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📦 | LGBT and other themes February “2th Nagasaki / Love Film Festival” held online for the first time

Chairman Gima (right) and others who promote the photo film festival = Nagasaki City Hall

February "2th Nagasaki / Love Film Festival" held online for the first time on themes such as LGBT

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The executive committee is a support group for sexual minorities based in this prefecture, "Take it!

Through the screening of movies on the theme of people with disabilities and sexual minorities (LGBT), we ask them to think broadly about diversity. → Continue reading

 Nagasaki Shimbun

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Support group(Shiendantai,British: Support groupIn), members provide various types of assistance to each other, which are generally immaterial by non-professionals, shared for specific purposes, and usually difficult and unique. Is. Members with the same problems can be encouraged by sharing coping strategies and can work together to increase the sense of purpose of the community. Specific assistance takes the form of providing and evaluating relevant information, talking about personal experiences, listening to and accepting the experiences of others, giving empathic understanding, and establishing social networks. Support groups may also engage in public awareness and defense activities.


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