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📦 | 21 new joy "tent line" etc. canceled for 2 consecutive years Some students are calling for face-to-face new joy

2019 Undergraduate Entrance Ceremony Held Face-to-face

21 New joy "Tent line" etc. canceled for 2 consecutive years Some students are calling for face-to-face new joy

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Face-to-face extracurricular activities were restricted until the summer holidays.

The Orientation Committee (Ori Committee) of the Faculty of Liberal Arts of the University of Tokyo is one of the new festive events that will be held from the end of March to the beginning of April. → Continue reading

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Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation(Summer vacation),Summer vacation(Kakikyuka) isEducational institution,CompanyEtcSummer: Period ofLessonAnd work off休 暇That is.Northern hemisphereThen mainly7Lateから8Long term until the end ofClosed.

the purpose

Summer vacationTemperateIt is widely implemented mainly in the countries belonging to, but its purpose differs from country to country.Avoiding the heat of the summer is often the main cause,Academic yearwhile(The United States of America), Other factors, such as the existence of traditional summer practices, are often a secondary factor in implementation.

JapanIn the case of educational institutions, the official name is "summer holiday"[1][2]..In school buildings, etc.Cooling equipmentOften notPacific highClasses under control are difficult due to the heat, so it is said that classes will be closed during that time.And the main educational effect expected during that period is the challenge of children and students to things that they cannot usually experience at school.[2]..In addition, the following purposes can be considered.

Even in companies, etc., summer vacation when employees / members are closed all at once, or summer special vacation / summer vacation that employees / members can take in the summer is referred to as such.The purpose is as follows.

  • BushesImpact of habits
  • PotsParticipation in the event.There are also areas where Bon festival events are held on August 8th of the new calendar and July 15th of the lunar calendar.There are also other important Buddhist events such as the equinoctial week and the Buddha's Birthday.Since Obon has been most expected to function as a Buddhist event held by all relatives, it seems that the holidays during this period have traditionally become common.
  • It is suitable for the summer vacation of school.In other words, there are many employees who want their parents to take a day off in time for their children's summer vacation, and therefore want to go out with their parents in the middle of summer.Another possibility is the remnants of the life cycle since school (especially for younger employees).

Summer vacation period


primary school-Junior high school-high schoolThe summer vacation period is not uniform nationwide, and there are long and short periods depending on the climate and climate of the area.In the case of public elementary school and public junior high schoolSchool Education Law Enforcement OrdinanceBased on Article 29, the number of days is, in principle, of the municipality that has jurisdiction over the school.Board of educationIs stipulated.UniversityIn the case of, it depends on the curriculum and the timing of the first and middle exams.

1939During the wartime period after that, the name of summer vacation was abolished, and it was regarded as a period of mental and physical training.[3].

Elementary school/junior high school/high school

The summer vacation period is generally from late July to late August in Japan.[4].

Hokkaido[Note 1] ,North tohoku,Nagano,GifuIn cold and snowy areas such as mountainsMay 7からMay 8Until around that time.For example, in Hokkaido, there are many times from July 7th to August 26th.Some elementary schools in Nagano Prefecture have mid-term breaks in spring and autumn, and some schools have cold breaks.There are also holidays other than long holidays, such as planned holidays, which make up for the shortness.However, according to the results of the fifth grade of elementary school in 8, the average number of classes per year is 18 days nationwide, but 2002 days in Nagano prefecture.However, in recent years, an increasing number of elementary and junior high schools have summer vacations of 5 days or more.

In the area south of Kanto, traditionallyMay 7 - May 8It was common to say.However2002Started on5 days a week,Yutori educationBecause of the pressure to secure class time, especially in high school[Note 2],Air conditionDue to the increase in the number of fully equipped schools, the number of schools that shorten summer vacation has begun to increase, especially in high schools.2011LaterElimination educationAs a result, more class hours were required, and the number of local governments shortening summer vacation increased even in public elementary and junior high schools.In junior high school and high school, there are cases where students go to school in extracurricular lessons such as summer classes during the summer vacation, mainly in private schools and advanced schools, and there are schools where the vacation period is practically only about 10 to 15 days. ..

Some university-affiliated high schools have a long summer vacation of about two months from early July to early September.This is due to the fact that there is no need to take university entrance exams and that the system is usually 7 days a week.

