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📦 | "Oni Odori" online, which connects traditional practices!Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture

"Oni Odori" online, which connects traditional behaviors!Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture

"Oni Odori" online, which connects traditional practices!Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture

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This demon dance was held at Honjoji Temple in Sanjo City every year and was visited by more than 3 people.
This year it will be canceled due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

In Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture, where festivals and events are all canceled due to the virus, the winter breeze on the 11th to pass on traditional culture to the next generation ... → Continue reading

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"Niigata Local News" is delivered by Niigata Broadcasting who loves hometowns more than anyone as a broadcasting station that is closer and more reliable than anywhere else in Niigata.

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Sanjo City

Sanjo City(Sanjo) isNiigataLocated almost in the center ofCity.


One of the prefecture's leadingIndustrial city.. Most of the city area is oldMinamikanbara-gunOf Niigata PrefectureChuetsu regionAlthough it is classified intoShimoetsu districtIt may be included in.Also, apart from these, "Central prefecture areaThe name "" is also common, and it is adjacent.Tsubame City,Kamo City,Tagami Town,Yahiko VillageIt is the central city of the region consisting of.

2005(Heisei17 years)May 5, Former Sanjo City and Minami Kambara DistrictSakaemachi, The countyShimodaOf 3 municipalitiesNew mergerWith that, the current Sanjo City was established. The population at the time of the merger was approximately 10, and Niigata City, Nagaoka City,Joetsu CityIt became the city with the fourth largest population in the prefecture. Recent population has the same scaleShibata CityAt the same time, it has moved between 4th and 5th in the prefecture.

Adjacent Tsubame City has a close relationship with each other since it has been flourishing mainly in metal processing. Sanjo is also called a "town of merchants" and Tsubame is called a "town of craftsmen".

On the other hand, there are also aspects that have deep-rooted conflicts, and in the past they were located at the boundary between the two cities.Japan National Railway(At that time.East Japan Railway)ofTsubamesanjo StationAndHokuriku Expressway OfSanjo Tsubame InterchangeThere has been a dispute over the treatment of names. Also in the 2000sMerger of municipalitiesOf the two citiesBusiness worldAlthough there was a movement from the government and civic groups to realize "Tsubame Sanjo City" by the merger of Sanjo and Tsubame City, in the referendum of Tsubame City, the negative vote exceeded the approval vote by a narrow margin and eventually realized. Did not reach[1][2][3].


Sanjo City is a prefecture website[6],Japanese Meteorological Agency[7],Agricultural cooperativeIn the division ofChuetsu regionAlthough classified asPhone bookIn some cases Kamo CityMinamikanbara-gunTagami Townと と も にShimoetsu districtIt is a transition area included in.

To the east and west of the city centerIgarashi RiverFlows north and south in the western part of the cityShinano RiverJoin up with. The Kasabori district in the eastern part of the city areaSpecial Natural MonumentIsJapanese serowKnown as the habitat of

The ancient city has been formed along the Igarashi River[8],The early modern period(Edo Period) EarlySanjo clan-Ichihashi NagakatsuMaintained bycastle townDraw the genealogy ofAkata townWith a personality ofXinjin,KamoIt has a similar character to)[9].. In this main streetKarikiAnd the cantilever type that replaced itarcadeIs equipped with[9][10]..There used to be a full-covered arcade on Shoei-dori[11]..Also, around the main temple alley in front of the Sanjo Betsuin gate of the Shinshu Otani schoolRed light districtThere is an element of.

On the other hand, on the highwayInterchangeAnd national highways concentrateJRTsubamesanjo StationAroundRoadsideA typical urban area is formed across the city of Tsubame.

