Fighters, often appears in a double commentary with a local station commentator, but for the Rakuten game, an OB from Miyagi prefecture until 2015Kanamura(CurrentHanshin Tigers(Pitcher coach) sometimes appeared.
STV Sapporo TV Broadcasting
  • Fight F (Fighters) (Fighters support program)
  • Dosanko Wide !! Morning! --Sports corner
  • Dosanko Wide --Sports corner
  • GO! GO! Fighters(Until 2015, "Zokkon! Fighters". If there is a net to the opponent's local station, due to consideration for the net station, the same as the national net time "DRAMATIC BASEBALL』Broadcast as)
    Many visitor games are received online from Nippon-Ham Fighters affiliated stations, but the Fighters OBYukihiro Nishizaki,Naoto InadaOften appears in double commentary with a local station commentator. From 2018Kazuyuki ShiraiAlso explains.
HTB Hokkaido Television Broadcast
  • Fffff(F Five) (Fighters support program)
  • Ichispo (Recommendation!! --Sports corner)
  • Ichimoni! --Sports corner
  • Recommended! Fighters
    Tsutomu Iwamoto and Atsunori Inaba often provide commentary.Even in visitor games, the live commentary may be replaced off-tube.Especially in the interleague gameHiroshimaIn battle,Hiroshima Home TVIs specialized in supporting Hiroshima as "Carp support broadcast" Winning Guse. "", So all off-tube replacements will be made.[Note 50].
UHB Hokkaido Bunka Broadcasting System
TVh TV Hokkaido

It is also noteworthy that all terrestrial stations in Hokkaido have the right to broadcast games hosted by Fighters.Among them, TVh was the most focused until 2008[Note 51].

However, TVhSapporo-Asahikawa-Hakodate-MuroranIt can be seen only in almost the entire area of ​​Central Hokkaido and Southern Hokkaido, and only a part of Northern Hokkaido.Obihiro-Kitami-Kushiro-WakkanaiThere were many complaints from viewers in these areas because it was not seen in the whole area of ​​Eastern Hokkaido and a part of Northern Hokkaido.Especially in 2006Playoff 2nd Stage Round 2When I decided to win the championship, TVh was broadcasting, so I was flooded with complaints (listening on HBC radio and STV radio).

Then TVhDigital terrestrial broadcastingAs a general rule, broadcasts were not conducted in 2009 due to the reduction in production costs due to the increase in installation costs, and the number of game broadcasts was small in 2010 as well. In 2011 in the previous yearMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsWith the name of "Later Commercial Broadcasting Support Scheme", the opening cost for the elimination of the disparity in the placement of latecomers will be subsidized, and it will be opened in a part of Eastern Hokkaido. In-house broadcast is back.After that, in December 3, TVh was ready to be watched on all roads except for a small part of the Eastern Hokkaido region.[149] As a result, the number of complaints gradually subsided.

However, the sponsored game at Tokyo Dome (production cooperation:Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd., Video cooperation:Tokyo Cable Network-TCP) Was not broadcast until 2012.

  • On September 2009, 9, Softbank vs. Nippon-Ham was broadcast.Also on November 26thJapan Series Round 7 Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters VS Yomiuri GiantsWas scheduled to be broadcast, but because the number one giant in Japan was decided in Round 6, Round 7 was not held and was not broadcast.
  • In 2010, three games were broadcast (mainly the Softbank game from TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting was received online).
  • In 2011, 5 games were broadcast (2 games received online, 3 games produced in-house).
The 2006/2007 victory parade was a live broadcast of the all-station victory parade. In 2009, all private broadcasters except NHK broadcast alternately. In 2012, STV, HTB, and UHB broadcast live, and HBC recorded and broadcast from 3:XNUMX pm after the parade.[Note 52].. There is no broadcast on NHK / TVh.
According to the audience rating survey of Video Research, all of the top 2012 high-rated programs in Hokkaido in the fiscal year ended April 4 achieved a feat of 10% in the first place in the broadcast of the Fighters game, showing the closeness and popularity of the team. It was.
Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.
  • Some games were broadcast on "Sengoku Night Game" during the 12th channel of Tokyo, but the broadcast of the sponsored game was cut off for a while.
  • From the latter half of the 1990s, Nippon Ham provided the TV broadcast again.In addition, over the eight years from 1996 to 2003,Super baseball fightersThe team information program provided by Nippon Ham was aired every Sunday.
  • From April 2004 after moving to Sapporo, the content has been completely renewed, and the mini-animation program supervised by the team "Super Potiv! FightersWas broadcast on TV Tokyo and TV Hokkaido.For the first six months of the start, it was a gag animation format that deformed a Nippon-Ham player (appearing under his real name), but from the broadcast in October of the same year, the "Fighting Spirit Baseball Den" series with an emphasis on storylines, and the directorSeiji KishiInstead, in the first half of 2005, the main characters of the "Burning! Burning!" Series, which depicts friendships with baseball boys and fans in Hokkaido, and in the second half, "Burning! Burning!" Will play 11 baseball teams other than the Fighters. The "11 Majin" series, which rescues fighters who were kidnapped by anthropomorphic demons, was broadcast and ended in March 2006.
  • In the past, we have provided production and technical cooperation to affiliated stations such as TV Hokkaido.
  • TVS Hit Nighter(Broadcast mainly on weekdays among the visitors managed by Nippon Ham and some Lotte. For the visitors managed by Seibu, "TVS Lions HourWas sometimes broadcast as
  • FIGHTERS EXCITING NETWORK (1995-1997. Official program of the baseball team) 30-minute program, moderated byShoichi Popcorn-Shoji.
Chiba Television Broadcast
  • CTC Dynamic Nighter-CTC Dynamic Sports(TV Saitama is broadcasting a part of the game that was not convenient for broadcasting due to the broadcast of Seibu-controlled games, etc., but the broadcasting rights are transferred to CTC, but the production subtitles during the broadcast are "Production work, Tokyo Cable Network" was)
  • Hapi Happy Morning-Hapimo-