People tend to have the impression that "the summer vacation of faculty and staff is as long as children and students", but it is possible for faculty and staff to individually conduct self-development related to subjects outside the school under the name of "training". It is said that many things also have an effect.However, from around 2002, the operational status of this training became a problem.Since 2, when it became a full weekly two-day system, faculty and staff are working normally even during the summer vacation, except for no classes or homeroom activities.The actual summer vacation given is about 2002 days, which is the same as for general public employees such as clerical workers. You can take it at your own discretion between July and September, and take annual paid leave to secure more vacation. I have to devote it.Although it is not possible to make a simple comparison, the maximum number of consecutive vacations that can be taken is about 4 days including Saturdays and Sundays, which is often shorter than that of a large company salaryman who is blessed with summer vacation.Also, during this time (especially from late July to early August)Extracurricular activitiesVarious tournaments, training camps, expeditions, and other events are concentrated in high schools, for example.National high school general physical education meet,National High School Baseball Championship,National High School Cultural FestivalHowever, at junior high schools, general physical education competitions are held, and teachers sometimes lead the competitions and manage the competitions.In addition, they may travel for meetings and training related to the division of school affairs of teachers.Therefore, they are often working but absent from school.

About exceptional measures in elementary school, junior high school, high school

2020(2) For summer vacationNew coronavirusExceptional measures were taken in light of the impact of temporary school closures to prevent infection.Ministry of educationAccording to the publication of the survey contents of "Situation regarding learning guidance in public schools based on the effects of the new coronavirus infection", 95% of the total plans to shorten the long-term leave period.The summer vacation period is 16 days at public elementary schools, junior high schools, compulsory education schools, secondary schools, and special needs schools, and 23 days at high schools.The shortest was 9 days for public elementary schools, junior high schools, compulsory education schools, secondary schools and special needs schools, and 4 days for high schools.Some schools did not shorten the leave period, except for secondary schools.However,July 2nd year of heavy rainDue to pre-occurrence investigation, figures may fluctuate[5].


The number of suicides by day under the age of 27 in the Cabinet Office's 40 White Paper on Suicide Countermeasures (for the past 18 years) shows a prominent number of suicides around September 9, when the second semester begins.[6]..Based on the above data from the Cabinet Office, measures are being taken on September 9 as the day of frequent suicides.[7].. On the other hand,Suicide Comprehensive Measures Promotion Center Concludes, "The peak of suicide in the last 10 years is in late August."[7].. "The shortening of summer vacation may also have an effect," suggesting "the need for measures over a wide period of time, not just after the holidays."[7].

University/Junior college/College of technology

The summer vacation period differs depending on each university, junior college, and college of technology, but generally7End or8Early-- 9It's about two months at the end.Generally, it is often set longer than that of elementary school, junior high school, and high school, but recent university reforms have made it necessary to teach accurately 2 weeks per class, and elementary and junior high schools.・ Some universities have a period equal to or less than that of high school.In the past, there were many universities around July 1th-September 15th.

Vocational school

The summer vacation period of vocational schools is often one to two months between July and September.Various types of exams scheduled to be takenQualification test-National examanationDepending on the test date, some schools and departments have only one week of summer vacation.


In labor lawspecial holidaysIt is classified as (non-statutory leave).In Japan, according to the moon-delayed trayMay 8Many companies set up summer vacation before and after.The form of leave may be a company-wide or office-based simultaneous leave, or a shift system for each employee.Government offices, financial institutions, hospitals, etc. work according to the calendar even during the Obon period, so they fall under the latter category.Some companies do not take consecutive holidays, but take a certain number of days intermittently between July and August. 7 shifts, 8 holidays, etc.Shift workIn many cases, there is no summer vacation in the manufacturing departments where is introduced.On the other hand, there are places where operations are adjusted to curb electricity demand in the summer, and a vacation separate from the Obon holiday is taken (summer electricity vacation).In some places, some Saturdays and public holidays are changed to working days, and the holidays are used for summer vacation to make long holidays.

In recent years, an increasing number of people are taking vacations in late August-September, when travel prices are falling, mainly for those who take summer vacations for travel and other purposes.

On the other handTrain-busTransportation business, such asTravel agencyIn the service industry such as restaurants and restaurants, this time is rather so, summer vacation is often taken on another day (late June-late July or late August-September).Some companies say they don't exist at all.