How to divide main city areas

  • Sanjo area: The entire area of ​​the former Sanjo city
    • Ranpoku area: Area north of the Igarashi river in the former Sanjo city area
    • Rannan Area: Area south of the Igarashi River in the former Sanjo City area
    • Oshima/Sugo area: Area west of Shinano River in the former Sanjo city area
  • Sakae area: oldMinamikanbara-gunSakaemachiThe whole area of
  • Shimoda area: oldMinamikanbara-gunShimodaThe whole area of

Adjacent local governments




Chronological Table

Before the Edo period

Edo Period

Meiji Era

Taisho era

Showa period

Heisei (old city)

Heisei (New City)

  • 2005
  • 2007May 7 - Niigata Chuetsu-oki EarthquakeOccurrence. Shinbori (ProsperityDistrict)(I.e.Greater than 5 and seismic intensity less than 5 at the Seirankan (Sanjo area.Measured seismic intensity4.8, maximumAcceleration117.3gal), Ogori (ShimodaSeismic intensity 4 is observed in the area. 32 people were injured in the city, 1 vacant house collapsed, and 111 houses were partially destroyed.
  • 2011May 7 - 30 Day - July 23 Heavy rainfall in Niigata and FukushimaOccurrence. One dead in the city. Three embankments in the city, including the Igarashi River, broke. At one point, evacuation advice was issued to all households in the city, and the treatment capacity of the water treatment plant declined, causing water to be cut off in almost all areas of the city.
  • 2018
  • 2019May 8 -Observation of the lowest daily temperature of 30.2 degrees, which is the highest in the history of observation. On the same day, the highest temperature was observed at 40.0 degrees, and on August 2018, 8, the second highest temperature of 23 degrees or more was observed.[14].
  • 2020August 9- Observed 9 degrees Celsius, breaking the record for the highest domestic temperature in September[15].


Sanjo City and Population Distribution by Age in Japan (2005)Sanjo City Age and Gender Population Distribution (2005)
■Purple-Sanjo City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Sanjo City (equivalent area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


Successive mayors

代NameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
First generation2005/6/122006/10/17Former Mayor of Sanjo. Resigned during the term[16].
2 feeKunisada Hayato2006/11/122020/10/15The youngest mayor in the country when elected.
Resigned in the middle of the 4th term to prepare for the election of the House of Representatives[17].
3 feeRyo Takizawa2020/11/9Incumbent

Mayoral election

1 times

June 2005, 6 Execution (no vote)-Kazuo Takahashi (12 years old, no new) is elected

2 times

November 2006, 11 Execution

*Number of voters on the day: 86,494 Final voter turnout: 62.85% (vs. last time: pts)

Candidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateRecommendation/support
Kunisada Hayato34Independent新28,866 vote53.10%
Nobuyasu Yamai59Independent新24,927 vote45.86%
3 times

November 2010, 10 Execution

*Number of voters on the day: 85,377 Final voting rate: 66.32% (vs. +3.47pts)

Candidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateRecommendation/support
Kunisada Hayato38IndependentNow37,035 vote65.40%
Nobuyasu Yamai63Independent新19,071 vote33.68%
4 times

October 2014, 10 Execution (no vote)-Kunisada Hayato (26 years old, none, present) is elected

5 times

October 2018, 10 Execution (no vote)-Kunisada Hayato (28 years old, none, present) is elected

6 times

November 2020, 11 Execution

*Number of voters on the day: 81,644 Final voter turnout: 59.82% (vs. last time: pts)

Candidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateRecommendation/support
Ryo Takizawa34Independent新26,097 vote53.88%
Nagoya Yutaka47Independent新22,342 vote46.12%


Sanjo City Council

  • Number of people: 22 people
  • Term: March 2018, 5-March 1, 2022[18]
  • Chair: Kazuo Sato
  • Vice Chairman: Tomiyoshi Yamada

Niigata Prefectural Assembly

  • Constituency: Sanjo City Constituency
  • Number of people: 2 people
  • Term: March 2019, 4-March 30, 2023
  • Voting Date: July 2019, 4
  • Number of voters on the day: 82,667
  • Voting rate: 49.38%
Candidate nameCommentageParty nameOld and newNumber of votes obtained
Takuya KawaraiThis34LDP新13,618 vote
Shun SugiiThis57Independent新11,951 vote
Mitsuko Sakatadrop64Independentyuan10,088 vote
Hiroshi Fujitadrop49IndependentNow4,504 vote

House of Representatives

CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedrepeat
ThisMakiko Kikuta47Independent前112,600 vote×
Emi Kaneko39LDP新87,524 vote〇