HBC Radio
STV radio
  • STV Fighters LIVE・ GO! GO! Fighters
  • Zokkon! Sports (Minoya and Sachiyo's Tokimeki Wide)
  • Information just before the attack night game (Maki Yasumasa's Super Scramble)
  • Namaspo! (News & Sports Chart Namaran)
  • Namaran
  • Monthly Nashida story
  • Sports train (Ohayo! Saturday)
  • "Ohayo! Check the Check" "Ohayo! Fighters from the Morning" "Ohayo! Sports Information" ("Ohayo!]
* In 2007/2008, night games broadcast all home games and most of the visitors, Sunday day games. 2009-2012 will be broadcast mainly on night games at Sapporo Dome, and visitors will only broadcast some games such as the Softbank game at Yahoo Dome.Others broadcast the national net giant battle or Yakult battle. Since 2010, day games have prioritized wide programs, so even the main games will not be broadcast except on weekdays (holidays and local events) in 2015. In 2013, he declared that "the official Fighters game will be broadcast only for night games."In the background, he was the leader in the listening rate survey for many years, but he handed it over to HBC Radio in the December 2012 survey. From 12, all games against Fighters will be broadcast.
  • Kazuyuki Shirai Bring up (Tuesday 17: 35 ~)
  • Miyanishi NaoSomehow (Thursday 17: 35 ~)
    • * The above two programs will be broadcast in the program before the professional baseball broadcast during the season.
    • Broadcast in "Maki Yasumasa Alley Spirits" during the off-season.
  • Morimoto rareNo Hichori WA !! (Sunday 13: 00 ~)
  • Kensuke TanakaAfter school (Sunday 13: 30 ~)
  • G1sports (G1-MOTION)
  • DAY-TIME TRIPPERS (Thursday)
  • Weekly Fighters Press
Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.
  • Enoki's spirit→ Nippon-Ham Fighters Exciting Network in Fork Train →Music trainUchi Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters Exciting Network

Internet relay

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayYahoo! VideoThe Internet distribution was started on the above, and the line became flat during the battle for passing first place and the playoffs in the latter half of the season. SHINJO's retirement ceremony was also broadcast, but the GOGO Fighters were playing all the time. In 1, it has been distributed since the open game. CS broadcastGAORAI'm using video.


On February 2019, 2, the birth of the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters 15th project documentary film ``FIGHTERS THE MOVIE ~ Challenge with Dream ~"publish.Distribution isAsmik Ace.. The narration isEXILE SHOKICHI,Erika Miyoshi,Takuma Ono(TEAM NACS).


  • During the Toei era, Japan Educational Television (NET Television, now of the same capital system)TV Asahi) Secured the priority of TV broadcasting.After the baseball team changed from Nittaku Home to Nippon-Ham, the relationship was gradually dissolved, and after the 1990s, the ties with TV TOKYO and others became stronger as mentioned above.
    • When the relationship with NET → TV Asahi in the latter half of the 1970s was reduced,Nippon Television Network,Fuji TelevisionHowever, I have broadcast many games hosted by Korakuen, which are mainly held on weekends.However, NTV had exclusive broadcasting rights during the Korakuen Stadium era, and the number of broadcasts was large.TBS TVBroadcasts a small amount of day game broadcasts in the 1950s of the Toei era and the end of Tokyo Dome.
  • Tokyo Dome relatedCATV (Tokyo Cable)Production night game programSaitama(In the past, depending on the matchChiba Television BroadcastAlso)·GAORA(Every day broadcastingSeries CS) ・Nippon Television G+(CS of NTV series) purchased and broadcast.Even after moving to Hokkaido, the night game broadcast continues on GAORA.Nippon Ham Headquarters is a major shareholder who has invested in GAORA since its opening.
  • Early 1990sFM Fuji(at that timeJFNThere was a radio program "FIGHTERS ROCKS & BASEBALL" that was broadcast irregularly by (member), and it was broadcasting Nippon-Ham information and rock music.A program that made it into TV with the same title was produced by TV Saitama from the fall of 1992 to around 1994 with the same station.Kanagawa・ Chiba Television Broadcasting ・Biwako BroadcastingI was online at 4 stations.
  • In addition, in HokkaidoCommunity FM broadcasting stationBut the following programs are being broadcast.


[How to use footnotes]

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  44. ^ Initially, eight games were planned to be played in 2016 as before, but the match against Softbank on April 8, 2016 will be held at Tokyo Dome on that day.μ'sDue to the fact that the final live of the event will be held and the request from Shizuoka Prefecture and Shizuoka City to hold the official game, the schedule was changed in a hurry and from Tokyo Dome.Shizuoka Prefecture Kusanagi General Athletic Field Hardball Baseball FieldIt was decided to transfer to the holding in.
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