The moderator who is in charge of the weekday band program may also take summer vacation at this time (Tokudane! OfTomoaki Ogura,Miyaneya OfSeiji Miyane,News station OfIchiro FurudateIs an example).

The United States of America

The United States of AmericaSummer vacation begins mainly in June at the school (StateDepending on the area and school),School yearSince the beginning of September is September, the summer vacation period will be the previous 9-2 months.There is no homework, but instead there are schools and states that offer "".

On the other hand, for working peopleBusiness schoolIn higher education, summer vacation is often not set in order to shorten the total study period.

In the United States, the majority of the populationAgriculture:It is widely known that children had a summer vacation to help with the harvest when they were engaged in the harvest.But in reality20st centuryAt the beginning, at that timebrain The筋肉It is said that summer vacation was set up because over-study was considered to have a negative effect on brain development, just as overuse of limbs could lead to injury.[10].


スウェーデンSince the next school year begins on the first Monday after August 8th, the summer vacation period will be the previous 20-2 months (starting around mid-June).I have no homework.However, there are cases where a report is required to be submitted.

South Korea

South KoreaThe academic year begins in March, but the summer vacation for elementary, junior high, and high schools, which is a two-term system, is from mid-July or late July to late August, just like in Japan.On the other hand, at universities and graduate schools, it is from the end of June or the beginning of July to the end of August.Universities and graduate schools use both March and September admissions, so the graduation ceremony will be held in mid-August.


ChugokuThen, the next academic year will start in September, so the period from mid-July to the end of August is summer vacation (暑假) It will be a period.At university, it will start around June 6th.However, many high schools (especially third graders) have additional classes during this period (especially third grade).Make up).


IndonesiaIs the landequatorialSince it is in the vicinity, summer as a season cannot be specified.Perhaps because of the remnants of the Dutch colonial era, the academic year begins in September, so the long vacation is two to three months before that.Currently, Indonesia has adopted a two-term system, and January between the first and second semesters is also a one-month vacation.


フィリピンSince the next school year starts in June at the school, the previous two months (April to May) are the summer vacation period.


ThailandSince the new school year starts from the middle of May to the end of May every year, the summer vacation period is about two months (from the end of March to the middle of May).

Southern hemisphere country

Summer vacation is due to the reversal of summer and winter in the Northern HemisphereChristmasTiming-Many examples are from January to February.In line with this, it seems that there are many cases where the academic year starts in January.

Summer vacation homework

The main things that are given as summer vacation homework (mainly elementary school).

Use the holidays to perform normally difficult tasks such as collecting insects and crafting.

Main events of summer vacation


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注 釈

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外部 リンク

Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activitiesWhat is (Katsudo)Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricularIn, regularCurriculumIt is an activity to be carried out in addition to.ExtracurricularIs educationDepartmentChengouterIs an abbreviation for.Also, the formal curriculum isRegular lessonSometimes called (because).


For extracurricular activitiesdecree,notice,School rulesEtc.RuleTherefore, it is customary to refer to activities that are not defined as activities performed by all learners.

Primary Education OfCourse(primary schoolEtc.) orSecondary educationCourse (Junior high school,high school,Secondary schoolEtc.), as a standard for the curriculumCourse of StudyIs applied.The course of study includesSpecial activitySuch asExtracurricular activitiesHowever, extracurricular activities are not extracurricular activities, as they are regular curriculums conducted by all members according to the Course of Study.

For extracurricular activitiesClassroom activities/Homeroom activities,Children's associationActivities/student councilActivities (bothCommittee activityincluding),Club activities(Primary education only. It is different from "club activities"),school eventExtracurricular activities in primary education courses (elementary school, etc.) and secondary education courses (junior high school, high school, secondary school, etc.) are activities excluding these activities.In particularExtracurricular activities(Sometimes called "club activities"),Extracurricular lessonsAnd so on.

Incidentally,UniversitySuch asHigher educationSince the course of study is not applied in the course of, each activity presented in the extracurricular activities isDedicated to pre-school and extra curricularIs an extracurricular activity unless it is clearly stated that is a formal curriculum.Therefore, extracurricular activities in higher education courses should be concrete.Student associationActivity,Club activities(Circle activity),school event, Extracurricular lessons, etc.


Special activitiesSecond World WarIt was first established later, and before that, all of these activities were extracurricular activities.Therefore, the activities stipulated in extracurricular activities are not completely extracurricular activities.

Examples of extracurricular activities

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