Police box

  • Higashisanjo station police box
  • Shinmeicho police box
  • Sanjo station square police box
  • Gonomachi police box
  • Tsubamesanjo Station police box
  • Shimoda police box


  • Honai Office
  • Iguri Office
  • Osaki Office
  • Honjoji Office
  • Ozaki Office
  • Wakamiya Office
  • Large-scale office
  • Yagimae Office



History of the hardware industry in Sanjo City

17st centuryAt the beginning, to save the territorial people of Sanjo and Tsubame areas, who were exhausted by the storm and flood damage that occurs every yearSanjo CastleIzumozaki who was in officeJinyaSeibei Otani, the deputy official,EdoからJapanese nail OfBlacksmithWe invited craftsmen and encouraged the manufacture of Japanese nails as a side business of farmers. This is SanjoBlacksmithIs the beginning of.

1661(KanbunFirst year)AizuFrom the regionsaw,SwordWith the introduction of new manufacturing methods such as, the blacksmithing in Sanjo Town became even more active. With the increase in product types,18st centuryIn the latter half of the year, hardware that goes around to the distant places where metal merchants who have traditionally been limited to the local area and nearbyPeddlerAs a start in earnest. hardwareWholesalerAnd the relationship between the blacksmith became very strong, and the instruction of the wholesaler reduced the production of Japanese nails,MeijiIn the beginningSickle,, sword, kitchen knife, saw[19].

Main companies in the city

Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Industrial facilities

  • ――Opened in April 2015, a facility that renovated the closed school building of Municipal Minami Elementary School using the know-how of a private company.[20]..It has a working space, a gallery, a cafe, a rental room, etc., and many businesses move in and events are held.[20].
  • Tsubamesanjo Local Industry Promotion Center
    • Messepia
    • Research core

Sister cities/partner cities


Elementary and middle school integrated educationHas been introduced, and trials have started in a model school since 2009 and in a collaborative (facility-separated) format at all public elementary and junior high schools in the city from 2010.[21][22][23].. In 2014, the integrated school building of Daiichi Junior High School and Arashinan Elementary School was opened, and integrated elementary and junior high school education began.[24][25]..In addition, the integrated schoolCompulsory education schoolIs planned to move to[26].


  • (Tentative name, scheduled to open in 2021 in the Sukuro area)[27]

Vocational school

high school

Compulsory education school

School nameReadingNumber of children (first half)Number of students (second term)
Sanjo City Osaki GakuenOsaki546259Reorganized Sanjo City Osaki Elementary School and Osaki Junior High School in April 2018
  • Number of children/students as of May 2020, 5[28].

Junior high school

School nameReadingShort nameThe number of studentsElementary school
Sanjo City Daiichi Junior High Schoolnumber oneItchu423Arashi south small
Sanjo City Second Junior High SchoolAlmostNichu280Ichinokido small
Sanjo City Third Junior High SchoolDaisanSanchu303Urakan Elementary School, Kamibayashi Elementary School
Sanjo City Fourth Junior High SchoolDaishiYoungchu221Iguri small, Asahi small, Honai small
Sanjo City Honjoji Junior High SchoolReallyHongchu280Nishi cod small, Tsukioka small
Sanjo City Oshima Junior High SchoolGrandmaShimachu80Oshima Elementary School, Subo Elementary School
Sanjo City Sakae Junior High School (Former Sakaemachi Sakae Junior High School)ReturnSakaechu276Large face small, Sakae central small, Sakae small
Sanjo City Shimoda Junior High School (Former Shimoda Village Shimoda Junior High School)DidShitachu203Nagasawa small, Sasaoka small, Oura small, Morimachi small, Iida small
  • Number of students as of May 2020, 5[28].

