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🌐 | Bus with PR public relations sticker for final tax return on the internet departs / Gunma prefecture


Bus with PR public relations sticker for final tax return on the internet departs / Gunma Prefecture

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In Nakanojo Town, a departure ceremony was held in front of JR Nakanojo Station, and a sticker was handed to Mr. Masahiko Tsuzuki, President of Takayama Transport Warehouse, which operates a fixed-route bus, from Mr. Kazunori Aoki, Chief of Nakanojo Tax Office.

Before the final tax return starting in February, we will promote the final tax return "e ・ Tax" using the Internet in Nakanojo Town and Naganohara Town, Gunma Prefecture ... → Continue reading

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Alpine Transport Warehouse

Takayama Transport Warehouse Co., Ltd.(Takayama Unyu Soko)GunmaAgatsumaTakayamaIt is a company headquartered in.In addition to our main business of freight transportation and warehousing,Charter BusとTransit BusIt also operates.The nickname of the bus is "Takayama Bus".


  • 1972å¹´11/20 --Established as Takayama Transport Co., Ltd.
  • 1990å¹´ --Changed company name to Takayama Transport Warehouse Co., Ltd.
  • 2003å¹´March-Opened Bus Division.
  • 2007å¹´4/1 - Kanetsu trafficThe route between Nakanojo Station and Nakayama Motojuku, which was operated by the Agatsuma Sales Office, was taken over, and the service section was extended between Haramachi Beisia and Nakayama Motojuku before starting operation and entering the route bus business.

Operating route

  • Takayama Bus
    • Haramachi Beisia --JRC Hospital-- Nakanojo Station --In front of Nakuta Elementary School --Takayama Village Office --Nakayama Onsen --Nakayama Motojuku

Our Business

  • General freight car transportation
  • General passenger transportation
  • General charter passenger transportation

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