primary school

School nameReadingNumber of children
oldSanjo City Sanjo Elementary School(Closed on March 2017, 3, integrated into Urakan Elementary School)Sanjo-
Sanjo City Ichinokido Elementary SchoolIchinokido629
Sanjo City Arananami Elementary School (Opened on April 2013, 4 by integrating Yokkamachi Elementary School, Article Minami Elementary School, and Minami Elementary School)Rannan850
Former Sanjo City Yokkamachi Elementary SchoolYokkamachi-
Sanjo Municipal Uradate Elementary SchoolEnvy466
Sanjo City Kambayashi Elementary SchoolKanbayashi106
Sanjo City Iguri Elementary SchoolIguri246
Sanjo City Asahi Elementary SchoolAsahi59
Nishijoda Elementary SchoolIf you188
Sanjo City Tsukioka Elementary SchoolTsukioka311
Sanjo City Honai Elementary SchoolDon't99
Sanjo City Oshima Elementary SchoolGrandma60
Sanjo City Subo Elementary SchoolSugoro117
Former Sanjo City Jonan Elementary SchoolWhat-
Former Sanjo City Minami Elementary School(I.e.-
Sanjo Municipal Sakae Central Elementary School (former Sakaemachi Central Elementary School)Reply256
Sanjo City Sakae Kita Elementary School (former Sakaemachi Kita Elementary School)Came back115
Sanjo Municipal Dao Elementary School (former Sakaemachi Dao Elementary School)Mostly164
Sanjo City Nagasawa Elementary School (former Shimoda Village Nagasawa Elementary School)Nagasawa106
Sanjo City Sasaoka Elementary School (Former Shimoda Village Sasaoka Elementary School)Sasaka61
Former Sanjo City Arasawa Elementary School (Former Shimoda Village Arasawa Elementary School) (closed on March 2014, 3, integrated into Morimachi Elementary School)Arasawa-
Sanjo City Oura Elementary School (Former Shimoda Village Oura Elementary School)Oura50
Sanjo Morimachi Elementary School (Former Shimoda Morimachi Elementary School)Morimachi97
Sanjo City Iida Elementary School (Former Shimoda Village Iida Elementary School)(I.e.84
  • Number of children as of May 2020, 5[28].
  • The school name of each elementary school (administrative district) is Sanjo CityBoard of educationYou can check it on the homepage[29]


  • Sanjo City Minami Kindergarten (closed on March 2012, 3)
  • Immanuel Lutheran Kindergarten
  • Sanjo Shirayuri Kindergarten
  • Minori Sanjo Kindergarten (Closed on March 2016, 3)
  • Sanjo Wakaba Kindergarten (Closed on March 2018, 3)
  • Hohoin Kindergarten
  • Matsuba Kindergarten

Authorized child institution

  • Anglican Virgin Children's Garden

Special school

  • Niigata Prefectural Tsukigaoka Special Support School

Facilities other than school education

Public vocational capacity building
Training institute
Child welfare facility (public nursery school/private nursery school)
  • Sanjo Municipal Uradate Nursery School
  • Sanjo Municipal Honai Nursery School
  • Sanjo City Arananami Nursery School
  • Sanjo municipal cod nursery school
  • Sanjo Municipal Subaru Nursery School
  • Sanjo City Tsukioka Nursery School
  • Sanjo City Tsukanome Nursery School
  • Sanjo City Sakae Central Nursery School
  • Sanjo City Chiyogaoka Nursery School
  • Honjoji nursery school
  • Hokuyo nursery school
  • Horsetail nursery school
  • Fuji tree nursery school
  • Second horsetail nursery school
  • Kirakira nursery school
  • Sunflower nursery school
  • Nijiiro nursery school
  • Doremi Ishigami Nursery School
  • Ogibori Nursery School
  • Nadeshiko Aozora Nursery School
  • Aiai nursery school
  • Iida Nursery School
  • Ichinomon exciting nursery school
  • Kawadori Doremi Nursery School
  • Tajima exciting nursery school
  • Arasawa nursery school



Sports Facilities



Newspaper company

Cable TV

Community FM


Public transport


Run in the cityJRThe entire line (excluding the Joetsu Shinkansen)Niigata suburbs sectionIt is designated as Higashi Sanjo Station and Sanjo StationAutomatic ticket gateIs installed. In the 1990s on the Yahiko LineContinuous grade separation businessWas done.

The railway that once existed


In addition, there are the following things that the city is involved in the business. Detail is"Public transportation in Sanjo City(Sanjo City)" and "Sanjo City Public Transportation Council(Sanjo City)".


Because there are many narrow spaces in the city center,one-wayThere are also many. AlsoIgarashi RiverCompared toShinano RiverSince there are few bridges on the main road in the morning and eveningTraffic jamOccurs.


National road

Prefectural road

Main local road
General prefectural road

Other main roads

  • Sanjo City Planning Road 3.3.1 Oshima Higashi Osaki Line (No.289)bypass·plans)[30]
  • Sanjo City Planning Road 3.4.10 Shinbo Uradate Line (aka: North-South Transit Road, also known as Sanjo spine)[31]
  • Sanjo City Planning Road 3.5.27 Nishi-Osaki Nishi-Honjoji Line (abbreviation: Nishi-nishi Line, commonly known as Rannan Bypass)[32]

Road Station

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Sights/historic sites/tourist spots

Festivals and events



In addition,Masayuki Kakefu(Former professional baseballHanshinInfielder)ChibaAlthough originally from Japan, Masayuki's mother gave birth to Masayuki in her hometown of Sanjo City, so there are some that are called "place of birth/Sanjo City".

Historical figures and honorary citizens

■Sanjo City: Honorary citizenYou can refer to Roji Morohashi, Masami Iwata, Haru Kobayashi, Yoshio Watanabe, Saburo Tsurumaki, Giant Baba.

Works set in Sanjo City


The main stage is next doorTsubame CityHowever, some scenes (made by a local company in the introduction of the area in the first episode)Nail clippersEtc.), and there are scenes related to Sanjo City, and the stage introduction of the work is also introduced in the book introduction in the book "Tsubame Sanjo" area together with Tsubame City. ,


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  • Sanjo City History Editing Committee "Sanjo City History Vol. 1983" Sanjo City, July 7.

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New coronavirus

New coronavirus(Shingata coronavirus,English: Novel coronavirus, nCoV) IsCoronavirus familyOrthocoronavirus subfamilyBelongs toウ イ ル スOf these, it is a tentative name given to those that are medically and publicly important.[1][2][3][4].

In particularHuman coronavirusIt is often used in.

(Human) Coronavirus against humanityEndemic diseaseIs believed to becoldCauses (common cold) -like symptoms,(English edition)Is prevalent as a serious infection, often accompanied by pneumonia[1][2][3][4].

Virus type

The following viruses were called new coronaviruses before their official names were given.

Types of new coronaviruses that are pathogenic to humans
Formal nameOther namesSusceptible host[† 1]First discovery location (discovery year)Infection
SARS coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)[† 2][5][6]2019-Ncov

SARS virus 2

Human coronavirus 2019 (HCoV-19)

Bat,Scale armorChugoku-Wuhan(2019)New Coronavirus Infection (2019) (COVID-19)[† 3][4][7]
MERS coronavirus (MERS-CoV)[† 4]Middle east virus

MERS virus

Camel flu virus

camel,BatSaudi Arabia-Jeddah(2012)Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)[8]
Human coronavirus HKU1 (HCoV-HKU1)New Haven Virus[9]A mouseHong Kong (2005)Mild respiratory tract infection, rarely severe pneumonia
SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV, SARS-CoV-1)[† 2]SARS virusChinese cabbage,BatChugoku-Foshan(2002)Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)
  1. ^ (English edition)May not be succeeded.
  2. ^ a b This virus is not a different speciesSARS-related coronavirusIs considered to be one of the stocks of.
  3. ^ Synonyms include 2019 coronavirus pneumonia,Wuhan pneumoniaThere is a syndrome.
  4. ^ (English edition),(English edition)Including stocks of.

All of the above four viruses belong to the genus Betacoronavirus (betacoronavirus) Belongs to.


Known for the "new" of the new coronavirusViral family classificationBelongs toIt means a new pathogen.That is, the new coronavirusCoronavirus familyIt means a new pathogen belonging to (or its subclass).There is no intention of a completely unknown new pathogen. The use of the word "new XX" was introduced in 2015WHOIt complies with the new infectious disease naming scheme decided by.[10] [11] [12]

Historically, pathogens have often been named after location, individuals, or specific species, but these practices are no longer endorsed by WHO.[10] [11] [12]

The permanent official names of viruses and diseases are, respectively.ICTVとWHO OfInternational Classification of Diseases (ICD)Is determined by.

Detailed explanation


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